Monday, July 20, 2015

Oyaco - LittleLife Toddler Daysacks

T received an Turtle Toddler Daysack from LittleLife and Oyaco to try out. He loves it! This mini
backpack has a full zippered main compartment, which was enough room to fit a drink, snacks and all his cars. The straps are adjustable, and are padded so he had no problem wearing this for long periods of time. Plus, having a chest strap helped keep the Daysack in place. For parents that want to have a handle on the LOs that like to take off....there's a detachable rein which complies with safety standards. 

These are super cute... there are a ton of different animals to choose from. T loves turtles, so that was a no-brainer, not going to lie...the dinosaur was a close second, but there is a ladybug, bee, shark, butterfly and clownfish too! I was really impressed with the quality of the Daysack, it was easy to wipe out.....everyone knows the kinds of messes little boys can make...and a few wipes took care of any spills really quickly.

Thanks to LittleLife and Oyaco.... T won't leave the house without his DaySack! It helps him be more independent, helps my bag feel lighter and he loves the design!

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Super Soaker Blasters!!

I received a Nerf Super Soaker FlashFlood Blaster and Rebelle Super Soaker Tri Threat Blaster to try out this summer! We've been waiting for a super hot day to bust these puppies out and the past few
weekends we were in Super Soaker mode! The FlashFlood blaster holds 23 ounces of water you can get someone from about 40 feet away! It also has 2 nozzles so hubby totally soaked M when he finally caught up to her! She had an awesome hiding spot, so it took him a while!

The Nerf Rebelle Tri Threat soaker M loved. She could hit Daddy from 35 feet away and loved that it looked like a crossbow. She ran around ducking and hiding from him and totally unloaded all 25 ounces of water when he ran by the play house in the backyard. I still can't figure out how he didn't find her there, I guess she's just small enough to tuck in and hid by the door.
Water fights have now become a weekly event in this house, they absolutely love spending this time with each other! T even runs around with water balloons to get in on the action. Everyone knows Nerf plays a great role in providing children with products to promote imagination, play and a great time! Thanks Hasbro!!!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Marvel's Live - Pre-Show!

Well Marvel fans.... it's coming... yes... Marvel Universe LIVE! T is going to absolutely DIE when we get to see this! HE is completely obsessed with Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America... so this one was a no brainer! Coming to Toronto next month you'll be able to take your little super hero's to a show to remember! With pyro, stunts and a ton of super cool special effects, I'm excited to see M and T in total awe as their favorites take on all the villains and save the day. Loki, Black Widow and the others don't stand a chance.....and we can't wait for this action packed night!

Would you like to take your little ones? Use code: MULOC - 2 get 20% off the ticket price! Valid on select performances Code available to use on April 1, 2015 Service charges and handling fees may apply. No double discounts Excludes FR, VIP and all premium seating Maximum 8 tickets per code Want to order? Click HERE.. it takes you right to the Ticket Master site!

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Extra fun stuff: PIN to get some awesome super hero drink ideas to have before the show! I've already pinned it for bday ideas for T! It's Spider-Man themed this year!!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Urban Farmhouse #birthannouncement Baseball Review and Giveaway!

I had a chance to review these really cool personalized baseball birth announcements from Urban Farmhouse! They were nice enough to send one for both M and T, because we're HUGE ball fans! These are real baseballs that are laser engraved with the birth details of your LO. I loved how well done these were, they were perfect!!! T's room is baseball themed so it was a "no-brainer" on where these would end up...however... I added them to a shadow box I had started and put in hi birth announcement and it was perfect!!

Now... they've asked to show a few images of the product, due to the personal nature (I don't share full names and pics of the kids anymore), I won't show the ones we actually received... BUT here's one from their website to show the actual image and a perfect example of how to use the product.... AND my most favorite picture I took of T when he was first born holding a ball. How I WISH I had this when he was born... it's the 1 thing that's missing from my shot. Sara was awesome to work with, everything was super easy and these came super fast! The quality is amazing... I just love them!

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Who wants to win a personalized baseball birth announcement from Urban Farmhouse??

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Snacking from The Healthy Shopper!

We got to try out 2 snack food picks from the Healthy Shopper. Earth Balance Creamy Coconut and Peanut spread was on their lists of picks (and 1 that I've reviewed before). This is great for adding that "little bit of something" to your snack time, including baking! Get creative!

The Earth Balance P.B. Popps lasted all of 5 minuted in this house. They are popcorn coated with oats and wrapped in a peanut butter cluster. Hubby threw back the entire bag in one sitting! These crunchy little bundles of joy are Non-GMO, Vegan, Dairy and Gluten-Free, plus the 0g trans fats keeps us happy. Check out their products here!

Both products are available at Loblaws so make sure you swing by to pick up some! WE love trying new things, and those little P.B. Popps are definitely on the RE-BUY List! Thanks Healthy Shopper!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Easter....with Hasbro! Makes sense to me!

With Easter a weekend away, we all know the Easter Bunny is preparing to make it a fun one for all our LOs. Sometimes though... he may need a little bit of help....especially when looking for ideas other than the sugar filled kind :). With both M and T with a sweet tooth, this house ends up becoming chocolate central after any occasion. This year, I've put a good word in with my furry friend and have decided to mix it up a bit. Yes, he will still fill plastic eggs and hide them all over the house, but making "creativity" a must have, will be sure to surprise.

Hasbro has some great ideas to help your LO let out their inner super hero and perfect basket fillers, to ensure less of a sugar high. T is going to be super stoked with his Captain America flying shield and Iron Man mask. The shield is just like Captain America's.... he can wear it on his arm and have a killer time warding off his arch nemesis... M. LOL! The Iron Man mask will be definitely encourage him to use his creative juices...he loves to play pretend, so watching him run around thinking he is a super hero is just awesome!!!

The Play-Doh bunny and chick stampers are an awesome filler for M and T's baskets. Play-Doh is a must have in this house...always a hit and on both of their top 10 lists of things to do. These are super cute, they can shape, mold and stamp their way to a fun Easter. Plus, 2 come in the pack, so the Easter Bunny can stick one in each of their baskets to help encourage sharing, which seems to be the issue of the month.

The My Little Pony Mark Magic Water Cuties are the newest addition to the My Little Pony line-up. They come with a comb and barrette so M will be able to do her hair, but the best part... they're filled with water a glitter like a snow globe so they sparkle! She's going to love this!!

I love the fact that there are so many options from Hasbro to help introduce some fun and exciting changes to our yearly Easter egg hunt that doesn't include sugar! I'm telling you, we're still working on Valentines Day chocolate, that's how much there was! Thank you Habro for giving the Easter Bunny some fun options to get their imaginations going!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Disney on Ice - Frozen Post Show Review #DisneyonIceInsider

Frozen finally came to Toronto last night and M and her little buddy K had a BLAST!!! M was super excited, she barely could sleep the night before and was counting down the days. It was awesome to see all the little Elsa's running around as we watched how Anna and Elsa's story unfolded. I liked that we recognized the entire story and even had a visit from some of our other favorite princesses.

As usual the performance was really well done, the music was awesome, and we loved the lights and snow. Plus, hearing every little girl in the place sing was amazing! They were all in awe, and it was really great to see. My favorite guys were there.... Sven and Olaf didn't disappoint, they were just as fun as in the movie!  We had a great if you want to get some tickets hurry!! Don't forget to stay on top of all the latest and greatest from Disney on Ice? Sign up for the Disney on Ice Experience Fan Program! We can't wait to see who is coming to our area next!

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HERE: Frozen

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Disney on Ice - FROZEN #disneyinsider #disneyonice

It's almost time for Disney on Ice again...this time... FROZEN!!! M is stoked, I bought her tickets for her birthday (and a set for a friend to join us) for what I've been told is the BEST THING that will
EVER happen!

Prepare yourself parents... this one is going to be AMAZING! She can hardly wait to get to go to Arendelle and see how Elsa and Anna brings their story to life. Plus, we'll get to see some of our favourites make an appearance too!

Being able to go to these shows has been such an awesome experience for us, she just loves Disney and now that I was able to buy tickets for her makes it even more special. I can't wait for this, seeing her eyes light up is what it's all about! Plus, it was very fitting to get tickets for her birthday considering she's having a "Frozen extravaganza" ice skating party!!!

You guys know the are all your links! See you at the show!!!

Want to learn more about this performance? Check out the main website for the show!
HERE: Frozen

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Check out the full website: Disney On Ice

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mickey's Music Festival - After the show! #mickeysmusicfestival #disneylive

We were able to check out Mickey's Music Festival at the Sony Centre and T LOVE IT! Totally wasn't surprised that he loved it, but it was awesome to see his face light up the entire show. M also had a blast seeing some of her favourite princesses show up for some fun.

Some of our fave moments included all the under the sea adventures, especially the black light show! T loved anytime Mickey and the gang was on the stage, so he completely rocked out with all of them! The finale was awesome! We watched all the characters come together and get all the kids up and dancing, it was really cute to see.

The show was full of colour, music and a ton of fun! We love Disney and this show was another home run!

Check out the full website HERE and grab your tickets HERE!

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Treasure Trove - Post Show! #DisneyOnIceInsider

M and got to check out Disney on Ice last night! It was our first time seeing Treasure the Rogers Centre and we loved it! It had a great mix from a ton of my favorite Disney movies. ** Spoiler Alert!!! ** From watching Timon and Pumbaa sing Hakuna Matata to Prince Ali riding in on an elephant to impress Princess definitely is my new fave Disney On Ice show!

M loved the finale....all the princesses and princes zipped around and the fireworks were awesome. She said she also loved Rapunzel and Flynn's routine... the lanterns were awesome! Plus, the glow in the dark under the sea song was awesome.

We really did have a blast... made it a girl's night with one of her little friend's and her Mom. Grabbed dinner, her ceremonial slushie, popcorn and cotton candy at the show and watched in awe for 2 hours. I liked that I took a trip through memory lane and relieved my most favourite stories from when I was little, and that I was able to share this experience with her. I can't wait to take her again... and when she finds out that I bought her tickets for her birthday to Frozen...she's going to freak out!!!

Thanks to Feld for letting me tweet all show long... to take a peek at our experience check out #disneyoniceinsider :)

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Want to learn more about this performance? Treasure Trove
Click here to purchase tickets to a Disney On Ice show near you!
Check out the full website: Disney On Ice
I received something of value from Feld Entertainment as part of their Insider Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Behind the scenes! We had an awesome opportunity to get a look at behind the scenes on Treasure Trove! We were able to see some of the performers warming up and ask any questions we had. M loved having a shot at the sound effects and a close up look at some of the props. We were given a make-up lesson from Nala (who we got to meet) and even see and touch some of the costumes. M loved the entire experience! She loved every minute of it!!!