Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Mummi Quilt Giveaway Winner is.....Shairbearg!

Congratulations to comment #20.... the winner of the Mummi Quilts personalized bib! I've already sent you an email with the information I need. Please respond within 48 hours :)
Thank you everyone for entering... here's to many more fun giveaways!


Winner of the Otterbottle Giveaway is..... Frugaluser!

Congratulations to Frugaluser comment #27 won the Otterbottle giveaway! I have already emailed you... please reply within 48 hours... with your mailing addy and which Insulated Tote you would like.
 Thanks to everyone that entered! Don't forget to enter the other giveaways!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!.....and Thank You for an Awesome 8 Months!

I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for following... reading... contributing through comments and entering giveaways! It's been a crazy....crazy 8 months... (I can't believe it's only been 8 months!)...and I'm enjoying every minute of it! Almost 32000 hits... almost 600 GFC followers... over 1500 UMV...750+ Facebook followers and Twitter has 460+ followers and is climbing every day.

I look forward to reading your comments and hearing about the products you would like to see tested...and to those that know of someone who would like to have a review done....thank you for contacting me to do the reviews. I am humbled that you all enjoy reading my posts and realize that my reviews are honest and down to earth!

Wishing you all a happy and safe holidays with your loved ones....and all the best in 2011! Here's to another great 8 months... and more!



Mama's Quiet Time - Product Review

I received a Crayon Roll with Mat from Mama's Quiet Time. It's awesome... perfect for throwing in the diaper bag to keep "Little Miss" busy on short trips where I don't want to carry a colouring book an the whole sha-bang! LOL. The crayon mat holds a bunch of crayons...and has a reusable mat attached. The mat is washable with a little bit of water (or a wipe...a bit of elbow grease is required...but it's all good)....and rolls up once you're done.

I loved the pattern I got... and that it held an 8 pack of crayons without getting all lumpy. "M" loved it and liked that she could tie it up herself. Mama's Quiet Time makes some pretty cool stuff... you need to go check out Nadine's Etsy site... You'll totally find a few things that are really cute..... and super functional! Take a look at the artist portfolios...crayon rolls and aprons (btw... everything is super reasonably priced)!!

Thanks Nadine! I'm officially hooked on your Hawaiian home-made goodies! I look forward to working with you again :)

For more information and ordering please visit


Printed T Shirts (Tomoson) - Product Review

I received a grayT-shirt with T-Shirt Printing's logo (Monkey) on it. The shirt was really soft and made of a cotton/polyester blend (90/10). The printing felt a little rubbery... I was trying to figure out what it was made of.... because it washed really...really well and didn't lift at all.

The print on anything from hoodies to vests and work wear. Quality wise... it exceeded my expectations....on the printing side...the silk screen was awesome... but was a little stiff.... which got better after a few washes. This would be great for doing a sports teams uniform.... or something that you need done quickly.

Thanks to printed T-Shirts and Tomoson for letting me do the review.

For more information and ordering please visit

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using and sponsored by Favorite Wigs Shop Name Brand Wigs at Low Prices! Large Wig Selection of Estetica Wigs, Quality Wigs. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pawparazzi - Product Review and Giveaway!!

Pawparazzi set me a Karma (Cat) set and their Winter Holiday Dress-up set. There are 4 new Pawparazzi Pets Karma (Yoga Master), Cooper (Legendary Surfer), Woofgang (Celebrity Chef), and Salsa (Singing Sensation). Each set comes with a purse (Karma's was green... and actually perfect size for "M") a blanket, your pet...and clothing, trading card with some cute facts (Karma's most embarrassing moment was farting in yoga class...lmao)...also accessories (Karma had a yoga mat), a poster... and the packaging can be used as a stage!

We also got the winter dress-up set in pink. Its comes with a hat, scarf, backpack and booties (We couldn't get the booties to stay on but they're super cute... maybe there's a trick to it).

"M" has re-names Karma "meow-meow" sorry Pawparazzi... lol... but I guess it's all about kids and their imagination and having fun. "M" carried around the purse all day... taking "Meow-meow" and out.. babbling to herself while she did it... and even putting snacks and stuff in her purse. We even went out and she wanted to bring her Karma is a cute Siamese cat..with a blue outfit and mat. Quality of Karma and the accessories is better than I was expecting. the purse is awesome and Karma fits purrrrrfectly (lol). Overall... "M" gives it 2 thumbs up... if she doesn't put it down after 5 min and comes back to it numerous times... we've got a keeper!

Thanks Paparazzi for sending "M" out her new "Meow-meow" and for doing a giveaway too!

For more information and ordering please visit

You can also follow on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

What's up for grabs??? Winner gets their choice of Woofgang or Karma Pawparazzi set AND a Day at the Spa or Winter Holiday dress up set! (Open to U.S & Canada)
Contest Closes January 15th!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Babylicious‏ - Product Review

I received 2 bibs from Babylicious... a Wash and wear (regular bib) and a Get Messy (has sleeves.. smock-like bib). I got the classic pattern (plain Jane) pattern which is white with large pink polka-dots. They are both 100% nylon and are totally machine/dryer friendly... which I LOVE.. .because it means that I can actually get it 100% clean and not have to worry about stuck on food that has been there for months. They both washed really well... the velcro held up and none of the stitching stayed put.

I couldn't believe how soft these bibs were! I have a few different ones like this that are washable etc. these are by far the softest and most flexible. The pattern is cute... check out their new 2011 patterns too... really cute stuff coming! The velcro was really strong... "M" was still able to take both off but could also put them on too. We used the one with sleeve for "Art time" and the one without for regular eating. She tends to not keep bibs on...but she didn't bother with these ones.

Go take a look at their site they have anything from blankets to change pad covers and bumper pads in these super cute patterns! I really like the "Lovely" one... and I know a few of the girls will too!!

Huge thanks to the Babylicious team for sending me out 2 different styles!

For more information and ordering please visit and


Eyecandy Giveaway Winner is....lewalk!

Congratulations to lewalk.. comment #82 is the winner! I've sent you an email already... please let me know which colour you would like and where to send it out. Please respond within 48 hours :)

Thanks everyone... more giveaways to come!!


Positively Organic Giveaway Winner is.... PL!

Congratulations PL! Comment #57!!! I've sent you an email already with the info I need to send to the sponsor of the giveaway!
Love the interest in this giveaway and review! Thanks to everyone that participated!


SCKC Giveaway Winner is....Monica K!

Holy Moly... Monica K.. won again! This time the SCKC diaper tee!! I love to see multiple winners. Comment #31 was the winner this time! Already sent you the email with the info I need to provide to SCKC... please respond within the regular 48 hours.
See guys.. gotta enter to win! Monica is really cleaning up! Thanks for entering!


Real Kids Shades Winner is Ryan!!

Congratulations goes out to Ryan..comment #1! Winner of the Real Kids Shades Giveaway! I've already sent you an email, please respond with address, style, colour and size of the shades you would like. You have 48 hours to respond :)
 Thanks to everyone that participated!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SatinPerfect Epilator (BzzAgent) - Product Review

I got to try out a SatinPerfect Epilator (HP6570) through BzzAgent. It is a hair removal system for your legs that actually pulls each hair out (including the root)... allowing you to have softer legs for a longer period of time. It comes with a storage bag... 3 different heads for the epilator... a cleaning brush and charger. It has an extra wide head to help cover more area... a light to help see the hair... and the ceramic disks help grab even the fine hairs. The hairlift and vibration system sends vibrations to help make sure you get all the little hairs and messages the skin after the hair has been removed. It pivots which is awesome!... so knees ....not a problem!

Now... my experience... it was my first time using an epilator...and all I have to say it OUCH! It's almost like I needed a couple of drinks first... lol. After I got over the initial OMG... it did get easier... fyi..the faster you go.. the faster you'll finish... so you gotta move!! LOL. The second time I tried it... it was much easier. I do find that it does take longer than regular shaving if you're making sure you're getting everything. Doing it after you shower is also easier because it softens the hair too. But honestly... it does work really well. I HATE that it isn't cordless though.... kind of a pain in the butt...but the cord is super long, which doesn't make it awkward to use.

Thanks to Philips and BzzAgent for letting me do the review!

For more information and ordering please visit


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Andrea's Pacifier Clips - Product Review

I received a pair of red snowflake Mitten Clips and a black Belt Clip from Andrea's Pacifier Clips and More! All the clips are certified lead free with plastic teeth inserts on the inside of the clips to help keep them in place. Washing is simple... hand wash and dry flat... super simple...quick and they dry really fast.

The Mitten Clips are great...and go well with M's white jacket. The ribbon is nice and thick and the clips are super "M" can't get them off. I like the length of these clips because they're just long enough to make it easy to get her gloves on and off....but not too they don't let her mitts drag on the ground.

The Pant Clip is great for Miss. Skinny Minnie! I like that it had the same clips as the Mitten Clips so they didn't slide around at all...and that it was actually an elastic ribbon between the 2 clips. It was easy to get on and off and the perfect length to grip the waistband of M's pants without making the back of her pants bulky.

You HAVE to go take a look at her site! She makes really cute clips (some great ones for the holidays), pacifier clips... toy clips and bib clips too! Prices are crazy good! Shipping costs are only the postage...and there's free pick-up for those in Milton, Ontario (girls... you know who I'm ;) at when I mention that! lol).

Thanks Andrea for sending me out 2 products to test out! "M" won't lose her mitties this winter!

For more information and ordering please visit and/or
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK


Life Without Plastic - Product Review and Giveaway!!

 I was sent a 4 pack of Life Without Plastic's Children's Cereal Bowls. They come in 4 colours; pink, blue, green and yellow... have cute animals on them and have a stainless steel interior. The exterior is made of polypropylene plastic  and comes in an eco-friendly box. Obviously these can't go in the microwave or the dishwasher... so hand wash only... the funny thing is... "M" likes to wash these for some reason. It's actually really funny... she's starting to put her dishes in the dishwasher... (or at least attempting feel like a "big girl" but she likes to hand wash so I let her wash them.... she's hilarious...and had a blast...hmm... I hope this sticks... maybe she can start vacuuming next..? LOL.

The pink bowl has a rabbit on it.......the blue a dolphin, green a frog and yellow..a tiger. I love the size of these bowls and the fact that they stack really nicely.  I would have loved for these to come with some lids... they funny thing is... when reading up on their site.. they mention that lids from yogurt containers fit these bowls... so I tried... yep... perfect fit! The quality of these are awesome..the colours are cute...and they're perfect size for both space saving and "M".

Life Without Plastic has some really...really cool stuff... there is a Japanese Wooden set that is cool and they have soooo many home and personal products... it's hard to choose what to buy!

Thanks to Life Without Plastic for sending me out the 4 pack to try out and for offering a giveaway... now I have to decide on all the products I want and start ordering!

For more information and ordering please visit
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and their BLOG
What's up for grabs??? Your own set of 4 Bowls!
Contest Closes January 8th!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kickboard Giveaway Winner is.... Julie!

Congratulations to Julie... comment #91!!! You have won the Kickboard giveaway!!! I've already sent you an email, please let me know where you would like to have your prize shipped!

Thanks to everyone who entered, don't forget to keep entering all the cool giveaways! If you have an idea of a product or know someone who would like to have a product reviewed.... let me know :)


Snugabug Winner is..... Melissa!!

Melissa... comment #17... wins the Snugabug $100 GC!!!! Congratulations!!!! I've already sent you an email to get your contact info to pass on to Snugabug :)

Thanks to everyone and congratulations Melissa!


JUMBiES Giveaway Winner is.....Karina!

Congratulations goes to comment #75...... Karina! The winner of the JUMBiES giveaway!!!
I've already sent you an email... please provide me with your mailing address so I can ask them to ship out your 2 JUMBiES :)
Thanks to everyone that entered! Please remember to pass on the Facebook and Twitter pages... really concentrating on increasing the fan base :) - who knows...there could be some pretty cool giveaways once we hit 1000 on FB and 1000 on Twitter :) (um..yay!)


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gaddy Nipper Crayons (Tomoson) - Product Review & Giveaway!!!

Sponsored by

I got to try out 5 Gaddy Nipper ladybug crayons. Gaddy Nipper creates fun shaped crayons from both recycled and upcycled crayons. I LOVE the lady bug shape! I've been collecting all of M's broken crayons (stupid triangle ones... ALWAYS break) and actually have been researching how I can safely melt them to recycle them into new ones... waste not want not right? The quality is awesome.. and I really...really like the fun shapes that Gaddy Nipper carries.
Super fun ideas for favors for birthday parties (hmmm... maybe for M's bday..yay!). These were a bit small for "M"...she kept dropping them.. but other than that... we had a great time colouring and signing some gift tags for presents we were wrapping. She kept calling them "bugs"... it was really cute...and she even ran up and said "Daaaadddddyy bugs!!!!"...LOL.

Thanks to Gaddy Nipper Crayons and Tomoson for letting me do this review, it was really fun and "M" like colouring with her ladybugs!

For more information and ordering please visit or
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

What's up for grabs??? Your own set of Gaddy Nipper Ladybugs! 
Contest Closes January 1st! (To start the New Year off with a little fun!)

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Mummi Quilts - Product Review & Giveaway!!

I received a cupcake blanket (brown chenille backing) and a matching designer bib from Eeva at Mummi Quilts. The blanket I received is the middle one in the bottom row of the picture :). I LOOOVE the cupcake pattern/fabric... it's SO cute and colourful! The blanket was perfect size for "M"... she's a Mini Linus (from Peanuts)... so she's always dragging around a blanket behind her... and she really liked that this one had a link on it that she used as a handle to drag it around and carry it over her shoulder. The link is for hooking it on to the stroller...but whatever works for her right? LOL. The chenille backing is so soft... "M" kept rubbing it on her face and saying "ooooOooo" Between that and trying to cover up the dog to snuggle with her... it was an eventful night. The blanket is really well made... and they have a TON of patterns to choose from... plus they're really funky.. so I had a blast looking through their site.

The bib was probably one of the best bibs I've seen in a long time... it's seen here in the picture, but I received it in the cupcake pattern to match the blanket. This is awesome! It's nice and long.. totally cute and there are no velcro...snaps... ties.. nothing! It is made like a t-shirt so it has a hole in it... and it pulls over their head. The neck is ribbed and fits over M's big melon... so she had no problem wearing it...and liked that she can take it on and off.... I liked that it covered her whole shirt... so no more big messes to clean up. Unfortunately for the cat... he ended up wearing it during "play time" tonight... man.... she just loves our pets... and they tolerate her. He did however look really cute in it too! LOL!

Mummi Quilts make a ton of really cute products including Personalized Chenille stroller blanket ....
Personalized Mini ribbon loop blanket .....Princess apron..... Changing mat....Organic pants... they even do personalized embroidery!

Huge thanks to Eeva for sending me out some of her awesome products! I just love the pattern and "M" loves both of the products! Everyone needs to go check out the website... I love that you can personalize everything!

For more information and ordering please visit
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK

What's up for grabs??? Personalized Pullover Bib!
 Contest Closes December 25th!!! (for the holidays!)


Otterbottle - Review & Giveaway!!

I got to test out and Otter Bottle Insulated Tote Bag... and it is now officially M's cooler bag!  I received the teal one with the dragonfly! I was surprised at how much this tote carries..... more than enough room for all M's Elmo sippy cups (she's obsessed with Elmo..she even says "Hi" to Elmo on her I fit 2 sippy cups, a bottle of milk, a small ice pack (because I always have one with her milk).... 2 snack containers... and even some cookies and a granola bar. Man... I shoved everything in there...and it really did stay cold (even after my gel pack had melted). I also tried it without an icepack and just took everything out of the fridge... it actually stayed cold for a really long time. I was impressed! The worst is when I open the extra thermos of milk for "M" and it smells sour... I didn't once have this happen in this bag. The colour is vibrant... and the printing on it is awesome...and totally unique. The totes are PVC and Lead free (awesome)... the handle is nice and thick.. (fit perfect on the Mommy Hook on the stroller) and the zipper at the top of the insulation kept everything in tact and at perfect temperature.

"M" liked carrying the tote like a purse and even opened the zipper to take out a sippy to have a drink.. it was actually pretty funny. Thank you Otterbottle for sending me my new handy insulated tote and for doing a giveaway! I can now carry more than enough Elmo sippy cups... plus if one spills.. clean up is super easy!

For more information and ordering please visit

What's up for grabs??? You very own Insulated Tote - Winners Choice! (Open to Canada)
Contest Closed December 25th!!!


Fave Blanket - Product Review

I received a Fave Blanket from Fave Blanket & Co. These blankets are designed and sewn by Nancy. These special blankets came from the idea of her daughter's imaginary friend....named Fave. The blanket is shaped kind of like a star... 2 legs, 2 arms and a head/face. The eyes and mouth are embroidered on.... and there's even a pocket with a hand puppet shaped like Fave too :)

Fave is handmade (quilted too) and is made of organic cotton which is preshrunk. The backing is super soft organic velour and the front is beige with blue polka dots (love it!). The batting is 50/50 soy organic/cotton blend. Fave comes in 4 different, sky, pumpkin, cranberry...of course I picked blue (surprise...surprise). Right when I opened the package and took Fave out... "M" freaked out! She ran over and yelled "HIIIIIIIII" and gave him a big hug! She loves blankets right I had a feeling she would like it... but not like this!!! LOL! She played with the puppet for a while, then I showed her the pocket on the front and she filled it with not only the puppet but anything else that she would fit in there! It's a great size for her because she's so small... and it's big enough for her to ever throw over her shoulders and wear it like a cape.

I love that it is high and super fun! Well.. that... and the fact that "M" keeps asking for it... it passed the test in our house! This is such a cute idea, and I'm really loving organic it being easy to wash (hang dry)... overall... really into it! Thanks so much Nancy for sending me out M's new BFF! I'm sure he'll be around for a very long time!

For more information and ordering please visit
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK


Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Gagagougou (Bebek) Winner is..... Monica K!!

The winner of the Gagagougou giveaway is comment #35... Monika K!
Please respond to the email I just sent you with your mailing address and which Bebek product you would like from the Gagagougou website :)
Thanks for entering everyone! Don't forget about the other giveaways going on!


Letter Learning Winner is.....Mariah!

The winner of the Letter Learning giveaway is comment #4... Mariah!
Congratulations! I've already sent you an email asking for your mailing address!
  Thanks to everyone that entered! More to come!


The Savvycents Winner is...... Aubrie Williams!

The winner of the Savvycents pink wallet is comment #124... Aubrie!
Congratulations! I've already sent you an email...please send me your mailing address :)
Thanks to everyone who participated!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Look Who's Growing - Product Review & Coupon Code to 3 Followers!

I got a chance to try our a Look Who's Growing growth chart. The charts come in a ton of designs and colours.... and you can personalize them with your child's name... and ever picture! At the top of the chart there are 2 grommets as well as a dowel at the bottom to keep it from rolling up. The quality of the charts are AWESOME they're thick and sturdy as well as stylish. The colours are unbelievably gorgeous and the pictures and patterns are really... really... clean and well printed. I found that the chart fit perfect on the back of M's door without getting in the way of any hinges... and even on the small wall beside her closet door. It was really funny to see her standing beside this chart... it goes up to 6'5...and her little 30 inch body looking like a little pixie standing beside it LOL! The best part was she said ""...and pulled me towards it... she wanted to see how tall I was...LOL. So I put a sticky note with her height and one at mine. Her response?.."whoa".... lol... funny part... I'm only 5'5... so really... I'm not tall at all, but I guess in here eyes I am. So cute. 

I love the story of how this company came to be.... imagine a family that use to mark their heights on a wall in the family home they grew up in. What happens when you move from that home? Well basically their good'ol sentimental Mom wanted their Dad to cut out that piece of the wall (so cute... I can totally see myself asking the Hubby to do that)... Now... with these charts.. this isn't an issue! Move it from room to room... easy to store and there are so many different designs and colours to choose from... that your kids will never outgrow them... even when they're 16 ;)

There are 2 different widths of charts as well... 6' or 12'....and they're shipped to you within 10 days of ordering. So... you still have time to get your orders in to receive them before the holidays!

Guess what else!! Look Who's Growing was nice enough to send me 3.... yes 3.... $5 off coupons to my readers. So here's what I'm thinking. If you are interested in ordering one of these charts..... which can make an awesome gift... or even ordering one for yourself to chart your little ones growth... email me and I will give you one of the codes. First 3 people will receive them.

Huge thanks to Look Who's Growing for sending me out a sample to test and for personalizing one for M... I can't wait to see how much she's grown of the next year...or 12 ;)

For more information and ordering please visit
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Eyecandy - Product Review and Giveaway!

I got to try out a pair of  Eyecandy soothing eye coolers.... and I LOVE them! What Eyecandy(s) are....are small round gel packs that you freeze...or chill.... then you lie back.... place them on your eyes....they reduce any puffiness (aka... bags from staying up all night with your I received their Classic Chillin' Cucumber (they look like little cucumber slices).... but they also have... Cotton Candy Pink, Tart n' Tangy Tangerine, or Sugared Ice Blue. I really liked that they were easy to clean... were durable... and even came in a plastic pouch (zippered) so you can store them or throw them in your purse. I found that these also worked great in M's lunchbox for any little boo-boos...and for a little pick me-up for my eyes when I need I also found that if I put one on the back of my neck it helped get rid of a pesky headache I had (which is a total bonus).

This would be a great favor at a baby or bridal shower.... or even one of those girly nights at home! Thanks so much to Eyecandy for sending me out a pair to make my eyes look like I didn't get a full night sleep and for doing a giveaway! You guys are awesome!

For more information and ordering please visit
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER
 Contest Closed December 18th!!!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Sugar and Spice - Product Review & Discount Code!

I was sent a Grippy Clippy - Ribbon art (in Abigail), a mini Grippy Clippy and a Sequin Bloom Headband. The clips are really strong and the foam used on the inside of the clip kept it in place and didn't break M's hair when I took them out. Which is great because I didn't get and "ouch Mama"'

The headband is a stretch crochet in pink... with a large pink flower. Each petal is embellished with sequins and the inside of the flower has some beading (I thought it was a really nice touch).

The mini Grippy Clippy is pink with a flower (with beads for the inside of the flower). I found that "M" has a ton of actually holding her hair was hard with this clip... but it was great to put in her hair as an accent.

The regular sized Grippy Clippy was my fave! It is white with a ribbon art rose on it... SUPER pretty and it held all of crazy hair's bangs out of her face! I really...really liked how delicate this looked...but it could totally take a beating when "M" decided to rip it out of her hair.

Sugar and Spice Bows is proud  just opened a store front retail boutique located in Whitby! (Ladies... you know who you are.. I know you're out that way...go in a take a look!). They carry hats, tutus and accessories... even for the little men in the house.

Ok... who wants 20% off???? Enter code MOM into your online order and you'll save 20%!!! (which personally... I think it just means you can buy more! Quality is great...and the little added touches are what make them special!

Thank you Sugar and Spice for sending "M" out some products to try out and giving my readers a discount..right in time for Christmas!

For more information and ordering please visit
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK


Sunday, November 28, 2010

i like book - Product Review and HUGE Discount Code!!

I got to try out a purple I Like Book! What it is...kind of a calendar-like note book that allows you to write in comments every day. There are spots for both Mom and Dad and the comments are directed towards your kids! For instance... I like the way "M" calls me "Mommy"... so that would be one to enter in beside today's date. These books were started by a couple that use to write little notes back and forth to each other until they started losing all their post-its... so they started a journal. Now that they have kids... they figured.. why not... it's a great keepsake and makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I like that it makes you appreciate the little things in life that are most important.  I really like the little story and tidbit separators in the book. Really cute! We've decided that we are going to start our book on January 1st! Thought it would be nice to start off the new year...and also to have a full year in order. I love that you can add pictures in the book too! Such a great idea.

There are 2 different types of I like books. The one for Couples and the I like book for children (that comes in 4 different colours). They also sell bookmarks, clocks and wristbands. This book is a great idea! Love it! Everyone go by and check out their Facebook  page.... and tell all your friends!

Thank you to the I like book team  for sending me out one of their awesome books! I'm sure "M" will love hearing what we like about her (and I'm sure they'll be days when she's older that she'll need a pick-me-up and she can look back on everything!)

For information please visit [to order please call toll free: (5453)] If you mention "babybottomline" they'll knock 40% off your order!!! (shipping isn't crazy either!)
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER...or read their BLOG


Warm Buddy Giveaway winner is.... Yat!

Congratulations to Yat...comment #99! The winner of the Warm Buddy giveaway! This is Yat's second win!!! Lucky lucky!

Please respond with your mailing address to the email I sent you so I can pass on the information and have your prize shipped out.

More giveaways are on the go.... get your entries in :)... everyone please remember to put your email addresses in your posts, if you're a winner... I can't contact you!


PetCakes Giveaway Winner is .... Erin!

Congratulations Erin! You have won the PetCakes giveaway...comment #64! Please respond to the email I just sent you with your mailing address :)

Thatnks to everyone for entering... don't forget... there are a ton of other prizes up for grabs!


Baby Bond Giveaway Winner is.....Melissa!

Congratulations...Melissa...comment #44!!!

You won the Baby Bond giveaway! I've already sent an email to the address you provided. Please respond with your mailing address :)

Thanks to everyone that entered!


Live Brilliantly Giveaway winner is......Mom vs. The Boys!

Congratulations...Mom vs. The Boys....comment #2!

You won the Live Brilliantly giveaway!! Please respond to the email I sent you and provide your mailing address.

Thanks for entering!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little Squeaky Feet - Product Review

 I was really excited when I received M's pair of Little Squeaky Feet! We received a white pair in their Daisy style... (Mary-Jane with velcro). Now that "M" is walking (and is all over the place) I wanted to make it more fun for her... and these did the trick! There is a "squeaker" in the heals of the shoes, so every time she walks she squeaks! She was having so much fun stomping her feet and running round... she loved hearing the sound! She even liked that that dog was trying to find where the squeaky sound was coming from.. it was driving her was really cute.

The shoes are real leather...the sole is thick and match well with the shoes. I like the little daisy and leather flowers on the shoe. The stitching is thick and well done... they're awesome! They even have a little extra cushion and leather for their heel to stay in the shoe more comfortably. Even the insoles are well-made....cushy..and look like they would be super comfy and provide proper support for her growing feet.

Little Squeaky Feet have styles for both girls and boys... closed toe and sandals... and they come in a bunch of different colours.

Thank you Little Squeaky Feet for making "M" have fun while working on her walking skills! She LOVES these shoes!!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Positively Organic - Product Review, Coupon Code and Giveaway!!!

I was sent a Girls Long Sleeve Cross Top and a pair of Cuffup Pants. All I have to say is WOW! Positively Organic sells organic baby and toddler clothes that are absolutely beautiful! The colours are vibrant.. don't fade when washed...and the styles and designs are really modern.

The Girls Long Sleeve Cross Top is fitted... red (so pretty)... with black accents. "M" looked SO cute in this... I wanted to eat her up! It is made from organic cotton... and all the dyes and inks are eco-friendly and natural. I like the versatility of this shirt. You can stick it with a pair of jeans... a skirt... or pair of leggings and it will always make a statement! Quality wise.. .the stitching...prints and design is fantastic! I also liked that it wasn't too thick so it can be worn all year round :)

The Cuffup Pants are crazy! I love the pattern with the the red contrasting cuff at the bottom. ( "M" was a little short for the pants.. I had to do a roll at the top... but that's totally nothing new... she's only like 30 inches tall!). The pants are made with the same soft interlock organic cotton, dyes and inks as the top... are super stretchy and the pattern is great! "M" can wear these with just about anything...and when she grows I can put down the cuff to add some length and a bit of flair to the pant.

Positively Organic has 3 lines... B*babies, happy Wear and EarthLine. They have so much super cute stuff that are totally earth friendly... even down to the snaps that are nickle-free...and packaging! They support causes like Children's Health and Welfare and Economic Justice (to name a few)... this is huge... I love companies that give back and care about issues not only our children..but our children's children will hopefully not have to face. It's very admirable.

Huge thanks to Nancy...founder of Positively Organic for sending me out an awesome outfit and for doing a coupon code....and.... a HUGE giveaway!!! The coupon code is tbbl15.... and my readers will receive 15% off everything except clearance items :) - valid to December 31, 2010!

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SCKC - Product Review & Giveaway!!!

I was in touch with SCKC and they were awesome enough to send me 2 full out fits... and "M" can totally pull off they're perfect! I was sent a "Denim Jumper” is 100% cotton French Terry (which by far is the softest cotton I've seen!).... it has a screen of a denim dress on a white tunic. It's long sleeved... and goes perfect with a pair of leggings! "M" looked SO CUTE in this... it fit her great and I received a ton of compliments while she wore it. I liked that it is A-line so it has a bit of a flair to it and "M" wasn't hot in it even with the turtle-neck aspect to it (which is great...because she can't wear anything too thick..)

The Asymmetric Striped Hoodie I LOVED! It's blue... but has purple, blue, black and white stripes...with a band of hound's tooth on the bottom and in the hood. I liked that the hood didn't have any strings... it fit well and there wasn't a was printed in the inside of the shirt. This was really soft and had a stretch to it. My FAVE part of this is the kangaroo pocket... "M" loved that she could put her hands (and other things) in there... I liked that they paid attention to detail and made the openings a little larger to sneak a peek of the lighter blue colour that they used for the inside of the pocket.

The Classic Cuffed Legging ( which had white, purple and black stripes) were nice and stretchy..the elastic waistband was even wrapped in the same material to finish off the piece and also to keep the band soft around tender tummies! They have a thick cuff at the ankle to not only add to the style but I found it helped keep M's pants straighter when trying to get her into her boots! Plus... she was obviously comfortable in them... she was playing all day and didn't grab the waistband (she does that when she wears jeans sometimes... I can tell it's time to loosen her These pants have the same screen printed tag... which is a fave in this house!
The Vintage Washed Sweat pant (in Army green) is a pant , with super soft cuffs and a thicker more heavy duty waist band with drawstring. These are perfect for hanging out at the ball park or snuggling up with a movie and a hot chocolate....totally versatile! Again.."M" loved the pockets... these were a bit too long for her... but I can't wait for her to fit in these... she looked like she was ready to just relax and hang

All the products are machine washable...they have sizes 0-3months to 9/10... a crazy selection of awesome, hip stuff... and pricing is totally sweet... I think I'd actually pay more just for the quality... but don't tell them that ;) LOL!

Huge thanks to the SCKC team for sending me out some awesome stuff! We had fun playing dress-up and I think some of her new faves are yours!

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Contest Closed December 18th!!


Ranita's Fine Round Cut Aqua Blue CZ Necklace (Tomoson) - Product Review

I received a Ranita's Fine Round Cut Aqua Blue CZ Necklace from Fantasy Jewelry Box. It is sterling silver, rhodium electroplated.. has small cubic zirconias and a huge aqua one in the middle. All the stones are round and really shiny!! The pendant came with a link necklace that is adjustable too :)

I can totally see myself wearing this when I need to dress up an outfit, totally not for every day wear even though the quality is stones were loose and I pulled at the chain... and it didn't budge.

You need to go check out their website... I spent FOREVER looking on there and checking everything out. Some of my faves are....the celebrity inspired jewelery and the cubic zirconia bracelets.... plus don't forget to check out their sale items and my fave ring!

They have so much to look at... prices are reasonable and everything is really pretty! I had a great time trying to find stuff for my Christmas list!!

Thanks to Fantasy Jewelry Box and Tomoson for letting me do the review!

For more information and ordering please visit
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Real Kids Shades - Product Review & Giveaway!!!

Real Kids Shades sent me a TON of sunglasses for "M" to try out! We received a pair of My First Shades (0-24 months) in Pink Daisy and a pair in Blue Flame (2-5 years). We also received a pair of Flex in purple (3-7 years), Racer in pink (Totally hot ones! in 5-8 years), a pair of Glide in blue (5-8 years), and Extreme Element in Silver Flame (great for playing in the size 3-7 years) and an Extreme Sport in Black Red (3-7 years). HOLY MOLY!!! They sent a huge variety of their line-up! "M" is starting to become a little diva...and it's actually really funny... she loves accessories and jewellery...just like her Mom ;)

The My First Shades come with a adjustable band and all the lenses are UV 400 category 3 lenses.  The frames on the Flex are rubber...there's no way your little one can break these! The Racer has metallic frames and are SUPER COOL! They look like my "M" likes sporting these! The Glide has a sporty look with metallic frames. The Element is foamed back... which make them super comfy for long term wear. The Xtreme Sport  is foam backed and have the option of 3-7 polycarbonate lenses or 7-12 polarized lenses.

When thinking of sunglasses... most people think that they're a summer "accessory". Hello... wake up parents... they aren't just a cute little "add-on" for your children... they are protective gear for their eyes... to keep them safe from UV...and these.. have 100% UV protection! They're like sunscreen for your eyes! Would you go to the beach without wearing sunscreen? No... then grab a few pairs of these to keep your kids safe and looking cool all year round.

Real Kids Shades are Dr. recommended... have shatterproof frames and lenses and they can totally take a beating. There are styles..colours and options for everyone... even including their wrap around straps to hinder them from taking them off. "M" on the other hand loves them so much she wears a pair and even puts a pair in her hair (at the same time...lmao). She' so funny! I really like that these are FDA approved and that Real Kids Shades are endorsed by the Melanoma International Foundation. They also work with Prevent Blindness America to promote awareness of how to protect our children's eyes.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these sunglasses!! They come in a carrying case and strap. 100% these are going on THE LIST!! Thank you to Real Kids Shades for letting "M" be fashionable and keep her eyes protected!!!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Contest Closed December 18th!!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tie Buddies Giveaway Winner is Kat!!

Congratulations to Kat.......the winner of the set of Tie Buddies!!!

I've already emailed you, please provide your shipping address and if you'd like pink or blue Tie Buddies!

Thank you to everyone that entered!


The Myachi Winner is LisaG!

Congratulations to LisaG...comment #17! You won the Myachi giveaway!!

I have emailed you, please reply with your mailing address!

Thanks to everyone that entered!


Neatnik Saucer Winner is KC!

Congratulations to KC...the winner of the Neatnik Saucer!

I've already emailed you, can you please send me your mailing address so I can advise the company on where to ship your prize.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Don't forget to enter all the other giveaways!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

So Rad - Product Review

I had the pleasure of working with Jasmine...the head-honcho over at So Rad for this review. We had a blast sending emails back and forth....she even tried to talk me into coming to the baby show... but I just couldn't make it this time... actually I was really disappointed that I couldn't make it this fall. Would have been great to meet up with everyone I've been talking to over the last few months and get to hang out with the Oh Baby! team too. Booo to busy weekends! LOL!

Anyway... back to the review... lol... from going back and forth with Jasmine (she's SUPER nice btw) and from hearing about how So Rad came to be... I actually had pretty high expectations for when I received the product. She sent me one of her new t-shirts in Sunburn Pink (Little bird)..pretty much hot off the press! (same as the pic I put in here but the t-shirt version, not the onesie)... I had to totally put the onesie pic in was just too cute! So...the top left shoulder has a little bird... with "A little bird told me" in cursive writing underneath. I love the stitching details on the shirt... plus the printing is done really well and it washes great.

Over at So Rad there were a few the little chunkers.... and sizing was an issue... so they decided to solve their own problem and make a ton of larger sizes for those thick babies (which I wish "M" was... she's SOOO skinny!!).... no worries petite babies... there are sizes for everyone!

Everyone needs to totally check out their sets... omg... there is a heart and wing set that "M" would look killer in! Plus they're having a sale right now on their Bumbleshirts... 1/2 price! Stock up everyone... these bamboo/organic cotton shirts are to die for!

Thanks Jasmine for everything! "M" looks awesome in your t-shirt...and...I promise I'll meet up with you at the Spring show!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Skillet Bacon Jam (Tomoson) - Product Review

So.. I got to try out skillet bacon jam.... what is it you ask? It's a bacon spread... heard me correctly... BACON It is a combination on Niman ranch bacon, onions, balsamic and spices. You can use it on sandwiches... meat... or even use a bit with some oil and vinegar to make a salad dressing.

Not going to lie, this totally wasn't my cup of tea, I didn't even like the smell of it... my husband on the other hand was in awe of anything that involved with spreadable bacon...lmao. It kind of tastes like BBQ... but tangy... he liked it.

For me... I wouldn't say I'm a plain Jane type of girl... but I really don't use that many condiments on a regular basis...I think I can probably make a killer salad dressing by using a bit of this stuff...
just need a little practice to perfect the quantities of everything :)

Thanks to skillet bacon jam and Tomoson for letting me do the review! Totally a unique product!

For more information and ordering please visit 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Costume (Tomoson) - Product Review

I received a Christmas Elf costume in the infant/toddler size for review.'s hilarious! I can't wait to see every one's face when she wears it on Christmas...the hat is classic... it has bells... and elf ears attached to it... "M" looks SO CUTE in it!!! The costume it self is green and red with a black belt and gold buckle...white and red striped legs (with matching bow tie) and even extra red material to cover whatever shoes your little one is wearing. Sizing wise... it is quite big on her... which really.. just means... she'll be wearing this for the next few Christmas' LOL. It is a one piece costume that has a bit of velcro at the back to keep the collar closed. The bottom has elastic with velcro fasteners to help keep it from getting out of place, and it works great.

They have a TON of Christmas costumes... you have to go take a look... I couldn't decide which one to review... it's crazy! There's something for everyone... anything from Santa... to Mrs. Claus (in both naughty and I almost died when I saw the Buddy the Elf costume.... all my friends know... ELF is my FAVE movie... yes... I laugh at the same parts EVERY TIME! LOL!!! They also have reindeer... snowmen... angels... the list goes on and on... and the pricing...fantastic!

While your checking out all the other costumes, make sure you stop by the toddler costumes and pick up something to have your little one dressed up for the holiday season! We're going to have a blast this year with her dressed up as an elf... I honestly can't wait!!!

For more information and ordering please visit Costume Discounters

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BabyBond (Tomoson) - Product Review and Giveaway!

Sponsored by
BabyBond sent me their Couture BabyBond in black (they were offering bloggers the original to review...but let me do the Couture...AND they said they'd be honoured for me to do a review for them *insert blush here*). What the BabyBond Couture is..... adjustable bellyband/nursing top combo that helps fit to Mom's changing body. Basically, it can be worn like a sash to cover yourself while nursing or around your waist to help with nursing when you're wearing a top that may make breast feeding a little

It also has a self-storing pouch that is attached to one end of the wrap...and you literally roll it up into itself and can throw it in the diaper bag(nice touch by the way! Don't need to worry about misplacing a storage bag). It washed really well... because it's 100% Cotton...can be thrown in the machine and is made in the USA. The double panel gave maximum coverage (including your back and the baby belly)... which was great. The double layers separated to allow you to nurse

I LOVE that they have the instructions sewn in the product itself (so no booklet or CD to keep track off...especially when your children are a few years I'm dreading the next one just for the fact that I can't remember where the instructions are for the bottle warmer is!!! LOL). Using the product was pretty easy... but rather than try to explain it... I'll give you the link to the instructional video... I watched it once and "got" it right away! CLICK HERE (I'll wait while you go take a look).

Back? Welcome! LOL.... see super easy eh? personally... I think the sash "way" would be my preference... I let a friend try it out (you better believe I want it back know who you are... and I have my eye one you...and know where you she loved it! Funny thing.... she liked the under the shirt method better... funny how everyone is different.

Thanks BabyBond for letting me (and my friend) try this out...and for sponsoring a giveaway!!  

For more information and ordering please visit
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Contest Closed November 27th!!
[Product review & giveaway disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."]


Live Brilliantly (Tomoson) - Product Review & Giveaway!

Sponsored by
I relieved a 2 pack of Brilliant Lenses Cleaner and optical microfiber cloth. What it an awesome eyeglass cleaner with SR-8 (which helps reduce water spots and scratches). I don't wear glasses anymore (Amen for Lasik!) so I used them on my sunglasses and my Blackberry screen... it worked great! I really liked that the protective layer didn't leave streaks or make my sunglasses feel greasy.
I really liked the micro-fiber cloth and carrying bag... I'm a freak for fingerprints on my Blackberry so it's the perfect size to throw in my purse for when little miss sticky fingers gets hold of it! LOL
Thanks to Live Brillantly and Tomoson for allowing me to do the review! No more fingerprints! Love it!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Contest Closed November 27th!!!
This Product Was a Free Giveaway


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

JUMBiES - Product Review and Giveaway!!!

I received 2 Jumbies... and they are hilarious! I got Blabbit (Bluebird/Rabbit) and Zelephant (Zebra/Elephant)...a couple of comic books and some coins that they call "sand dollars". The site is really interactive.... they have a bio of each of the characters... and I think it's a really cute touch! The have their likes and dislikes... of birth and a few other things. The story of the Jumbies is really cute... it's all about 2 storks crashing while they were delivering baby animals...and they ended up getting "jumbled". A little bit about M's new friends...Filbert the Blabbit can't keep a secret...make sure you be careful what you tell him because he can blow it way out of proportion! Zumbo the Zelephant is know for his wise ways.. the one everyone takes advice from. The comic book explains the story of how these little guys came to be and the sand dollars.. which are cute collectible coins!

"M" really thought these little guys were funny...and couldn't figure out what they were until I fully explained that they are 2 animals at the same time... once she "got" it she started making the sounds that each animals make! I like that these are similar to beanie babies....but have more spunk!

Thanks Jumbies for letting us have fun with Blabbit and Zelephant! We had so much fun!!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Contest Closes December 11th!!


Bebek (Gagagougou) - Product Review and Giveaway!

I was honored when Iris from Gagagougou contacted me for another review! This time I got to try out 2 Bebek products! The SAFARI Insulated 3D Sports Flip Top Straw Sipper Cup and Feeding Bowl with Cutlery. During our first review "M" tried out a Bebek Sipper Cup... this time the straw one went off flawlessly! She LOVES IT! She's always liked using straws and it is a good succession from the first sippy we tried. She loves that it rattles and that the same cow that she's use to is on this cup to. It washes vary well both by hand or in the top rack of the dishwasher. It was the first time "M" has used a soft straw like this...and she didn't even notice the change which is awesome. I like that the straw is covered by the protector... especially because this is the new "go everywhere" cup! I find that these cups also keep her water/juice colder for a longer period of time (in comparison to some of her other cups).

The Bebek Feeding Bowl with Cutlery is awesome! I found it perfect for going out to restaurants... the cutlery is awesome, she didn't have trouble using them and everything fit well in her bag. The lid is awesome! It keeps a really good seal and I didn't have any accidents at all. The best part... both microwave and dishwasher safe! The plastic I found was really thick... and had some weight to it...and had an anti-skid bottom which I liked. Also, the set looks pretty cool...and I had a few people ask me where I got it from!

Huge thanks to Iris at Gagogougou! It was awesome to try out some of the new Bebek products you carry! Everyone go take a look at their website..they sell some pretty cool stuff!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Contest Closed December 4th!


Wisey - Product Review

I was excited when Wisey sent me a Chic Diaper Bag for me to review. waaaay cooler than I thought it was going to It doesn't look like a diaper bag at all...more like a purse.. and smaller than those over sized bags (which I'm officially getting sick of). It has enough room to throw a sippy cup...change of clothes, diapers, wipes, my wallet, cell...keys (it has a clip to attach them to)... and it even comes with a change pad. I like the style... it's accordion-like so it expands to fit alot... has a wrist strap that you can open up, adjust and clip it to the other side of the bag to make it a shoulder strap. This is perfect for trips out...and can even be thrown in your overnight bag if needed. It has shiny silver accents and closes with a grouping of elastic cords (looks super modern). They have this bag in both black and silver (I received the black)....and actually... can't wait to use it when we go out for dinner. It honestly doesn't look like it has diapers in it... I promise! LOL.  There are 4 purse length pockets inside as well as a zippered one (for your keys and wallet etc)...and 2 sections to put stuff on the back of the purse.

Wisey carries some pretty cool stuff... you need to go check them out...especially their "Time to Go" section... they have products to make life easier while you're out!

Thank you Wisey for sending me a Chic Diaper Bag to review!! I can't wait to bring it to all the parties during the holidays!!!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Letter Learning - Product Review

I was contacted by Ellen who is a new Entrepreneur...that started a line of educational greeting cards (she's also a Mom and a teacher too!). She sent me a mixed bag of her cards and also offered to do a giveaway for a "All Occasion Gift Pack" and "Advanced - All Occasion Gift Pack."

I received Fairy and Her Heart (BIRTHDAY), which allows children to trace over the messages on the outside and inside, leaves room to draw a picture and even has a spot for them to sign their name. (also the person they are giving it to).  The cards are all printed on heavy stock and come with colourful envelopes.
The Math - Preppy Poodle (BIRTHDAY) actually lets children practice their math skills by figuring out the answers between 4-9 and use the colour index to colour the picture on the front. It also lets them practice their writing skills on the inside the card.  The Cursive Word Search (BIRTHDAY) is for older children to practice their cursive writing and has a word search on the front of the card.  The Buddy Birthday - Advanced Writer (BLANK) has the lines to have children write in their own message (and the cow is super cute!).

I loved that the bundle of cards came in a plastic made sure everything got here un-damaged and stayed clean. Plus it was great for storing the un-used ones. Ellen even wraps them in a pretty bow for you too!. The first thing I noticed was the quality...everything was thick and printed very well. I LOVE this idea, "M" isn't ready for these just yet, but I can hardly wait to start practicing with her!

Thanks so much Ellen for getting in contact with me to do this review and offering a giveaway!!! :)

For more information and ordering please visit
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Contest Closes December 4th!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Snugabug - Review and Giveaway!!!

I was given an awesome opportunity that I totally couldn't turn down! Snugabug...a portrait and art studio in Vaughan offered to do a session for me and "M" to get some pics done of the two of us... also a few of her... AND her Christmas ones! We were there forever...and the girls were AWESOME!! Little Miss Cranky Pants actually held it together for quite a while... I was kind of impressed... but she'd keep pointing at things or looking they had to have a quick trigger finger to get the good ones (and they totally did!!).

The sessions are between 45-60 min and can have up to 3 different looks. They specialize in children, pregnancy and family shots (including fur babies)... and get great ones! There are a TON of packages and A La Carte pricing to choose there's something for everyone! They even do albums and announcements if you're interested! Session fees are $49.95 and there is a minimum order of $150 (they are giving a $100 gift certificate away... so be sure to enter!)

We did 3 different changes for "M"... her first outfit was a frilly top, skinny jeans and her knee high boots (I also stuck a flower in her hair). We took some pics of her sitting on a white chair... with a brown background. They turned out awesome! The second outfit was her Christmas one and we did a white backdrop and used some of their Christmas props... LOVE THEM! The last look.. I stuck her in her Leafs Jersey with a black bow...and we got some really cute natural shots.

I had to have some feet pics taken... she's got the cutest little piggies!!! They turned out awesome... yes I put a watermark on the don't steal the image Didn't feel comfortable putting any recent pics of "M" on the site. So HUGE thanks to Snugabug for understanding.... they took awesome shots! I can't wait to have them printed...I went out and bought the frames for them already!

Thanks to Lisa and the girls at Snugabug for a wonderful experience..... and for offering one of my readers a $100 gift certificate! You guys were great! I'm sure I'll see you again soon!

For more information and to set up an appointment visit
You can also join group on FACEBOOK
Contest Closed December 11th!!!


9Baby T-Shirt Winner is Jenny!

Congratulations to Jenny comment number 57... the winner of the 9Baby T-Shirt!

I have sent you an email...please let me know where the prize can be shipped :)

Thanks to everyone that entered... so many more giveaways on the go... you can win more than many sure you enter all of them!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Monkey Scentsy Buddy - Product Review

So a while ago I did a review for a Scentsy Warmer and some wax bars from Misty, a fantastic Director for Scentsy... well.. she mentioned to me that she had a surprise for "M"... when I opened the box... omg... your should have seen her face! I got the... "!" LOL!!! before I could even fully unwrap it! Misty was nice enough to send "M" a Mollie the Monkey Scentsy Buddy and a Perfectly Pomegranate Scent Pack. Mollie has a zippered pouch in her back... where you can put a Scent Pack. Here's the funniest part... both "M" and I are "smellers"... do you know what I mean?... literally.. we smell everything.... smell something before we eat it... etc.... was smelling it not the first thing she did??? LOL... and her reaction... classic.. "MMMMMM"... lol... man... she's hilarious! The Scent Pack is great... I like the Perfectly Pomegranate scent...but we knew that already from trying the bars out...hahaha. These packs can go anywhere... in your car... drawer... gym bag...where ever! And they last about a month!

I like that "M" can play with Mollie too... she was kind of dragging her around by one are like Linus and his blankey from the Peanuts She also calls it something... can't make it out just yet... but it's really cute. The Scent Pack if broken open only causes a bit of a mess... so don't worry about your little ones getting into it... the beads are food grade :)

Thanks so much Misty!!! "M" loves her Mollie Monkey! LOL

For more information and ordering please visit
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Check out her blog too!