Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby On Board Keychain (Tomoson) - Product Review

I received a poly-resin keychain in the shape a baby on board sign from  Its actually really cute....about the size of a quarter. Perfect for the new or expecting Mom. Or hey... even not such a newbie like me ;)

I also like the packaging... little yellow box with gift tag...would be a perfect addition to a gift basket for a baby shower or welcome home present! The keyring itself is really strong and the links in the chain were sturdy and the resin wasn't chipped anywhere.

Thanks to Tomoson and for letting me do another review!

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Everyday Minerals - Product Review

I received some goodies from Everyday Minerals...and I'm one happy camper! They sent me 2 blushes...1 in"Like Lady Bird Lake" and 1 in "SoCo"....eyeshadow in "Parasail" and a shimmer in "Starry Eyed". It was like Christmas morning when I got my package!
Cheeks... Like Lady Bird Lake has a really cool sheen to it... perfect for a night out on the town. SoCo is matte with a really pretty shade of pink...that I really liked for daytime.

Eyes.... Parasail is a matte shadow that I used all over my lid... and surprisingly LOVED. I've never tried a matte shadow...usually they have some kind of sparkle to it... but I really liked this for the office! Starry Eyed is awesome... and is killer for contouring and creating a smokey eye. The fist thing that sets it apart is that it came in a roll-on form. OMG... I'm never going back to old shadows. It's brown and has like a silver flake effect to it.

I took a good look through their website...and made my wish list... I have a ahem... rather "large milestone" bday coming up... so I'm gonna milk! LOL ;) They have 34 shades of foundation, 20 face powders, 31 blushes, 84 (yes....84) eye shadows, 14 concealers...and a ton of other stuff. Everyday Minerals look for natural/vegan ingredients...even the paper they use is recycled and chlorine free. They even give you some beauty lessons and tips for using their products. Overall...awesome experience!
Huge thanks to Everyday Minerals! I love the new shades I've added to my daily routine!....and little "M" looked gorgeous too! (I got forced into a mini

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Bebe Oh La La! - Product Review

I received a pink petti skirt, a white posh flower headband and a white lace ruffle bloomer from Bebe Oh La La! I was really excited when I was approached by Bebe Oh La La to do a review for them...they have some suuuuuper cute stuff and are totally GTA local! I was also really excited because we haven't reviewed a petti skirt yet! Right away "M" put on her new "Cinderlala dress"..... lol and pranced around the house like a little princess. I've had numerous compliments on the headband (which I'm hoping she'll keep on for the wedding we're in this coming weekend)... and the lace ruffle bloomers were so cute... I could eat her up. She calls them her "pretty panties" whatever that means...

Everything quality wise is awesome... and I'm already planning a photo shoot to get some pics of her in the whole get up... I can hardly wait to figure it out! Oh... by the way.... if there are any photographers in the GTA that are willing to take some pics for Bebe Oh La La! ... they're looking to have some product shots exchange for advertising space on the site. If you're interested hit up their "about us" link and click the "contact us" link. Everyone is really nice... and have been awesome to work with... so someone help a SAHM out :)

Huge thanks to Farah for sending out "M" her newest "pretties"... we're both having a blast!

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NaturzAire (Mothers Choice Products) - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received a set of NaturzAire all natural reusable deodorizers. The odours (which are positively charged) are attracted to the negatively charged NaturzAire granules (kinda like kitty litter)..then they get trapped in the bag. I stuck one in the kitchen and one by the kitty litter box in the morning. By the time I got home... you wouldn't have known that there were any animals living in this house or even that garbage day was tomorrow. I honestly couldn't believe it. The best thing is... you can throw it in the bottom of the diaper pail... anywhere... and they're safe. Also... reusable... ??? like really? When you start to notice that they are losing their charge... stick it outside in the sun for the afternoon and boom... good as new. The other thing is... they are good for up to 80 ft... so you can throw it in the bottom of the laundry hamper and the whole room will become odourless. 

NaturzAire makes a ton of products for around the house... but this one I'm totally sold on. They look like small bean bags.... easy to hide... and really not even noticeable. The secret to the odour a volcanic mineral, the cotton bag is 100% chemicals are used..and is safe for both pets and kids. They make 7 different products...which include... ones for the fridge... carpets and for your home.

Thanks to Mothers Choice Products for sending my some NaturzAire to try out!( The house smells... like... NOTHING! and I'm loving it!!!!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Gourmet Giveaway Winner is....Jenn

Congratulations to Jenn..comment #118! Wow... another lucky lady...she won something else not too long ago! Thanks to all of you who come back to enter all my giveaways....the support is awesome!
I've already sent you an email Jenn...please respond within 48 hours.
Thanks again everyone!


Saturday, September 24, 2011 - Product Review

I got to choose a pair of eyeglasses from I picked a pair of sunglasses. Retro frames that are aviator in a matte finish. you could put prescription lenses in them if you like (I had Lasik done years ago, so I got plain lenses). The process itself was really easy, I went online picked what I wanted, got a confirmation email once it was submitted successfully. I received the glasses in the mail pretty quickly too. The process was really easy and super fast.
The glasses themselves... I think I should have gone with a different style.. they totally didn't suit me at all... which sucks...because I've totally been wanting a pair like these! The one thing I did notice... the lenses were awesome! Super clear and crisp... way better than any glasses you can buy off the rack. I wish I could have tried them on though... so next time I order from them.. I'm going to go to a store and check out what I like then find the match on their website. That's really the only issue I had. Everything was great. They do have all the dimensions online... but to me... didn't really mean much because its not like I would take my own measurements....however if I found a pair in a store... I'd write them down so I'd know what would fit my face properly. They do have a virtual mirror.... it's actually kinda fun to use... but I guess I'm a little old school.

They have a ton of prescription glasses to choose from that can come in prescription or sun.... awesome choices too! They also have 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 110% low price guarantee. If you refer a friend, you receive $30 for each of their first purchases to put towards another pair for yourself!

So...thanks to for letting me try out your service and my own pair!

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My NapPak - Product Review

I received a Sports themed NapPack for review. What it is... a thick mat that has a pillow and blanket attached. Then it rolls right up like a sleeping bag. It was invented by a Mom in 2001 when she realized that the mats used to nap on was not comfortable at all for her child. The school let 1 item per child so she created the NapPak to help and abide by the school's rules.

So what do we think.... it washes REALLY well...I was actually I'm thinking "M" will have a hard time wearing this out! Well...that's if she ever actually lets it go.... she actually uses it at night in her so much for her pillow top mattress cover! I guess she likes it LOL! Actually she carries it everywhere

There is just enough stuffing to be comfy but not too much to throw off the alignment of how she sleeps. The pillow runs the width of the mat and the blanket is attached along one side. This makes sure it doesn't move...ride up.. or get in your child's face.

They've just launched a few new patterns too! Cowboys and Indians...and Under the Sea. We had a really hard time trying to pick one... but ended up getting the Sports for the little Tomboy in the house. It has different sports featured on it with a blue background and a red fleece blanket. You can also have your child's name monogrammed on it if you like.

Huge thanks to Beth at My NapPack for sending us out one... she loves it.. and I'm hoping she'll actually use it at the ball diamond to sleep! (ya right! but I'll try it!)...

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Designerliners Giveaway is..... Glogirl!

Man'o Man... you have some good luck Glogirl! Comment #50 is the winner! You know the drill... I've already sent you an email..please respond within 48 hours!

Thanks for entering everyone!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner (BzzAgent) - Product Review

I received a Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl cleaner as part of a campaign through BzzAgent. You're probably thinking... what is it? Well, it is a cleaner that comes with a nozzle... you attach it to the inside of your toilet bowl, then all you have to do is hit the pedal it is attached to twice a day... and voila... sparkling clean. I buy other Scrubbing Bubbles products... like the toilet stamp gel thingy... I can't remember what it's called off the top of my head.... and the showing scrubbing bubbles is a life saver!

Not gonna lie, when I took this thing out of the was a little intimidating... but after seeing it work... it's awesome! It squirts cleaner through the nozzle... around the bowl... and under the rim too. it actually worked really well.... it did look a little creepy though....but I like that it snuck in behind the toilet and "M" thought it was kinda cool to step on the pedal.

It last 30 days... and saves me from cleaning the toilet so that's a bonus.... I handed out the coupons (kept a few for our other bathrooms and refill ones too...LOL).... but yes.. I did part with some of the coupons and so far so good..... everyone is on their way to having a cleaner toilet bowl...LOL.

Thanks to BzzAgent and Scrubbing Bubbles for letting me try this out!


Glodose - Product Review and Giveaway

I received a Glodose for review. What it a medicine dropper that lights up. It is invented by a Mom, pediatrician approved and won a 2011 PTPA award. Hit the button on the top to turn the light on and then you can use the dropper to measure the proper medicine dosage.

Any time "M" is sick I have to run all the way down stairs...measure her medicine....go all the way back up, turn on her night light and then give her her medication. With this I can do everything in her room, hence why her room is it's new home.

We tested it out with yogurt and it worked really well. I liked how accurate it was...even with the thicker liquids. Plus she didn't have a problem having her yogurt shooters! LOL. I really liked that it was easy to use and that it was invented by a Mom......

Thanks to Glodose for sending us out one to try!

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Koobli - Product Review and Giveaway!!!

I really liked the pockets on the Koobli.... they were nice and deep...and were a good width to stick anything I needed in i.e. a pack of crayons.... with a ton of room to The other great thing is that they can stand up to a lot... but are priced low so if you really get messy you can chuck it out. I washed ours in cold water...and they came out as soft as they were when they went out.

The blueberry colour is my fave.... no big surprise there... but the elastic bands in the arms were great, they were tight enough to not rid up... but stay put when I do get a chance to roll up my sleeves.

They are stain and water resistant....non-toxic..flame retardant and even folds up...when you fold it, you can flip it into the pocket which turns it into a bag. It was great for throwing into our travel bag... I wish they made kid size ones! I really like the soft material.

Thanks to Koobli for sending us out 2 for our household! They will be well used!

For more information and ordering please visit

What's up for grabs??? Your own Koobli (you choose the size and colour!)
Contest closes October 15th!


Seventh Generation Giveaway Winner is.....RBM!

Congratulations to comment #36.....RBM! I've already sent you an email, please respond within 48 hours with your mailing address!

Thanks for entering everyone! Stay tuned for more cool information about Seventh Generation!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sol Tote - Review and Giveaway!!!

I received a black large Sol Tote from Optari... and also an Owl Fobb! ("M" is really into owl's right now so I thought she'd like it...). Optari comes from a Latin word for "to desire"....and they LOVE to develop colourful, fun and stuff that people want!

The Sol Tote is made from the same material Crocs are made of I think.. I couldn't find any info on the type of materials they use...but it feels exactly the same and it has holes in it so you can accessorize your bag. (hence the Owl Fobb....totally cute... and big enough to make a statement!). They have a bunch of Fobbs to choose from like really cute. The bottom of the bag looks like the sole of a shoe... (love!) and the inside is one big compartment (perfect for a trip out with a 2 1/2 year old let me tell you!). Everything is totally washable..literally...I threw mine in the sink when M's juice leaked a bit. The handles are comfortable and fits perfect on my shoulder.

They were also featured at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards event when Ernest Borgnine was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Sorry...not going to lie... some big names totally scored an awesome bag! Oh...and there are different styles and size...large.... small, wristlets, and backpacks! They're also looking for some new ideas! So submit your ideas :)

Huge thanks to Optari for sending me a Sol Tote! Love it for the summer..well...and every other time of the year too! LOL

happy to do a giveaway on your blog. One Sol Tote (any size) and one Fobb of their choosing. Please require liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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What's up for grabs??? One Sol Tote and a Fobb!!!
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

What to Expect Giveaway Winners are..........

Congratulations to all the winners... in order won via Random(org)....

  • Amy O - Comment #135
  • Kait - Comment #48
  • Glowgirl - Comment #5
  • Mama Lisa - Comment #72
  • Snowy Summer - Comment #95
  • LaVonne - Comment #21 (next time can you please put your email in each post)
Congratulations to everyone! The email has already been sent! Please reply within 48 hours with your address and which one of the books I reviewed you would like.

Thanks for entering!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mommy vs. the "Choo-choo".....the never ending battle


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Seventh Generation - Product Review and Giveaway!!

As part of making my home more "green" I've tried a bunch of different products to do my share to help preserve the environment. Since "M" joined our family, my whole outlook has changed.... and honestly, I don't think I even did it consciously. As a parent you try to protect your children from every danger you can think of..... and making sure they have a safe and healthy planet to live on certainly moved up on my "to-do" list. I started with the little things.... recycling crayons...teaching "M" how to recycle.... buying a few cleaning products and donating anything we no longer find useful.

Now we're in to reusable containers, shopping bags and literally recycling almost everything. We've actually gotten down to 1/2 a garbage bag a week...I'm sorry...but I'm impressed and proud of us! Every garbage day as I pull out of the driveway I see bags and bags of garbage. I know the neighbors....or at least have seen the majority of them (LOL)...and no one has a 100 people living in their homes so I can't figure out how they make so much garbage.

As part of the review for Seventh Generation I received coupons for a household cleaning, laundry and a dish washing product alongside 2 coupons for either a package of diapers or wipes. A ton of stuff to try out.... and I didn't have to lose sleep over any of it! I also received a lunch bag which "M" has officially dubbed her "sack" not exactly sure what that's about....but she's cool with me putting her snacks in it when we're off on our next adventure, so I'm happy.....

The baby products are soft and free of chlorine and are hypoallergenic. I got the wipes to try because "M" isn't in diapers during the day, so I wouldn't be able to test the absorption. I did however give the other coupon to my neighbor that has a 4 month old, so she's going to let me know all the deets! The wipes are thick (but not too thick), have a bit of stretch to them...and are unscented. I did notice that my hands were a bit sticky after I tried them out myself but once they dried it went away and left my hands soft. "M" didn't have a problem with them and neither did her sensitive skin :)

The laundry products are plant derived and actually have natural fabric softeners. I did a load of laundry today and no issues... one thing I did notice was that once the cycle was over and I put the clothes in the dryer, they didn't have any soap residue on them (which sometimes my regular detergent has).

The dish products come in scented (with whole essential oils) and a fragrance free version. Of course I got the scented one.... it cleaned the dishes I washed by hand pretty good and my hands didn't dry out... so that got a big check mark!

The household cleaners were my favorite...they are also are plant derived.... but did an awesome job too. Little miss copy cat (as we now call her) likes to help clean and I know that if I give her a little squirt on the counter and give her a paper towel to wipe it off, I have nothing to worry about. They don't burn the skin, don't smell like chemicals and she seemed to have a good time, which just made it all the more fun.

Seventh Generation is another company that loves to give you access to coupons, tips and special offers so make sure you visit this LINK and set yourself up to start saving not only money but the planet!

Thanks to Seventh Generation and Mom Central for letting me try out everything! I'm hooked! (I found my stash at Superstore by the way)

For more information please visit

What's up for grabs???  Huge Prize Pack (a 100% organic cotton Seventh Gen Eco lunch bag as well as coupons for a FREE package of Seventh Generation Free and Clear Diapers, Free and Clear Baby Wipes and dish washing products)! (Open to Canada)
Contest closes September 16th!!
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Baby and You (Mom Central) - Baby and You Facebook Site Review

All of you know that I do quite a few campaigns for Mom I was really excited when they introduced me to a really cool Facebook page for a ton of cool stuff for Mom and Baby... including exclusive coupons, Mom bloggers (Mommy Moment and Lisa from Growing Your Baby) and a great group of people to connect with.

Truth be told.... almost everyone you know is probably on Facebook.... so why not take a peek and meet some other Moms (Dads are welcome too!)...share some pics... funny stories, experiences and even provide some suggestions and support for those who are needing it :)

I always have loved sharing my views (as you can tell from this blog)... giving advice from the simple things like a really cool toy to even the best products I've tried with "M".

This great page is brought to you by Loblaw Companies (Lowblaws, Valu-mart and SaveEasy just to name a few). Plus there's a huge contest to win $1000 in groceries (like really?...yep... my fingers and toes are crossed!). That would be totally awesome to win!

Here's the link... check it out!

Oh...I have a secret too.... a huge surprise will be coming down the pipeline on the Baby and You page..... can't share the details... hmmm.. I'll give you a hint though.... Who loves Joe Fresh? ;)

Disclosure – I am participating in the Baby and You program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Loblaw Companies. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Designerliners (Tomoson) - Product Review and Giveaway

Sponsored by

I received some Designerliners to test out in our home. They are biodegradable trash bags that come in a ton of different colours and patterns. We got the Navy Blue with White Polka Dots! The bags themselves were sturdy....didn't rip... (we actually tried.. purposely!)... and looked cute in the power room! The only thing I think would have made them better was if the top of the bag was tapered so it would make them easier to tie. Also, I didn't like the way they were folded in the package. I know that sounds funny, but I had to take out the whole dozen to separate one. It was a bit annoying, but that's ok.

Some of the other patterns are really cool like Black Leopard and Red Gingham.... super cute! They have over 10 patterns and there are various sizes too.
For more information and ordering please visit

What's up for grabs???  Your own Designerliners!
Contest closes September 17th!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.