Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life is Crazy....

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Been a little awol lately... sorry!! Didn't get behind.... but feel better now that I have a few moments to myself!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby GoGo Doll Giveaway Winner is....

Congratulations to comment #74...Jacqueline! I've already sent you an email, please respond within 48 hours :)
Thanks to everyone else that entered... great response!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chex (Mom Central) - Product Review

I received 2 boxes of Gluten Free Chex! 1 Honey Nut and one Rice Chex..... also a chex apron, post-its, a button, recipe book and a $30 gift card. I wasn't really big on the whole gluten free thing...mainly because no one in our family has any issues with gluten... and really that's just me being totally oblivious to the whole gluten free market that is available. Did you know that 71% of Canadians are looking for more gluten free options? And that 1 in every 133  Canadians suffer from Celiac Disease? I had no clue.

So we opened both boxes of cereal.... omg... I LOVE the honey nut ones!! And I mean LOVE! "M" loved them... we made a mix of Chocolate Cheerios, Honey Nut Chex and Goldfish.... she's 1 happy camper! LOL. The Rice one is really good... we made a recipe from the booklet that came with it..lets just say that it involved peanut butter...and icing sugar...chex and a few other stuff... and...it was YUMMY!

I am totally going to buy these Chex again.... they didn't make you feel overly full and they tasted great!

Thanks to Mom Central and Chex for letting us try some out...new staple in the house!


Baby2Be - Product

I was approached my My Baby2Be to do a review of their "Girl to be- String Bracelet". It is hand crafted sterling silver.... with a baby on the oval charm. The string is made with 100% natural light pink silk and the cord is adjustable. You can also get this bracelet and many of the others they carry in gold plated, rose gold and black rhodium. I like that it came with a silver polishing cloth and a velvet storage bag.
The charm is nice and heavy...the string is soft.... me... I would have preferred maybe a bangle or thicker silver bracelet with the charm dropping down... hmm... they don't have that.... I just gave them a new product idea...lol. I think its because I like dangly bracelets not ones that are flat against my skin... but that's just me. They do have toddler bracelets which would have totally fit me better because of "M".. but this was for the review...so... I hope it doesn't go to waste... a few girl friends are pregnant...but everyone is having boys! LOL!! Such a great idea for Mom's to be! Would be a special and unique gift for someone!
Really pretty stuff ...take a look! Thanks to Baby2Be for contacting me for the review.
For more information and ordering please visit http://www.mybaby2be.com
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Nutrisystem Week #3

So this week was kinda a wash for me.... we had our 5 year anniversary and I had a girls night Friday with a good friend and little "M"... which consisted of a a few glasses of wine (a no-no on Nutrisystem) and Chinese for dinner (an obvious no-no) LOL. So this week I only lost 0.4 lbs... LOL... That's what happens when you weigh yourself AFTER a total cheat day...instead of before. But hey... I still lost... and I'm sure anything that I went up I'll drop really quick with being good and drinking lots of water... so I'm ok with it...lol.

Hmmm... what was good this week? Um... I was totally into having bars for breakfast...and they're awesome! I really haven't found one I didn't like.. and I got a ton of different ones. Lunches... the Tortilla Soup was ok.. kinda tasted the same as the Minestrone... but that's ok. Beef with Pasta is still my fave for lunch.... and literally I could probably eat it every day and not have a problem... same thing with dinner... I could totally eat the pizza every day...lol.

Some of the no-"likies" the chicken buffalo wrap and the bbq wrap. The fillings are totally not for me.... I'm very big on textures and they are more of a paste then anything... and everything has waaaaay too much sauce for me... well technically all their dishes are drenched in sauce... I get why... it fills you up and there's less calories... but me.. I just scrape half off and I can actually enjoy the meal... with the wraps I couldn't. So those nights I ended up making another dinner...so I may be off count and uneven for the month but its ok... just have to follow the plan in the back of my journal.

So this week I'm going to be good.. man 1 cheat and you're messed! That and I'm only weighing myself once a week... so I don't go crazy.

** So everyone is aware... I will be receiving products free of charge as part of the Nutrisystem Nation. The reviews are my own and I was not compensated in any other way. **


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kids Ddrops Giveaway Winner is.....Amy C!!

Congratulations to comment #44...Amy C! I've aready sent you an email please respond within 48 hours!
Thank you to those that entered :)


Micasita Giveaway Winner is....... Melanie K!

Congratulations to Melanie K comment #12! Please respond to the email I sent you within 48 hours.
Thanks to everyone that entered :)


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nutrisystem Week #2

Week 2 was ok for me...kinda went up and down a bit just because I got my appetite back....being sick totally sucked. So weighed in Thursday and was down 1.6...but now...I'm back up a bit... so I'll use Thursday's weigh in for my loss this week. I'm finding that I really look forward to breakfast... not so much for lunch and literally almost dread dinner...lol... I think it's just because I'm not eating what everyone else is eating. There were a few nights I went through a few meals because I didn't like them...lol... i.e the BBQ pork wrap.... totally not for me... actually... I really didn't like any of the wraps.. but I the pizza was awesome!

I'm finding that I'm learning how to portion control which is awesome.... but there's always something that I'm craving... which is weird because usually I don't crave stuff...lol. I do have to start making my lunches the night before like I did the first week... it made a huge difference in my weight loss. So.... now I'm excited for next week.... the whole step throat thing totally threw me off because it was unexpected and really I never get sick. Plus because there was a few days that I barely ate anything... that's probably why I saw such a huge drop the first week. Now that I'm over it... I can concentrate on hitting my first 10lbs goal by the end of the month! I think that's more that reasonable :)

** So everyone is aware... I will be receiving products free of charge as part of the Nutrisystem Nation. The reviews are my own and I was not compensated in any other way. **


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nutrisystem Week #1

So...everyone... it has begun....lol. I received my huge box of food....breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. I picked out everything (some of which I will not be re-ordering again...lol). The hardest part was finding space for everything...lol..once that was done it was kinda fun to plan food for the whole day. I love carbs and meat so I totally ordered a ton of pastas and beef...lol. A bit of a mistake...lol.. I'm sick of pasta now... hahahaha... but I did get a bunch of other stuff too. The breakfasts for the most part are awesome... the bars and muffins were fantastic...almost felt like I was cheating. The scones... ughh... not so much... they're waaaay too cake-like for me... just dense...didn't enjoy them at all....but...hello..cinnamon roll...yum!

Lunches...hmm... I liked some of the soups... didn't like the chicken caesar..which unfortunately I ordered 5 of thinking I would totally like it... um...ya no....good lunches included some of the pasta ones with meat sauce...cheesy potatoes...and a few soups. Just been on it for a week so really... not in to everything just yet. I had to grab a timmie's soup 2 days... I came down with strep throat...brutal... no clue where I got it from but I could barely eat anything... and the soup I brought from Nutrisystem had too many small pieces and it kept scratching my throat. Actually there was 2 days I barely ate anything....so hopefully I can fully get on track this week :)

Dinners some were ok... some...were good... I had the meatloaf...which was ok... except there was waaaay too much sauce on it. Um... the cheese and spinach ravioli..not for me...the rotini with meatballs was ok... same with the chicken pasta Parmesan. I liked the pasta with meat sauce and the home style beef with mashed potatoes.

Here's my problem... I'm italian... I like my pasta.... I like my pasta cooked a certain way...and I like fresh sauce..not bottled...so I'm thinking that the fact that its not "my sauce" may be the underlying issue with me and the whole sauce thing...lol. So..pretty much I gotta get over it... it's not bad... just not my way.

The good part??? ......down 5.6 lbs this week! Woot! I'm hoping that it's not just because I've been sick..you know? So this week with be the first true test I think! Wish me luck :)

** So everyone is aware... I will be receiving products free of charge as part of the Nutrisystem Nation. The reviews are my own and I was not compensated in any other way. **


Monday, June 6, 2011

Piggy Paint - Review, Discount Code and Giveaway!!!

Some of you may remember I reviewed Piggy Paint a while back.... well... I was contacted again...to try out their Project Earth line. We received "Groovy Grape: and "The Boyfriend Blues". Project Earth polishes are what I like to call "stink free"... no chemical smell at all! I LOOOOOVED that they were neon!!! Really fun for summer....bright...vibrant.... and because "M" loves getting her nails done... some new colours were a great addition to her collection. Actually...she bugged me all night to paint her fingernails... so yes... she got her wish!

I like Piggy Paint because they are non-toxic....easy to use... don't smell...at all... they come in fun colours and they actually last quite a long time. She likes them because she's a bit of a girly-girl now... likes to match her outfits (Piggy Paint comes in a ton of colours)... and of course feeling like all the bigger girls.

Thanks to Piggy Paint for coming back for another review and for offering a discount code and giveaway this time :)
For more information and ordering please visit http://www.piggypaint.com/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

10% off discount code for BBL Readers: thebabybottomline10

What's up for grabs??? A $15 Piggy Paint gift code to use on their website!!!!!!

Contest Closes July 2nd!!!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Green Tea + Giveaway Winner is......Anne-Marie T!!

Congraulations to Anne-Marie T! Looks like your last tweet was the winner! I've already sent you an email, please respond within 48 hours :)

Anne-Marie T said... 27

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June 4, 2011 1:45 PM

Thanks for entering!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Micasita - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received a ton of stuff to review from Micasita. Micasita makes Russian dolls and other fun stuff...by hand... and they're totally unique! Rosy sent me 2 large Russian dolls, 3 regular sized ones and a pin button collection. I let "M" pick a large and 2 regular dolls for herself...as well as 4 of the 8 pin buttons(I've be offering up 1 large and 1 regular Russian doll as well as 4 pin buttons for giveaway!!)... I figured...hey.. these are sooo cute... and Rosy was awesome enough to send a ton of stuff... I may as well share with my readers!
The large Russian dolls are like pillows... "M" is totally attached to hers...she took it to bed with her tonight....lol. The regular ones are perfect for in the car...or in her backpack (or "backcat" as she calls it). Actually... she put one in her purse...then put her purse in the trunk of her ride-on car and drove around with it...lol. All the dolls are perfectly stitched, soft and packed with stuffing....they look happy and friendly and are perfect size for "shorty".
The pin buttons are about the size of a quarter...have characters like "frezita berry", "chippy ice cream" and "smily mushito" (who was totally my fave btw)..they're all cheery and have a pin on the back. I let "M" wear one on her jean jacket and it was awesome...she looked so cute. The others she chose she made me clip to her messenger bag and re-named them to something...really.. I didn't even understand...LOL. Overall... the attention to detail that Rosy puts these...even down to the packing...tags and stationary used...make them super special....especially for me having family and friends of Russian/Ukrainian decent.

Huge thank you to Rosy from Micasita! Now for the giveaway.... hehehehe

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.micasitahouse.com/

What's up for grabs??? 4 pin buttons... 1 Large and 1 Regular Russian Doll (Open to Canada and U.S)
Contest Closes June 18th!!!


Kids Ddrops - Prodcut Review and Giveaway!!

I received a bottle of Kids Ddrops and a Dora/Diego growth chart from Ddrops! The drops are tasteless, sugarless, free of soya, gluten, peanuts, preservatives and colouring. Wow! All it takes is 1 drop and your little one has got the vitamin D that they need for the day. Everyone knows that vitamin D is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and helps your little ones grow to become strong children. Literally, "M" stuck out her tongue and a I dropped one drop straight on it... no grimace... nothing. They are odorless too....so really...she didn't know either way. I actually tried them too, as I do with a lot of her over the counter vitamins.... and really... I swear... didn't taste like anything... maybe a drop of olive oil...if that. So you can add these to your little one's... food...snacks...juice...anything and they won't even know the difference! I like that these drops don't have to be stuck in the freezer....can't spill....and have a long shelf life.

"M" loved that Dora was on the box and bottle... there are 60 drops...so should last you 2 months... and really... these are going to be stocked in our cupboards for many years to come!
Readers who drop by their FACEBOOK page and write a note their wall mentioning that they came from Baby Bottom Line will receive a Dora/Diego growth chart.

Thanks to Ddrops for doing the review and giveaway! oh.. and congratulations on winning PTPA and Mom's Choice awards!!

For more information please visit http://www.ddrops.ca/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

What's up for grabs??? Your own bottle of Kids Ddrops (Open to Canada and U.S)
Contest Closes June 18th!!!


Baby GoGo Doll - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received a Baby GoGo for "M" to try out. Baby GoGo came dressed in Pjs, hat and included a blanket and a book that has the whole story of how he came home from the hospital and his other adventures. Now, I say "He" because "M" named him Sam... lol. Right away "M" loved his clothes and that when you lied him down his eyes closed. She's really into dolls right now so she was the perfect tester for this! From snuggling to giving Sam milk she really had a good time. I liked that I could grab a wipe and wash his face etc. when she tried to feed him her real juice...lol.

I also liked that they had some cool accessories like a diaper bag and bed you could add on. The colours are modern which I liked a lot actually. My fave part about this doll... he's got brown eyes...which is a nice change from all the little blonde babies that have collected in our house... LOL. She loves him like all her other dolls...but he's been dubbed the "feel better" baby for the car ride home from pre-school.

Huge thanks to Baby GoGo!!!! Your turn to win one
For more information and ordering please visit http://www.babygogodoll.com/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

What's up for grabs??? Your own  Baby GoGo!
Contest Closes June 25th!!!