Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Burt's Bees® Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin (BzzAgent) - Product Review

I received my BzzKit for the Burt's Bees® Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin....and loved what I saw when I opened the box! Tons of samples to give out and 2 full size products for me to try out! I received the facial cleanser and moisturizer..... the line helps cleanse your skin and keep it from drying out without irritating the skin. I have recently noticed that my skin is starting to become more sensitive....and actually, I've been hoping to find something more natural to deal with the changes...especially when I get stressed out and with the weather changing so much. Well... here it is! I love Burts Bees....already use the hand salve and lip balms...so when offered the opportunity to try these out...I jumped all over it. Some of the ingredients in their Natural Skin Solutions line include cotton, rice and aloe....cotton (helps moisturize and even out skin tone) and and rice? Really? Really! (btw, they also have eye cream and night cream to add to the cleanser and moisturizer too). The entire line is fragrance free....hypo-allergenic... allergy and dermatologist tested and can be found everywhere!!! Which personally...makes it more convenient.

The cleanser is soap free.... yup... you heard me..lol. Took a bit to get use to...because I couldn't figure out how it lathered when it was soap free. It contains quillaja which is from soapbark trees...that's what did it! (hmm... I learned something new today). I noticed that my skin didn't dry out as much as with my regular cleanser. The other thing I noticed was that it took off my mineral make-up really well.... not sure how well for other types of foundations, but I assume it would work just as well. I HATE taking off my make-up... it's always such a chore....probably why I don't wear very much... but still. My skin doesn't react well with a lot of make-ups... especially when I have it done.

The daily moisturizer I put right on after I washed my face and I likes how soft my skin was! Something I noticed right away (it's because of the rice extract btw... go figure!). It also has aloe in it and doesn't clog pores.

I'm super excited to keep using these products! I couldn't wait to try them out when I got my kit!!! Keep an eye out for more reviews of the product on my profile on BzzAgent.


Ore' Originals - Product Review!

I received a Kiddie Play Pack Kid Picnic in Blissful Blue from Ore' Originals It is a perfect shade of blue.... totally "spring-like" and has an AWESOME pattern on the inside and at the base of the straps. It's brown with white and blue daisies.... love it. It is waterproof and washable which is fantastic for any child. There is a zipper pocket on the inside as well as a spot for a name card...just in case it gets misplaced. The main pocket is HUGE and fits anything and everything she can think of and the straps are adjustable and cotton... which made it comfortable for M to tote around. It is non-toxic and passes U.S, European AND Canadian standards.

Overall... perfect size for her... and unfortunately...but fortunately the "Cookie Monster" backpack has been tossed aside and replaced! Not that I don't feel bad for CM...but really... lets be real...I would totally sport this backpack!

O.R.E has sooooo many products to choose from, I find myself on their site and not being able to decide what to review! I've found that they have the BEST and funkiest patterns of I've seen... and really... I've tested a ton of products and find theirs to be totally.... well... "ME"....LOL. Anything from bath and laundry products to children's feeding accessories and tote bags.... ahhh.. I LOVE EVERYTHING! Even found some really cool stuff for the furry babies in the house! So much fun... yet..so hard to decide!

Huge thanks to Ore' Originals for letting me do another review for you! Can't wait to see the next press kit!

For more information and ordering please visit www.oreoriginals.com


The Lorax: Hosted by Seventh Generation!

We got invited to the premier of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (3D) this past weekend. It was hosted by Seventh Generation....and the Green Carpet event was super cool! We got to take a pic in the photo booth.... popcorn... drinks...fun times! It was totally M's first movie experience ever...and it went awesome!!! The movie was super cute and all about the environment and how we can help preserve it! M even got a tree of her very own to plant!
Seventh Generation has their environmentally-friendly product line (which are awesome btw)....and we got to try out the new 4X Laundy Detergent! The container is 100% recyclable and is made from post-consumer recycled cardboard and newspapers!

Here are some great tips provided by Seventh Generation:
  • Set your refrigerator between 2 C and 3 C
  • Keep a pitcher and some reusable bottles filled with water in the fridge to help maintain cool temperatures
  • Avoid buying individually wrapped items like prepackaged snacks and drink boxes
  • The dishwasher uses the same amount of water whether it’s full or not, so only turn it on only when it’s full
  • Wash in cold water – 90% of the energy used while doing laundry goes towards heating the water
  • Use a biodegradable detergent
  • Unplug your computer, printer, DVD player, TV, coffee maker, and cell phone charger when you aren’t using them – these devises use up power even when they’re turned off!
  • Sign up for paperless billing
  • Host or join an event like cleaning up garbage in your neighbourhood, planting trees, or starting a community garden. 


Snugabug - Free Shoot and 8x10 Portrait Giveaway!!!

Snugabug is offering 1 lucky Baby Bottom Line reader a free shoot and 8x10 Portrait! They are located in Vaughan, Ontario; Canada. So please only enter the giveaway if you are local (GTA) to redeem your prize. This year they will have bunnies and baby chicks for the shoots!

Contest Closes March 11th!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Memories - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I was approached by My Memories to do a review the my memories suite and giveaway their digital scrapbooking software to a lucky winner as well. At first it was a little over whelming to start using the software. There is so many different choices, options, layouts... add-ons...colours... ahhhh! So really I had no idea where to start!

I use to love to scrapbook....but really... I just don't have the time since she's been born...actually come to think of it... I think there are only like 6 pages done in hers....oops! I really should get back into it...and I think this software has given me my mojo back. Take a look at a quick page I created for her plant scrapbook! I've been taking pics of her little gardens and wanted to put a little book together for her. These we planted in the summer and they were GORGEOUS! So I'm so glad I remembered to snap a few pics.

There is so much you can do with this software that I've barely scratched the surface! Tons of colours, pages and add-ins. It has all the fonts you would see and use in document programs....not to mention any names... but there's a lot to choose from...almost too many! Everything is adjustable.....crop-able... color changeable...lol... and a ton of fun!

I'm going to get back to building my next pages.... so you can head over and take a look at the video I watched to help me get started!

Thanks to My Memories for getting me hooked so quickly!!!

For more information and ordering please visit www.MyMemories.com
What's up for grabs??? Your own copy of the software!

Contest Closes March 17th!!


Move over Martha.... I got this!

New post is up on Oh Baby!


Bday planning....ahhhh!!!


Knot Genie - Product Review

I received a Knot Genie to try out. It is a de-tangling brush that has different length flexible teeth. The teeth bend to allow you to slip the brush right through your hair and get rid of all the tangles without getting snagged!
Knot Genie
Every day I struggle to get "Curly Sue" to let me brush her hair....and day after day it ends in an "ouch"..especially in the morning when she has the little rats nest in the back. LOL!!! When I got this new life-saver the first thing I did was try it on myself....and it did slide right through my hair! I have fairly long hair too! Next up... M.... so I sat her in my lap and took my chances. It totally went right through all her curls. Actually after I was done her hair was super shiny and straighter then I'm use to....it was awesome.

The second test....wet hair! It slid right through again...and there was no conditioner or detangler used! Awesome!!! I really like the shape of the Knot Genie too....it's comfortable to hold...and super light....which is great. I received a purple Knot Genie... but it comes in blue, pink, camo and silver too! Sweet!

Huge thanks to the Knot Genie for sending us out one to try....and really.... love!!!! You have made my mornings less hectic!

Canadian buyers visit www.WhoDaThunkIt.ca to purchase, U.S visit www.knotgenie.com
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kiddo Tags - Product Review

I got to pick out and design some goodies from Kiddo Tags. The offer personalized labels for everything you can think of! They have a ton of different things on the site... you can get both permanent or temporary tags, iron-on, clothing...shoe...pacifier ones... even play date cards and puppets!.

I picked the set of 40 Mini Kiddos (which are sticker type) and 4 Bag Tags (which kind of look like a mini hockey puck, and hang from whatever you attach it to). The labels were super sticky but not that gooey kind of sticky.... the kind that doesn't move or slip around.... do you know what I mean? The bag tags were bigger than I thought they were going to be which was great and they don't have any metal parts....fantastic!

Now....what did I create you ask???

I picked a black background for each with a blue owl characters on it, and M's name in white writing.

The site is super easy to use... the hardest part was deciding on what I wanted and how I wanted it to look. Honestly, it took me forever to decide. First thing you do is determine what product you'd like.
Then...you have to choose what colour.... look at all of the options!

Then you have to choose a character.... OVER 50 to choose from!!! This is probably what took e the longest...some of them were super cute.

Lastly...you get to pick white or black font...and the type of font you would like. I loved that anytime you changed anything it showed you what it would look like on the right had side of the site. It let you play around to figure out exactly what you wanted....and it was really quick to update.

I have already found 4 of my fave bags "M" owns to stick a bag tag on and all of her preschool stuff is up to date and labelled! Thanks to Kiddo Tags for doing a review!

For more information and ordering please visit http://kiddotags.com/
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

i play - Product Review and Discount Code!!

I got to try out some new products from i play... the waterproof snow bib I received is awesome!!! The knees are reinforced (backside too!)...so....perfect for playing a little rough in the snow. The filler is hypoallergenic and I like that they are PVC and chemical free. The shoulders are adjustable and have strong clips and zipper to keep them where they're suppose to be and keep the snow out! I noticed right away that they are super soft on the inside and the elastic at the bottom of the legs is strong and thick....which made it easy to actually get over her boots. I really liked that i play added a name and phone number tag on the inside...nice and convenient touch.

I also received a 10 pack of disposable compressed wipes. The wipes are made from plants...are antibacterial....hypoallergenic....easy to use and totally awesome to throw in my purse. They look about the size of a nickle...but a bit thicker. All you have to do is drip some water onto the small tablet and it expands into a regular sized baby wipe. Once you're done... toss it out. I like that the tube I received holds 10 tablets...and can be re-usable. The wipes are really soft, which I was surprised about considering you have to re-hydrate them. Overall...would totally purchase again... they have refill packs available too!

Want to get hooked up?? From Feb 1st to Feb 29th 2012.... i play is running a discount promotion for 20%!!!! All you have to enter is IPFB12 at checkout :)

Huge thanks to i play for sending me out some products to review, can't wait to try out some others!

For more information and ordering please visit http://iplaybabywear.com/
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

George's Special Creams Giveaway Winner is....Rebby!

Congratulations to Rebby! Comment #47! I have already sent you an email, please respond to the email within 48 hours with your address.

Thanks to everyone that entered!


Babybindle SeatPak‏ - Product Review

I received a SeatPak from Babybindle for review. It is a diaper bag that attaches to your infant car seat. It has 2 straps for the SeatPak to attach to the handle of your car seat, a strap to carry it alone if you like, a huge zippered area as well as a smaller zippered part at the front, for your keys and phone. The material is great because you can clean it with a few wipes. I also like that you can attach it to your stroller once your little one moves out of the infant carrier. I found that it actually fit quite a bit as well. We used it for some wipes, a change of clothes a pair of pj's and a book. Then I actually attached it to the headrest in the car, so we always had some stuff just in case of an accident or if we were out longer than expected. The diaper bag is round, which actually liked, at first I didn't think it would fit a lot, but it did and I was impressed. It is perfect for running out to the store.... don't need a purse....and the little ones have all the necessities too..it's great. The SeatPak is a quick and easy solution, to keep your hands free and keep you from having to carry too many bags at 1 time....convenient...cute... and it makes sense!

Mom inventor Sandra has won also some awards for her invention..... 2010 Huggies MomInspired, 2011 Creative Child Magazine Top Choice and a PTPA! Thanks doe sending me out one to try Sandra, we love it!

For more information and ordering please visit www.babybindle.com
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