Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hasbro - Wishbook for the Win! #hasbro

This year Hasbro has came out with a TON of really cool stuff on their wishlist for the holidays. For our family this year... it was about being together and GAME NIGHT!!! The lists for Santa were filled with games that we can all play together, and Hasbro stepped in to fill some gaps for us!

We tried out:
  • Operation (Finding Dory)
  • Scrabble Junior
  • Connect 4
  • Guess Who
  • Monopoly Ultimate Banking
What did we think?? Operation is AWESOME!!! You have to help Dory collect all her friends to save the day. T LOVED this game... even though he kept hitting the sides, it was by far our fave! 

Scrabble Junior was great for M to use to practice her reading and spelling, and also perfect to let T practice his sight words as he learns to spell. 

Connect 4 took a bit for them to understand but once they got it it was fun to watch them try to figure out their strategy for how to beat each other. 

Guess who is already a family fave that we haven't played in forever, so this one was great for us to sit around an play game after on Christmas morning. 

Monopoly Ultimate Banking is an awesome upgrade to one of our most favorite games. We play Monopoly Junior all the time... so this is a great upgrade that has each player using a bank card instead of money. There are rent options.... and event spaces too. It's really cool! 

Thanks Hasbro for helping us create some family fun this holiday!!!

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Color Run 2016!!! #happiest5K @thecolorrun

I'm super excited to be doing The Color Run again this year!!!! We do this 5K every year....yes, I said it... "we"... M and I.

Last time it poured and T wasn't in the greatest of moods so we're going to make it a girls day this year! The race packs are awesome this time... you get a shirt... medal... sweat band plus a color pack and some removable tatts!

We've set up our team and a bunch of friends are joining us and bringing their kids! It's going to be a blast!!!

Want to join us? Here's the link... register your team (or as an individual) and use code TRON1 for $5 off! (you're welcome) :)


Friday, March 18, 2016

Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic - Post Show!

We were able to check out the new Disney on Ice performance (100 Years of Magic) and it was great! As usual all the princesses made their appearances but we loved the Finding Nemo and Genie routines! T's face lit up when Mickey and Minnie showed up, but I could see him singing a long the entire time. M was totally embarrassed that I sang to EVERY song that came on, but at the same time was impressed that I could remember all the words!

This show definitely had a wide variety of fun numbers in this show! I liked that there was also new friends that joined the Pinocchio, Dory and even the Dragon from Mulan was there! A great mix for all ages of little ones!

T said that this was his favourite show we've seen, and you could tell... he had a blast the entire night!

Don't forget, there are still some shows available!
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Disney on Ice - 100 Years of Magic! Pre-Show Post

Get ready to party with all your favorite friends with Mickey and Minnie as they let you join in the celebration on 100 Years of Magic! Welcome your fave characters and princesses new and old as the relive the best moments of Disney over the past 100 years. Time to sing along with over 30 amazing songs that will be sure to get you up and dancing. T came down with an ear infection for the last Disney on Ice show....everyone cross your fingers that he's healthy to head to this one! He was so disappointed last time....and Mickey is STILL his main man! I can't wait to see his eyes light up!

To get him excited about the show, here are a fell Mickey Themed dinner and snack ideas! HERE

What are some of your ideas??? Crafts? Drinks? Desserts? - Let me know!

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dare to Dream - Post Show Review

M, I and her Godfather went to see Dare to Dream at the Rogers Centre last night! T cam down with an ear infection all of a sudden so the boys stayed home to head to the Dr. We've been going to Disney on Ice for many years now, and every time the shows get better an better! This one stepped up the wow factor with aerial acts and a really well thought out story lines. We were able to see the mini versions of our favourite Princesses stories. From climbing golden locks to dress making mice, we LOVED this show!!!

There are still a ton of shows left, time to get your tickets!!!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mattel 2015 Holiday Toy Hits - Check out our #listtoppers - Giveaway!!

It's out! Mattel's Hits of the Holiday 2015 top 12 toys! This year's list toppers include the Barbie Saddle n' Ride Feature Horse (which M totally talked her Grandfather into buying her a few months ago), the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage which T absolutely loves and a ton of other items like the 2015 Barbie Holiday Doll Turbo Flip Thomas and the Matchbox Treasure Truck.

The Barbie Saddle 'N Ride Feature Horse  is awesome! when you click Barbie's arm into her horse and hit the button, she actually jumps on his back by herself! M loved this!!! She's really into Barbie right now.... hence her asking Santa for the new Barbie Dreamhouse. It's actually nuts! There is seven rooms, including a garage, an elevator and really fun "smart" accessories. Santa will rock this year! Make sure you keep up on all the latest Barbie trends by checking her out on Facebook!

T got to try out the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage....yes... his obsession with cars just got crazier! He absolutely LOVES this garage... not only can it hold 36 cars but he can send his cars down an elevator, gas up, check out the helicopter or race a friend down to the bottom. As usual, he loves that he can add this on to his other tracks including his favourite loop and shark ramp. He spent literally hours organizing and talking about his cars. This was a huge hit! I keep up with all the newest Hot Wheels additions by keeping an eye out on their Facebook page!

Thanks to Mattel for choosing me to be one of their Ambassador's this year! I can't wait to see who wins this awesome giveaway!!!! Don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!

Who's ready to win their own Hot Wheels Garage??? (Valued at $139.99)

And the winner is... Hugo M.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Hasbro Wishbook 2015! #PlayLikeHasbro

This year Hasbro has come out with some totally new and fun twists on some old favorites! The Play-Doh Disney Frozen Sled Adventure Playset includes Anna, Olaf and Sven's sleigh, sparkle doh and a few other colors. We loved decorating the sleigh and making a bunch of Olaf's to play with (and smush)!

The GUESS WHO? Extra Game takes one of our most favorite games to play, but brings it to another level by adding the character key lock and music when you've chosen the right character. I like the doors used to cover-up the incorrect players and the standing board. M and I love to play this game together!

The Twister Moves Hoop is awesome!!! The hula-hoop actually tracks all your spins which is perfect for having our little competitions. You can also add the Moves Tracker (sold separately) and then you can move it to other fun items and keep track of all your activity across other devices.

The Little Taters Big Adventures have a huge assortment of fun 4 inch Mr. Potato friends that come with themed pieces to turn up any little imagination, T loves all his "Taters"!

T LOVES the Play-Doh Makin' Mayhem Set (Despicable Me Minions). He gets to make one-eyed, two-eyed and evil minions easily and quickly with the book-molds. The set also comes with really cute plates and stampers to let us make the funniest Minions we can! Plus, it comes with 8 doh containers, a pair of scissors and a roller!

Finally, Elmo's On The Go Letters is perfect for the car and travelling. It has the 26 letters and they snap into a really fun and colorful carrying case. It also has a spot at the bottom for placing letters to spell and practice 3-letter words. M liked helping T master his letters and T loved testing himself and others to see if everyone knew their stuff.

There are a ton of great stuff in this year's Hasbro Wishbook! I'm sure if Santa takes a peak, he'll be able to figure out something for everyone on his nice list!

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Disney on Ice - Dare to Dream - Pre-show!

Yes, they're back!!! Disney on Ice is back and this time be ready for Dare to Dream! Come prepared to celebrate 75 years of all your favorite Princesses! Jam packed with all the stories you remember when you grew up, along with your LO familiar faces. We can't wait to take a trip down memory lane with all the beautiful ladies in their gorgeous costumes. M still loves Rapunzel, so we've sourced out some fun things to create to get her in the mood and excited for what will be an awesome show!

See below for what we're going to attempt (and the Pinterest links we used to get the ideas) :)
RAPUNZEL! Designed and loomed by Christie Watkins on the Rainbow Loom. Inspiration by ??? (Rainbow Loom FB page):  Disney inspired Tangled Rapunzel princess hair bow by BellaRayneDesigns on Etsy  The Nail Network: Disney Princess Nail Art Series: Rapunzel:

What are some of your ideas???

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Holiday picks from Oyaco!

Oyaco has a ton of items for this holiday season....and we tried out a few! The Pura Kiki is a stainless steel BPA-free bottle that is anti-bacterial and doesn't contain any plastic elements. There are a ton of
different nipples and spouts, so they can grow with your LO. T tried the straw version and loved it. It's perfect for throwing in his backpack. As a parent I loved that the bottle is easy to clean and come in different sizes.

The Gro-clock has a sun/moon or digital clock to show the time. M loved that it acted as a night-light as well. We also was able to set up the alarm for her to be woken up for school. When the Gro-clock is set to the sun/moon it allows your LO to determine if it's time to wake-up (when the sun comes up) or stay in bed (if the moon is still showing). The sun and moon count down is a great visual and there are 2 wake-up time settings so we can have a school one and a weekend one. This is awesome, we don't need to remember to shut off her alarm on Friday nights.

Finally, Pearhead makes a huge selection of ornaments in their 2015 collection.We made the round Babyprints ornament together. The clay is easy to use and it captures a hand or foot print in just a few simple steps. Once you press their hand or foot in the clay the ornament stays out to air dry for a few days. Ours took about 4 to dry, so keep that in mind if you are gifting these. I had all 4 of us made an imprint of our index fingers, then painted them later to look like snowmen :)

These 3 are great picks for this holiday season! Great choices Oyaco!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Healthy Shopper - Zevia Review

We got to try out some Zevia soft drinks chosen by the Healthy Shopper! As part of the “Unjunk your Junk Food” movement they've found this 0 calorie option for those who drink soft drinks. Zevia is the first naturally sweetened, 0 calorie soda available on the market.

Zevia is clear and doesn't contain aspartame or any other artificially processed sweeteners. It is sweetened with Stevia a South American plant which is uber sweet! It's natural, and definitely a better choice if you're in the mood for a soda!

Thanks to Zevia and The Healthy Shopper.... the Cola and Root-beer were our faves! 

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