Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cake Lingerie - Review and Giveaway!!!

I received a set from Cake Lingerie. They sent me their Velvet Delight "My Bust" bra and matching bottom. The lines are designed in Australia and have been worn by quite a few stars..which makes it pretty cool! Basically the "My Bust" technology gives women a bra that has an adjustable band... you can wear it while pregnant, nursing and even after having your baby. Where the bra attaches there are 6 different sizes you can use.. so it will fit through the duration of your pregnancy as well as while nursing! It also has the easy clip front for breast feeding... and the snaps are really strong. The set is really pretty... a lot of lace... a few bows and a strong under-wire to help with support. The straps are nice and thick...have a bit of padding to them and the band felt comfortable as well.

The matching bottoms were really pretty too...just not my preferred style of bottoms so I'm not sure if these will be used as much as the bra The quality of the set is awesome...the inner cup is 100% cotton... and the rest is a mix of nylon and spandex. Overall the entire set was really soft and comfortable... they have some really cute stuff! This set was part of the newer "Birthday Collection"... the also carry Turkish Delight which is the other version of the Velvet Delight I received. Both bras range from a 32B-38I. Oh and
they have some other styles and have sleepwear too!

Thanks so much to Cake Lingerie for sending me a set and offering a giveaway :)

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What's up for grabs??? A Velvet or Turkish Delight set!!! 
Contest Closed March 26th!!!


31 Thermal Tote Winner is.... Aileen!!!

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Green Snuzzle Me Winner is ..... Jenn!!

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Power Capes Giveaway Winner is...... Cassie!

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Thanks to everyone for entering! Looks like there was a lot of interest..... so.. I'll spill the beans a bit... stay tunes for ANOTHER Power Capes Giveaway... will be coming up soon ;) 


Friday, February 25, 2011

Dove Ultimate - Product Review

I received "Natural Fresh" and "Wild Rose Scent" antiperspirant from Dive. They have a new line called Ultimate Visibly Smooth which helps you feel "Stubble Free". It contains ad Pro-Epil Complex that has moisturizers and includes naturally-sourced extracts. It is said to help both the look and feel of underarm hair, 24 hour odor/wetness protection and also has a clinical-protection version. I tried the Natural Fresh version and passed on the Wild Rose Scent to a friend to try out. I noticed my skin was smoother...or at least felt that way after a few days.

Personally... I thought the Wild Rose Scent was a little too floral for my taste but my friend had no problem with it. The Natural Fresh kind of smelled like a popular fabric softner I use... so I liked this one the best. I've asked a few other people to check out this and let me know what they think. Overall I don't really have a specific brand I choose over any others... however... I think I'd buy this again.

Thanks to Dove and BzzAgent for letting me do this campaign :)

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Bright Baby Tees (Tomoson) - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received a t-shirt from Bright Baby Tees. The shirt is 100% organic and the printing is done with non-toxic ink. Their shirts are all educational... I received a gray alphabet version of the shirt which has the alphabet with a picture of something starting with the corresponding letter. Right away "M" started naming off all the things she could recognize right away... it's like having flash cards on your least it was for me.

All their shirts have visual stimulation for eager little minds to soak up...and they come in both adult and kid sizes. I really liked that they use tear away labels and that they are pre-shrunk. The shirt is super soft.... comfortable and the fact that "M" found it interesting was awesome. I found myself having to tell "M" what each picture was that she didn't know and the game went on all day. Within a few minutes I could ask her where something was and she could point it out to me with no problems.

Thanks to Bright Baby Tees and Tomoson for letting me do the review :)

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What's up for grabs??? Your own Bright Baby Tee!
Contest Closed March 12th!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eco Lips - Review and Giveaway!!!

Eco Lips sent me a bunch different lip balms to try out. I received 2 Sheer Luminescent Mineral-Tinted Lip Balms in Rose Quartz and Sugar Plum, a Delicious Pure and Simple in Tasty Grape, a SPF 15 Berry Lip Balm with and Eco Clip Carabiner and a Gold Balm (woohoo! I love gloss and lip moisturizers...there's always at least 3 in every bag I have).

Sheer Luminescent Mineral-Tinted Lip Balms in Rose Quartz and Sugar Plum are  both flavored with vanilla, and are made with certified organic oils, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E etc. The Rose Quartz is my fave... gives a little pink shimmer and the Sugar Plum gives a berry tint which I liked for running out to the store.

The Delicious Pure and Simple in Tasty Grape is awesome! Certified organic....sunflower oil, beewax, grape flovoring and Vitamin E allows "M" to wear it without me having to think twice about it. She's hilarious... she's always made me put lip balm on her... and really.. I've always used Burts Bees on her... now... definitely switching... this one had so much more flavor than what we were using and it stuck around longer. She calls them "Chappies" ... can I complain that she's starting to get a little girly on me? nahh...

The SPF 15 Berry Lip Balm with Eco Clip Carabiner is awesome! Mind you.. I love the carabiner It holds the tube perfectly... and you can have your lip balm whenever you need it...just pull and the cap stays in the flexible holder. When you're ready to change out your flavor you can squeeze the top and pop the tube out including the cap. I love berry anything... so I'm probably more picky about this one... .love that its all certified organic...and has SPF 15... I think it smells strawberry-ish with a cherry after scent..if that makes any

The Gold Balm is unflavored certified organic.... not gonna lie.... I love the flavored ones... but this one is perfect for right before bed to moisturize while you sleep....I swear... every night!

Thanks Eco Lips for sending me out some new "Chappies" to try out! Both "M" and I loved them!

For more information and ordering please visit or
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What's up for grabs??? A Gold Balm on an Eco Clip (Open to Canada/U.S)
Contest Closed March 12th!!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh how the tables have turned!

New post is up on Oh Baby!

Everyone take a peek!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Sprouting Jube Jube - Product Review and Giveaway!!!

Sprouting Jube Jube was nice enough to send me a pair of bloomers for "M". I received pink and brown pied de poule print.... the ruffle bottom is sooo cute! They're a bit big on little miss no butt... but she was able to take them on and off....they even ended up on her head as she ran around yelling "hat...pwitty hat!".... I couldn't even think of taking them away from!

The fabric is awesome... it washed really well... the stitching held....the elastic waistband and leg holes bounce back to their original shapes. I think these would be really cute with a ribbon running through the waistband too... like how some of the tutus have them...or maybe a tiny bow at the front... would be really cute.

I can't wait to see what other patterns Deborah has up her sleeves for her bloomers.... Sprouting Jube Jube... also carries...bibs...receiving blankets (over-sized)... crib bedding and hooded towels... take a peek at the Etsy site... the patterns that they have I haven't seen anywhere before... and they're super cute and fun!

Thanks Deborah for M's "ruffle bum".... we haven't reviewed anything like these before and you did an awesome job!

For more information and ordering please visit
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What's up for grabs??? Your very own pair of bloomers for your little one!
Contest Closed March 19th!!!!


kate quinn organics Canada - Product Review

I received a Velour Jumper  from kate quinn organics. All their products are 100% certified organic are made in India...and are crazy cute! The jumper is sleeveless so... it leaves it open to a ton of different options and styles. First thing I did was wash it.... and it came out perfect... still super soft and none of the stitching let go. There are a ton of ways to dress this up or down... I put "M" in it with a long sleeve shirt and a pair of tights and she looked so cute.... you can always put a collared shirt or blouse under it to dress it up. This piece is really versatile... "M" can totally wear it for different occasions and probably for at least a year too.....

"M" looked like she was really comfortable in this dress.... the arms weren't cut too deep so it didn't droop or look uneven on her. The length was a bit too long for her right now...but that's just because she's not quite a 2T yet... just means she can wear it longer :)

You have to check them out... I'm totally in love with the Cowgirl Dress in black plaid! SO CUTE! They have a ton of really cute layette patterns and colors....bedding... jackets....skirts....tops...pants...and a fairly large sale section too! (Bonus!)

Thanks so much to kate quinn organics..... "M" finally has her very own little black dress!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Sweaty Bands - Product Review

I  received a thin and a thick headband from Sweaty Bands. Sweaty Bands are headbands for sports and fitness keep your hair looking the way it should... while you get sweaty! The thin one I got was the Rock Solid Skinny in black (1 inch)...and the large one is Chakra Dots (1 1/2 inch).The small one fits in my hair perfectly...and stays put. The ribbon they use for the exterior is great quality and they have a ton of prints and solids to choose from. 

 The inside of the band has a velvety texture... and the elastic that connects the 2 sides is surprisingly strong. I also noticed that these bands were a lot tighter that some of the other ones I've tried... which also helps it to stay in place.

I found that the larger one was too wide for my head where it would be comfortable for long period of didn't really stay flat the whole time. The Chakra Dot pattern was a little too funky for me. It has multi-colored polka dots...with a neon orange inside... my cousin "N" would totally be into it... so I'll be passing that one on to her... she's got a ton of hair like I do... and she'll look great at yoga class in she's 6 years younger than me so she can pull it 

Sweaty Bands do team headbands which would have totally been ordered when I use to play softball when I was younger..... or I can totally see a little soccer team wearing them... so cute. Every month online they do a 6 pack promo where you get 15% off the 6 pack! So stock up when you get the chance :)

Overall.. I will be wearing my thin black one during my yoga sessions and playing ball this year...and I'm sure  my cousin will sport it when she hits the gym! Thank you Sweaty Bands!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

organicKidz Giveaway Winner is.....LPY!!

Congratulations to LPY winner of the organicKidz giveaway! Please respond to my email with your address and what color bottle you would like!

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Glad everyone liked this giveaway! I love this bottle!


Toggle Bandz Giveaway Winner is...... Marci J!!!

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My Sunshine Designs Winner is.... Tabitha Pye!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bugalug - Product Review

I received a Wrist Cuff and an Adjustable Headband from Bugalug. The adjustable headband is a one inch satin ribbon with cute little butterflies all over it. The print is really cute... it is adjustable... and I like that "M" could take it on and off herself. It stayed well in her hair because of the thickness of the ribbon. They have sizes from 0 months to 6 years.... but if you'd like a larger size they give you the option of contacting them too :)

The wrist cuff I received was in the same pattern as the happy I got a matching set.. .they'll look great on her with a pink top and skinny The cuff itself is made of recycled ultra-suede....has a ruffle around the edges and a clip to close it. This was a bit big on "M" her tiny arms and hands could slip it on and off... so I used it as an anklet and it was adorable. Hmmm... maybe they should start making them... about 1/2 the thickness of the cuff...oooOOooo... ya!! LOL... If they start making them... we should have a lifetime supply....  ;)

Bugalug carries a ton of different products.... soother clips.... cinch clips... belts and a ton of other hair accessories. They have some cute patterns and even some cute belts just for Mom. Thanks to Bugalug for sending "M" some new accessories to sport this spring!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Super Baby Food - Product Review

I received probably the best baby food book I've seen in a looong time. It's by Ruth Yaron and it's called "Super Baby Food"... it's just under 600 pages... packed full of recipes, storage info, feeding tips (which I studied ) issues with choking hazards and allergies... I could go on and on.

 They even have a diet worksheet available for free online... click HERE... I found it useful to use when trying to plan out what "M" (and us for that matter) was going to eat for the day. I made "M" some Fruit Leather... using the super easy literally 1 paragraph recipe..... and she loved them! Basically fruit leather is like fruit roll-ups... or like those on-the-go flat fruit... who knew it was sooo easy to make? Like really... plus I didn't add any sugar... used organic goodies...and they turned out great! I also liked the info on adding fruit to yogurt... or cottage cheese... which I found useful for myself..while tying to eat healthier. My favorite part of the book...well that worked well for us...was the toddler hors d'oeuvres.... I made a handful of them and she totally gobbled them up. The best part is... is "M" is a the type of kid that's always on the go... so trying to get her to sit down long enough to actually eat a meal is a total joke.... she will eat all day if she could...but it's on her terms and her schedule. That's why making her little snack trays at each corner of the coffee table...worked perfectly to get her to eat more.

I also love the arts and craft sections... I've been looking for ways to use all of M's broken crayons and sure enough... there were suggestions and fun projects....we also liked the bubble painting..and mosaic art ideas!

I'm still going through this book... but I can't put it down... I've highlighted... used tabs... sticky notes... you name it... I have it sticking out of the book in all Thank you to Super Baby Food for sending me the new toddler feeding "bible" in this house!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Pillow Pets - Product Review

I was so glad to receive 2 PillowPets in the mail for "M". The funniest thing too... we have a family story that goes back to when I was young about us running in to a family of moose while heading up to Muskoka.... that was when our "Moose fixation" did "M" not get a Chocolate Moose (large size)!!! LOL... I swear I didn't pick it out... even though it would have totally been that one if I had the choice!!! So..... do I love it because it's a moose? ...yes... is it a chenille...soft.... and turns from a cuddly stuffed animal to a pillow to relax and even nap with? yes!...oh... and it can totally be put in the washing machine too! woot!

"M" also received a small PillowPet too! Funny part.... it has yet another silly story behind it which happened to be another total coincidence! "M" is not only obsessed with Sesame Street... but she has a thing for bunnies for some reason...the hubby always wanted one growing I'm sure he passed this love down to her. Needless to say.... every pet store... every bunny on TV... or in a book.. she needs to show to everyone that will humor her how cute it is! She scrunches her nose up...and makes a "sniff sniff sniff" sound... hilarious! This was perfect size for her to carry around and snuggle with on the go!

Now that I blabbed about how My Pillow Pets totally read my mind for this review... I think I'll tell you more about them! LOL. The strap on the end of the pillow has velcro on it.... it sticks to the other end of the pillow, folding it in half and leaving someone to cuddle with.... ready for a nap?... undo the velcro... and it turns into a flat pillow. They thought of everything.... even the little piece of fabric to cover the itchy side of the me... this impressed They have a huge selection of animals...reptiles and even dinosaurs and many to choose from.... and they come in large or small sizes. They also carry backpacks, blankets, slippers and neck many choices... all made of the same materials... such a great gift.

Huge thanks to Michael for sending "M" out 2 pillow pets...and picking the 2 that would fit in perfectly with our quirky family! LOL!!!

For more information and ordering please visit


Strawesome - Review and Giveaway!!

I received a "Just for Kids" straw from Strawesome. Now... you're probably thinking... um... you're reviewing a really? Yes... really... and it's not like any other straw. It is a glass.... straw.... yep... glass! It's about 6" and has a bend in it to make it easy for the little ones to use... and really "M" had no problem because she's a pro with a straw. The one I received has a yellow swirl with red dots.... the swirl helps it from rolling off the table.... each are different... so... everyone knows who's is who's...and I really like how unique it is. These are handmade by a SAHM (Stay at home Mom)... so I can appreciate the beauty, functionality and supporting a working Mom... imagine if even 1 person in every family gave up using plastic straws? No more buying boxes of straws... and no more throwing the used ones out!

Now...your probably thinking... how safe are these for kids to use....well the glass is actually borosilicate glass tubing... which is super strong... I can't even bite through it if I really tried... so no worries about them doing it. It is non-toxic... and can be used for both hot or cold drinks...including milk shakes...wink..wink...LOL. It is dishwasher safe.... and if you aren't in love with it... they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee....and a lifetime guarantee from it breaking! They'll actually replace it if you manage to break it. You can purchase cleaning brushes too if you'd like... but for every 4 you buy you receive a free brush! Custom orders are welcome too... so ahem... I have a rather "big" birthday this year.... lol... if anyone is looking for an "idea"... wink-wink... blue is my fave color! LOL.

These are great for going to restaurants and you can even buy a carrying case for it! They have a ton of other straws... skinny... smoothie...regular... bubble tea (yum!) even cocktail ones! There's a bunch of styles and colors to choose from too!

I found myself being the one to use this...and now it's dubbed "Mommy's Straw" "M"...LOL.

Thanks Strawesome!

For more information and ordering please visit
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What's up for grabs??? Your very own "artist's choice" Strawesome!Contest Closed March 12th!!!!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

NiNi - Product Review and Giveaway!!!

I was sent a NiNi Toy Bungee.... it is  an adjustable Toy Bungee that fits on pretty much seat.... whatever! It's easy to attach...wrap the strap (anchor) around whatever you'd like...and pull the clip through the hole. Then wrap the strap with the adjustable buttons around the object and secure it... then all you have to is clip the anchor to the strap and you're done. It can be hand non-toxic....and is small and not over-powering.

I liked that this was the first strap I tried that was not material... it's a type of plastic which makes it totally fantastic...LOL. Something gets spilled on it... np.. just wipe it off....that feature was my fave! So simple.  The buttons are part of the don't worry about ever losing them.... and the clip to snap the anchor to the strap is small... so "M" couldn't undo it...therefor... it's not broken. LOL. They come in 4 colors... is a bit stretchy and has 6 different lengths to adjust to.

Thanks NiNi for sending me out one of your award winning straps and offering a giveaway! Our strap will be well used this summer at's the only strap that doesn't drag her sippy on the ground in her umbrella stroller! (This is a big me!) LOL

For more information and ordering please visit
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What's up for grabs??? Your own NiNi! (Winner chooses color!)
Contest Closed March 12th!!


Easter Costume (Tomoson) - Product Review

I received the Elite Lil Bunny Infant Costume for "M" from Wholesale Costume Club. OMG.... it was the cutest thing ever! It has a 1 piece jumpsuit.... slipper/feet... a hat that has a bunny face, and ears on it... and even a stuffed carrot for her to carry around. Holy smokes was she cute in this! I got her the 2T size... fits her great... but big enough that I'm hoping she'll fit in it for Halloween! The hat is my fave!... it has the bunny nose and even 2 front teeth... the details are awesome... and the pricing is even better! I can't wait to take her Easter pics in this... OMG!!! She kept running away from the camera when I tried to take her pic... all I saw was this fluffy little tail booking it down the hall... it was hilarious!

They have a ton of designs to choose from HERE to take a look at all their Easter costumes!! SOOOOO cute! I'm more than sure that there is something for everyone, young and old.... and their sales are awesome! I keep taking a look at their Elmo...and thinking I should pick one up for her for her birthday... but I'm afraid she'll get scared of it...because she doesn't even like tickle me Elmo... so I don't want to scar her for life by having Elmo show up at her party! LOL

Huge thanks to Wholesale Costume and Tomoson.. for letting me do the Easter costume review... its cute and the quality is great.

For more information and ordering please visit

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.


eQua Plus Towel - Product Review

I received an eQua Plus Towel from Manduka! Now that everyone is asking for fitness products... I figured that they would have a perfect product to do a review on. The eQua Plus Towel is for your yoga mat and is "infused with natural coconut carbon fibers" (straight from their website...its called COCONA...from recycled coconut shells...which keeps them out of landfills...which makes it super eco-friendly!).... The COCONA helps with odor and allows the towel to dry better while making sure that you don't slip. It also helps eliminate any bacteria that can build up in your towel...making it perfect for a home with a toddler...

The towel is huge! Perfectly fits to the length of my yoga mat... keeps my hands and feet from slipping...and really can be used for anything. I'm dying to try hot yoga..and this would be perfect.... because the microfibers will lock in the moisture.... but won't let my hands or feet slip off it. I like the fact that the towel can be used wet or dry...the color is vibrant...I received "Orchid"...and even though I'm not a girly girl.... I liked the raspberry-ish color. Its machine washable.... and you can hang dry or tumble in the machine. Actually it washed well... the color didn't fade and the stitching around the entire towel was still in it looks like this towel will last me a long I have to figure out which yoga mat to get (my back is killing me with the one I have)... so I'll be looking for other reviews on which one I should buy :)

Thanks to Manduka for sending me literally the only towel I will ever use at the gym again..... it's my new fave!

For more information and ordering please visit
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The Belly Charms Winner is.................Nelly!

Congratulations to comment #99!! I've sent you an email, please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize!

I love that everyone was interested in this giveaway! Many more to come!

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Skin MD Giveaway winner is..... redi2adopt!

Congratulations to redi2adopt! You've won a bottle of Skin MD! Please respond to the email I sent you within 48 hours!

Thanks everyone for participating!

redi2adopt said...23
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The Zuvo Giveaway Winner is....missbobloblaw!

Congratulations to missbobloblaw! You have won the Zuvo giveaway! Please respond to the email I sent you within 48 hours :)

I'm glad there was a lot of interest in this giveaway! Keep entering the other ones :)

missbobloblaw said...128
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Kidorable Ballet Umbrella Winner is...... Anonymous!

Comment #19 is the winner... email Everyone... please... put your names when entering the contests...'ve already sent you an email..please provide shipping details within 48 hours :)

Thanks everyone :)
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Darling Littles - Product Review

I received 2 hats for review from Little Darlings. I was sent a white acrylic knit newsboy style as well as a blue/denim colored cotton knit beanie. The white newsboy is totally my fave! I love how it looks on "M"... like the purple (with white polka dot) buttons on either side... and it's really soft. It can be washed in cool/warm water and set out to air dry (you can also stick it in the machine... once in a while too!).

The blue(denim) beanie is really sweet.... "M" wouldn't take it off and was wearing it around the house all day... lol. Heather put a white daisy with a yellow button center to finish it off. This one has similar washing instructions as the acrylic one even though it is 100% cotton. I love that I don't have to fuss with either of them, "M" keeps them on and they fit her great.

Heather was awesome to work with... each hat is perfectly hand made....and she was open to whichever colors and style I was interested in. I've attached some pics for you to see the styles that I received... but there are soooo many other styles and colors on her site.

She also made these really quickly... I was totally impressed and jealous...LOL. There is one on her site... called the bright wool newborn beanie its to DIE for!!! Tell me it's not the cutest thing you've ever seen! Heather makes a lot of hats for photographers... and I can see why. They shoot beautifully in pictures... are super cute... and literally... she didn't miss a stitch! The details are awesome... right down to the band across the newsboy one and the ruffle bottom of the beanie.

Huge thank you to Heather! If I ever start getting into photography... you'll definitely get a call for me for some props!

For more information and ordering please visit


InstantPeel Natural Exfoliant (Tomoson) - Product Review

I received a 6 pack of InstantPeel... a  natural exfoliant that peals off any dead skin you may have on your face. Some of the ingredients include.... protein and enzyme extracts, calcium carbonate and purified water... it also stops working once all the dead skin has been I put it to the test!

What you do is you take a pack in the shower with you and let your face steam for about 5 min....then you put some of the peel on and massage it in a back and forth motion...then you move to the next section of your face... doing little by little. Once you're done.. wash the rest off and rinse. It specifically says that this product isn't to be used as a mask...and only on moist skin... so that's exactly what I I don't mess around with this stuff! LOL. In the winter I usually get dry patches on the apples of my cheeks... but find if I use face cream... I look and feel greasy all day. This peel actually took off the flaky skin I had... honestly.. I was totally surprised... I didn't have to use any abrasive scrubs or anything... it totally worked. I'm glad it was safe for my sensitive skin... didn't burn... and didn't smells like other peels.... it smelled good... not chemically at all! My skin also looked fresh after.... like I had just been to the "good" spa... lol. They do carry some other products like eye creams etc..... and really for the price you'd pay for the pack of 6... would maybe get you 1 facial done at the spa...but have the same results...

Thanks to InstantPeel and Tomoson for letting me do the review and for getting my skin through the winter!

For more information and ordering please visit

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.


BrytonPick (Tomoson) - Product Review

I received a 2 pack of BrytonPicks. They are string free floss... reusable... and can be taken anywhere. If you have braces... no problem... I don't but I can see how it wouldn't get stuck in them like regular floss would. They come sterilized... are good for 30 days and can be washed after each use...and comes with a pouch to help keep it clean.

I was surprised that it worked... I hate flossing..but do... lol... this was great to have available on the go... so right after I have a bite out.. I can slip away and not have to deal with the mess of regular floss. Plus.. because I floss on a regular basis... it was easy to use and I didn't have any problems right from the beginning. It is made from recycled material...have flexible stainless steel edges and comes in different colors too (I received a red and a blue one).

Thanks to BrytonPick and Tomoson for letting me do the review :)

For more information and ordering please visit

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Luna B Tee Giveaway Winner is.....skipthelaundry

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Libre Tea Giveaway Winner is..... John!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

TBR Photography (Portrait) - Product Review

Tracy from TBR Photography was nice enough to come over to my place and take some pics of  M for us! She was awesome to work with... my crazy little Tasmanian devil was throwing every temper tantrum she had at us... and without fail Tracy pulled out some awesome shots!

Tracy was not only patient with little miss cranky pants... but was able to make her giggle  and do anything silly to get the shots we needed. I think this may come from having 2 kids of her own... it was great! She brought a ton of props to use... including backgrounds....hats.... boas.... suitcase... and a ton of other stuff too! After all of that.. "M" had a fixation with her step stool.... LOL!!!

We "set up shop" in our kitchen of all things... moved the dining room table out and opened all the curtains to let in the natural light. She didn't even need to use the lighting she brought... and the pics turned out awesome! She can literally turn any room into a studio.... the pics that I showed some friends... literally thought we went somewhere to have them done.... so that shows you the quality and the professionalism of her work. I've added some pics into the post that are absolutely stunning... and totally feel that you need to see! She services the GTA... so if anyone is interested in getting some pics done... check her out!

Tracy also makes printing easily available to each client as well... for great prices...I was shocked to see how affordable it could be! She brought some sample books that she had designed and printed for clients and they were absolutely gorgeous!!!  I honestly think I had my jaw dropped the entire time. If personal touches are what your after, she is the photographer for you. If you buy a CD with your pictures on it... she has a personalized case made.... and I'm not talking about some cheap jewel case... they are printed on a type of canvas which is wrapped around a black... CD case... wow! Thinking you need thank you cards...or birth announcements? The quality of the stock exactly like buying a $5 card from Hallmark... I swear.

The pics she takes of newborns... are too die for! I think she can be the next Anne Geddes.. a few costumes and she's set! She also does maternity, babies, and family portraiture... beautiful! I'm counting down the days till I get to spend some more time with her and have some more pics taken!

Huge THANK YOU to Tracy for coming over and taking some shots of "M"... I know she was crazy.. but you totally handled it and got some great pics for us!

For more information and to book some time with Tracy visit
You can also follow her on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

** Tracy is also a part of the Helping Hearts (free photography sessions for families with sick children) you can find more info at **


Life Choice Foods - Product Review

We received a ton of stuff to try from Life Foods. We got to try out a pack of All Beef Hot Dogs, A bag of Chicken Nuggets, a 4 pack of Mini Cheese Pizzas, a box of Italian Meatballs, a Family Cheese Pizza, and 3 different types of Macaroni and Cheese.

The Chicken Nuggets were a hit in this fam... because really... that's all "M" ever eats... even if I make pork or another meat... I bread them and throw them in the over like except steak... she loves steak for some I even stuck them in the oven with some of my fresh tomato sauce and a little mozzarella to make her mini chicken parms... she basically licked the plate clean! All their chicken products (strips, nuggets and burgers) are a source of omega-3 (flax)... fibre...iron.. no animal by-products.. and the chickens are vegetable grain fed. The coating is multi-grain with flax, oats and whole grains....and there aren't any trans fats. There is also no sugar or preservatives or hydrogenated oils in the products... including their fish sticks and fillets.

The mini pizzas don't have any additives or preservatives...have omega 3 and 6, fibre, iron, calcium and potassium. The crust is a 7 Ancient Grain crust... which I actually liked... I gave "M" some for lunch one day and she wasn't 100% sold but I was...mind you I always get "light on the cheese" when we ever order pizza (we like to make home made) so cheese pizza is not my thing.. I threw some veggies on it and it was awesome. The do carry mini veggie deluxe and mini pepperoni pizzas too. The Large 3 cheese pizza, the hubby and little miss split one night... she wasn't sold on this one either but he said it was good. He likes thin crust pizza and a ton of cheese so he gobbled up the rest of it. Any veggies Life Choices use in their products are all organic... awesome!

The Hot Dogs got totally devoured by "M".. so those will be on our shopping list on a regular basis! The are all beef... only prime cuts... veg grain hormones or antibiotics...and are gluten and peanut free. I'm glad I got to try these out... she loves hot dogs... so we've been giving her turkey or chicken ones, it's nice to have a healthy option for the beef version.

The Italian Meatballs don't have any preservatives, artificial flavors or colors (as with all their products) and have organic veggies in them. These were good.. but I found them really good if I broke them up and throw them in my fresh sauce... .literally I make sauce probably ever other week... ever since my aunt taught me m grandmother's sauce recipe... there has been absolutely no store bought sauce in this house... not that there was a ton before... we use to get it from a little pasta store fresh... but as you can imagine it's much more healthier to make it yourself...I was dying to get the recipe and one day when we were over at her place I remembered to ask her... since then... haven't looked back. LOL!!! I also made the hubby a meatball sauce... some fresh cheese...stuck it under the broiler.. and viola!

Lastly we received 1 of each pack of organic macaroni and Cheese. One was the regular elbow noodles with cheddar cheese.... one was with white cheddar and the last was shells with flax and white cheddar sauce. Each are a source of fibre, calcium, iron, and protein. "M" ate up the orange cheddar ones... but nothing with the white cheddar. I thought they were ok... and hubby who is the KD connoisseur said they were good, so I think she may just not have a thing for white cheddar sauces (I really don't either).

Life choices also carry pierogies, cookies, fish sticks, fish fillets, chicken burgers and chicken strips. I can totally see us re-buying the hot dogs and chicken nuggets to satisfy "M" when she's being picky....while easing my mind by knowing exactly is going into what I am feeding her.

Huge thanks to Life Choices Canada for letting us try all these quick healthy meal options! Life Choices does have an Ambassador Program if anyone is interested.... let me know.. I'm thinking about it too :)

For more information and ordering please visit
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time to Bust my Butt into Gear..and Back into my Skinny Jeans!

New post is up on Oh Baby!

Hope I can find a few people that are in the same position I am.... good to have some support!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tiny Tokens Designs - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I had the pleasure of review a custom piece of jewelry from Tiny Tokens Designs. I opened the little box that was wrapped in a cute ribbon...and my mouth hit the I received a hand stamped necklace.... complete with 6 different stamped pieces....2 in copper....2 in silver and 2 in brass. Everyone in the family had their own spot on a separate charm... it's honestly the most special piece I've had in a very long time... especially.. because it's just for me. These tiny little hand stamped pieces are quirky just like I am... and I really like that I can wear as many or as few at a time as possible (though I couldn't even think of separating them!)

The necklace even came with its own polish pad to keep it as sparkly as possible...even the chain I received with it is perfect for how delicate looking the charms are. I haven't seen anyone do such small hand stamped work... it's really nice that each piece is even in a different font... and there's even a few symbols on some of them to personalize it even more. Tiny Tokens Designs does rings...bracelets.... necklaces... cuff links.. earrings... the list goes on and on. Perfect gift....especially with Valentine's Day coming up!!!

Thank you Sandi for making me my new fave necklace that will definitely be a conversation piece! Its absolutely beautiful!

For more information and ordering please visit
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK

What's up for grabs??? Your own personalized necklace!
Contest Closed March 5th!!