Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bella Lume - Product Review

Bella Lume sent me a candle and reed diffuser in "Autumn Harvest". The scent includes Apples, Holleyberries, Bayberries, and Spice... in other words it = YUM! The candle comes in a glass..and mine was actually broken (guess the shippers were not very gentle)... it was ok... I heated the sides of it and slid the candle out and burned it on a candle plate Hubby walked in and thought I was baking apple pie...lol... ya right... do I look like Martha Stewart? LOL... I'm totally not a baker! The candles are made of Soy Wax, which I actually thought was really cool!... the wicks are cotton... so all of the fumes are safe for the babes and fur babies!

The Reed diffuser smelled soooo good! I put it in my powder room (my last one just finished) on the main floor...and you could smell it when you walked in the house! I liked that the bottle was made out of recycled glass...was deep purple in colour and even had a little bling on it! The reeds were great... they fit the bottle perfectly and didn't peel at all.

Bella Lume carries a bunch of different scents... have to say.. I really liked this one though...and you can buy the candles and diffusers separately or in a gift set.

Their products were actually selected to be in the International Emmy celebrity gift bags this year...how cool is that? Jealous... I'd LOVE to see what else what in there! LOL.

Thank you to Bella Lume for sending me out some products.. my house smells AWESOME!!!

For more information and ordering pleaes visit http://www.bella-lume.com/
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Angel Lily winner is...... Aileen (My first double winner!)

Congratulations to Aileen (your my first winner that has won twice)!!! You've won the Angel Lily contest!!!!

I have emailed Angel Lily and cc'd you so we can all be in the loop as to what you're ordering and so I can keep track :)

Thanks for playing everyone!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Envirosax - Product Review

Envirosax were nice enough to send both "M" and I a reusable bag ;) They are washable... won't fade, water resistant... they roll up really..really well.. AND they are totally super cute!

They sent "M" a Sesame Street Cookie Monster bag. I love that this one can roll up and has the tie at the bottom that snaps closed (and it's attached). It can hold up to 44lbs! (ya... basically twice M's weight... actually more than twice her weight...lol). I liked the thick straps on this bag and she loved filling it with her toys and carrying it around (even though she's so short that it dragged on the ground). I found it perfect for packing her stuff up for day trips...baseball and even the mall. She loved the colours and of course Cookie Monster!

My bag... was sooooo cute! I got a Slingsax... which has open handles...so you can tie them at whatever length is comfortable for you. It has a thick elastic strap at the bottom to use as a tie when you roll it up. I LOVE the material of this bag...it doesn't feel plastic...like the cheap reusable bags (do you know what I mean?). It totally almost feels like a big purse. I also liked that it had a front pocket that was huge! The pattern of the bag was totally "Me"... and my laptop even fit in the bag!

They carry so many different styles and patterns of bags...including pouches to store your reusable bags, and even water bottles.

Thanks Envirosax! You guys are awesome! "M" and I love our bags :)

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.envirosax.ca/
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mabel's Labels - Product Review

I got to try out a Colourful Essentials Combo from Mabel's Labels! I've heard sooo much about Mabel's Labels that I couldn't wait to try these out..and literally put away my label maker for a while... I think I may have a small obsession with it. LOL!

The combo (comes in 26 designs) comes with:
  • 30 Sticky Labels - were awesome for her sippy cups and dishes. (these labels are dishwasher and microwave safe!... and I swear..they are.. they look EXACTLY the same when they come out of the washer. No fading or peeling at all)

  • 40 Iron-on labels or 70 Tag Mates (which is what I got) - These I stuck to everything and anything... all her books.. small toys and even her "choo-choos"....and on tags on her clothes. (these labels are washer and dryer safe... I couldn't believe it actually stayed on through the wash! They're awesome!)
  • 12 Shoe Labels - these are round and perfect for the inside heel area of M's shoes! (these labels are waterproof and UV resistant...so they don't fade at all!)
  • 2 Teeny Tags - these are like dog tags...one went on her lunch box and the other on her bag.
The quality of these labels are AWESOME! They are super sticky but...not goopy...if that makes any sense. They didn't slide... and I even took off a couple to see if there was any residue from it..and there wasn't. I think the Tag Mates are my fave! They're really small and stick to everything! I stuck a bunch on M's jackets etc... and threw them in the wash.. they came out in place and like new... it was great!

Thank you Mabel's Labels! I can't wait to find more things to label...LOL!!!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.mabel.ca/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

They are also running a contest right now! The winner will recieve an all expensees paid trip to BlissDom Canada! Click HERE to enter!


Personal Child Stories - Product Review

Shara from Personal Child Stories sent me a personalized story with pics of "M" in it... and I LOVE IT! It is titled "We Love You... Just The Way You Are". Each page has a pic and a saying that rhyme with each other... so cute!

Shara works with the family ordering the book... to pick the pics they want..a theme for the book.. then they are laminated...cut..bound and shipped out. I really liked that the corners were rounded off to prevent "M" from getting scratched by them and that the laminate allowed her to colour...spill.. get sticky.. everything. All I had to do is grab a wet cloth and wipe off the pages. Shara is AWESOME to work with... she puts her heart and soul into making these....and she does everything by hand! I totally appreciate the time and effort she put into making this for us... the sayings are just precious...and it has an awesome collection of my fave pics!
My entire family LOVED this book... and "M" can't put it down... every time she sees a pic of herself... omg.. it's hilarious.. she's calls herself "Buddy"... so  funny! She knows it's herself... but won't call herself by her own name.

The ending of the book has a pic of our family...and she points out... "Mama"..."Daddy" and "Buddy"... LMAO!!! There are 9 pages, with pics/sayings (which rhyme) on both sides. Take a look at the pics in this post, they are exactly what the pages look like!

HUUUUGE Thank you to Shara! I know you only do a few reviews a year... but I'm so glad you chose my family to be one of them and that I am on your "Reliable Bloggers List". I am truly honored to be considered a reliable blogger and part of your Mommy Perks Community.

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.personalchildstories.com/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

Don't forget to check out Shara's other website http://www.mommyperks.com/
Sign up for your free membership..take a peek around...there is a TON of info...and don't forget to Follow her on FACEBOOK

You can also find a link back to ME :) on the Mommy Perks website under their blog section http://mommyperks.com/blogs


Monday, September 20, 2010

Miraclebody - Product Review

HELLLOOOO Miraclebody! I got to try out a pair of Samantha Jeans... which are boot cut and have a cool design on the pockets. So.. everyone is probably thinking... "Miraclebody"...ya right...right? Well lets put it this way... I looked and felt better wearing these jeans. They hide the "Mommy Belly".... have a bit of a flair... great stretch... mid-rise and.. the best part.. by far... the high back! LOVE IT! They're higher in the back.. which made me feel more comfortable... and saved the world from seeing my underwear... yes.. I said underwear in a post. LOL.

They have other clothing other than jeans... they have leggings, capri’s, skirts and tops too! Thanks to Miraclebody for sending out a pair of the Samantha jeans...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.. they are totally going on THE LIST.. 100%.. without a doubt. Ladies... anyone that is a little more self-conscious after having a baby.. and need a little extra support in the tummy area... you HAVE to buy a pair of these! You wont wear anything else after trying them!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.miraclebody.com/
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Want a Review? - Email me!

My email is officially working.....properly now!!

Want a review or know of someone that is?

Email me!



Urban Moms Website - Microsoft 2010 Product Testing #8

Here's the LAST post for Urban Moms on Microsoft 2010!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dotmine Day Planners - Product Review & Discount Code!

I was really excited to try out a dotmine day planner..... because really.. I'm addicted to my BlackBerry... but it seems like I'm the only one in the house that knows what plans we have! LOL. I picked the Green Bouquet Family Time planner. LOVED that it was from August 2010 to December 2011! You don't see very many planners that are 16 month ones (in the months that you actually need them!...lol).  There were a few aspects of the planner that I really liked... and thought that they needed a mention in the review. Firstly, the "Schedules" broken down by season. I.E - Fall 2010, Winter 2010, Spring 2011 and Summer 2011. LOVED this feature because, I could stick in M's swimming lessons... ball games... anything that was scheduled weekly or even by time too! I liked that there was a calendar-like format full sheet at the beginning of each month, and each day had a box in the following pages too, for extra room/details. This allowed me to add in any notes, reminders, and instructions (if applicable).

The best part was that there are list sections on the sides that can be used for notes....shopping lists...reminders...etc... and that they can be removed because the sheets are perforated. I also really liked the page of stickers in the back... I totally used them... and they were a good size that they didn't take up a ton of room in the writing space.

I think this is a great planner to keep as a master at home for the whole family to use. I felt it was a touch too big to carry around all the time... but really.. I didn't need to... as my BlackBerry had the same information in it. Overall... I love the idea and functionality of the planner... and the awesome colours and types of planners there are too!
Dotmine was nice enough to give my readers a discount code! Enter 910BBL15 to get 15% off :)
Thank you soooo much Dotmine! Everyone in my house will know what's going on...and who's doing what for the next 16 months thanks to you guys!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.timemine.com/
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Tee Wit Giveaway winner is.... Jennifer Cox!

Congratulations to Jennifer Cox!!! You've won the Tee Wit Giveaway!!!!

I have emailed Tee Wit and cc'd you so they can contact you with the coupon code for the $30 gift certificate!

Thanks for playing everyone!


Bad Idea T-Shirt Winner is.....addictedtocloth!!!

Congratulations to addictedtocloth!!! You've won the Bad Idea T-Shirt Giveaway!!!!

I have emailed you... just need your mailing address on where to have the company send out your XXL t-shirt!

Thanks for playing everyone!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bumkins Lunch Box - Product Review

I was able to try out a Bumkins lunch box in their pink paisley print! The inside of the lunch box is insulated which was awesome for keeping fruit and yogurt cold. The outside is waterproof, which is awesome for messes and accidents that happen....which....really.... is all the time! There is a mesh pocket on the inside of the top of the lunch box, which I found great for sticking an ice pack...a fruit squishie thing...and some cheese...along with any utensils and wet naps.

The bag is lead safe... and PVC, BPA, Phthalate and the fabric is vinyl free! I really liked that the dividers on the inside of the bag were attached with velcro and were movable. I LOVE the size of the bag... I can throw it right in M's diaper bag... no problem! (The one I've been currently using doesn't...which means I have to carry 2 bags....ugggh). Plus this one has a velcro handle that I can strap the the stroller... and the velcro is strong...so it doesn't fall off randomly....lol.

I wasn't able to use my normal thermos with this lunch box (it's too tall) ... but the flatter one worked perfect... and didn't I have to jam it in. It is a lunch box... so really....M's snacks and food fits perfect. She drinks a TON of milk..and trying to fit a bottle was actually easier than I thought... just had to take the dividers off one side and lay the bottle down :)

The quality is awesome... even down to the zipper and the zipper pull. But....every Mother knows about Bumkins and their products.... "M" has been in their bibs since I can remember.... not only because of the quality...but... honestly.. they have the cutest patterns and colours! They carry wet bags...diaper bags..and my FAVE.... Dr. Suess!!! They have some really cute Dr. Suess sets! LOVE'EM!

Thank you Bumkins!!! Loved reviewing your lunch box, can't wait for the next review!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.bumkins.com/ or http://www.bumkins.ca/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Bondi Bands - Product Review & Discount Code!

I got to try out a optical illusion and bondi flower headband as well as a white neck gator from Bondi Band. I couldn't wait to try these headbands because I always keep my hair up and I'm truly sick of pinning up the hair that falls in my face.

These were the first headbands that actually stayed in my hair for a long time without sliding up.
I liked the flower (heavy wicking) one for house work the best....lol... kept the sweat out of my eyes when cleaning up and the optical illusion (light wicking) one kept my hair from getting stuck in my facial peels and masks. I did find that this one did slide around more with my fine hair. But.. I loved that the material was really soft and there wasn't any metal or sharp edges. "M" totally tried them on too...and they even stayed in her hair!

The wicking Neck Gator freaked me out a bit..basically its a tube that you slide over your head and keep around your neck. I totally felt claustrophobic putting it on...but I practiced a bit..and it got better..LOL. It is really light and would be great for those that go for an early jog in the morning.

Bondi Band has been nice enough to give a Buy 3 get 1 Free coupon code to my readers! Enter the code: ONE when you are placing your order :)

Thank you Bondi Band for keeping my little "fly aways" out of my eyes! Its been great!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.bondiband.com/
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lily Organics - Product Review

Lily Organics send me a Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask. This mask helps balance combination skin while getting rid of any dead skin cells among other things. Ingredients include papaya...pineapple (which I'm allergic too...but wasn't going to pass up trying this!)...enzymes...mint, vitamin C and E... and a ton of other herbal ingredients.

All you do is apply to a clean face/neck...leave on up to 30 minutes, then was off.... and this can be done 3 times a week. It has the consistency of honey..which was kind of weird at first, but I got use to it when I got to sit and relax for a whole 1/2 hour by myself....(yay!). After washing off the mask my skin was really soft...and some of the areas with damaged skin...were less red and really looked more even.
Thank you Lily Organics for letting me try out this mask...and congratulations for having this mask chosen "Best Mask" as of 'Natural Solutions magazine's second annual Beauty With a Conscience Awards'.

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.lilyorganics.com/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Gaia Skincare (Chotobaby) - Product Review

I got to try out some Gaia products from Chotobaby! They sent me a package of Bamboo wipes and their Gaia Baby Starter Kit (Skincare Collection). The starter pack was a good mix of 50ml products. There was a body wash, shampoo, moisturiser, soothing lotion and massage oil. The shampoo had chamomile extract in it which made M's crazy curls soft, shiny and it smelled awesome. The soothing lotion was really thick and didn't feel greasy and the dry patch that "M" always gets on her thigh soaked in in right away and made it feel smooth. The moisturizer I really liked because it kept her skin really soft and the scent hung around for a long time. The bath and body wash made "M" squeaky clean...literally... and she didn't even squirm went some got in her eye when I was washing her face. The massage oil was my fave! "M" likes having her feet rubbed so it was fun giving her a mini pedi with this!

The bamboo wipes smelled great...and were really thick. I also noticed that even when one was sitting out for a while...it didn't dry up like some of the other wipes do. They also biodegradable in 14 days...which honestly I thought was awesome...because sometimes I feel bad using so many wipes all the time...with these ones I didn't... and actually..all the ones used on her hands and try went straight into the compost.

Thank you to Chotobaby for sending me out some Gaia products to test out! They were great..and the travel sizes are perfect for on the go bathing!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.chotobaby.com/


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Orglamix Organic Mineral Makeup - Product Review & Giveaway!!!

 Orglamix Organic Mineral Make-up
YAY for Orglamix Organic Mineral Make-up! I was really excited to try out some of their products...and I was totally glad I did! They came packaged in a pretty green bag...had all 3 products in it... and they came really quickly! I got to try out Pure Organic Mineral Perfecting Corrector in Menthe, Pure Organic Mineral Glow in Toss the Bouquet and Pure Organic Mineral Eye in Snow.

Pure Organic Mineral Perfecting Corrector in Menthe is a concealer that is awesome! It covered up and brightened my skin. I applied it lightly with a big brush... really fast and easy... and got rid of any redness I had in my skin. You can use it as a primer for the rest of your make-up even on your eyelids, which is great, and it helped my shadow last longer!

Pure Organic Mineral Glow in Toss the Bouquet ever want that blushing bride look on a daily basis? Orglamix figured out how to do it and bottle it...LOL... This highlighting powder was great around my cheekbones and under my eyes to wake them up a bit. It was great over my pressed powder too... it finished off my make-up application really well.

Pure Organic Mineral Eye in Snow is awesome! I've been looking for a white shadow for a very...very long time. and I have to say.. I'm so happy I got to try this! I like that it has a bit of sparkle to it and that I could do so many things with it. It blended really well with my other eye shadow and you can put it on either dry or with a little water to create different effects. I have really sensitive eyes, so make-up and I don't get along sometimes...and my eyes felt fine with this shadow... no burning or itching when I rubbed my eyes (because I forgot it was on...lol). It was great!

There are no Parabens, Sulfates and other dyes and chemicals in their formulations. So glad I got to try these out! I didn't break out at all... and it actually made my skin really soft too! Which I found weird...but it did :)

Thanks Orglamix for doing a review and an amazing giveaway too!! You guys are awesome!!!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.orglamix.etsy.com/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and their BLOG
Contest Closed October 9th!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Urban Moms Website - Microsoft 2010 Product Testing #7

Here's the next post for Urban Moms on Microsoft 2010!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Smart Mom Jewlery - Product Review

I was lucky enough to test out some Teething Bling from Smart Mom Jewelry! I was so excited when they let me know I was going to try out their donut shaped pendants in 2 new colours (Spice & Blue Sky Swirl). Teething Bling is Mommy Jewelry that your little ones can handle and chew on. They are made of silicone (which I thought was very deceiving.. it totally looked like it was made of stone, and really... that's what I think I had in my head... I was totally pleasantly surprised!). "M" gave a big "oooOOOoooooO" when I gave it to her.... she even put it on herself and started chomping on it (I've had the pleasure of dealing with the dreading "eye" teeth this week...so these came at a perfect time!). They also carry the donut shaped pendants in solids... have gift sets...bangles and even some Tween stuff! I like the colours available...there are a ton to choose from...I'm still trying to get over the fact that these look SOOO good...and stone/glass-like... but they aren't!

FYI to those I know that are preggo....you are totally getting one of these from "M" and I they're awesome! Perfect gift for a trendy new Mom! Another one to add to the LIST!
Thanks so much to Amy at Smart Mom Jewelry! Its such a cool idea and I love the colours :)

For more information and ordering please visit http://smartmomjewelry.com/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Underology Skin Care - Product Review, Discount Code & Giveaway!!!

I got to test out a few different products from Underology and Lipo in a Box! From Underology I relieved a sample sizes of the Eye Give Up2 age defying eye cream, HYDRO Xtreme Cream and the Nectar Neck & Chest lotion. From Lipo in a Box I received their "Shimmer & Shape" High Waist undergarment with Legs. The founder of Underology also created Lipo in a box and Go2 Bras!
The Eye Give Up2 repairs tissue to help create younger and smoother skin. It gets rid of puffiness...dark circles and reduces the appearance of fine lines. I liked the scent of this cream and it did make my skin softer. It also had a bit of a cooling effect when I put it on..which I assume is one of the factors that helps reduce puffiness. I don't usually have dark circles under my eyes but the moisturising effect did make it look healthier.

The HYDRO Xtreme smoothes and is said to help reduce wrinkles, stimulate cell growth, and make your skin look younger. I found that it did help with any dry patches I had and made my skin look fresh. I really wouldn't be able to let you guys know about decreasing wrinkles.... just because I haven't used the product long enough....and well... ahem.. I don't have any wrinkles...yet...boo.
The Nectar Neck & Chest Lotion keeps the skin on your chest soft and smooth. I liked the scent of this one as well and it did moisturize very well. I kind of wish this one had a little bit of a shimmer to it... I think it would be a good addition. I found that my neck got a little itchy for a bit afterwards...but nothing crazy..I have really sensitive skin...so it could have been something in the scent that actually did it...lol.

The “Shimmer & Shape” has a golden metallic thread that runs through it. I liked that it sparkled a bit...but let me tell you... trying to get into this high waisted undies with legs... whole nother' ball game. Man... it was like a running a marathon...lol. I really liked that the high waist covered the "mommy belly" that has decided to hang around long after actually having the baby... and it didn't roll down (bonus!). I also liked that it gave a little bum lift and that the legs stayed put too! I got the "nude" one... but it also comes in black.

Connie Elder (the founder) products have been featured in magazines and shows like Oprah and The View...and also donates a % of profits to organizations that she is not only on the board of directors on but others such as breast cancer research.

Discount code: Bloggers 20 % off skin care only... and is valid until October 8th!!

Overall... all the products were pretty good! The only issue I had was with the customs bill I had to pay to take ownership of the package.

Thanks to Underology for hosting a giveaway....giving a blogger discount code and letting me try out some stuff!

There are 3 sites you can visit to see more information and order:

You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER
 Contest closed October 30th!!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kids Konserve - Product Review

Kids Konserve and a green fundraising company Koru Fundraising sent me some products to test out! I got to try out their Nesting Trio of containers as well as their Dryerballs with Lavender Inserts.

The Dryerballs are AWESOME! I never thought I'd actually use a product like this, which is the exact reason why I actually asked to try this out. All you have to do is open one end, slip in an insert (lavender..my fave!...non-toxic..and lasts 10-15 loads).. close up the end and throw them in the dryer with your load of laundry. The Dryerballs helped take the wrinkles out of the clothes, was great on M's clothes (she didn't have any skin reactions)...smelled fantastic and is totally green! LOVE THEM! Sorry Bounce... I think I'm converted!

The Nesting Trio (stainless steel containers with leak proof lids) are great! I've been looking for containers to throw in M's cooler bag..and these work perfectly for snacks and even liquids like soup and milk. There is a 16oz, 8oz and 5oz in the trio...with 3 lids... that snap on and stay on... which is great for when I drop the cooler bag when I'm trying to carry too much.

They carry a ton of really cool products like their "Litter-less Lunch" products... bags.. cooler packs...relief beads and even eco speakers!

Huge thanks to Kids Konserve and Koru Fundraising! Love...love...loved everything!!! They're going on the LIST!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.korufundraising.com/ and http://www.kidskonserve.com/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bubble & Bee Organic - Product Review

I received a Facial Cleanser Sample Pack from Bubble & Bee Organic. The 3 pack includes a 1oz bottle Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser,1oz bottle Cool Cucumber Facial Cleanser, and a 1oz Honey & Rosehip Facial Cleanser.

I really liked the Cool Cucumber.... it is 80% Certified Organic.. is gentle on the skin and I found that it foamed up really well, my skin felt reeeealllly clean after and I did in fact felt "cool" after. The cucumber extract helps with evening out your complexion and I found that it took away some redness I had.

The Pineapple Enzyme one.. I actually had to give to a friend to try... I'm allergic to pineapple, so I didn't want to take the chance (I know...sucks eh?). She said she liked the smell of it... and that her skin felt clean afterwards. It helps clear up your skin and is free of detergents and preservatives :)

Finally, the Honey & Rosehip one I felt left my skin a little over moisturized. I have combination skin...this one would be for someone that usually has a little drier skin. I liked the nutty smell of this one..but didn't like that it didn't lather a lot.

Overall.. this is the perfect thing to get if you need to try out their line before going ahead and buying the larger versions. I'm definitely a "Cool Cucumber" type of girl!

Thanks to Bubble & Bee Organic for letting me review the 3 pack!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.bubbleandbee.com/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK


I won a Munchie Mug!

WOO-HOO!!! I won a the Munchie Mug Contest from Mommy Time Out!

If you stop by her site...make sure you let her know you saw it here :)

Thanks Angela!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rubbabu Toys - Product Review

So... I was in contact with someone from Rubbabu....Rubbabu makes handmade, natural foam toys. They are really soft...super bright...and FANTASTIC! They are all educational in some form....can stand up to any major toddler tantrums...lol. I received a box full (literally) of toys...and my mouth hit the floor when I saw everything! I received a 3D ShapeSorter (Animal Shapes)...which won the Dr Toy Best Green Product Awards for 2010! I also got.... a Pink Rubbabu Car and a Fashion Ball Assortment... which including 6 balls... really bright colours.. each had a different texture...and "M" couldn't put them down!

It was Christmas in September in this house...let me tell you! The quality of all of the toys are awesome... "M" couldn't pick or rip any of the foam on any of the products. The furry feel that all the products has don't shed or flake off. They are awesome!!! We all had a blast playing together... the car was great... it moved really...quick and "M" didn't have any trouble sending it all the way across the room! LOL. The puzzle she gets the gist of it... a little too intricate for her age...but she'll totally practice and grow with it.

HUGE thank you to Rubbabu!! Everything was awesome! All the products are going on the LIST! If you guys ever need another review... I'd love too... we honestly had a blast!

For more information, retail locations and ordering please visit http://www.rubbabu.com/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER