Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Piggy Story - Product Review

I got the pleasure of testing some of the coolest kids stuff! I got to test out a Chalk N Doodle (in "spring fling" pattern) a Little Picasso (in the "great to be a dog" pattern) AND (I know there's more) a Nap N Sack in their princess pattern. I was absolutely blown away by these 3 products. They're all really cool... really fun and really different! The Piggy Story sells products to let children use their imaginations.... and have the ability to create things... while being stylish and fun!

The Chalk N Doodle was really cool... it fits right on your little one's lap (or highchair), has spots for the chalk on each side (a 12 pack comes with it) and there's even a puff that is attached to it to clean the board. The fabric that its made of is awesome! It has a plastic feel to it but its not stiff, which means its totally washable...and there's even a little padding underneath the chalk board to make it cushy for the little artist! There is no phthalate and it is lead free.

The Little Picasso Art Kit.... is wicked! The pattern I got is super cute...it folds up to a great size that will fit in any diaper bag...comes with 8 markers, 8 pencil crayons, scissors, sharpener and even 1 glitter glue pen! Totally the full package for your little artist! It is made of the same type of fabric as the Chalk N Doodle. The Velcro on both pieces are really strong too and I LOVE that there is a handle on this...so "M" can carry it herself!

Lastly, I received a Nap N Sac! Basically what it is...is a bag that had adjustable straps and can be worn on your child's back. It comes with a fleece blanket and a pillow that fits in the bag. The pillow case that is the same pattern as the bag. I can't say enough about this...the idea is really simple but how they actually make it cute and functional is awesome! Of course "M" emptied out the bag right away... grabbed the pillow and put her her down on it...lol... I don't know where she learns how to do this stuff...but it sure is fun to watch! LOL. After emptying the bag she filled it full of books and other things which makes me completely aware, that we will probably never leave the house without this. Wanna hear the good part? The Chalk N Doodle and the Little Picasso both fit in the bag too!! (BONUS!!!). This is perfect for a sleep over too!

All three products were absolutely awesome! Wow... Thank you sooo much. Cinnamon.. you were awesome! Thanks for everything!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.thepiggystory.ca/ and follow them on FACEBOOK

Want to speak to someone directly? Call or Email Cinnamon Bond (She's awesome!) at 403-305-7179 or via email at customerservice@thepiggystory.ca or cinnamon@thepiggystory.ca

They are going to be at the Alberta Gift show in August! So anyone out west be sure to stop by and take a look!


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