Sunday, October 31, 2010

Luvali - Product Review and HUGE Giveaway!!!

Luvali sent me a Classic Convertible w/Slip Bag to review. The bag itself is brown and the slip that came with it is brown w/cream polka dots... they are reversible so the other side is a plaid pattern in the same colours. This specific slip is called the "Sherlock Polka".. and is coming soon to their site. I'm soooo excited that I got to try something that isn't even out yet :)

Ok... so let me dish about this... you're probably wanting to know..what is soooo special about this bag... right? Well... let me fill you in! The bag itself comes in black or brown... it has a zippered closure... straps that can adjust to 3 different lengths, has 2 pockets, plus a zippered pocket inside, is 100% nylon (which means stuff washes right off it) and all the hardware is platinum! (= shiny and sturdy!). The handles are padded and wrapped for comfort... stitching is awesome... and the little details (like the zipper pull) are great.

So, now that you have an idea of the basic bag (which also comes in a tote version too by the way)... you want to hear the best part? You can buy "slips" to change the look of your bag! Now you're probably wondering... what's a slip? right? Well... it's a cover for your bag... it form fits to the shape of the bag, has slits to put the handles through (and a decorative button, to keep it in place) as well as a zipper down one side to make it easier to take on and off! The slips are reversible, and there's 2 different patterns... so if you feel like changing it up... you can! I found this to be a great option with having little one's around.... if "M" knocked over her juice and it got on the bag... I could reverse the slip or take it off all together and wash it. I also liked that the 2 patterns were really fun! Who doesn't love polka dots and plaid? But... if I felt like being more plain... I have the option of just using the bag without a slip on it at all. So really... you're getting 3 bags in one. Or.. more if you buy extra slips ;)

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Vive Vita Giveaway Winner is Yat!

Vive Vita Giveaway Winner is Yat!

Congratulations! I have emailed you for your mailing address of where to ship your prize!

Thanks to everyone for entered :)


Vivein Bra Winner is Discovering the Me in Mommy!!!

The winner of the Vivien Bra from Underology is Discovering the Me in Mommy!!!

I have emailed you for your shipping details and sizing you would need :)

Thanks to everyone that entered :)


Saturday, October 30, 2010

AccuDial (Oh Baby!) - Product Review

I've been given the opportunity by Oh Baby! to review some AccuDial products. Ever try to figure out how much medication you should be giving your little one? I know I'm still confused when reading some of the bottles because some are dosed by weight and some by age. I find myself always giving "M" less than the recommended "age" dose because she's sooo small. But really.. I'm just eyeballing it.... I know a lot of people do this too! So don't look at me weird, because I actually said it.

AccuDial has a line of over the counter meds for our little ones, that contain a well designed and thought out way to make sure you are giving them the proper dosage. What they have come up with (you're going to love this) is a label that turns to give you the proper dosage for age/weight. The outer label of the bottle turns, while the inner one stays put to allow you to match up the proper information. It's AWESOME! Works amazingly well... and the doses are listed in milliliters. Each bottle comes with it's own measuring spoon too!

Having trouble understanding what I mean? Check out this DEMO :) (did you check it out?...if not... I can wait...while you go... don't

They have an extensive product line.... they sent me:
  • Cough & Cold (ages 6-12)
  • Cold & Stuffy Nose (ages 6-12)
  • Nite Time Cold & Cough (ages 6-12)
  • Runny Nose & Cough (ages 6-12)
  • Allergy (ages 2-12)
  • Pain & Fever (ages 2+)
I didn't try out the actual formulations of the medications because the majority of the ones I received were for ages 6-12 and "M" is really almost 2... so I gave the non-applicable ones to a friend that has 2 boys within the age range. One of them actually had a cold too... so perfect timing... the Nite Time Cold & Cough worked wonders for him (plus I think the grape flavor of this one helped...he didn't even fight to take it!). I explained the product to the boys' Mom... and let her try them out... she gave me a shout back and said that the labels were awesome! Easy to read.. clear and concise (I agreed!).... it's pretty hard to make a dosing error with these!

I have to admit... I did try each of them on myself... just by sticking a drop on my finger... the tastes are very kid friendly.. fruit punch..grape...cherry and orange (my least fave..but still ok) really... I can see why they wouldn't fight taking it.

Overall awesome product... that answers the dosing issues that all parents face. It gives you more confidence in giving medication to your children while keeping them safe!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Oliver's Labels (Tomoson) - Product Review

I got to try out Oliver's Labels as part of a Tomoson review. Basically these labels can be stuck to anything from sippy cups to clothes and are dishwasher and laundry safe. They sent me 5 clothing labels, 5 original labels, 5 mini labels and a pair of shoe labels. I got to choose which design and I chose "Animal Faces". I thought they were really cute!

Quality of the prints are really good and they stick really well. All you have to do is wash and dry the surface, then stick on a label. They also have an option to add a "Found-It" tracking system number  (I chose not to)... basically what it is.... is a tracking number printed on the edge of the label that if your item is ever lost... it prompts the finder to enter the code into their website. Once the number is entered it sends an email to the person it belongs to letting them know how to reach the person who found the item. Your personal information is never given out, which is great.

I really liked the colour of the labels... would have liked them more if the labels were filled in (black) rather thank white (I think they would have stood out more)... and the size of her name on the "original labels" was a little too big. I feel it squished the animal face...and when I peeled these ones off it cut off some of the circle around the animal's face. I would have liked it if it fit the whole picture on the sticker. Other than that... I like that there are a lot of different patterns...some really cute ones... and they were super fast! I got them like the next day.

Thanks to Oliver's Labels and Tomoson for letting me do the review :)
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Product review & giveaway disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scentsy Warmer/Bar - Product Review

I was sent a Hatteras Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer and 3 Scentsy bars.... in Blueberry Cheesecake, Black Raspberry Vanilla and Perfectly Pomegranate. This was my first Scentsy trial... and I had an awesome experience! The warmer was great... looked awesome... and totally fit in with the rest of my decor. It has a faux-stone finish has a rope accent too. I was really impressed with how easy the warmer was to use. Everyone knows that having a toddler is crazy as it is... but adding wicked candles sometimes is not an option. This was awesome. All I had to do was unpack it... put in the light bulb (that came included) and literally plug it in!

The scents come in bars... you break off a cube... stick it in the bowl on the warmer and turn it on. The wax cube melted fairly quickly... but lasted a long time. The scent filled the room really quickly and stayed around a long time after I shut off the warmer too. I liked that you don't waste any of the wax because it stays in the bowl... no open flames... and no ugly black soot marks in the bowl (which I find I get with the oil warmers).

Misty, the wonderful Director that has filled my home with yummy scents for months to come...was nice enough to send me 3 different wax bars to try out. Blueberry Cheesecake is a definite fave in this house...and it was the first one I tried out. Whenever "M" is hungry for something you have she points at it and opens her she pointed at the warmer with her mouth open and said "ahhhh".... lol... guess it smelled good enough to eat eh? LOL.

The Black Raspberry Vanilla was great for regular entertaining...not the type of scent that gets old quickly and Perfectly Pomegranate I can totally see us using during the holidays! The other thing I like about these flameless candles is that you can mix and match the scents by just throwing a cube of each in the warmer.

The cube lasts about 10 hours too... which is crazy..especially considering she sent me 3 bars. Misty also enlightened me with a few tips and tricks to help me make the most of their products.... I figure I'd share a few :) Humidity affects how long the scent "hangs around".... the dryer the air (air conditioning dries out the air)... the less time. The age of the light bulb... that heats up the wax.... if it isn't putting out enough heat it won't melt the wax properly (you'll notice when to change the bulb when the wax around the edges don't melt)... replacing the bulb (with a like one)... will fix your problem :)

You don't need to finish the wax before changing scents... just pour the hot wax back into the sectioned container and let it cool off.... and this wax won't burn you.... its paraffin wax (you know that kind that you get your hands/feet dipped in when you get your nails done?)... and is food grade... so don't worry about a little one getting into it. If the wax is cool...and you'd like to change the scent... skor around the edges and it pops out :)

So... now that I'm super in love and addicted to these bars.... (thanks to Misty)... they're totally going on the LIST! Huge thanks to Misty for intro'ing me to Scentsy... I'm so glad you contacted me! She also said... she had a "surprise" for "M"... soooo excited to see what she thinks! We'll let you know once she gets it :)
Everyone needs to try these!!!

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Tsitah - Product Review

 Tsitah Threads sent me a  Toddler Cotton Tuque in their "Peace Bucket" pattern. It has the skull pattern on the outside and peace signs on the inside (but it is reversible! bonus!). The hat washed really well... none of the colours bled into the white and it kept its shape (but they come pre-washed as well). It was really not like any other tuque that she has... much tighter and longer than a traditional hat. I like this one because its long enough to cover her ears plus fit her crazy mess of hair in it too! She did get frustrated with this one though... she needed help to get it on because it is tight... I'm sure it'll stretch a bit as she wears it in...and it is 100% cotton...and the stitching is the quality is totally there.

Tsitah makes all their products in small batches... shipping is FREE... and they have different new fabrics all the time. They also carry blankets..bandannas and quilts (the AARRGH pattern is killer!).... not sure what's up with me lately... but I'm totally into her wearing skulls... I think it's totally unique.. and SO CUTE on kids... so.. for all those people that don't like this style (which I love)...  :P ... LOL! The bandannas they make are really cute too! The "Park Rocker" pattern is awesome!

Thanks to Tsitah for sending "M" a toddler tuque! Right in time for the cold weather :)

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum Giveaway Winner is Pamela!

Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum Giveaway Winner is Pamela! Congratulations!!!!

I've sent you an email, please reply with your mailing address and a contact phone number so I can pass on the information to have your prize shipped out :)

Thanks to everyone that entered! Keep them coming!!! More giveaways to be won!


Baby Diner Giveaway Winner is Jennie!

Congratulations to...........Jennie!!!

You won the Baby Diner Giveaway!!! I have sent you an email, please respond with your mailing address so I can send the info to Baby Diner and have your prize shipped out directly to you :)

Thank you to everyone that participated! Many more giveaways to come :)


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mom Central - Kleenex Hand Towels Product Review

I got to try out the new Kleenex Hand Towels through a campaign from Mom Central (yay!). The box of these towels can either stand up on your counter or when flipped upside down, can rest on your towel rack (which I did because I put them in the powder room). The pack of 60 sheets do not have any dyes, inks or fragrances. The sheets are really thick...but soft... somewhere between a Kleenex and a paper towel I would say. They were so soft (I've had a cold... so I even blew my nose with one...I know.. gross...sorry!)... and it was nothing like those "other" bathroom sandpaper-like

I don't even want to go into how many germs are in a towel that's been used a few times..that hangs in everyones bathroom! EW... hence why I wash ours all the time.. however... I think these one-use ones are easier... so I may go out a buy a couple of boxes to open when company comes over....and  when there are the little flu buggies going around.

I like the aspect that the box fits on the towel bar (because we have a pedestal sink in the powder room)... so it does save space... but it doesn't feel as "warm" as a towel does... do you know what I mean? Not the actual warmth... but I like how towels look hanging on the bar... that's the only thing about this product that I'm "iffy" about. I got a teal box... so it was pretty...but... I don't know... I know for sure if I had counter space.. I'd stand the box up and still have my decorative towels in the Maybe I'm a little old school that way....hahahaha

Thanks Mom Central for letting me do another campaign... I look forward to the next one! :)


Bee-Boo Blossom - Product Review

I was contacted via email by Bee-Boo Blossom asking if I'd like to test out one of their Hoodie Hooks! They came across my blog on the Internet and thought they'd ask if I'd do a review for them. Well... of course! Bee-Boo Blossom makes hand painted accessories for nurseries and children's when they asked me to try out a Hoodie Hook.. I was really excited. Why you ask? ... those that know me... know... I LIVE in hoodies...and so does "M" I thought it was very fitting the I was able to do this product! LOL. They were absolutely awesome...I described her room and they totally thought something up for her to match! LOVE IT!

Their Etsy shop is really cute too...they have named each of the hooks that they've designed after the little one it was made for! I thought that was a really nice touch :) Makes me feel special... lol... and I'm really interested to see if M's is a hit for them! LOL.

The hook is made of wood... and came with the screws and the drywall anchors to hang it as well...which I thought was really nice... because honestly.. if it didn't... who knows when I would have got around to actually finding the proper screws and stuff. I like that Bee-Boo Blossom works with you to match their hooks to your decor... it makes it so much easier than just settling for something you find in-store.

I made "M" a name plate for her room before she was born... the hook looks perfect right below it.... and I keep her bath towel hanging on it. Hmm... now I'm thinking I may need a few for the main hallway so I can hang them at a lower level for her jackets and stuff... oooooOOOoooo.. hmmm.. or maybe even a plaque style one...with like 3 hooks... would be perfect right before the winter so she can hang her own jacket up when she comes in the house!

Thanks Bee-Boo Blossom for contacting me... and for making a beautiful hook for all M's hoodies! It's sturdy... pretty and functional! It's perfect!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charm Factory - Product Review

I got a custom order from Charm Factory. They sent me a March Live Love Laugh Affirmation Ring on a 20" round snake silver chain... and I LOVE IT! The quality of the snake chain is awesome...sometimes I find with these types of chains...they can sometimes pinch...or your hair gets caught in it. This one doesn't. I like the clasp's one of the spring kind..but everything is stronger than I thought. I also like that the necklace didn't kink at all (and I even tried to).

The charm is really pretty! It's made of sterling silver...and has "Live Laugh Love" on both sides....with rhinestones going all the way around (10 birthstones). It's a lot heavier than I thought it would be and the rhinestones are set in really well.. none of them moved or the whole thing was really shiny! It's definitely a necklace that I'm going to wear on a regular basis!

Everyone needs to take a look at this site... there is an uncountable amount of charms and bracelets/necklaces. Anything from sports themes to babies.... enamel and silver, pewter, wood...and even custom! It took me FOREVER to decide what to choose to review!

Thank you Charm Factory! I really ...really...really... like it!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sock Prints - Product Review

I was sent 3 pairs of socks from Sockprints. Sockprints is a company that sells custom printed socks. I've never seen anything like this before... and really... they are very...very unique. Basically what you do is choose sock style....choose a design (or add your own)... then order! They are really cute... I wish these were around when I was growing up because I'm sure my softball team would have totally ordered a bunch for our tournaments and stuff.
I was sent 2 pairs of "no show" socks (they are those little ones that go under your ankle)... personally I don't like these type of socks because I find they never stay on my feet... but...the socks washed well, didn't shrink... and the print was perfect when it came out of the wash. One of the pairs I got was a promotional pair for Sockprints (Peace, Love, Socks...with their website) and the other was a custom pair that had a really cute bird and flower design that said "Kathy & Greg are having a girl!". No idea who Kathy and Greg are..but the socks they ordered are super cute! It would have been a cute favor for the baby shower.

I also got a pair of crew socks... with a flower heart on them. The one thing about all the socks... they were super soft... and I like that they are on the thinner side (I HATE thick socks) the cotton blend they use is perfect for me. They use water based apparel ink for the printing...which makes them flush with the the printing doesn't crack at all. Customers can order 2-3 pairs at a time...all customized...which is awesome.

Thanks to Sockprints for sending me out some samples! Great idea for sports teams... bridal parties and party favors!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Belly Buttons & Babies - Product Review

Travel Pack and a Sensual Amber Body Scrub from Belly Buttons and Babies :) Everything is pure....natural...and organic! Belly Buttons and Babies carry pre and post natal products as well as products that are specially made for your little ones.

The Travel Pack is a great way ti try out 4 of their products... and to keep soft and relaxed while travelling! The Travel pack includes 4 2oz bottles. You receive 1 x Lavender Chamomile Mom &Baby Cream is a thicker cream (which I like)... doesn't leave you greasy and the scent hangs around for a long time. You can also use it after diaper changes on the "Babes" The Triple Mint Foot & Leg Cream is 100% my fave out of the Travel Pack. I love the cooling sensation it leaves and love the directions on the back that say to keep your feet up for 10-15 min. It was my excuse to get away and relax the last few nights! Hahaha! The Pink Grapefruit Body Lotion is a thinner lotion...going to be honest... not a fan of grapefruit..but the cream was really soft and smooth..and worked great on my dry elbows (I know..dry elbows..yuck.. its the changing of the weather ok? The Lavender Chamomile Calming Massage Lotion I really didn't dry out..but at the same time wasn't greasy like most massage lotions are. "M" had a good time while I gave her a massage... and I liked that all the products are safe enough for her to use too!

The Sensual Amber Sugar Body Scrub..... honestly smells good enough to EAT! Essential oils...sugar...and some yummy oils are combined to make this CRAZY awesome scrub! It is by far the best scrub I've ever used... and the scent stays around for hours! My skin felt really smooth...but moisturized at the same time (I can't figure out how that works.... but it does!)

Thank you to Belly Buttons and Babies for letting me try out some products! I had a great time relaxing and testing everything out! :) The next time I'm in Acton I'll stop by and stock up on the Body Scrub!

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X3 Clean - Product Review

X3 Clean sent me their alcohol free foaming hand sanitizer (1 big bottle and 3 travel ones). It is non toxic and non flammable....doesn't leave any residue...kills 99.9% of germs and actually makes my hands really soft (and doesn't dry them out!). I am usually a Purell type of girl... after reading their pamphlet... not anymore! Did you know Purell was flammable? I had no clue! I also noticed when I use skin gets really dry...and leaves a stickiness that I really don't like..but put up with. There is no fragrance to this foaming hand sanitizer... I think it smells a little "lemony" when you put it on... and I like it...but once you rub it in.. there is no scent at it's great for those with sensitive skin. I also like how foaming sanitizers go into your skin faster than gel ones too... every time I use a gel one it feels like I've used too much and end up grabbing a tissue to wipe off my hands... this one dries quickly too which I like.

I didn't realize that on a daily basis we come in contact with an uncountable amount of germs...including..Salmonella, E. coli.. etc... all I have to say... EW! To know that this product kills 99.9% (in 15 seconds or less) of germs... like alcohol based sanitizers... but doesn't contain alcohol is amazing. They say it's like "soap and water on the go"...and that it is. They've also recently won a seal of approval from PTPA! Congratulations!!! My hands are soft and smooth and any germs I've come in contact with are a distant memory! LOL.

Thanks to X3 Clean for keeping my family germ free on the go! There is officially one of your travel bottles in the purse and the diaper bag..and the Purell is going in the trash!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Achooz - Product Review

Most of you know from some of my earlier posts that I reviewed Boogie Wipes..and also became a Boogie Believer! Guess what they've come out with now.... hehehehe... Boogie Wipes for Adults called Achooz! Achooz have saline, vitamin E and aloe like their "magical" Boogie Wipes....but don't have the "fruity" scent to them...they come in Menthol and Fragrance Free. I totally love the Menthol ones... but really.. I love their Grape  Boogie Wipes too! So I'm not surprised that the scented ones are my fave! They sent me a 15 count pack of each scent as well as some sachets of each scent as well.

I don't have any allergies but man oh man... when I was pregnant these would have been perfect! I had a constant stuffy nose...and these menthol ones would have save my nose from the pain it went through! Now that I've found these... there is no way I'm ever using a regular tissue again. Even those ones... with the lotion in it... (the ones that leave you feeling greasy after)... never... ever....again. Plus... these aren't medicated.. so next baby... guess what I'm stocking up on! LOL!

Thank you to Achooz (and Boogie Wipes) for making yet ANOTHER product I'm addicted to!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Muffymade - Product Review

Muffymade was nice enough to create a Custom Family Portrait for me :) This type of drawing can be ordered on address labels, stationary cards, notepads or even chocolates! How cute do we look? LOL. Even the dog and cat had their place.

Muffymade can print your design (or the ones available on their site) on cards, tags... mugs...even lip gloss. Check them out and see all their cute ideas... it will give you some really good ideas for gifts and get your creative juices going... gifts for family...friends...for Christmas.. Birthdays... even Weddings favours! Their wrapping paper... is SUPER CUTE! They've also been chosen to be in Today's Parent (September's Issue)...that's awesome!

Thanks Muffymade for doing this for us! Check them out everyone!

For more information and ordering please visit


Kidorable - Product Review and Giveaway!

I received 3 products from Kidorable... and they are just that... ADORABLE!!! I received a Raincoat (with hanger), an Umbrella and a pair of Rain Boots in their Butterfly style. "M" is a little small still for their 2T sizing... but man.. did she look cute in all of it!

The Raincoat has a polyester lining and is made of PVC. The little butterfly appliques are super cute... and colourful! "M" thought she was paying dress-up rather than getting dressed to go outside. I loved the hanger too.. they are made of wood and perfect size to keep the jacket from falling off or making indents in the shoulders of the jacket.

The Rain Boots are AWESOME! "M" can put them on and off all by herself...and she liked stomping around in them even though they're still a little too big for her. I love the toes of the shoes where the little butterflies are... they even have antennas.... they were well thought out to every last detail. The tread on the bottom of the boots are really deep too... so I can totally picture her splashing around in the rain and mud with them on.

Lastly, I received an Umbrella...sticking with the butterfly theme.. it was also purple. I liked that the umbrella had the standard shape but the top of it was fun and interactive. The wings stand up a bit and the antenna stick up too! I thought that was a really cute touch.

Kidorable also carries backpacks...towels and a bunch of other cute accessories! There are also other styles for both boys and girls including....a pirate, cat, fairy, bee, ladybug, fireman and frog.
Thank you to Kidorable for letting be do a review.... "M" had a blast with everything.. I have the peace of mind that she'll stay dry on those rainy days!

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Contest Closed November 6th!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mommy Mitten - Product Review

I got to test out a Mommy Mitten! What is it? Its a fleece lined...water resistant... insulated hand warmer for the handle bar of your stroller. There is a zipper pocket on the outside as well for any lose objects.. it was perfect for my cell and keys (so I didn't have to search through the diaper bag). I like that when I put it on the stroller I didn't have to worry about gloves... and that the Velcro was it didn't come undone. I liked that it was easy to take on and off too.... perfect for the cold nights at baseball... I can keep it on my lap to keep my hands I got the blue lined one... but it does come in pink as well :)

The only issue I had was that I have a Graco stroller...that has a plastic holder for sunglasses that hangs down... the Mommy Mitten fit over the holder...but I didn't like it like that so I removed the holder... and I liked that I could keep the warmer horizontal. I'm making the suggestion that maybe there should be a strap to help with keeping it together when storing.. that would make an awesome addition (I used an elastic

Special thanks to Amy the founder of Active Urban Mom, LLC, and creator of Mommy Mitten for letting me do a review! The Mommy Mitten is great for my on-the-go lifestyle!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Orglamix Giveaway Winner is... Anonymous!

The Winner of the Orglamix giveaway is Anonymous with the email address of

I have emailed you and need to know: Your choice of any three colors from the Pure Organic Mineral Eye, Blush, Glow, Foundation or Color Corrector lines and your mailing address.

Thanks to everyone that participated... more AMAZING giveaways to come!!!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Soft Clothing - Product Review

Soft Clothing sent me a T-shirt that had "bling" printed on the front! The shirt is 100% cotton, is tagless (which I love).. and the design is SOOOO cute! It has printed silver charms and pearls... the print is done digitally and the ink is water based (which means its totally flat and wouldn't even know the printing was there). The shirt is super soft (they enzyme wash them to help in that area) and washes fantastically well!

I loved that it came in a reeeaalllly soft bag too! It's magenta in colour with a draw string at the top.. "M" liked putting her toys in the bag and carrying them around in her shopping I loved her in the T-shirt... still really big on her... but that's ok :) 

Soft Clothing carries a bunch of different styles.. .long sleeve..short.. skirts... pants...even socks! Their jeans...sooo cute! All their clothes are made for comfort.. large collars... flat seems etc. I want to wear their clothes I swear! They even have a printed T-shirt that have a tie on them... then if you pair it with one of the cardigans... omg. LOL. The clothing line helps with the children that have issues with any textures and "feels" of the clothing they where. Which, little did I know.. was actually common and is a common symptom of disorders like Autism. Soft Clothing donates a portion of their sales to organizations such as Autism Research as well. Wow! That's awesome!

Thank you Soft Clothing! "M" will be style'n in her new T!!!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Soft Clothing has put my review on their site! :) -  just hit the review tab alongside the product decription info! :)


Vive Vita - Product Review and Giveaway!

I was able to test out 2 different products from Vive Vita! I got to try their Bandettes and their Gripsterz. The Bandettes are rubber bracelet like labels for kids cups (they also have bottle ones). You can write on these bands which lets you  know who's-is-who's and what is what. I liked that these stayed on and the fact that I could take them off and wash them when needed. They're also great if your child had certain allergies too... there is a lot of space on the bands... plus... the writing comes off! I used a pen to write M's name on the set we got... all I had to do was rub the writing right off .... it was actually really easy. If you don't want the info to come off...use a sharpie... and it totally stays on. They totally come in fun colours..have cute animals on them...and "M" actually liked playing with them too. We opened the pink..purple and yellow set.... the other is up for grabs! :) These can be found at Babies R Us!

Gripsterz are a handle...that is attached to a tether... which can then clip to the stroller...or really... where ever you want. I liked this sooo much more than those kiddie leashes or back pack leashes. I totally understand why parents use them... but it really looks sooo sad when you see them being This has a ring at the end of the tether that has this hilarious monkey on it... both "M" and I found it It also has groves on the ring to make sure it doesn't slip out of their hands! These are only available on (for now)... so make sure you enter the contest to win one! I like that it came with a bag to store everything in.. there are 5 pieces in total... so you can lengthen or shorten the strap. I look forward to using this when "M" is a bit bigger... we tried it to practice her walking and she did ok... but she still has the wobbly walk... and she doesn't do it all the time... I know.. patience... lol.
Thanks to Vive Vita for letting me do a review and giveaway! Great products!

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum - Product Review & Giveaway!

I got to try out Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum.... what it is... a shave gel that helps remove ingrown hairs and bumps caused from shaving or waxing. It also makes the hair follicle straighter and softer to prevent those pesky ingrown hairs from coming back! I like the fact that this also doesn't clog your pores and cause acne.... which is great for my sensitive skin. It is also said to remove any dark spots or blemishes that you may have. It is 100% natural and includes lavender, sage and chamomile...which explains why it smells so good!

I was really impressed that this wasn't at all greasy or sticky. Sometimes products like these are a little goopy and yucky to put on...not in this case. I also liked that my skin felt smooth and "fresh"...after... had a bit of a cooling sensation to it. All you have to do is put it on after shaving or the morning and at night... et' voila! no bumps! I can't believe it actually worked....and it even left a bit of a shine on my legs which I really liked.

A ton of celebs love this product..... including Gisele Bundchen...and it's been in numerous magazines!
Thanks to Princereigns and Tomoson for letting me do this review :)

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BABY DINER - Product Review, Discount & Giveaway!

I got to test out a Baby Diner.... basically what it is is a plastic tray that has 2 suction cups on the bottom and one on the top to help keep your children's plate secure to the surface. It attaches to any plate, bowl etc. that has a smooth surface. Little Miss "toss everything on the floor" was stumped by this for the first little while, then figured out how to take her plate off it (go I'm going to try a few more times, I found the product really easy to use and to put together (there is only 5 pieces). Tere is also a clamp version available :) of this product if that is something that interests you. I like the idea of this product... and it's really easy to clean. I hope "M" quits throwing her dinner on the floor. She's done it forever...and really the dog is putting on some weight...LOL.

I would have really liked to see the product come in different colours too... maybe that's something Baby Diner could do in future... even some cute patterns would be awesome!
They are offering a 50% off discount for my is for a limited time... so if you think this is something that you totally need....jump on the chance to pick one up for half price! (regular price is $14.99) - please visit for the discount :)
I did this review through Tomoson... special thanks to them and Baby Diner for letting me do the review :)

For more information please visit their website...and don't forget to take a look at the videos testing the product. "M" is more sneaky when she throws stuff...unlike some of these little messes :)
Contest Closed October 23rd!

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Baby Essence - Product Review

Baby Essence
I got to try out a stroller blanket from Baby Essence! I can't believe Natasha makes everything on her site... I'm crazy jealous... and she made it the same day! AMAZING service! I got to pick out the material for the front, back and even the trim as well as what I wanted on the blanket. I can't believe you can totally customize your order!  I LOOOVE that they allow you to do that. I find that anytime I see something I sorta-like... there's always something... that I'm not sold on...this way.. you get exactly what you ask for :) I picked a soft blue front with the floral print you see as the backing and M's name (like the Taylor example). I also picked blue satin trim. All I have to say... I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! "M" loves it too! When I gave it to her she gave it a hug and a kiss... how cute is that! LOL!!!

Baby Essence does anything...from totes and blankets to teddies and bandannas....Natasha even surprised me with a travel mug... with my name on it :) (thank you btw...LOVE IT! I'll never have my mug stolen at Starbucks again.... and... yes.. that did actually that's a whole different story!)

You HAVE to check them out... prices are great... the quality is awesome... and their products make perfect gifts (especially for new babies... and milestone birthdays... check out the onsies!! -super cute!) I can't believe how fast everything was made too...shipping was fast... and Baby Essence is Canadian!!! YAY!

Baby Essence's products... are totally going on the LIST! Anything in future that I need personalized is totally going through them...without a doubt! Thank you soooo much Natasha! The stroller blanket is the new fave in this house and my mug is a must have in my bag...I'm not leaving home without it! Check out the Facebook page everyone... you won't regret it  :)

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Puddles Collection Giveaway Lydia!

The winner of the Puddles Collection Giveaway is Lydia! An email was sent to you...please let me know where I can have them ship your prize :)

Thanks to everyone who entered :) - don't forget there are 2 more giveaways ending October 9th!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Templeton Silver - Product Review

Templeton's sent me one of their Heirloom Bijou Bracelet in the sterling silver... pink cat eye pattern. Basically what it is... is a soother clip that has a small and a large lobster claw clasp..on either end. The small one is where you add the "choo-choo" (in our case) and then clip the small claw to thesilver beads at the beginning of the holder. At the other end is the large lobster claw clasp that you use to clip onto your little one. No more "choo-choo" ??? No worries.. you can convert it into a bracelet...and then Mom can wear it all the time :)

"M" figured out the clasp right away... which I actually thought was pretty funny... because it held on really well, so I was surprised she could get it off. Once she forgot about stayed put! Templeton Silver has a bunch of other colours like blue and green....even pearls and crosses. This would have been perfect for her Baptism... she didn't have a nice soother clip... I wish she would have had this then! So pretty!

I received a silver cleaning cloth with it too... which was great!  Everyone knows how hard it is to keep sterling silver clean! Now I'll be able to keep it from tarnishing, so she can use it when she gets dressed It's so pretty I'm almost scared to use it! These soother holders carry 85% less bacteria than fabric or plastic ones.... would you have even known that? Yuck! Now I'm on a hunt to sterilize all her "choo-choo" holders... I wash them regularly...but knowing that...just gave me the heebie-geebies! LOL.

Oh... you know what else is really cool?? Dr. Phil's granddaughter and Matthew McConaughey's daughter have the same one we got! How cool is that? Take a peek at their website...they have some really pretty stuff... and everything is sterling silver!

Thank you Templeton Silver... it's really pretty and totally functional!

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RiNGLEY - Product Review & Discount Code!!

RiNGLEY sent me a Junior teether. It's actually really cool... there is a Maple ring (untreated of course) that is attached to a cloth (actually, terrycloth...that is 100% organic).... which is attached with a velcro strap. It has 2 knots in the material which "M" liked to chomp on (her eye teeth have just broken her gums are really bothering her). I wet the cloth with cold looked like it took the swelling away.. even stuck it in the freezer for a quick sec. The ring is really smooth.. "M" liked carrying it around and wearing it like a bracelet..LOL. It washed really well didn't pill or anything...and I didn't do anything different other than throwing it in with her regular wash.

I love that there were no dyes and everything is natural...and super soft! You really need to be careful with children's toys these days.... you always hear about recalls... and problems with paint that toys are painted with...its nice not to have to worry...and that "M" had fun with it... and that it actually served a function. They have 4 different styles... the junior, which I got... a straight one...a knotted one and a ball.  They are all handmade in Toronto, Canada (woot-woot!). Make sure you check out their website...and all the awards they have won!!!

RiNGLEY has been nice enough to give my readers a 10% discount at!! Enter 10offnow thanks RiNGLEY
Thanks RiNGLEY for letting "M" try out a Junior... she LOVES IT!

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