Sunday, January 30, 2011

Naturalista Cosmetics - Product Review

I was approached by Naturalista Cosmetics to do a review for them... and man... I'm glad I was! I received 2 different products.... Organic Cocoa Butter, Peppermint Bath Crystals and Raw African Black Soap. Lets start with the Organic cocoa butter..... when I opened the pack I thought to myself... what do I do with this??... because it came in chunks... we all know that cocoa butter is known for fading stretch marks.. blemishes etc... but it's great for keeping your skin soft and looking great. This not melted or refined product is crazy! I pretty much rubbed it all over and it smelled fantastic... kept my skin soft and hopefully with time can fade some of my blemishes! This was awesome!! I've never seen anything like this before!

The next thing I tried was the peppermint bath crystals. It also came with massage and body brush. I love peppermint so this was perfect for me to stick in the tub and jump in for a 1/2 hour to relax. These crystals contain essential oils, sea salt and epsom salts.Peppermint is known to detox and relax your body... and boy was it nice after me doing a week detox to take a bath and have a soak. It also has vitamin E in it... so keeps your skin soft. The brush is made of boar bristles and has a pumice on the other was a nice added touch to the bath salts....and after my bath I felt awake and was awesome!

Finally the African Black Soap can be used on skin and your hair! This type of soap is used for helping skin and scalp irritations and acne etc. I did try it in my hair...typically I don't have scalp issues.. .but I figured I would give it a try :) My hair and skin felt really clean.... I liked it! I also liked that you could use this all over... face..legs... whatever! I felt fresh coming out of the shower...and my skin looked great! It even came with a little terry loofa to exfoliate my skin. I love how Naturalista Cosmetics add the little touches to fully enjoy their products. They also have a ton of other natural products to check out... make sure you stop by the website and take a look... there is something for everyone... and perfect for gift giving!

Huge thanks to Naturalista Cosmetics for opening my eyes to such raw and natural products! The Black African Soap and Pure Cocoa Butter are going on THE LIST!

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Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion - Product Review and Giveaway!

I received a bottle of Skin MD Natural Face, Hand and Body shielding Lotion as well as 2 sample packs of the Shielding Lotion with SPF 15. What this lotion does is heal damaged eczema... dry skin etc... and because it's all natural you can even use it for diaper rash and dry skin on your little ones! 

It's hypoallergenic fragrance free and there is no color added. I found that this worked great on my elbows...and M's little dry patches. I also noticed that when I used it on my face... it didn't make me break out..which was awesome...I typically don't use anything on my face that isn't part of my skin care regimen. 

I liked that it didn't feel greasy... kinda wished that there was a fragrance...but I'm just like that... I can see why it doesn't have a scent... especially because it is for skin irritations. I've used it also on my hands a lot while testing this product.... it keeps them soft....but typically I like a thicker lotion/cream on my hands...but like this type of lotion for my legs etc because it gets absorbed by the skin pretty quickly.

Their products are made in a 100% solar powered facility...which I thought was really cool...and I love that everything is all natural.

Thanks to Skin MD for contacting me to do this review and giveaway for you!

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What's up for grabs??? Your own Full Sized Bottle of Skin MD Natural!
Contest Closed February 12th!!


Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves Giveaway Winner is.....Baby Mama!

Congratulations to Baby Mama, comment #75! You've won the Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves Giveaway! I've already sent you an email, please reply back with your mailing address and which sleeves you would like. You have 48 hours to respond :)
Thank you everyone for entering....don't forget the TON of other giveaways in Feb.. .so far there is 12!!!


Sweet N'Cozy Giveaway Winner is.....Mama M!

Congratulations to Mama M comment #35! I've already sent you an email... please reply with your shipping address so I can have the owl pillow shipped out :) - you have 48 hours to respond!

 Thanks to everyone for entering!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

CitySlips - Product Review

I received a black pair of CitySlips from Three's Company Jewellery and Accessories for review. What they are... are ballet flats that can fold up and fit right in your purse! It comes with a great carrying case that can expand into a full reusable bag (sorry.. I was really impressed with how it unfolded and how much fit in Any wedding or event we ever go to I end up carrying a huge bag so I can fit a pair of flats in it once my feet get tired (which really... isn't that long.. I'm so out of practice! LOL). Now I can throw these in my smaller (and cuter) purses and can put my heels in the carrying pouch and be pain free for the rest of the night!

I liked that the flats fit great in the pouch too... they weren't bulky at all.. and really.. if someone looked in your bag.. it looks like a make-up bag. Both the bag and the shoes are made of a soft material that looks like leather... but not like cheap leather... if that makes any The CitySlips also come in silver and gold too! I got the plain black ones...but they also have snakeskin! Overall.. such a great saves room... saves your feet... and lets you enjoy yourself anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to Three's Company Accessories for sending me out my new fave accessory and staple in M's diaper bag! And its awesome that CitySlips was on the View!!!

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Lunch Punch - Product Review

I was sent 1 of each pack of sandwich punches from Lunch Punch.(wow! thanks so much!). Basically what these are.... plastic cutters (like cookie cutters) but larger (to fit a slice of bread)... they stamp shapes and designs... and even have little parts that are stamped pop out of the bread! There are 4 different Lunch Punch sets...which I'll tell you about :)

Sand *wishes*: has a frog prince, fairy princess, flower garden and queen of hearts... all the punches are purple... and really fun!

VRRRM! : is full of planes, trains and automobiles! The punches are blue and perfect for any future enthusiast :)

Critter Cutters: are orange and have a butterfly, ying/yang dolphins, an elephant with her baby and a dog in his dog house (one of M's faves!)

Match and Munch: are green and contain different puzzle piece shapes! Yes... we did have to make a puzzle out of these it was really easy...and she seemed to think it was pretty cool! Which.. really... is what it's all about! Making eating... and eating healthy fun!

I've already used all of them... lol... it feels like I can use them in some form in every meal for "M".  I even sliced some apples thinly and used the flower garden punch to make apple flowers for "M". These punches are BPA free... and ... get this... which is totally my fave part.... they're dishwasher safe!!! Thank goodness! Imagine trying to get these clean...between uses? Man... plus 4 punches come in each set... so you'll always have a few on hand between cycles.

Huge thanks to Lunch Punch for sending us out everything... M is having a blast and I can make a different shape every day for her!

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Lucky Bums - Product Review

I received a blue Moon Camp Chair from Lucky Bums! It's totally perfect for nights at the ball diamond for "M". What it is... is basically a small papasan style camping chair (complete with storage/carrying bag) that folds up and can be taken anywhere. It comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in the material/workmanship... which is really awesome... because the last thing I need is it to fall apart while she's sitting on it... I'm glad that Lucky Bums takes such pride in the quality of their products.

As soon as I took it out of the packaging and bag... you'd think "M" would be the first one to run over and sit in it... from the time I went to the garage to put the packaging in there... and walked back.. (literally 30 seconds)... "Meow" was in her chair fast asleep! Go figure! Once he decided to get his big butt out of her chair she was really excited to sit in it and try it out. There was a ton of room for her to even curl up with a book and cross her legs :) I also love that this chair can grow with holds up to 150 pounds... so we'll get a ton of use out of it.. and it even matches the color that my camping chair is. Last ball season we could get away with her being in the stroller because she didn't walk... now... ya right... I have a feeling the stroller will be the time-out area for when she keeps taking off on me... LOL!!!

Lucky Bums sells a ton of outdoor products including apparel and sports products such as helmets and training harnesses (which I'm thinking we'll need next winter!)...and even skis/snowboards for a ton of winter activities. The camping products they have... omg... sooo cute and functional! Fishing vests... sleeping bags...back packs.. you name it they have it!

Huge thanks to Lucky Bums... the quality of the chair is awesome... and both "M" and "Meow" love it!!! For all the families that are constantly on the go... you have to go check out their site... I'm already starting the list of stuff that I'd like for her!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

How Much is TOO Much!

New post is up on Oh Baby! Come and take a look at the new site! ... and don't forget to read my post :)



Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thirty-One Gifts - Product Review & Giveaway!!

I received and Organizing Utility Tote from Cindy an awesome to work with... Thirty-one consultant. The pattern is Black Tailored Strip with Green Handles... and I asked her to embroider "Stuff" on the side. It's really cute! On the front there are 2 pockets... 3 on the back.. and 2 mesh ones on the sides. The tote itself is huge! We'll be able to carry everything we need in there... books... snacks... toys.. clothes... I think this will be great for her next swimming lessons... have more than enough room to fit everything and it's lined... so clean-up will be a snap! The handles are attached with grommets... so no worries about carrying it and having a handle let go on you... hence why I never use plastic bags!

The stitching is thick and durable... the end mesh pockets are awesome because they have elastic at the your bottle of water won't topple out when you grab something...and the 5 other outer pockets fits a snack and a sippy cup in each! (believe me.. I tried!)... It's almost like I'll end up carrying 10 times more stuff just because I can fit everything in the outer pockets! I can see this as a great organizer for the car too... throw in stuff that I need to be able to reach when "M" is in the car with me... it fits perfectly on the floor behind the passenger side there are so many ideas I have on how I can use this tote... even for crafting... man... I may need a few more!

Thanks to Cindy for sending me out the perfect tote for an on-the-go family and even the funkiest craft'r! It'll keep my mild organizational OCD in check ;)  and it fits a ton!

For more information and ordering... take a look at the catalog HERE
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What's up for grabs??? Thirty-One Thermal Tote!Contest Closed February 26th!!


organicKidz - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received a 4oz. blue Stainless Steel Baby Bottle from organicKidz to review.Right away I knew "M" couldn't use the slow flow nipple that came with the bottle so I changed it with one of her nipples that would fit the bottle ( fit perfectly and didn't leak! yay!)... she took to it right away... no problems at all... actually considering how small she is.. it's perfect size for her little hands.. so I think I'll need to pick up some sippy spouts so she can sport it all the time :) I really like that the stainless steal bottle and cap are dishwasher safe.. most stuff like this isn't so that was a big plus. I also liked that the lid itself was a perfect formula measuring scoop for 2 oz...which means... next baby (if and when) this will be a staple in the diaper bag because I won't have to carry around an old scoop around with me. This bottle is totally toddler/baby proof... they can drop it..throw it... whatever.. and it won't BPA or PVC... all around 2 thumbs up! I liked that they have 9oz bottles that can keep liquids hot/cold for up to 6 hours..... sweet!

Replacement nipples etc. can be found at any of their retailers or online... which I think is really convenient.. and that they have a variety of wide and narrow neck bottles with the accessories like attachable handles. they also have some really cool patterns too.... so you can get as funky or basic as you like.

I love stainless steel bottles and cups like these because bacteria is no longer a factor to worry about.... thank you organicKidz for sending us out a bottle to try.. I'm so glad it's the right size for both "M" and our diaper bag! No more bulky bottles!u

For more information and ordering please visit
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What's up for grabs??? Your very own 4oz Stainless Steal Bottle! (Boy or Girl bottle...Winner's Choice!)Contest Closed February 19th!!


Embracelets Designs - Product Review

I received a hand stamped necklace for "M"... Patty made her a really pretty round curved disk with her name stamped on it... she even added her birthstone to dangle in the middle of the disk and a star charm to hang with it. LOVE IT! It's totally perfect for her! Patty even sent me a chain that is perfect length for her too (14" - the same one shown in the pic with the star and freshwater pearl). It came in a brown organza bag with a drawstring tie... and a little note about how hand stamping is different then engraving (and the benefits of it!). When I showed "M" her new necklace she crabbed it out of my hands and made me put it on her right away. She ran around the house saying how "pwetty" both the necklace and she is wearing

If added a few pics from Patty's ETSY shop to give you a visual of the elements that were in M's necklace. It is perfect and she will be wearing it for her birthday... I can't wait till all our friend's and family see it... I know it will definitely be a total hit!

Embracelets makes earrings... necklaces..bracelets...anything you can think of... the beach stuff is gorgeous! Cole... I'm looking at you... you'd totally LOOOOVE the starfish necklace!!

Thank you Patty for a beautiful piece of jewelry that "M" can wear for a very... very.. long time... and once she doesn't... I can totally wear it! Everyone go take a peek at Patty's creations....if you think the pics look good.. your mouth will hit the floor when you receive your piece...

For more information and order please visit
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Don't forget to check out her BLOG too!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Toggle Bandz - Product Review and Giveaway!!!

I received 2 headbands from Toggle Bandz.... a purple one with little purple hearts and one with baseballs on it (perfect for game nights!).Basically what they are is a thick piece of ribbon with a plastic toggle at the bottom so you can adjust the size to fit you or your little one's head. These are hand made by a stay at home Mom who had issues finding headbands that fit her family properly. Amanda makes any size toggle bands including different widths and she even adds a little bling to some of them...she also welcomes custom orders so take advantage and get that perfect headband for any occasion!

The toggle is thick plastic that is spring loaded and super simple to use...the ribbon is good quality and ribbed... she also has a ton of different patters to choose from! Take a look HERE at some of her ribbon choices!

I found that my hair... isn't good for any types of headbands... including my beloved Lulu ones.. I always have to pin them in... but ... for "M"...anything stays in her hair... and these did too... until she decided to take them off that is...LOL. Overall... a success in this house.. "M" looked really cute and her curls kept it properly in place.

Thanks to Amanda for sending us out 2 of her Toggle Bandz...I love how many options there are....and for offering a giveaway!!!

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What's up for grabs??? Your own Toggle Band!Contest Closed February 19th!


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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sleepy Sheep - Product Review

I received 2 SnugSleep Wool bedding products from Sleepy Sheep. I got to try out a Wool Pillow (queen sized, extra filling)... and "M" received a Pure Wool Comforter (Duvet) for her crib (36x45). The wool pillow... omg... ok... I have and issue finding pillows... because I have really bad I was hesitant to try a pillow but totally excited at the same time. Most of you are probably thinking.. what's the big deal about wool right? So did Basically its natural.. forms to your body..head and neck..absorbs moisture..and helps you have a better night sleep. The pillow is washable.. which is cool... or if you need a re-fluffing.. you can do that too.. which was something that I think I'll completely take advantage of. The "knops" are balls made of wool... which is the stuffing in their products...that can be adjusted by adding extra or removing some of the fill if you like a thinner pillow.

To wash the pillow... remove the wool and set aside... wash the cover with all your regular laundry.. and fill it back up when you're done. If you just need a fluff... stick it in the dryer with a wet towel (I tried this)... set it to hot... my perfect time was 7 get it the way I wanted it. I slept like a baby.. lmao... no word of a lie.

The duvet they sent for "M" is fantastic! I actually took it out of the packaging and showed it to her... she cuddled up with it on the floor and actually fell asleep! LOL. Its not heavy at all... filled with wool... and soooo comfy. I actually stuck it in her crib and she slept on it... I'm going to get a duvet cover for her so we can be able to keep the cleaning of the duvet down to a min.. because this is dry clean only ..except you can spot treat if needed. "M" sleeps literally like a baby on this... she's had longer naps for the past 2 days... and she even slept in an hour longer this morning! I'm glad she's that comfortable :)

Huge thanks to Chelsea at Sleepy Sheep... you've made both women in this house very well rested! LOL!!! (btw.. I needed it!)

For more information and ordering please visit
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Luna B Tee (Tomoson) - Review and Giveaway!!!

Sponsored by

I received a classic long sleeved tee from Luna B Tee! I got to personalize everything... so I got it to say "Birthday Girl" with M's name going around the logo. Take a peek here! The one I chose though is a pink logo with brown writing in a size 2T. I didn't want to take the pic off their site because it says its copy written... so click that link to check out what I'm talking I've added a pic that is similar to the one I received :)

Overall the quality of the shirt is great... thick.. 100% cotton and super soft. The logo is done well... colors are vibrant and it washed well. The only thing is... their sizing I think is on the bigger size...I think the size may be closer to a 3T... it's waaay to big on her to wear this year for her birthday... but at least I have it ready for next year! Washing is pretty standard for this type of shirt... inside out on cold... no iron (right on the logo).. tumble dry and no bleach etc.

Thanks to Luna B Tee and Tomoson for letting me do the review and doing a giveaway :)

For more information and ordering please visit
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What's up for grabs??? $20.00 Luna B. Tee gift certificate!!!
Contest Closed February 5th!!

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ReUsies Winner is.....Jennifer Hunt!

Congratulations to Jennifer Hunt, comment #38... you have won the ReUsies giveaway! I've already sent you an email for your information...please remember to put your email address in each have 48 hours to respond or I will have to pick another winner.
 Thanks to everyone that entered! There are a ton of other giveaways...make sure you enter :)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

i play. - Product Review

I received 2 products from Green Sprouts/i play. They sent me the new Baby Food Cubes and a Cute Spoon and Cover. The Baby Food Cubes are BPA free... and dishwasher safe. The set of 8 cubes comes with 2 trays for stacking as well as some labels for you to use to keep everything organized. I liked that the tray didn't take up a ton of room in the freezer... (I still freeze peas and stuff for "M").... the lids snap on really tight and don't leak...that there are measurements at 1 and 2 oz on the side of each cube and that they're really convenient for throwing a few in her bag when we go out.

The Cute Bowl and Cover is also BPA free. The spoon is stainless steel and the handle in polypropylene (the cubes are too). The cover snaps over the head of the spoon to keep it clean while traveling and also to keep your stuff clean once the spoon has been used. The spoon fit well in her mouth and the handle was long enough that she didn't have any problem using it. I liked the shape of the spoon as well... the small curve in it made her not have any learning curve when using it.

There are a ton of things on their site for any to do with feeding.... there are these pair of food scissors... would have been awesome to try out... they cut and mash food... who knew? lol. You'll also see on their site i play...that would be their line as well... outerwear... bath..layette... everything. Go take a look and see if there is anything that catches your eye... some of the stuff I haven't seen anywhere it's really different.

Thanks to Noelle for sending me out some stuff for "M" and I to try out! The apple sauce is in the cubes and she can use her new spoon to enjoy it!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Snuzzle Me - Product Review and Giveaway!!

 I was lucky enough to be sent a Snuzzle Me Organic Infant Car Seat Cover. Now some of you are probably thinking... why would I review a car seat cover when "M" isn't in an infant carrier anymore. Well... this specific one can be used for more than just a car seat cover...but also covers an umbrella stroller...high chair AND grocery cart seat... or can be an extra blanket if you like too.

As a car seat cover, I liked the fact that it gave enough space from the material to the actual it wouldn't be close to your baby's face. the slit in the material can be used to take a peek in on your little one, or for the handle to slip though to make it easy for carrying. I like that this doesn't have any zippers or buckles that you have to fight with...just slip it over and the heavy duty elastic keeps it on perfectly.

The Snuzzle Me comes in different colors and well as weights. The organic one I received is super soft...and made of 100% organic fleece (inside) and 100% organic cotton (outside)...which explains why! It washed really well...didn't pill and the fleece stood up to the dryer too!

I also received a matching Lil Snuzzie blanket and a BurpMeEz (burp cloth)... same color... same organic cotton and fleece. "M" loved the Lil Snuzzie blanket.... she gave it to Elmo...covered him up and told him "night-night". The burp cloth is shaped nicely to fit the shoulder area... I decided to see how much it could soak up..... and boy....did it... lol... I had to ring it out in the sink

Huge thanks to Susan for sending my our a Snuzzle Me and accessories to go with! It will be in the car to be ready for anything from shopping to going out for dinner!

For more information and ordering please visit
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What's up for grabs??? A Green Snuzzle Me!!!
Contest Closed February 26th!!


Kiddie Kangaroo - Product Review

I received a Kiddie is a seat protector that has flaps that hang over either side the the car seat/stroller with adjustable pockets that is attached with velcro. Each pocket even has a divider that you can swing and velcro inside the pocket to separate the large section. I liked that the bottom of the entire thing had a non-slip surface to it stayed put in both M's car seat and umbrella stroller (which needed extra pockets... that's why I hate this stroller!). I liked that I could take a baby wipe and do a quick clean up when someone decided to smush snacks in her lap while we were out

I liked that the pockets were really big... sippy cup...snacks... problem! I even threw my cell and keys in the other I can also see myself using this a lot in her car seat once potty training is in full force to protect the seat....and that there is a slit in the bottom to put the buckle through....they really thought of everything. I just wish it had either a carrying case or and elastic strap to keep everything together when throwing it in the diaper or overnight bag. Then it would virtually be perfect for us!

Thanks Joya for sending me out a Kiddie Kangaroo! It will be well used!!!

For more information and ordering please visit


Power Capes - Review and Giveaway!!

I got to review a Power Cape! So excited! I couldn't wait to see M's face...she loves dressing up! We received a shiny purple cape with a sparkly teal flower and a her initial in white sparkles. SO CUTE! The stitching is multicolored...zigzagged and done by sewing machine. I really think this is a cute idea.. every kid loves to play pretend and want to be a super hero... these allow children to open up their imaginations and have a blast!

Power Capes also carries Blaster Cuffs and masks for the full "Super Hero" effect...and yes... they carry adult sizes too... so totally great for Halloween costumes... and even having your own cape to play pretend with your kids. Not gonna lie... totally tried M's on... and yep... "Super Mommy" was uttered a few times in this! It all started when she put the cape on me....and I said am I Super Mommy?? And she replied with..."Oh...ya... Mommy"... LOL. After a good laugh she ripped it off me and ran away with it! There are a ton of choices of emblems, colors and styles to personalize your cape... and pricing is great.
Thanks Power Capes! My little super hero is having a great time!

For more information and ordering please visit
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What's up for grabs??? A Power Cape for your little one!Contest Closed February 26th!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Sunshine Designs - Product Review

I received a small crayon roll from My Sunshine Designs........ I have done a few crayon rolls in the past... but they've all been different... this one.... is the one that is the official on the go one! I received the Cat in the Hat fabric... which I think I've come to the conclusion that I may actually like the Cat in the Hat more than "M" does... but that's just too bad! LOL!!!

I really liked the durable fabric that's used to line the inside of the roll..and the fact that it fits M's triangle crayons. I also liked that the stitching and ribbon are matched to the fabric as well.... even the ends of the ribbon were melted so they wouldn't fray. (I know this because I'm now dabbling in bow making...and you use a lighter to melt the ends) the attention to detail on this is awesome!

There are a bunch of different crayon rolls to choose from..including M's BFF Elmo... and robots for those of you who have "little men" in your house! Another fave fabric of min is the Zoology one... super cute animals with a black background...totally funky!

My Sunshine Designs makes some really cute stuff and the fabrics are AWESOME! They make anything from nursing pads to coffee cozies and reusable bags! They also do custom orders... so let your imagination run wild... and let them make it for you :)

Thanks Chantel for making "M" my...I mean HER new crayon roll and offering a giveaway to one of my readers! It was great working with you and I'm sure the winner will be more than happy!

For more information and ordering please visit

What's up for grabs??? Any size Crayon Roll!!!Contest Closed February 19th!!


Belly Charms - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received a Live Laugh Love bracelet from Belly Charms to review. The bracelet has 6 sterling silver beads that have the Live, Laugh, Love messages on them...separated by Swarovski Crystals. The crystals are all  Gray which is the the color that symbolizes brain tumors/cancer.  The proceeds of sales of this bracelet alongside the other affirmation/inspiration sales will go to Sandi... who is fighting brain help with her medical bills. Sandi's full (and inspirational) story can be found at (I suggest you check it out... all I could say is "WOW"). I really liked how shiny and delicate the bracelet is. It's really pretty and is the type of piece that could either be dressed up or down. I also liked that the toggle closure is sterling silver and has a bit of filigree on it.

Belly Charms sells a ton of stuff including mother's bracelets and maternity belly button rings. Honestly... some of the belly button rings are really...really pretty...the crystal ones are gorgeous! Too bad I don't have my belly button pierced! If you have or know anyone that has their belly button pierced and is/or is planning on having a child.... you have to go check them out! They're flexible to grow with your baby bump!

Huge thank you to Sonya for sending me out my new 'Bling' and for offering a giveaway! You were awesome to work with, and I love that you're supporting such a great cause!

For more information and ordering please visit
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What's up for grabs??? A $30 Gift Code!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves (Tomoson) - Product Review and Giveaway!

I received a pack of 12 Roundabouts. They are paper strips that you place around the bottom of your cupcakes to "spruce" them up a bit. I got the Candy Hearts print which will be perfect for the treats I was going to make for Valentine's Day! Once your treats are baked..cooled and decorated... place each on the counter one at a time... hold the side without the glue to the cupcake...wrap the strip around your paper wrapping...and stick the edge down. The print is cute... and the adhesive sticks really well. 

There are over 70 designs to choose from... anything from gumball machines to baby bottles! You need to go check out the site... the burger cupcake.. omg... so creative!!!! Even the ice cream cone such a simple idea... but totally cute and a creative way to make those plain wrappers you have in the back of the cupboard!

Thanks to Roundabouts and Tomoson for letting me do the review! So excited to get baking... but I almost don't want to waste them! LOL

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Zuvo - Product Review and Giveaway!!!

I got to test out a Zuvo Water Filtration System.... unfortunately.. it really couldn't work in my house because it requires a plug...and our sink/tap is on the island...which has no plug (honestly... didn't even think that would be an The bonus... hubby took it to work... and tested it with everyone there! Now.. I must warn you... the guys at work.....some are set in their ways... some think it looked really cool... here's the catch... they actually manufacture and install purification systems for medical, industrial and pharmaceutical industries... so really... they were REALLY putting the Zuvo to the test! 

What the Zuvo is/does is use UV light (totally not even close to enough to be don't worry) purify your water....straight out of your tap! All you do is hook it up.. plug it in and watch the bubbles work! This is easy to install....the blue light is really cool looking... and is eco-friendly. The system photo-oxidizes the water to take out any impurities...and get all the "grubbies" The system can be placed under the counter if you have a separate faucet built into your sink (which I wish I had.....but don't have the room for...). The flow rate is 1/2 gallon per minute and the filter takes care of 400 gallons...and uses less energy than you think!

I bet you want to know what the pros think now don't-cha? The guys didn't like waiting for the water to cool when the unit had been sitting for a while...but loved the look of the system, the blue light and being about to see the water go through it. They preferred the under the counter mounting of the system to have the ability to hide the cord and keep the counter space open. The best part.... and really.. what I think is most important...they loved the taste of the water... they said it tasted lighter and fresher that water straight out of the tap. You bet I made my hubby bring me home a water bottle full of the water too! He was was fresh and bubbly....if that makes sense... you totally need to try it out yourself!

Thanks to Zuvo for letting me and the guys have a great time trying it out... and picking it apart! LOL!!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kidorable - Review and Giveaway!!

I received a Ballerina Backpack from Kidorable! Previously I had done a review of an umbrella, rain coat and boots! They have just launched a new Ballerina line of products.... pink/purple... with dancers etc. Really cute for your little princess!

As soon as I gave "M" this she ran off to stuff it full of all her toys... a book...a coloring book...crayons... her camera and Elmo... lol. She zipped it back up and asked me to help her put it I did. It's big for her even on the smallest strap setting...but really... she didn't care...she kept shrugging her shoulders to keep the straps from sliding was actually really cute. The zipper pull is really cute... it's a puffy pink heart...which totally made it easier for her to zip and unzip the bag. Each end of the backpack has pockets..just the right size for a sippy cup in one.. and her cell phone in the (the Elmo cell phone...). I liked the style of the bag... kinda like an old school bowling bag... has a ton of room.. and is easy to clean. The printing of the ballerina is done really well and the curtains around the front of the bag are not printed's actually extra material they add to make it more interactive.

This was a hit in the house! I can totally see "M" carrying it around...and once the baby bag is gone... she can carry around her snacks and toys while we're out. Thanks to Kidorable for letting me do another review and hosting another giveaway! You guys are awesome! Can't wait to see what comes out next!

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What's up for grabs??? A Kidorable Ballerina Umbrealla!
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Crazy Dog & Nacho Mama Tees - T-shirts - Product Review

Crazy Dog T-shirts and Nacho Mama Tees sent me a T-shirt from each website... they both sell funny and vintage shirts! Some are offensive... some are old school... and some are totally classic! I'm a fan of tees like these for bumming around the house and working out... love them extra big... and comfy.

I had to get the Average Joe's T-Shirt... loved the movie Dodgeball...and really... now that I'm starting my "Work-outs"... it's totally fitting...lmao. It's 100% cotton... bright yellow with a red logo. The printing is soft...flat to the shirt and when it was washed... totally came out looking like the way it went into the machine.

The other shirt I received says... "Dinosaurs are Cool"... I had to... it was really cute! This one is white...with a blue dinosaur on it.... the logo and writing was rougher than the Average Joe's t-shirt...and I found that it was a bit see-through... so...this one is not for running out to do a quick The shirt itself was also stiffer than the yellow shirt as well. I was wondering why there were so many differences...and noticed that both of the shirts had different that's probably why there were so many differences.

Overall... both sites have a ton of choices... I fell in love with a Rainbow Bright one...and a Gremlins one... that I may just have to swing by and pick up. The prices are really good...and some of the sayings... I literally laughed out loud when I was reading them.

Thanks to Crazy Dog and Nacho Mama Tees for approaching me to do a review for you guys!

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Winner of the Pawparazzi Giveaway is.....3 Giggly Monsters

Congratulations to 3 Giggly Monsters (comment #168) the winner of the Pawparazzi giveaway! I've sent you an email with the information I need to send to the sponsor :) Please respond within 48 hours!
Thanks to everyone who participated! This giveaway was awesome and I'm glad everyone was really excited about it! Keep entering...lots of great stuff coming up!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Potty Tots - Product Review

I received a Potty Tots Training Kit for Girls from Potty Tots LLC. Basically there are 6 steps to complete in the package. The first thing you need to do is go to their website and check out the FAQs to see if your little one is ready to start potty training ( I quickly learned that "M" did show signs of readiness... squatting while going...not liking being wet (she now tells us by pointing up the stairs and telling us to "come")....even when asked if she's peeing... she says yes or no...and if she says yes I take her to her potty.... on which we haven't had any successes since the first week of November (1 week after bringing her potty into the picture).

Step 2 is letting your kids play the games and interactive activities online and letting them get to know the Potty Tots. She found these little characters cute... and figured out her fave was Emily... she kept saying "Mama...she cute"... so that worked well. I printed a few coloring pages from the site and soon realized that the games were a bit advanced for her...but she liked the hide and seek game. She's not even 2 yet so I figured she may not exactly be ready even though she's showing interest in the potty and using it.

Step 3 is letting your little one receive the kit as a surprise from their new found friends. She loved looking through everything and liked when I read the book to her and watched the DVD. Step 4 allows your children to decorate a spot in the bathroom with the toilet bowl game and potty chart. These are both fun and colorful. "M" loved the stickers and the characters in the toilet bowl game.. but really.. I think she's too young to actually get it. The Potty Chart is a series of 6 steps on how to go to the potty... from going to washing your hands...this is super cute and "M" was totally in to this.

Step 5 is... practice...practice...practice! Read the book every night and watch the DVD till you can't watch it No'more! LOL. Both the DVD and Book are cute... and I can totally see how a little girl would love them. It's now to the point where "M" asks to read the book... so I think I can see her really being "ready" soon... she's only 21 months old (or 19 corrected) so the main issue we're having is that she's too short for her little potty so she needs help getting on it... she'll sit on it... but she won't be lined up properly unless we help her. Maybe I should look into getting a shorter one... hmmm.

The last step is making potty training fun! take the embarrassment out of it for them... and be in their corner to coach them. I think that's the biggest thing I got out of this kit... make sure you praise them... and make it fun... and really..the Potty Tots ARE fun! I hope with practice "M" can get into this whole potty thing sooner rather than later. Don't want to force her by any means... but really... lets go kiddo! LOL!!!

Overall.. I really think the aids in this kit can totally help a child potty train... everything kept her interest... and she now asks for things in the it is working... but it's totally a process and we've got to take baby steps...right?

Thanks to Jill and the Potty Tots! We're making progress in the right direction and Emily will help us achieve our potty training goals :)

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Love Colors - Product Review

I received 5 pairs of Kids MicroFiber Footless Tights from We Love Colors! I couldn't believe they sent me 5 pairs.... wow! They sent me a pair of black, mocha, rubine, scout green and sky blue! 

These are crazy bright and colorful... footless... which is awesome because that will make her have the ability to wear them longer as she grows... and won't bunch up in her boots. I love that they are thick...soft and I really like that the kids ones aren't like nylons where you can see through them. They're really good quality....and I couldn't believe there was 51 colors to choose from... yep... 51! Isn't that nuts? Take a look at all these colors... I couldn't choose... honestly... I just asked for a pair of black... simple staple for any little munchkin... and they sent some awesome ones to go along with M's other outfits! Which ones would you choose?

They have a ton of stuff....for men..women and children...socks...gloves...fishnets...tights... everything! These can be hand washed... no machine... then you don't get any pulls or runs in the tights...or those annoying little pills like you get on your sweaters. Drip dry...and they're good to go... and surprisingly soft after washing... not that stiff feeling you get when you have to hang something to dry.

Huge thanks to We Love Colors! The color choices you sent me we awesome...and M has been running around in them with a long t-shirt and she looks totally comfy!.. I even threw a pair of leg warmers on her and man... was she cute!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!

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Libre Tea - Product Review and Giveaway!!

 I was sooo excited when I got to try out a Libre Tea Original glass ’n poly! I loooove loose leaf tea... but I'm usually too lazy to take it on the go because it's never really convenient...until now... I'm super happy!!! So..the deets... the container has a glass interior and a polycarbonate exterior (i.e "M" it has a stainless steel filter and the interior of the lid is BPA free. Ok.. some Tea basics for you "non-tea" drinkers.... basically there are a TON of different teas... me personally.... I like the fruity stuff...or well.... anything. But... there's a bit of a trick... some teas can be steeped for long periods of time...others there are steep times... I can usually tell by the color if it's the way I like it or not. Did I confuse you?... it's really easy. The Libre Tea glass makes it even easier too! 

There are 2 ways to use this... #1... throw a tsp of loose tea in the cup... fill it up with hot water... and drink when you're ready. The filter at the top will keep all the leaves out of your mouth ;). The second way... is put in some water...then the filter...and stick the tea in the top of the filter. Once you do that and put the lid on...flip the whole thing over and let it steep as long as you like. Once it's ready... take off the lid and filter... and viola... no leaves in your tea. I tried it both ways of steeping the tea.... I think the tea looks pretty in the glass itself so I stuck with the original method. This way I can always dump in some more hot water to top off my tea...rather than keeping the loose leaves in the lid/filter and adding water that way. 

Thanks Libre Tea for sending me out my new travel buddy and for offering a giveaway!  There's no way a tea drinker wouldn't LOVE this!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Planet Wise Inc. Bags - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received 2 reusable bags from Planet Wise Inc. I got a larger wet bag and a bag your snack stuff...which is a smaller size.The large wet huge! I can fit a ton of stuff in it! You can store wet and dry items at the same time because the main zippered section is lined and there is an outer pocket  which is the same length for dry stuff! It's great for a change of clothes... swim wear.. diapers... pretty much anything.... lol. You can throw it in the machine when it needs a wash...the sewing is great (and leak proof!)...the fabrics are AWESOME...and it stops us from wasting plastic bags.

The bag your snack stuff (window bag) is approved food safe... are PVC and BPA free. The velcro on the flap goes all the way across (which I haven't seen before)... is really strong... helping to make it leak proof. I like that the front of this is see-through so you can see what's in the bag. Personally I liked storing some of the "accidents waiting to happen" from M's baby bag in here....i.e... sunscreen... diaper cream...saline drops...etc. Parents.. you know what I'm talking's that time that you open the bag to find it filled with about 5 different product smeared all over the rest of the bags contents...including the change of clothes that you didn't think you'd needed to take but are totally glad you did... until... you open... the bag...lmao. Yep... that's what is now in my diaper bag. This one can be thrown in the wash too... but no dryer.

The winner of this fantastic giveaway is going to LOOOOOVE these! There are different sizes.... patterns (you'll have a hard time deciding... I know I did!). Thank you sooo much Planet Wise Inc... no more diaper cream all over everything.. and just to be sure... I'm using the wet dry bag to keep her change of clothes

For more information and ordering please visit
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What's up for grabs??? Your very own Planet Wise Bag! - you choose the pattern!(U.S and Canada)
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Cool Gear Inc - Product Review

I got to try out a Snack Time container for "M" and a Stayfit Snack Minis for me from Cool Gear Inc :). With the new year... I've decided to start to get the Snack Minis are perfect. They are snack bowls (I got a pack of 3) that have gel in the lids..and when frozen, it keeps your snacks cold for a long time! The gel is non-toxic, the container is BPA free... and the container holds 330 mL ( food... a handful and a half of baby carrots....or a cup of berries). I found that these worked great in M's bag too... them I didn't have to carry a cooler bag... I threw some blueberries...apples and cucumbers in one of the containers and it stayed cold the whole time we were out.

The snack time cup is perfect for "M". She thought it was really cool to be able to carry around her drink and snack at the same time... she even HAD to show everybody how it worked. The top half of it has the same non-toxic gel... and is shaped like a sippy cup. You stick the top half of the cup in the freezer and once frozen kept her juice cold pretty much the whole day. The bottom half fit enough fish crackers to last her the day (they didn't get stale...or soggy) and she loved putting the top and bottom back together. This fit well in the diaper bag (not down the side in the bottle section, but inside the large zippered compartment) and the way it fits together is great.... didn't have any accidents. It is dishwasher safe but should never be left in the sun for an extended period of time.

You guys need to go check out their site! They have a bunch of space/time savers...for everyone in the family! Thank you Cool Gear! These products will be well used in this household! 

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Alpine Weight Loss Secrets (Business2Blogger) - Book Review!

I got a chance to receive a copy of Stefan Aschan's book Alpine Weight Loss Secrets. I'm not going to lie... reading a soft-copy is a little difficult for me because I like to take notes and highlight aspects of the book, but I wasn't going to print out all 200 juicy pages of the book... trying to save our planet... 1 tree at a time :)

I started reading and found myself intrigued and really unable to keep myself from scrolling. I really liked the worksheets Stefan used in the book, and I did in-fact print a few for myself to get my OCD

Throughout the 11 chapters of Stefan's book.. he discusses  how changing your mind (or "Mental Muscle") will in turn change your body... looking at how different foods affect your body... how to make smarter choices on the foods you eat..including eating the right type of fats. He also looks at improving your posture... which is on my checklist of things to improve in 2011... I have the posture of a snail... lol... and really... exercise sucks... don't tell me you're not thinking the same thing, but Stefan gives you ways to find things to do that you'll love to do...which includes moving around... and after a while.. you wouldn't even realize that it's become part of your daily routine...and the "E" word can be removed from your vocabulary. Your body will get stronger... you'll get new habits.. and you'll feel better. Stefan also has a 2 day cleanse that will start to reduce that belly bulge... this I think I'll give a try... why not.... new year... new changes. There are a ton of topics...facts... ideas and the reality is... you can pick a few different things that will work for you and your lifestyle.

I can't wait to receive my physical copy of the book Stefan is sending me one so I can really dive deep into it....I'm THAT person that leaves sticky notes...highlighted areas...and scribbles all over all the books I read... so I'm really excited! year... new changes...right? boo for diets...but yay for a new way to look at getting healthy!

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life Without Plastic Giveaway Winner is............LLL with Leslie!

Congratulations to LLL with Leslie! Comment #80! You're the winner of the Life Without Plastic Giveaway! I've sent you an email... please respond within 48 hours or I'll have to pick another winner :(

 Thank you to everyone that participated! This was awesome! I'm glad everyone was interested in winning this product. Keep entering those giveaways! I'm trying to secure at least 1 per weekend... so lots of stuff to be won!!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sweet and Cozy - Product Review and Giveaway!!!

Sweet and Cozy sent me 2 items to review and 1 for a giveaway! (Yay!) I received a pink quilted blanket, Elmo pillow and an Owl pillow for giveaway.

Everyone knows I love reviewing companies on Etsy because I love all the homemade goodies...and really... I'm totally jealous that I can't sew a straight The Elmo pillow "M" LOOOOVES! Mind you, anything Elmo in this house is a hit!  It's soft...the stitching is awesome... no pulls... and even a little bow in the top corner. It had a lot of stuffing in it was nice and plush and even a little turtle tag... which I really liked. I like the fact that everything was made in a smoke/pet free environment, are washed before and after....come packaged ready to give as a gift and all the products smell awesome!

The quilt is so pretty and looks delicate... but really.. it isn't... "M" was playing with in.... rolling around on the floor with it and even chasing the dog dragging it around. That was the point I stopped her and brought it into her room to go in her Its huge... so I don't have to worry about her being able to get it off in the middle of the night...but its thin enough that I wouldn't have to worry about leaving her alone with it. (she's past that stage anyways...but you always The quilt was made of different flower and polka-dot cotton fabrics. 

Thank you soooo much Iris...your making me want to drag out the sewing machine...that I literally used once... but there's nothing I can make that can compare to your stuff! The owl pillow is gorgeous too!!!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Tooth Tissues - Product Review

I got to test out some Tooth Tissues...and they're great for on the go! Basically they are wipes for your little one's teeth! They are textured to help get all those grubbies off their teeth and gums....(and yes.. I tried them on myself too...)... there is no fluoride or parabens in the wipes...and they're all natural. Overall... we're really good with keeping up with cleaning M's teeth. She learned from a young age that it was very important and we (and she) brushes her teeth regularly. I like using an electric toothbrush on her...because... for the little amount of time that she gives me... I want to get her clean as much as possible. Tooth Tissues help me with giving her a quick scrub while were out or after she's had something sugary and can't get to a sink. These wipes are great to use in a baby's mouth to clean the gums and prevent bottle decay.

When I used them... my teeth felt smooth and actually felt clean. "M" didn't put up any fuss when we did her teeth... I just didn't like that there wasn't a "taste" to them... I would have thought they were minty or something... but no... nothing. I guess it makes total sense for babies that there wouldn't be any taste to them... but I think that's what was missing for me to throw them in my desk at work.

Thank you Tooth Tissues for letting me try out your product! Perfect for on the go Moms!!!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ReUsies Snack & Sandwich Bags (Tomoson) - Product Review & Giveaway!!

Sponsored by

So... I got to try out a sandwich and snack size ReUsies. They are reusable bags.... the alternative to the ziplock. "M" loves these types of bags... we've tried other branded ones and we use them all the time. I really liked that these had velcro on both sides of the made it easy to stick it in the dishwasher for washing :). Of course they are BPA and phthalate no worries there.... they do have some really cute patterns.... I got a girly pack..which are purple with a black flap that has flowers all over it. Totally not something I would have picked... I like the more edgy... funky stuff... and I don't think a little boy would be able to carry these around (here's hoping if we have another child that it's a girl! LOL) but it's all good :). There are a ton of patterns I'd love... the toadstool and strawberry ones are super cute!

They were really easy to use and wash... I did feel they were a little thin in comparison to the other brands we've used and have. The lining is thinner...that's all... I still love the idea of these...and LOVE the fact they can go in the dish washer or in with the laundry. It makes it very convenient.

Thank you to ReUsies and Tomoson for letting me do the review and giveaway! Super excited that someone will win something that can make their lives a little greener ;)

For more information and ordering please visit
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What's up for grabs??? Your very own 2 pack! 
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gaddy Nipper Giveaway Winner is.....skipthelaundry!!

Congratulations to skipthelaundry! Comment #83....... you have won the Gaddy Nipper Giveaway! I've already sent you an email with the information I need to send the company to get your prize out to you!

 Thanks for playing everyone!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lesley Bender-Fair Handknit Designs - Product Review

Leslie was nice enough to make "M" a black bucket hat with 3 flowers (2 white, 1 go with her winter outer-wear). "M" loved wearing this was easy for her to take on and off and she looked really cute in it! So... I'm totally jealous that I can't knit like Lesley does. She knocked out this hat in no washes well and the flowers are awesome!

She makes a TON of different things... including a bunch of stuff for new born photography (which I'm getting in to... so Lesley.. you may see an order come in once I figure out what exactly I

The quality of the yarn used is great... it's thick but not stiff and really soft but it holds it's shape really well even after a couple of washes. She also makes sizes for adults too... but I'm telling you...the stuff she makes for the teeny tiny ones... omg... diaper covers... hats...cocoons...hammocks... slings... SO CUTE!! I can't wait to take my photography to the next level to be able to use props like hers... very exciting!

Huge thanks to Lesley! Everyone needs to take a look at her awesome stuff... I just LOVE handmade stuff especially when you can customize everything... it's a nice touch and makes everything that much more special! Plus...she makes a killer skull beanie... gotta make sure I put that on my order list when I figure out what I'm doing!!! LOL!!!

For more information and ordering please visit  
You can check also reach her via E-MAIL... follow her on FACEBOOK and check out her BLOG