Friday, May 21, 2010

Learn 'N' Turn Utensil - Product Review

After to speaking to a representative from Learn 'N' Turn, they decided that "M" would be perfect for reviewing their product. We received the purple Learn 'N' Turn in the mail... and I was sooooo excited to try it out.

For those asking..... what is a Learn 'N' Turn Utensil? It is an adjustable utensil that can be interchanged with either the fork or spoon attachment. It allows your toddler to learn how to feed themselves by being able to adjust the angle of the head that is attached to make it easier for them to get it in their mouths.

A little bit of a background....."M" is starting to learn how to feed herself but can't seem to get the spoon in her mouth properly, so she gets frustrated. For snack time I decided to give her some pears...and try to let her feed herself with the Learn and Turn. Yes, she got covered in it like any toddler does...but.. she "got" it right away. She even figured out how to change the angle of the spoon (the fork attachment was not going to work with pears) and actually.. it has been the biggest success with self feeding that we've had so far!

So...your probably thinking... ok..what happened? I washed it for her...gave it to her...she stuck it in the pear and then in her mouth... weird eh? I couldn't believe she totally did it! I let her play with it..she stirred the pears (even with the utensil being bent) and totally shoved every last piece of pear in her mouth...well what wasn't on her hands or in her hair... LOL. It was awesome!

Its really light... the plastic is I don't see it breaking anytime soon...and comes in 4 colours...which is GREAT! And a bonus...its totally dishwasher safe!

I'm really impressed with this.... wow...  For more info about the Learn and Turn Utensil here's the link:


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hey Goldie...I'm coming after your locks!

Ok... people... I get it... M's hair is getting long... and unfortunately its only on top because they shaved both sides of her head in the NICU to try to get an IV in. So yes... she kinda has a reverse mullet... least its filled in and doesn't look like a comb over anymore, that was fun!

She's got all these blonde curls now...and if I pin looks so cute. So do I go and have some stranger hack them all off? **sigh**

I think it may just be that time... and I honestly think the only way I'll actually cut is it if I do it on a whim. Hmm... maybe I should bite the bullet and take her to the mall...


Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet Pea Baby Food - Product Review

The first company to jump on board with my testing was Sweet Pea Baby Food.....

I received their package in the mail and they sent me samples of the Sweet Apple and Banana Pear organic cookies, as well as a full size pack of the Pumpkin Spice organic cookies and even a Sweet Pea Baby Food bib (even that was of great quality).

Lets just say "M" ate cookies for both snacks.... and she ate a ton of them!

I am "That" Mom that tries everything before giving it to their child... I tried anything from her vitamin drops to baby I figured I may as well taste her cookies too!!

I must say.... I think I matched her cookie for cookie! LOL. They were awesome... and had a sweetness to them that wasn't overpowering. They were really fresh and the texture was even a little flaky, which is a nice change from those hard baby cookies all our toddlers are use to.

I even kind of tested "M" at the second "snack time". I gave her a Heinz chocolate cookie, a Mum-Mum and a Sweet Pea organic cookie and she went straight for it.....completely ignoring the other two until she ate every crumb of the pumpkin spice one.

I honestly have to say...these are a hit in my house!!! They can be found at numerous stores but 2 of the big ones are Metro and Longo's!

Their main website is:


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do I have a problem?

I just wanted to throw this out there...

Is it bad that I can walk through Toys R Us and immediately know what's new? And I don't mean....look at something a few times and ask someone about it... I just KNOW that its new!

I think it may be partially because I have a photographic memory and notice things that are "out of place" or "don't belong" fairly quickly. It could also be that I think I'm in there like every other week... and I actually contemplated getting a part time job there just to get the Hmm.. or it could be their emails I get weekly?... maybe I look at them too much... LOL...

Whatever it may be.. I think I sometimes know more than the people that actually work there, and its funny... a lot of pregnant women tend to come and ask me questions about products... or to ask my opinion on something....why me?.... when there's an isle full of people? Maybe I just have one of those faces you can trust, or maybe I give them a look when they pick up a product... who knows... at least someone wants to know my opinion....right?


My Obsession!

Ok.. I admit it... I'm completely and utterly a sucker for bags...totes...purses...and now diaper bags. It is actually getting ridiculous! I have an uncountable amount of each..yet... seem to always have room for more.

This post just didn't come out of no where... I totally bought another bag the other day at Aldo...but they didn't have it in they're shipping it to my house....lmao... it was totally 20% off the sale price..I couldn't help it. Did you know they ship for free?? I didn't know...I was totally surprised....and impressed actually.

Yes, my purse "needs" have I'm checking to see how many diapers and baby bottles...and snacks I can fit the "cute" bag that isn't meant to be a diaper bag. But man... this bag was totally hot... I had to! I almost bought it in red...but I really don't think I could sport a red bag.... not really my thing.

We'll see which next bag makes my heart skip a beat and how I can find a way for the hubby to not "notice" it.... LOL


Monday, May 10, 2010

To Dye or Not to Dye

I'm in a bit of a predicament... I think I'm ready for a new hair style... maybe some highlights... trying to decide what to do! I haven't had my hair really "DONE" in God knows how long..... and I think I deserve a change!

I do however wear a ponytail 24/7 and NEVER wear my hair down. Why you ask? Because I HATE having my hair in my face..and honestly I would shave my head if I could totally pull it off... but I can't.

Lets just put it this way... I haven't had it done in so long that my hair is back to the un-dyed... most desired..."Virgin" hair. Do I revert back to spending $120 on my hair every other month.. or do I decide to remain a "Virgin" for as long as I can?



Oh Baby! Magazine

I just got off the phone with Sandy at Oh Baby! magazine... and yep... I am their new blogger! WOOHOO!! I'm soooo excited to start! Have to submit a bio and a pic... (GOD! hmm...think I should brush up on my photoshop skills...lmao) and then I can start blogging! Really excited to team up with Oh Baby!... I LOVE their mag... sound like a great group of people to work with and I'm really looking forward to joining their team! Wow... now to find a decent pic.... grrr...


Sunday, May 2, 2010

For The Love of Sippy Cups!

Ok... so... "M" will not under any circumstances drink from a sippy cup. I'm thinking with the amount of money I've spent and the cupboard full of sippy cups, that I may have just spent her entire college funds on plastic.

She kind of "gets" the Avent ones... and she gets the Nuby bite ones...but I don't think its time to get rid of the bottle! She never took to any silicone nipples which is now becoming an issue as we try to transition her to a sippy cup.

We've tried:
Kleen Kanteen
Parents choice
Nuby (3 different styles)

Poor "M"...she tries and tries with all these stupid cups... she's so patient...and she tries everything once. If she doesn't like the side of the high chair it goes...hence the cupboard full of "rejects".

If anyone has the "sure thing" sippy cup... the "one hit wonder"... let me know... my cupboards and my bank account will thank you!