Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dipe N' Go - Product Review

I got to try out a Dipe N' Go portable change station. Basically it has what you need for changing on the go! It has 3 pockets (for diapers, wipes, creams, etc.) with the mat attached... and it has Velcro to help hold up the end with all your supplies.

It's made for changing your child in the back of an SUV or minivan...back seat... where ever you need it. I liked the size of the change pad once it was opened and the polka-dot print was really cute. The 3 pockets were more than enough room for anything you needed while changing a diaper and its folds up really well for storing for when you're done!

I like that the fabric is machine washable and soft. I had no problem using it in the back of my parents SUV. We did a road trip and it was perfect for when I needed to change "M" before getting back in the car. I also liked that I could use it in my backseat... I don't have an SUV so changes are a pain in the butt sometimes.... especially because my back seat is not really straight (if that makes sense... do you know what I mean?). Basically.... any time I've tried to change a diaper in my backseat... "M" has rolled into the crack of the seat... I drop a diaper... or a wipe... or she tries to run With this.. she still slid.. but I found the pockets (and the stuff in them) kept her attention to give me just enough time to change her and get her dressed again. Plus.. I didn't drop anything...therefore...making the whole process less painful for the both of us.

Thanks to Dipe N' Go for letting me try one out! It'll be great for not only the car but keeping me organized when we're at baseball!

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Discovery Toys - Product Review

I was in contact with a Discovery Toys Consultant named Kristen (who was awesome to work with btw!)... and she sent me a Measure Up! Pots & Spoons set, and a Measure Up! Cups set. Both sets are designed to work together.

The Measure Up! Pots & Spoons help to develop motor and thinking skills as well as math, reading and language. All the pots and spoons  are proper you can actually use them :) I really like how thick the plastic is and the colours are awesome! "M" starting stirring the spoons in the pots and stacking them right was cute.. .she really liked them! We had a blast! The set comes with 5 pots and 4 measuring spoons.

The Measure Up! Cups "M" thought were cool.... she's good at these nesting cups are perfect for her. They help teach thinking and math skills apart from many other things. I love to watch when she puts the wrong size cup in another. The look on her face is priceless! like... "huh?... why doesn't this look right"?? Then she notices that she missed one and she fixes it... it's almost like she has a little smirk on her face afterwards too.... LOVE IT! She's such a ham! The cup set comes with 12 coloured cups that are numbered... can be used for real measuring, and also have little animals on the bottom so if you're making cookies (or have the playdoh out) you can stamp the animal shapes into it.

I like that each toy (no matter what you buy) comes with a play guide to help out the "creatively challenged" parents (i.e. myself) think of cool ways to use the toys..... it also has different ideas for different ages too... which allows you to be able to use these toys for years.

The quality is awesome! I haven't seen nesting toys like these that looks like it could actually stand the wrath of "M" and these totally can! We had fun stacking... nesting... throwing and saying the colours of them. Discovery Toys have a LIFETIME guarantee!!!! get a new one! They also sell the parts separately if you lose one of the can order that specific one to complete the set again. Kristen also sent me 5 black eco-totes that have the Discovery Toys logo on it. So for the ladies that I see regularly... hit me up for one... I can share ;)

Thanks Kristen for introducing me to Discover Toys! Both the toys are going on THE LIST!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bing Note - Product Review

I received a bunch of stuff from Bing Note. They sent me their picture book and CD titled "That's Bingzy, Busy Building Self-Esteem" (Retail for $19.99....but on sale for $7.95!).... their activity book "That's Bingzy, Let's Talk About It - Discuss & Do Activities" as well as a set of lunchbox notes. Basically Bingzy is a character on a kids show called "Krysta's Kingdom" which airs Saturday mornings on KTV and My Life TV. Not gonna lie... I've never seen the show... but after looking through everything they sent me... I'm going to try to figure out when it's on in "satellite land"... I can never figure out what channel is what... and the timing is all over the place... so I'm going to have to search for it. Hopefully we get it up here.. I'm interested to see it!

Their products are for children age 3-7.... to help build self-esteem... promote encouragement and enables parents to help their children be successful and confident. I started off by going through the picture book and CD. I liked the messages on each page.... and the pictures were really cute. The CD had 10 songs on it... kinda cute (and it came with the words to the songs too!).

I really liked the activity book even though "M" is a little young for it. There's a theme across all of their products - 8 concepts (I AM: strong, powerful, healthy, loving, harmonious, creative, successful and happy). I liked the activities in the book because they actually teach children the meanings of their 8 concepts...and put them in a way that would be understandable for young minds. A few examples are getting along with others, healthy eating and showing people that you love them. There are different styles of activities too... word searches, connect the dots, crosswords and colouring, just to name a few.

I think my fave was the lunchbox notes. I received a pack of 7 (with 7 envelopes) and they had little sayings on them like "I love you" and "Awesome job".. that you can sneak into your child's lunchbox..or backpack. I really liked this idea... some days... don't you need a pick me up? Now... if you found a note from your child in your computer bag.....saying "I love you" or a picture that they had drawn for you... wouldn't that make you smile? I would... so why not give that warm fuzzy feeling to them? I'm totally not mushy... but I think this is really cute.
Thanks to Lisa and the Bing Note team for introducing me to their products.... they are perfect for parents, teachers...and anyone that have a huge impact on the lives of our children. Very inspiring!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little T's Online Boutique - Product Review

Man.. this online boutique is awesome!!! Wow.. where else are you going to find a Hotsling on sale for like $27??? I think I just heard the **gasps** from all the Mom's that know what sling I'm talking about! Get'em before they're gone ladies!!! I got to try out a black one.... not gonna lie... it totally took some getting use to because I'm use to the ring kind now... but I like that it's one piece... even though it's a little confusing to get use to... yes... I had to read the directions on the the booklet and the DVD to make sure I was totally understanding everything. Last thing I'd want is for "M" to fall better to be safe than sorry! So ya... I finally felt confident enough to try it out on "M".... this one is a little trickier to get her into... and harder to adjust while I'm by myself... but I think that's just because I'm a total rookie...that's all. I really liked the was thick and stretchy and even had a padded edge for under the baby's legs (which I haven't seen anywhere else).... nice added touch for comfort for the "babes".

I also got to try out the Baby Cie dinner and puzzle sets. The words are in French...which is great because I want to start teaching "M" the basics. The dinner set is awesome for toddlers and puzzle sets come in reusable lunchbox! How cute...seriously!

I loved the quality of the dinner set....thick plastic...SUPER cute characters on each piece...removable spoon cup and bowl (from the sectioned dish)... and it's dishwasher safe. The only thing that was kinda a downer was that it wasn't microwave safe...but really that's not a huge deal. "M" loved the little animals on everything...and kept pointing to each and talking to was really funny.

The puzzle was totally fun and cute to put together, and the pieces were large and made of thick cardboard too. Plus the puzzle was huge! "M" is a little young for the puzzle but I loved it! LOL! It was cute how it was packaged too.... it came in a lunchbox-like container... super cute for keeping small toys or art supplies. I think they should have made the box out of metal is made of thick cardboard... I'm afraid of juice spills ruining it...because it's so cute.

HUGE Thank you to Sueleigh for sending me everything and for introducing me to your crazy cute boutique! You honestly have some really fun stuff on there and I think everyone should go take a peek!


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Monarch Distributing Ltd (Eco Baby) - Product Review

I got to test out Ortho large pacifiers as well as a couple of the ortho reg neck nipples made by Eco Baby (from Monarch distributing). I boiled everything before I got "M" to test everything out.....the NATURSUTTEN pacifier is soft....stretchy.. .didn't leave those "choo-choo" marks (as we call it in our house).... is 100% natural, non-toxic and is totally environmentally friendly. Well... let me tell you... "M" LOVED these!!! I think we have to replace the good'ol Playtex ortho ones... the only issue I have with them is because the whole thing is made of one piece of rubber.... when she throws it... it goes flying and bouncing across the room...LOL. I found it under the couch twice already....ahh.. our future ball I can't complain that she's got a wicked curve ball at 16 months eh? LOL

I also got to try out the Orthodontic fast flow nipple for baby bottles. They are made from natural rubber.... and are natural like the pacifiers. I like that the nipple fit into almost all the different types of bottles we had in the house (trust me...we've tried them all)... "M" wasn't big on the shape of these nipples... I think it was just because it was different then her regular bottle. The rubber is still the same as the pacifier... which she loved right away... so I think a few more days and she'll like'em...she's really picky and will only use 1 certain kind (it's brutal... because of course the only ones she uses has been discontinued...and I can't get any more).... mind you.. I'm hoping she'll be off the bottle completely in a bit anyway... she only drinks milk from a bottle... water is a sippy cup... and juice... well... right now she won't drink it at all...but that's besides the point.

Thank you so much to Monarch Distributing for sending me some samples! The pacifiers are going on THE LIST, "M" loves them!!


For more information and ordering please visit their Canadian distributor at


Sunny Sleevez - Product Review

I had some fun with "M" while testing out the set of Sunny Sleevez. Sunny Sleevez are fabric sun blockers that kids can wear on their arms or legs (they have adult sizes too). I received a medium sized pair of hot pink ones that have red designs on them. They're cute... a little big for M's arms (they actually fit me...only up to my elbow...but fit). They looked SO cute on her legs! She had fun playing with them....taking them on and off... which leads me to hope that I can get her to keep them on all the time....  (when I put them on her arms she kept taking them off... not her legs..those she didn't bother with) so we're going to keep practicing so she gets more use to them. I've got her up to a 1/2 hour without taking them off. Practice makes perfect! Who ever said that terrible 2's is the worst...hasn't met my 16 month old with the 'Tude of a 16 year old! LOL... and stubborn too!

I like that the material blocks the sun (SPF 50+) they can be worn swimming and won't wash off like sunscreen..and the material is really breathable. I think if "M" wasn't so into doing things by herself now...I would have totally gotten a case of these...she was driving me crazy by not keeping them on. I think for the little babies (because they'd have no clue that they were on..and if they did...they couldn't get them off anyway) or the older kids these would be fantastic, because they'll actually be able to understand why to keep them on and that they look really cool! These are a good alternative for kids that have skin issues creams, or chemicals..and can be washed and re-used over and over. They come in a bunch of colours and flames...butterflies...skulls (love skulls...I have no idea why..but I Plus they have a sale on right 2 get the 3rd pair for 1/2 price!

Such a cool idea guys! Thanks for letting me try them out! I can't wait to get "M" in them at the ball games!

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TUMZEE - Product Review

I was really excited when I received a TUMZEE to test out! Basically what it is a wedge-like foam support that babies can use for tummy time. It kind of reminds me of a Bumbo a bit (but this cannot be used as a seat.... even though "M" decided it Basically, you put your baby on his/her stomach.... it has an incline which makes it easier for the little ones that don't enjoy tummy time that much (like "M") and has a "T" support to make sure they don't slide down the TUMZEE too! The curved sides keep the baby in place (also so they can't roll over)... but leaves them free enough to look around...and reach for things.

I wish I found this when "M" was little... tummy time was torture for the both of us...literally..and to this day she STILL hates it! (I guess if a child doesn't like something...they just don't like it! eh?). I actually did try her in this...and she freaked out... which was to be expected.. but I thought...maybe... it would help her start to like tummy time now...and help build her upper body strength. So I shall...try...try

The idea of this is awesome... especially for preemies... they tend to have "tummy time" issues depending on how long they were in the NICU (so I've been told). Sometimes they don't get a lot of tummy time while they're in the hospital (and usually have IV's and monitors etc.) so some may have issues with major motor skills (as "M" did).  I let a friend try it out on her little one... she really liked that it help built her son's neck strength and allowed him to look around at the same time too! She's going to borrow it from me for a bit... but I already made her promise to give it back once we have #2!!! LOL

The foam that the TUMZEE is made of is non-toxic.....but totally supports the weight of the baby... "M" weighs almost 20 pounds and it didn't so much as budge with her in it....and it is stiffer then the Bumbo foam (which I like about this product).

Thanks so much TUMZEE for letting me (and my friend) try this out! Such a great idea! And CONGRATS on your PTPA Award!!!!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cool Canuck - Product Review

When I saw this product I had to try it out to see if it really worked. What I got was a Cool Cloth. The fabric of it (and all the other products) uses "water, thermoregulation, moisture wicking and moisture transport to provide an instant cooling effect" (totally took that right off their website... I didn't know how else to explain It's really...really soft...almost micro-fleece-like if that makes any sense. You don't need to stick this cloth in the fridge at all...all the cooling happens when you follow 4 easy steps. Wet the cloth, wring it out, snap it and repeat (if you are going to use for extended periods of time). The cloth self regulates itself between 12-17 degrees (Celsius of course). They come in a ton of colours, sizes and they even do custom designs! They have head wraps... different towels... and even bandannas.... your 4 legged friends can have a bandanna too!
This product has honestly stumped me... I can't figure out how it actually works... but it DOES!... I just used tap water... it wasn't even cold.. it was actually warm.... I wrung it out.. gave it a little "snap"... that took me a couple of times to "get" what they meant... but I got This would be awesome for those hot days at baseball...nights with a fever...or even when I get a headache.

This was awesome... good to use if you don't like giving your little ones any's a way to help drop their temperature if they're sick.... I'm really surprised that this works.. I honestly didn't think it would work as well as it sounded they know what I mean?

Thanks Cool Canuck... this was great to test out...I can't believe it worked!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

YOYO Lip Gloss - Product Review & Giveaway!

I got to test out some YOYO Llip Gloss Minis! Umm... YAY! Did they not send 4 flavours? Kissable Kiwi, Big Bounce Bubblegum, Girly Green Apple and Cha-Cha Chocolate! They also sent me a white tank top with their logo on it :) 

Each of the lip glosses have a retractable holder with clip (fyi...perfect for your work ID badge...)... yes.. I sported sparkly lip gloss at work! (LOL).... but really... I had no issue with the actual sparkle.. wasn't over-powering or anything. All the scents were really light... personally... didn't like the smell of the chocolate one... I tend to stick to the berry kinds... but I liked the sparkles in the chocolate one the best... it had a pretty shine to it. All of them didn't feel goopy or sticky... I loved the size and the retractable holder... great idea for clipping it in your daughter's school bag... or even in the diaper bag. I also liked that they put the name of the lip gloss on the cap too... just in case you have a few open at one time.. you know which top goes with which gloss.

YOYO Lip Gloss also offered to do a giveaway! Guess what?? - The contest is Worldwide!!! So e-mail everyone you know to get in on this one!  

Thank you YOYO Lip Gloss for letting me try out 4 of your minis and for doing a giveaway! You guys are awesome!!!

For more information and ordering please visit

What's up for grabs??? A $10.00 gift card redeemable at!

Contest closed August 14th!!


Babibu - Product Testing

Sarah the owner of Babibu sent me a black pair of her karate pant for "M" to try out. Babibu carries baby basics that are eco-friendly and made of bamboo. All their products are made of bamboo fabric and are handmade and designed in Canada. They carry anything from accessories likes bibs and booties to sheets...playwear...sleepwear... really anything you can think of....and they come in a lot of different colours too :)
There were a few things I noticed right away when I washed the karate pant... firstly... I thought OMG they're crazy soft! Secondly... that they were really flowy and looked super comfy...... and thirdly...where can I get a pair in my They kinda looked like a palazzo pant on "M" because she's so skinny... I LOVE THEM!

Some of you may be thinking... ok... what's the big deal about bamboo? I know I thought the same thing.... well... it is hypoallergenic...anti-bacterial.. smells fresh (for some weird reason...the material actually smells good).. it keeps the body's breathable...and it obviously is a sustainable and renewable resource... after all those benefits... I think the feel of the material says it all!

Thanks soooo much Sarah! I love these pants... if you ever decide to go into "adult" have my email This is one for THE LIST guys... make sure you go check out their website...

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good Nite Lite - Product Review

I got to test out a Good Nite Lite! It's really a cute idea.... what it a night light that helps teach children the concept of day (time to wake up) and night (time to go to bed). It's actually pretty cool..there's a timer on the back that you set like an alarm clock....and it turns the light to either sun or moon....has an auto-dim..and shuts itself off too :). This is great for those kids that really don't want to go to bed...or can't tell if it's "suppose" to be bedtime.

I like how bright the moon is, it puts a nice glow in the room...and the sun is super cute! They mention that the product is for children between the ages of 3-5... but really.. I think the earlier the better....  developing good sleep patterns is really important. I think this will help "M" learn to distinguish when it's bedtime and when it's time to get up....

I really like this idea, and it seems so simple that I'm glad someone has actually thought of doing something like this. Think of all the cute...but really...single function night lights that are out there.... seems like such a waste of money now doesn't it? This one helps teach your kids! Awesome!

Thanks to Good Nite Lite for letting me try one out! Your product is a very innovative way on teaching children and promoting proper sleep patterns....'s really cute!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

PartyLite - Product Review

Have you heard of PartyLite? I was sent a reed diffuser, a dozen tea lights and a pair of barrel jars from a PartyLite independent consultant! Thanks Aileen....everything smells soooo good OMG! The tea lights were actually great...the burn really well...last 4-6 hours (The ones I lit...went just under 5 hours..but I think I could have stretched them out a little more.)...the plastic cups that they are in are recyclable...all the wicks are 100% cotton (actually all the wicks in their candles are) and there is no lead in any of their products. I got the "Blueberry Wisteria" scent from their summer catalogue....yummm..

Aileen also sent me 2 barrel jars (in different scents)... these burned really well too! I was actually kind of surprised because I haven't had much luck with any jarred candles except the Colonial brand (they're expensive). A cool thing is that the jars are food once you finish you're candle you can use the jar for anything! I like this idea, and the fact that they're actually safe to use after. I know some of the candles like this that I got from Pier 1... you can't use the container after because there was some type of coating on it.  I got a "Honeydew" one and a "Black Raspberry" I making you hungry? LOL.. they smelled...awesome when I was burning them.
Some tips for burning candles (some knowledge I'd like to pass on)... always trim the wick before you burn any candles...and always let the candle melt to the point where it touches the container it is in.... this makes sure it burns evenly.

Finally, I got a 5.5oz reed diffuser in "Well Being Balance"... I liked the scent...or "stink" as we tend to call it in this it was perfect for the powder room! The glass from the diffuser is also reusable like the barrel jars....would be cute to stick a couple of fresh flowers in it for when company comes over.

Aileen also threw in a few mags for me to look through... man...there's some good stuff in their catalogues... I LOVE 3 wick candles... hmm.. maybe need to get one in the "Black Raspberry"...."stink" I really like that one! The best part about buying quality candles...they last longer... burn evenly...smell better...and honestly.. look nicer. I can't believe some of the stuff that is actually in their catalogues...really cool and unique. Oh... just so everyone knows...the Reed Diffusers are 50% off for the month of July (so get yours now).

Thanks so much Aileen! Everything smelled awesome!!!

For more information and ordering please visit  Aileen also has a FACEBOOK page...make sure you check it out... it's well worth it!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Childish Notions Inc - Product Review

I was in contact with Judith and Leanne, the founders of Childish Notions Inc, they search for innovative and practical products to help all mother's make childcare just that little bit easier. They take the time to search the world for these what I'd call "Uber" products....share the info and bring those products to all of us! :)
The first thing I got to try were Sock ons..... man... why didn't I find these when "M" was younger? It is a toe- less, heal-less stretchy sock-like thing that goes over your child's socks... basically keep them in place...and makes them virtually impossible to take off. They kind of remind me of my ankle brace that I have to wear when doing any essence... it makes total sense... and "M" couldn't get her socks off!! In all fairness "M" just thought they were all around "cool".... and got me to put them on her bare feet and walked around in them...LOL. They come in pink, blue and white...and are AWESOME!

I was also lucky enough to try another product...I got to try a Crane Humidifier. Right off the bat.... SUPER CUTE! We got a cow one... which they wouldn't have known....but fits in with the theme of M's I totally lucked out. The first thing I noticed was that it was super quite! When I was pregnant.. I basically had a humidifier blowing in my face all night, because it felt like I always had a stuffy nose....(anyone else have that?) Anyway... this humidifier, I swear was like 10 times quieter than the super-duper expensive small one I had in my room...that woke me up like 5 times a night to be re-filled...LOL.... and this one holds way more than it has an auto shut-off when the take is empty...thank goodness! It supports easy breathing, has a humidity control...the removable water tank is easy to fill (this is a big deal people! me).... and runs up to 11 hours per tank (with low power consumption). I also liked that it had a built in night no more tripping over the humidifier! They come in really cute designs too....there's a pig, frog, cow, elephant, duck, penguin, panda and dragon... so there's an available design for every child's room! I like that they help with anything from the common cold to making the little ones sleep and breathe better!

Thank you to Judith and were great to work with and I love the story on how you got started! The humidifier..... is going on the LIST!

For more information on ordering these, and a ton of other products, please visit


What's in my Diaper Bag?

New blog is up on Oh Baby!!!

Thanks everyone!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Days Ago - Product Review & Giveaway!!

I got to test out a pair of Days Ago magnetic counters. It has the ability to track days and hours...which is awesome for those days when you look at something in the fridge...and you have no clue how long it's been in there. You all know what I'm talking about... you open the lid...check for "fuzzies" and if they're aren't any you do the "smell" test. Don't pretend you don't do it... I know you do. Well... a solution for this exact situation is here. There are 3 different types of Days Ago... the magnetic (which is what I got)...there's a suction cup one (which 2 of my readers will's worth it!) and then there is one with a band attachment... which really... fits great around a baby formula bottle. The magnetic ones I liked because when I'm not using it, I can stick them straight on the fridge. These are good for fridge and room temperature, they are electronic... so remember not to stick them in the freezer. The batteries can be don't worry about it "dying" on you... you're good. I like using mine for those last few jars of baby food I'm trying to get "M" to get down... like.. they're only bananas...but its been taking a while! LOL. I can totally see myself using these for the next baby... because I'm sure with "M" and another one to worry about... I won't remember how old the jar in the fridge is. There are a ton off different ways you can use these... from making sure the coffee is still watering plants and even to remember the next time to change the litter box... it makes it easy! It goes all the way up to 99 days...and has a reset button...and also allows you to see the hours elapsed as well. A pair of Days Ago retail for $8... and that's for any type of them.

I really liked the this link it gives you a list of food and how long a product can be opened in the refrigerators (some of the answers will surprise you... I know my mouth dropped when I saw some of them) To view the videos of the Days Ago please visit

Thank you to Kathleen, a co-inventor of this product... for letting me test them out and for doing a giveaway for 2 of my readers... that's awesome! :)

For more information and ordering please visit
Contest closed July 31st!!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Pork Chop Kids - Product Review

When I saw Pork Chop Kids online... I thought... Eureka! (yes I said finally someone thought of leggings with attached socks that are cute, stylish and functional! "M" is known for hiding socks on me... hating (and I mean despising) tights....and pretty much just deals with me making her wear leg warmers on occasion. Pork Chop Kids are basically a baby thigh-high... leg warmers with socks attached. I got a red pair that have white stars on them (they look SUPER cute with M's pleated jean skirt). "M" didn't seem to have a problem wearing them, she tried to take them off when I first put them on.. but gave up once she realized that they weren't a typical pair of socks. The reason why I like these is that I hate changing a diaper when I have to get through a pair of tights first... tights always droop... don't really stay put and end up bunching all over the place...which is really...really...annoying. Therefore, I tend to not bother putting her in EVER. I also find with regular leg warmers... they don't stay up well on "M". These actually held on to her thigh and didn't leave those crazy elastic marks on her legs. They usually retail for $15... but there are some on sale for $9! You can also get gift sets for $45... they have pre-made sets...but I really like that you can make your own set too! They have plain ones...and patterned ones... so I'm sure you'll find something that would go with all the cute outfits your children have.... This one is getting added to the LIST for sure!

Thanks soooo much Pork Chop Kids! These are definitely a new product getting added to M's wardrobe!

For more information and ordering, please visit You can also follow them on FACEBOOK


Baby Grins (Dapper Snapper) - Product Review

I was in contact with a representative from Baby Grins (which is an online store in Canada). They have a ton of different baby/toddler products, and offered me a Dapper Snapper to test out :). A Dapper Snapper is a Mom invented product that slips through your child's belt loops (at the back) to help take in the waist if it is too big for your little one. It's thick elastic with 4 snaps on it, to make it adjustable for any child... especially because they grow so quickly. It fits great in all of M's pants...even the smallest loops, and it doesn't bunch up. They come in a lot of colours, are one size fits all, don't need to be taken off during diaper changes. They retail for $14.50, which I think is worth it... since it basically fits up to a 6 year old. I liked that the snaps were really strong and that the elastic it was made out of is thick but flexible. They are discreet too! Can't even tell its on if you don't tuck in the shirt! I got a navy blue one, which goes great with all of M's jeans. I like that they're plain...but at the same time, I think I'd like a little bling too... you know what I mean? Like... if they made some grommet holes... maybe they can add some kind of charms to them... kinda similar to the ones kids can add to their Croc sandals... that would be awesome! Overall... both "M" and I give it a thumbs up... she wasn't bothered by it... actually she didn't even know it was there...and couldn't take it off... and I thought it was easy to use.

A big thank you to Baby Grins for sending me out a Dapper Snapper :)
For more information, ordering and checking out all the other products they carry please visit them at (They also have free shipping options...check out the site!...make sure you have some time though...they have a lot of interesting products!)

They can also be found on TWITTER and FACEBOOK :)