Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tantrum - Product Review

I got to test out some Tantrum hair products for "M" (and I totally tried them too!). I received a "My Clever Coconut Shampoo", a "My Kool Coconut Conditioner", a "My Marvellous Shampoo & Body Wash" and a "My Delicious Detangle Spray". Right away... I really liked the names of the products, and that they had pictures of kids on the labels with funny little quotes on them. I really thought it was cute and a nice touch. Tantrum is actually based out of London...they have a salon for kids...throw parties and sell their product line. Hence...where my testing comes in.... LOL! If I ever was in London though.. I would totally stop in!

When I used the shampoo it created a lot of lather and it washed out really, really well. It didn't leave any residue. I put some conditioner in her hair and let her play in the bath for a bit... once I rinsed it out... I noticed that her hair was really soft right away. Detangle spray is a must in my house with Goldie and her "crazy" locks! So when I used the detangle spray the comb slid right through her hair...nice! The body wash was ok.... I liked that it created a lot of foam... but I wasn't a fan of the scent.... that's just me though. I liked the coconut fragrance... (they carry an apple too!) ... I think I may have liked it more if it was the same as the coconut... maybe have all the products in the bath the same scent..... I don't know... there was just something about the combination. Now, this one is a combination of shampoo and body next bath I'm going to just try that one..instead of using it just as a body wash and see if I see a difference. I just think it smells too mature for her if that makes sense...?? Maybe it needs to be more fruity.... ya... that's it... the coconut you feel like you can almost eat... you know what I mean? But overall the products are awesome! I even submitted M's picture on their site to be the next kid on the label! LOL! How cute would she look!

A big thank you to Tantrum for letting me try out everything!!!

For ordering and more information please visit


Dropper Stopper - Product Review & Coupon Code!

I was excited when I found out I was able to try out a dropper stopper! Everyone knows my kid likes to "chuck" you can only imagine how many times I'm picking up a sippy cup and a bottle at the baseball games (insert pouty face here). I have tried a few other straps for her toys and nothing...and I mean nothing compared to this one! The ones I currently use..(there's 2 different brands...not mentioning any are too long... which means... Mr. Teddy gets his head squished in the stroller wheel every day... then in turn...needs a "bath"... which like really... how easy is it to strip your kid's fave toy or blanket away to wash it. Not impressed....

I love that there is NO Velcro at all on the strap, which means "M" wasn't able to take it off! (Amen!) I that it has grippy material, is elastic (covered with material) and has snaps to attach both ends to whatever you need it too! I also like that there is 3 snaps down the strap so you can make it longer or shorter if you need too. They are machine washable...and really cute! I got the aqua dot pattern (to match the stroller) but they have a great selection of fabrics! They retail for $13....sweet!

Thanks dropper stopper! I LOVE IT! to say good bye to all my old straps...yay!

Dropper Stopper was nice enough to offer my readers FREE SHIPPING when you enter the code "bottom line"!!! Take advantage of this... they're awesome!!

For more information and ordering, please visit and follow them on FACEBOOK


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kushies Organic Stars & Stripes Unionsuit Pink - Product Review

I received a  Kushies Organic Stars & Stripes Unionsuit in pink (I'm not usually big on pink but LOVED the stars and stripes print with the solid mixed in with it). It is made of 100% organic cotton and was REALLY soft! Retail is $21.99 and sizing is anywhere from Preemie (ah... brings me back to those days where preemie sizes was TOO big for "M") to 18 months (which she's slowly but surely creeping up on...hopefully sometime this century!). I washed the unionsuit when I got it, and it washed really well... no piling or threads pulling anywhere...which means it will totally withstand the wrath of "M" and her eating habits! I really liked the strength of the snaps on the outfit as well.... just strong enough to keep "M" from undoing all of them...and they're flush to the material which makes them not bulky and they don't pucker when she sits down. 

Kushies has 4 layette collections that are new for Spring 2010.
  • Kushies its my planet 2 organic layettes (has over sized animal graphics and come in pink, blue and natural). They carry anything from onsies to blankets and retail go from $7-$22. (made from 100% organic cotton)
  • Kushies organic stars and stripes layette (and are just that...solids, stars and stripes...comes in pink, blue, ivory and sage). This line carries onsies, pj's, pants, gowns and many more. Price range is $7-$28 and these are also made from 100% organic cotton.
  • Kushies dotz layettes are made from soft cotton.(polka dot and screen prints... these come in pink, white, green and blue). They have zipper sleepers, cuffed pants, hats, bibs, pj's etc. and retail from $6.50-28.
  • Kushies life is good layette is in soft cotton (feature hearts, butterflies, zebras and elephants...and come in white, blue and latte). This line carries body suits, receiving blankets and many others. Retail is $6.50-$28.
They also carry a wide variety of products that range from a folding travel bed to toys (which are award winning), washable diapers and diaper bags! Who knew? I've always known them for their pj's and their little bears (because that's M's fave...yes I have 3 of them!).

Thanks to Kushies for letting me test out one of their new outfits! It was awesome and "M" will be able to wear it for a long time!

Kushies products can be purchased online at If you'd rather go "shopping" you can always stop by a Toys R us :)


The Piggy Story - Product Review

I got the pleasure of testing some of the coolest kids stuff! I got to test out a Chalk N Doodle (in "spring fling" pattern) a Little Picasso (in the "great to be a dog" pattern) AND (I know there's more) a Nap N Sack in their princess pattern. I was absolutely blown away by these 3 products. They're all really cool... really fun and really different! The Piggy Story sells products to let children use their imaginations.... and have the ability to create things... while being stylish and fun!

The Chalk N Doodle was really cool... it fits right on your little one's lap (or highchair), has spots for the chalk on each side (a 12 pack comes with it) and there's even a puff that is attached to it to clean the board. The fabric that its made of is awesome! It has a plastic feel to it but its not stiff, which means its totally washable...and there's even a little padding underneath the chalk board to make it cushy for the little artist! There is no phthalate and it is lead free.

The Little Picasso Art Kit.... is wicked! The pattern I got is super folds up to a great size that will fit in any diaper bag...comes with 8 markers, 8 pencil crayons, scissors, sharpener and even 1 glitter glue pen! Totally the full package for your little artist! It is made of the same type of fabric as the Chalk N Doodle. The Velcro on both pieces are really strong too and I LOVE that there is a handle on "M" can carry it herself!

Lastly, I received a Nap N Sac! Basically what it a bag that had adjustable straps and can be worn on your child's back. It comes with a fleece blanket and a pillow that fits in the bag. The pillow case that is the same pattern as the bag. I can't say enough about this...the idea is really simple but how they actually make it cute and functional is awesome! Of course "M" emptied out the bag right away... grabbed the pillow and put her her down on I don't know where she learns how to do this stuff...but it sure is fun to watch! LOL. After emptying the bag she filled it full of books and other things which makes me completely aware, that we will probably never leave the house without this. Wanna hear the good part? The Chalk N Doodle and the Little Picasso both fit in the bag too!! (BONUS!!!). This is perfect for a sleep over too!

All three products were absolutely awesome! Wow... Thank you sooo much. Cinnamon.. you were awesome! Thanks for everything!

For more information and ordering please visit and follow them on FACEBOOK

Want to speak to someone directly? Call or Email Cinnamon Bond (She's awesome!) at 403-305-7179 or via email at or

They are going to be at the Alberta Gift show in August! So anyone out west be sure to stop by and take a look!


North American Bear Co - Product Review

I was so excited when North American Bear Co agreed to do a product review with me. They are a great company that likes to put a little whimsy in their toys, to spark creativity and stand out from other companies.

I got to try out Goody BagT Alligator Messenger Bag ($28), a My Own Bear NouNou ($16) and Lorene threw in a Rosy Cheeks ($25) - Blond Girl as a surprise for "M"! (Which by the way, I think looks kinda like When I got the package, I was so excited to see what "M" would think. I left everything on the couch for when she woke up from her nap...and you better believe she saw everything right away!

The messenger bag is awesome! "M"actually put it over her head and put one arm threw it as soon as I gave it to her (she has a purse that she wears like that all the time). The handles are adjustable, and the flap is Velcro so she totally opened it and shoved anything from her sippy cup to a book and a headband in there. I love the fact that the fabric is soft but at the same time durable. I can see "M" using this for a very long time.

The My Own Bear NouNou I just love! He's super soft and hug approved by "M"! I love that he's quirky and not the average type of stuffed bear. His arms are long...his legs are short and he's SUPER CUTE (and machine washable!) A portion of My Own Bear sales are donated to Hugs Across America. More info can be found at (AWESOME!)

Finally, last but not least....Rosy Cheeks! She's sooooo soft... made of velour, her facial features are embroidered and even has ID bracelet! She comes wearing a removable cotton jersey knit wrap top and a fleece diaper (that can be removed). She also has and outie belly bottom which I thought was a really cute touch. I think this would make an awesome shower gift for a new baby or even for the other children in the family.

I loved everything from North American Bear Co! It was all different, fun... and "M" loved all of them (which I was actually surprised, because she gets picky sometimes with toys).

Thank you for letting me do a review! I really hope the people that see this review go and take a peek at your website! The quality of the products are awesome and pricing is great!

For more information and ordering please visit and follow them on FACEBOOK


Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Belties - Product Review

I got to test out 2 Little Belties belts! One was pink with a cute duck pattern and the other is purple with a rainbow pattern to it. I really liked how thick the belts are...and the hardware is sturdy too. Little Belties belts are handmade and are totally washable. These are super cute! I found that some of the loops on M's pants were a little small so I had to squish the belt through...but they did the job, and I really like the different patterns they have. The best part is that all the belts are soft and don't have any hard edges to scratch your little one.

The D-rings are really easy to use too... all I did was put the belt on "M"... then you put the end through both D-rings... then pull it back towards itself.....over the first and under the second D-ring.... and pull! Sounds more complicated then it is I promise. You can also pull the exposed ring the other way to loosen the belt quickly....

These were really cute and they work great for "M"... wanna hear the best part? They're only $10!!!! And shipping is  CHEAP too!!!

Thanks so much to Melanie! Your Little Belties made my day today!!! They fit perfectly on "M"...she didn't play with them... and I think I'm in LOVE with the duck print! Thanks so much for allowing me to do a review for you!!!

For more information and ordering please visit or and become a fan of them on FACEBOOK


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little Divas Bowtique - Product Review

I was approached by Little Divas Bowtique on my Facebook fan page, and asked if I'd like to do a review for them. Of course I said yes! How cute is their stuff?? I was sent their little butterflies (retail for $3 each or 2 for $5), the zinnia headband (buyers choice of headband or clips for $6) and a kufi hat..which are actually on sale! Buy 1 Kufi ($8.00) get 1 half price ($4.00) plus as an extra bonus when purchased with Kufi hat Buy one flower clip ($4.00) get one half off ($2.00). Another bonus.... if you purchase all of those (2 Kufi Hats, 2 Flowers for $18) they'll throw in a knit headband OR 3 interchangeable ribbons to put through your Kufi hat all for a total of $20.00!!!!! I was like WHAT??? That's definitely the best deal I've seen on these hats....hands down!!

When I opened the package everything was wrapped in purple tissue paper with the Little Divas Bowtique sticker to seal it... I got a pink kufi... with pink flower...and 3 ribbons... which were actually really cool... the size can be adjusted... "M" figured out that she can wear the ribbons as headbands 1 ribbon was plain was white with pink peace signs on the last one was black with pink and white flowers. To change the ribbons you just slide it through the holes in the hat...then clip it together.

Alongside their little butterflies, they also sent me 2 daisy clips and a cupcake clip. (CUTE!!!) They totally hold in M's birds nest hair too!

The skinny mini zinnia headband I also liked... I was surprised that it actually stayed in M's hair as well as it did... that was until she figured out it was there and took it

Overall... LOVED everything... all the products were funky...good quality...and refreshing! Thank you Colleen for everything! It was awesome to find such cute hair accessories that actually STAY in M's hair! I can only get her to actually leave them in there.... that's another story!

For more information and ordering please visit

They also have a FACEBOOK page you can visit!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Tommee Tippee - Product Review

I received a truly spill proof trainer cup in Aqua / Blue (it has a hedgehog on it...super cute!). It is a stage 1 "M" had no problem using it. It has a soft-flex spout, handles and Advance-flo to aid with easy drinking. I also got an easi-mat and weaning bowls with lid & spoon both in orange.

The easi-mat is a non-slip mat...that sticks to any surface. It has a suction sup to suction a bowl to the mat. It also has a release tab to help you get the bowl off it when you need too. Its crazy easy to roll up and throw in the diaper bag. It works with any bowls.... but Tommee Tippee sent me a weaning bowl as well. Actually the weaning bowl...has 2 bowls that fit inside each other...have an easy grip handle...and a cover for the spoon that fits right into the lid. The bowl is microwave and freezer safe! (which is awesome, because you can throw the lid on it and stick it straight in the more wasting time having to clean other Tupperware that can go in the freezer. All their weaning products come in blue, green, orange and pink... and don't forget they have products ranging in age starting from newborn!

They have everything.... bottles...sterilizing products... bibs... pacifiers...everything you can think of. I'm really impressed with the mat... I have been trying everything to get "M" to stop throwing stuff because it's getting out of hand....the mat may have saved me from having to clean the floor(again) this week! I really also like the functionality of the bowl(s) and the spoon is really bendy... which made it easy for her to use. She still eats like a bird but that's totally besides the point ;)

The bowl and cup retail for $4.99 and the easi-mat retails for $6.99. Everything is dishwasher safe and really colourful which is great!

Thank you Tommee Tippee!!! I really enjoyed doing this review...and "M" had fun trying everything out too!

Visit the Tommee Tippee web site to learn more:
You can purchase their products at Babies R Us

You can follow them on TWITTER and FACEBOOK


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kidcentral (immature Products) - Product Review

I got to review a KoolPet and a pair of Soles from immature Products which is distributed by Kidcentral. A KoolPet is a flexible cold gel pack that you can help sooth your little one when they need it (i.e bumps, headaches and scrapes). You store the pack in the freezer...they can be washed with soap and water and are non-toxic. I like to throw this in M's cooler for a "just in case" type of moment and also to keep her milk "M" liked the character on she actually let me put it on her forehead to test it out. Remember not to leave it on longer than 15 minutes at a time :)

I was also sent a pair of Soles. They are a pair of socks with a grippy pair of soles on them. I liked that they were really stinky kid feet! The can also be used indoors...outdoors and even swimming! Which is going to be great for the mucky bottom of the lake at the cottage...yuck. I really like that these are machine washable...and really bendy! They even have an insole that can be removed. They don't take up a ton of room in the diaper bag..which is great... I'm planning on keeping them in there all the time, because they fit right in one of the front pockets. I totally have to grab some bigger sizes for when "M" outgrows these!!

Thanks so much to the Kidcentral team for letting me try out some of the immature Products that they carry. Both were awesome, and practical..... and will definitely be well used.

Here is the information for the Manufacturer's website
The Canadian Distributor's website is


IT WORKS - Product Review

I got to test out an Ultimate Body Applicator which is a body Applicator that you wear for 45 minutes. It is a wrap that has been infused with botanically-based formula to help tighten, tone and firm when it's applied to the skin. So basically you put the wrap on and it hydrates that area (you are also asked to drink 8-16oz of water while you're wearing it) and makes it crazy smooth and soft. There are different places you can put the better believe I went right for that baby belly!!!! LOL.

To apply have to wash the area and make sure it is completely dried. Then you unwrap the applicator, unfold it and place it where you'd like it. To keep it in place there are a few can saran wrap it... bandage it or wear some tight clothing like spandex to keep it in place. I totally saran wrapped it! LMAO. I left it on for just over the minimum 45 minutes.... it smelled awesome... really minty. My skin kinda tingled a bit....but it totally felt refreshing! You can use the wraps every 72 hours to help tone the areas you're looking to tighten (don't forget to drink your water!!). You can buy the wraps as a single, but they do come in 4 packs (retail $89...loyalty price $49)... so you may as well grab one of those....oh..and you can purchase retail or sign up as a Loyalty Customer as well.

I also received a Facial Applicator :) Same thing as the Ultimate Body Applicator... 45 min to smooth, tight, soft skin that looks fresh! I had to lock myself away in the tub to do this one.... (I know... cry me a river eh?). Loved the smell of it...and I just sat back and relaxed while it did its magic. After the 45 minutes, I took it off and my skin looked like I just came out of the spa. You know that... awake look your skin has after you walk out of the spa... mine looked like that. It was awesome! Pricing is $89 retail or $49 for loyalty for a box of 4.

IT WORKS also has a ton of other products from supplements to value packs! It was really cool to try these out... there a few links below... take a look... you may be interested in trying them out for yourself! Thanks Jeannie for sending these out to me they were really cool to try out...and I've totally seen a difference!

Here is a link to  Jeannie's FACEBOOK Group discussion which talks about the perks of this program.

Here is also a link to a VIDEO take a look.. it explains how everything works :)

They have also been showcased at the Emmy's and Oscars are the links!

If you would like more information please visit


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm the Newest Boogie Believer!!!

When I first posted the product review and giveaway from Boogie Wipes I mentioned a group that they have called "Boogie Believers".

A little background...for those who may have missed the first few posts...

Boogie Believers are parents, grandparents and otherwise booger passionate people who love Boogie Wipes. They are willing to help us spread the buzz about Boogie Wipes online and in their local community in exchange for cool free stuff for them and their kids ( not to mention a house that’s always stocked with Boogie Wipes)! They might drop Boogie Wipe samples at their kids schools, tell their pediatrician about them and occasionally stop a parent in need at the mall and give them a free pack and coupon. They write reviews on Boogie Wipes online and join our fan base on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and more. This is not a paid position and there are no set hours per month or specific requirements, just a bit of friendly karmactic give and take on our quest for boogie-free noses worldwide.

I loved their product sooooo much that I became a Boogie Believer! I just received my welcome kit today... and it was CRAZY!!! I received 100 sachets (50 in grape and 50 in fresh scent), 2 x 30 count fresh scent packs, 50 coupons, 50 colouring sheets, a Boogie Mama and Boogie Kid t-shirt, a Boogie Kids car magnet, 100 stickers, a re-usable bag... and a button. It was nuts... FedEx came to my door...the package didn't look huge...but was heaaavy! It was filled right to the brim with everything.  Look at the pic... isn't it crazy??? WOW!!!

I can't wait to start handing all this stuff out... so ladies and gents... make sure to hit me up for some samples, coupons and colouring sheets! ooooOOOooo.. and "M" has a few Dr.appts coming up... so I can drop some off at the NICU! YAY!

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Picture Keeper - Product Review

I got to test out a 16 GB Picture Keeper!!!! SO EXCITED! I do a little photography on the side so...this was perfect for me! There is NO software to just stick it in your USB drive and it automatically... yes I said automatically finds AND saves all your pictures. If you add new worries, it won't save all the pictures again...just the new ones! The Picture Keeper comes in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. The 16GB retails for $99.99, holds about 16,000 pictures and has a 1 year warranty!

Man... this little flash drive saved my life... from all the pics of "M" in the NICU... to friends weddings... and our pets.. they're all in one place now! It was worked really fast... do you believe that I had enough pics on just my laptop to fill 52% of the space?? Well... my friends wouldn't think that it's that much of a stretch I guess. LOL.

This review has been one of the easiest ones to do... literally... stick the picture keeper in the USB drive...hit "start backup"... and watch it work. Absolutely no complaints... wow.... really impressed.... don't worry for those of you that may be technologically challenged... you won't lose sleep over trying to figure out how to use this product!

Thank you soooo much Picture Keeper! Its wicked! (yes, I said wicked!). Had to do it a little old school... sorry guys...LOL.

For ordering information please visit
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Green Beaver - Product Review

I received a crazy amount of stuff to test from Green Beaver.... They sent me literally their whole Kids certified organic line.. and all were regular sizes. I got a shampoo, foaming hand wash, foaming body wash bubble bath, conditioning detangler and lip balm! All in their "Boreal Berries" sent.... and let me tell you... "M" smelt YUMMY! I love anything that has a berry scent to it. I really liked the fact that the whole line was the same scent too.... because it stayed on M's skin for longer than just regular bath products. It was the first time giving "M" a bubble it was fun to see her playing with the bubbles...and they were really foamy and stuck around for a long time (I hate when bubble bath sucks!). The shampoo washed out well and I loved that the detangler worked well without having to put a TON of it in.The foaming hand wash is in the kitchen because we're teaching her to wash her hands...and she liked playing with the washed off really well and didn't leave a residue. I do think "M" has lost her chapstick though... I LOVE IT! So I think it's going in the diaper bag....for "share"... LOL.

Green Beaver is certified organic....meaning their products are manufactured within the guidelines and ecological standards of Ecocert. All their products have not been tested on animals, are non-toxic and are biodegradable....and they're Canadian! (woohoo!). Want to hear the best part? They don't only make a children's line... (even though I'll totally use it too)... they have a wide range of products for everyone. Anything from make-up remover and lip shimmer to deodorant and toothpaste. They even have a winter line... because anyone here and Canada knows how much our skin can change with the change in temperature.

A great big thank you to Green Beaver! If you'd like any of your other products tested... I'd love to. You were fantastic to work with and your products are not only awesome... but truly a pleasure to use...!!
For more information including ordering, please visit
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Monday, June 21, 2010

EPI-NO - Product Testing

When I was approached by EPI-NO to do a product test for them I was a little hesitant, as their products are a little more "personal" in nature. In saying that, EPI-NO is a site that promotes pelvic floor wellness. I had a friend that recently had a baby (no I'm not telling you who, I know all of you guys read these I'm not ratting anyone out ladies!) and I asked her if she'd be interested in helping me out with this specific test in particular.

I received a Pfilates DVD (retails for $24.99) which promotes and help strengthen your pelvic floor as well as help the recovery process from giving birth. IE. bladder control, sexual function etc. Basically the DVD helps you tone your thighs....and its more than just kegels. I actually tried this DVD out...and I'm telling you... the back of my legs were SORE the next the kind of sore in the muscles you didn't know existed... THAT kind of sore!

I also received an EPI-NO Delphine Plus (retails for $199.00). Basically what it is... is a small balloon that you insert....and it allows you to strengthen your pelvic floor pre and post delivery by inflating the balloon to allow the strengthening of the muscles as well as stretching. Before giving birth you can also use it for perineal massage during the last part of your pregnancy. It helps teach your body how to relax during delivery...and also help prevent tearing...prolapse of pelvic organs and also incontinence that some women have the pleasure of enduring after

Personally, I had a c-section, and I can't have a V-BACK because of the way they cut my uterus to get "M" out (they had to cut a "T" because she was breech and the chord was wrapped around her neck 3 times) not that I couldn't use the product, but I thought it would be better to have someone who recently had a baby try this part of the testing out and provide their feedback for me to post.

She mentioned to me that the benefits of the EPI-NO Delphine Plus are endless and the quality of the product is awesome. The pump, gauge, air release and balloon are all easy to use and she could feel it working right away. She only wished she heard of this product while she was pregnant to prepare for the large baby she had. Basically she said she was exercising "her lady bits"... lol... which I thought was hilarious and completely openly awesome! Hey... its just another muscle that needs to have a work out! LOL.

They have some other DVDs and products on their ladies...take a quick peek!

Thanks to EPI-NO for contacting me for this opportunity, it has opened my eyes to new ways of maintaining your health and well-being.

For more information and ordering please visit

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snackTAXI - Product Review

I got to test out 2 different sizes of SnackTAXI(s). They are reusable zip-lock bags but in an envelope form that closes with Velcro. They are machine washable (YES!!!) and don't contain any lead or phthalates.  They come in a TON of different patterns too! The "snack-sack" I tried was in the "Gnoming around" print which retails for $6.95. I'm really when I saw the print of this one, I literally laughed my head off because it was so cute, and different! I also got a "Sandwich-sack" in the "mod swirls" print, which is very retro and funky... LOVE IT! They retail for $8.95.

They are all made out of SnackTAXI's home based workshop! How awesome is that! They do everything there :). Plus...think about it... how many zip-lock bags do you go through in a year? Especially when making your lunch or packing up the bag for a day out with the kids. M's small snacks fit great in the snack-sack and in the larger one I put some cut up fruit. They were both easy to clean and didn't smell after they were washed out.

They have a ton of other products too...including napkins and produce bags. They're also donating $1 (now-July 11th) from the sale of every snack and sandwich sack in the "Soccer Ball" print to Grassroot Soccer, which is a African nonprofit that uses the power of playing soccer to aid in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Thank you soooo much for letting me try these out! They will definitely be well used and I can't wait to get my hands on a few more!!! :)
For more information and ordering, please visit (you'll REALLY want to!!)

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SeatSnug - Product Review

I received a Seat Snug to test out. I was really excited when I was doing some background info on the product, because they focus on the safety of our children.

What is a Seat Snug? It is an attachment that you add onto your child's seatbelt which has a locking function so there is no slack in their seatbelt while they are in their booster seats. What I liked about it has an on and off function...which is great because it means that anyone will still be able to use that seatbelt once the Seat Snug is on. It helps your children stay comfortable in their booster seat while the car is in motion while protecting them from injuries if something were to happen. I didn't like the fact that it is not meant to be removed. Our car is a lease...and it goes back this year...which means... I lose my Seat Snug! :(

They do say that it can be removed...but I tried and tried... so my husband is going to have to try to do it when he gets home. You're suppose to grab one of the legs and walk it out slowly from side to side... I couldn't do it....hopefully he can...because this is really cool. Even when I tried it on myself it was awesome. I didn't so much as even bounce in the car when we went for a ride. Basically you clip the SeatSnug onto the regular seatbelt and place it across your child's lap. Make sure everything is nice and tight (but not too tight) then you click the SeatSnug into the "on" position...and DONE!

The other thing was...they must be really busy with people asking to do product reviews....the personalized paperwork I received inside the box...was addressed to someone else...which means that someone else got my paperwork and now my mailing address :(

Overall, the product is easy to install and works.... but not easy to un-install if you want to switch them between cars. Thanks for letting me review your product SeatSnug!! :)

For more information and ordering please visit

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Pediped - Product Review

Pediped has a line of soft soled footwear for both boys and girls. These shoes can be worn both inside and outside, and are gorgeous! I was sent a really cute pair of Mary-Jane like ones with a floral print to them called the "Annie - Potpourri" (retail for $20). These are still a bit big for "M", but when I put them on her, she liked doing up the Velcro and took a few laps around the table in them.

I like the fact that they have a memory type foam on the inside of the sole and also at the back of the shoe so their heels don't slip out of the shoe. 

The specific model of shoe that I got is part of their "Make-A-Wish" foundation project. 50% of the sales from June 8-July 11 on the Make-A-Wish priced shoes will be donated to the foundation. Pediped has also guaranteed a minimum of $50,000 to the cause! (Good for you guys! Its awesome to see that there are companies like you out there....that care about helping others! This really impressed me!).

They pride themselves on the Comfort, Quality and Style of their shoes and was awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association awarded their Seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy foot development as stated on their website. There are a specific shoes for pre-walkers(mimics barefoot walking) as well as a line of flexible rubber soled shoes.
They also carry tights, socks, shoe charms (totally cute!), hair clips and gift cards!

For more information and ordering please visit

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Overall... great experience working with Pediped...and their shoes are great quality...really soft and ridiculously cute! I wish they made them in my size!!!! Thanks for letting me take part in a product review!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby Dipper - Review and Giveaway!!

I received a Baby Dipper! It is a bowl that  is contoured  on the inside to help guide food onto the utensils (it comes with a fork and a spoon!). The fork and spoon fit into the corner of the bowl (your wondering why I said corner eh? its kind of triangle shaped) to insure you get all the food (we tried with yogurt). It also has a non-slip base and no overhanging plastic around the top of the bowl... which means that little miss I like to throw food won't be chucking this one off the side of the highchair! I also like that its you can see how much food is left in the bowl from anywhere in the room.

I really like the utensils too... they fit in M's mouth properly and even lean on the side of the bowl (because the handles are a little curved) which minimizes flipping and yogurt being flung across the room. The bowl also has a really good weight to it and the plastic is thick. Plus its dishwasher and microwave safe!

We were using the Baby Einstein plates, dishes and utensils....they're going in the junk drawer... sorry guys.. had too much food on the floor because they flip so easily and don't have a "grippy" bottom... the dog has gained a ton of weight... and I'm sick of cleaning the floor. They're all being replaced with the Baby Dipper. I do wish they came in a variety of colours and maybe have some learning aspect to them like the Baby Einstein ones. Maybe its something to look forward to in the future from Baby Dipper :)

They now have one retailer in Canada, please visit My Lil' Package, Retail price is $14.99 or you can order online at
Contest closed June 30th!!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Kneez - Product Review

Baby Kneez are kids knee pads that stretch to fit a child for up to 4 years old. Basically when you get them, give them a wash first, because they do shrink a bit in the dryer... then you can put them right on your little one! They protect your kids' knees from getting scraped up and prevents bruises while learning to crawl and walk. The pad goes about 1 inch over the knee...make sure they can bend properly... and then you can sit back and watch them learn to explore without getting all the little "ouchies" that come along with learning to go new things.

"M" seemed to like them...wasn't bothered by them at first she gave me the "what are you doing to me now women"..face... but after that she didn't even notice they were there. Plus, the good part is that you can put them straight on bare skin, so there isn't any bunching of clothes underneath to make them uncomfortable (they can be worn under or over clothes..I like under). They are also...really.. soft..the bands are thick..but don't mark the skin when you take them off. The bonus is... they're just tight enough that "M" can't get them off by herself.

Considering you can take them anywhere, and they are really durable and wash well... the $12.99 retail price is fantastic. Baby Kneez also come in a TON... of colours (I got green ones). You can also get them in packs of 3 for $34.99. (and shipping is cheap fellow Canadians!!!)

Thanks Baby Kneez for letting me test them out..."M" already seems to have more confidence when pulling herself up onto her knees!!!

For more product information and ordering please visit
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