Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Posy Lane - Product Review

I received a Personalized Bath Towel Wrap from Posy Lane for review. It is a 100% terry cotton bath towel that wraps around you...has an elastic at the top for a bit of stretch and a velcro closure. I did choose to get a plus size to make sure the baby belly was covered...and it was....with room to spare (phew!). The velcro was really strong and even held well when you didn't properly line it up. The towel stayed put and I didn't have to worry about it falling off.

The towel is reeeeallly soft, and it washed well, even the velcro looked great after washing. I received a blue one with "Mom's" embroidered in pink writing. I loved that the blue....was really bright... like a hot blue and the pink writing looked awesome on it.

Posy Lane also has a children's version... and some super cute duffle bags for girls'  and boys... it was painful to decide what to review...I swear, everything looked awesome! I really liked that you can customize everything... there was a ton of options, fonts, colors....you'd be on the site forever trying to decide...they even have personalized plates! There's a Santa one that I'm eyeing for M for Christmas!

Thanks to Posy Lane for sending out my new fave towel... this is definitely going in the hospital bag... it'll be a life saver!

For more information and ordering please visit www.posylane.com
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK


PARNEVU - Product Review

I received 3 different products from PARNEVU for review. I actually gave these products to a friend to try out for me as I'm only using vegan products while I'm pregnant with baby T. I received T-Tree Shampoo, T-Tree Break Control as well as Extra Dry Shine Gel.

These products are made for dry and damaged hair...to provide moisture, repair damages and make your hair as health as it can be. The shampoo she loved.... she has REALLY thick hair, and a lot of it! She was complaining about having dry hair...so I figured she would be interested in trying these out..and she was totally up for the challenge.

The shampoo she loved because it helped make her hair soft and less dry... she mentioned that she LOVED how her hair felt and that she didn't need to use a ton to get her hair clean.

The T-Tree Break Control product was perfect for dry ends... all you had to do was rub in a bit and it helped to smooth out any breakage or split ends. She liked that it didn't feel greasy or weigh down her hair. Actually, come to think about it... I've complimented her on her hair the past few days... lol... these products did make a difference.

The Shine Gel helps for styling...so she didn't use this as much as the other 2 products, but what just as happy with it. She said it was perfect for the little fly aways when she slicks her hair back.. and made her hair shiny but not greasy.

Overall... these look like a hit for her! Thanks to PARNEVU for sending out some products to test out!

For more information and ordering please visit www.parnevu.com
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Mattel Holiday Gift Guide

Wow... Mattel has some pretty cool stuff this year in their gift guides! Have you seen it their new stuff yet? Oh to be a kid again, really... I'm totally jealous!

There are a TON of Hot Wheels tracks and cars, Batman and WWE toys for all the boys in the house. Girls... Barbie...Monster High...and the Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll that M tested last week all made the cut! Also...super cool new Disney Princess Swirling Lights Cinderella doll (which M also got to try out... she's a super happy little girl lately!).

If you're looking for games... the new hot one are Apple to Apples (hello....LOVE this game...it's actually one of my faves!...so I can totally see why it's in their gift guide!), Apptivity...and their line including Batman, WWE, Monster High...as well as bunch of others. I haven't tried any of the Apptivity digital games... I don't have an iPad....

Trying to figure out what to get for the toddler in your life? How about Little People, Thomas or Master Moves Mickey? Imaginext has a pretty cool castle too... M was eyeing this one... she has a thing for princesses right now. Oh...the Gymnastics Dora is also on the hot list... and is already on her list for Santa! She made me write it out in dots so she could trace it....just to make sure Santa knew she wrote it...LOL!!! I... ahem... mean Santa, already has this one stashed away.. there was a $5 coupon in a parenting magazine we get... so I made sure to give it to Santa so he could save a few bucks! LOL.

Thanks to Mattel for making Santa's Christmas shopping much easier this year! Almost her entire list is from your gift guides!!!

To check out some of the hot stuff for this season visit http://www.mattel.com/


Monday, October 29, 2012

Bosombuddy Pillow - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received a Bosombuddy Pillow for review. A Bosombuddy breast pillow is used to help support your chest while pregnant, breastfeeding, after surgery and even helps prevent wrinkling in the upper chest. It is made of memory foam covered in a water wicking material that is really soft against the skin.
I noticed that I did need to wear a tighter top to use this as I am quite busty....but didn't want to wear a sports bra...so it worked for me. There is non-slip sides to make sure it doesn't move. I found that it took a bit of getting use too....even with me sleeping on my side. It's nothing you really expect to actually be comfortable but it really is surprisingly...just takes a quick learning curve...lol. I liked that it comes with a carrying bag for storage and that it is washable.

I loved the fact that a % of each sale of a Bosombuddy goes to support breast care for uninsured women and that the pillow is made from recyclable materials. It's nice to see companies that are socially responsible in supporting causes that match their products. 

Thanks to Bosombuddy for sending me out one to try....it'll come in handy over the next few months!

For more information and ordering please visit www.bosombuddypillow.org
Contest Closed November 17th!!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mona MELisa Designs - Product Review, Giveaway and Discount Code!!

I received the Peel and Play Flower Garden for review from Mona MELisa Designs. Mons MELisa's artist designs all the sets... (and they're super cute by the way)...and they come with a TON of stuff! Basically Peel and Play sets are wall decals that are high quality and uses fabric adhesive so they can be used over and over again without damaging the walls. This was great... because, of course M wanted them put up in her room right away...but we are moving her room to the old office...so I wanted to make sure it would be able to come off cleanly to be moved...and they did. She had a great time moving the stickers around and playing with them. I actually liked them so much that I think these will go at the bottom of the stairs in the playroom once it's finished! At first I was going to put them in her room... but now I'm thinking that they would be super cute on the small part of the playhouse we're building for her under the stairs.

The Flower Garden set had some of the cutest graphics... I LOVE owls...so of course I gravitated to this one. The colors were great....vibrant...but on the pastel side so they'll go great with any color we pick for the basement (which is still under discussion...but maybe I should do something different than I would usually do...lol). M really liked the deer, butterflies and birds. I found she gravitated towards the animal ones....once I set up the bigger items.

Thanks to Mona MELisa Designs for sending us out a really cool Peel and Stick set... it's going to look great no mater which room it ends up in!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.monamelisadesigns.com/
Discount Code: TBBL 1112 (60% off any purchase....yes...6-0%!!!!!)
Contest Closed November 17th!!


GlassDharma Giveaway Winner is....Journeys of The Zoo!

Congratulations Journeys of The Zoo! Comment #4. I have already sent you an email, please respond within 48 hours.
Thanks for entering!


Novena Giveaway Winner is....Jennifer Barata Allen!

Congratulations comment #9....Jennifer! I've already sent you an email, please respond within 48 hours.

Thanks to everyone that entered!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Mattel - Product Review

M received the new Disney Princess Swirling Lights Cinderella Doll for review from Mattel. HOLY MOLY did she freak out when she saw this. 1... she just saw commercials for it... so she knew it was totally brand new... 2... she's obsessed with Cinderella...3... it lights up and makes noise (3 batteries...no big deal... they come included)... what does this all equal? 1 super excited 3 1/2 year old who went to bed with this and I could hear the music over and over again coming from her room while the lights were out...LOL.

How does it work? When you press the gem on her necklace her dress lights up and music plays. With the remake of Cinderella Mattel has created this awesome experience for little girls to have... the twinkling of the the dress and how it lights up different sections at a time makes them feel like they're in the movie watching her dress turn from rags into her ball gown. Honestly, it is really cute... I would have loved this when I was a little girl! The dress cannot be removed on this version of Cinderella, as the light-box and batteries are attached to her and the inside of her dress. She didn't mind at all... she can take the shoes on and off, so she's happy.

M is just getting in to the whole doll thing now... and literally I think 3 of the 4 she has are Cinderella... a ballerina... the regular one and now this one... which really... there's no way that this one totally isn't her fave!

Huge thanks goes out to Mattel for sending this out for M....it totally made her day...probably week... well... month! LOL! This doll would would be the perfect Christmas gift for any little girl!!!

For more information and to check out the collection please visit http://www.mattel.com/


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Undercover Mama - Product Review and Giveaway!!!

I received a black (with lace trim) Undercover Mama for review. The Undercover Mama is an undershirt made of a cotton and spandex blend with a lace trim bottom (there a plain ones too). Basically its a super stretchy spaghetti tank that doesn't have straps. Instead of straps it has 2 plastic loops and clips that you use to attach the undershirt to your breastfeeding bra. When you clip down your bra to nurse you clip down the Undercover Mama as well, and it keeps the rest of you covered. 

I liked that the stretch kinda helped suck a bit in...while smoothing out a few lovely bumps...LOL. I LOVED the lace, it reminds me of one of my fave tanks that I use to wear all the time as a layer.... which... well... doesn't fit anymore. It washed really well... I was a bit worried about the lace but it didn't loosen or pill at all.

Thanks to Undercover Mama for sending me out the perfect undershirt for me...its super comfy and I love that it doesn't bunch up when I layer it! Plus I love that you give discounts and free shipping to U.S and Canada...when someone buys 2 or more! I'll have to stock up!

For more information and ordering please visit www.undercovermama.com  
Contest Closed November 17th!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SPIBelt - Product Review

I received a SPIbelt for review. SPIbelts (small personal item belt) are adjustable belts that have a stretchy pocket for you to store all your important things while going out for a run and travelling. Now... obviously I'm not in any shape to be running, but I have been walking a lot and this was great for heading out to the park for a long walk with the fam. The version I received has 1 zippered pocket (not waterproof) and is all black....there are waterproof versions available as well.

This was the perfect size to put in my phone...house key.. and a few $ and head out. I'm actually surprised how much this fit. I also liked that it is adjustable.... because really.. I'm not right now.. LOL. I also really likes that it didn't move or ride up....and that it's really discreet. These are washable, which is must in this house...lol... everything and everyone in it must be washable, and low maintenance. 

They also have a lot of cool other products and styles... there's a messenger bag for your tablet...or a wrist/ankel version. They also have some awesome colors and prints to choose from too!
Thanks to SPIbelt for letting me try out one of the classic belts... it works perfectly for our on the go family! M was even sporting it it by throwing it in the back of her electric car as she went on a joy ride!
For more information and ordering please visit http://www.spibelt.com/


DaddyScrubs - Product Review and Giveaway!

I received a set of DaddyScrubs (in navy) for review. They are poly/cotton hospital scrubs that say "I'm The Daddy" on the back. They're super cute.... hubby is gonna sport them at the hospital when baby T is born. I think it'll be really funny...lol. I liked that the top is a v-neck, has a pocket (that says "Daddy" on it) and that the set washed really well.

Hubby found them funny...which means I think I can actually make him wear them.... and they're totally not cheesy which is awesome! He said they were really comfortable and the size was perfect. These would be really great new dad gift....or even for a repeater like him! I pretty much had to pry him out of these so he doesn't wear them out before T comes! He also reminded me not to forget to pack them when I pack my hospital bag... LOL.

M thought these were really funny too... she understood the whole concept and ran around the house yelling "I'm The Sister"....hmmm.. maybe DaddyScrubs should branch out into SiblingScrubs? OMG... imagine M running around the hospital in a little pink or purple set?

Thanks to DaddyScrubs for sending out hubby a pair to try out. All your new dad gifts are really fun and unique!

For more information and ordering please visit www.daddyscrubs.com
Also, check out their VIDEO its a really cute story of how they came to be!

Contest Closed November 17th!!


Monday, October 22, 2012

UGH!!!! So frustrating!!

So...something is going on with my pics... we'll let you know when the problem is fixed! So frustrated!


Fisher-Price - Product Review

Fisher-Price sent M a Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll for her to review. It was worse than Christmas morning when she saw this set! It has a TON of stuff to put in the Doctor kit....and each item when used on the doll makes her say something different (yes.. it takes batteries...but it's only 3, promise). The first thing your little one needs to do is check her temperature... the thermometer goes in her ear and there are 2 settings, no fever and fever. The thermometer clicks when you press the tip in....also her forehead lights up  to tell you she has a fever.

The stethoscope is really cute... you can hear the heartbeat and it lights up. The tongue depressor holds down her tongue down and she says "ahhhhh!". When you give her a dropper full of medicine she tells you she "feels all better". There is a syringe to give her a needle and a bandage as well. Another favorite part is when you hit her knees with the knocker her legs  click up to show you her great reflexes.

I like that M could interact with the doll...and that the doll was really cute! She liked doing her hair and wearing the Doctor name tag while she carried around her little kit! The doll is a bit of a blabbermouth... M thought it was funny. Thanks to Fisher Price for sending her out the Doctor Mommy Doll....she had a blast and I'm sure this one will be on every little girl's wish-list this year!

For more information please visit http://www.fisher-price.com/


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Manual Giveaway Rules - Please read!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to explain the rules for the giveaways.... I've noticed a lot of entries are not correct, or people say they are following, and they are not. This hinders your ability to win, so I wanted to once again explain for everyone....so everyone gets a fair chance of winning.

Overall rules:

  1. Each entry MUST have an email address so I can contact you if you win
  2. Each entry MUST be separate, especially when the extra entries are earned (see example below)
  3. The sponsor ships out the prize, it is not the responsibility of Thebabybottomline.com to pay for the item, shipping or customs etc. We are not responsible for any charges, the sponsor is and typically they stay on top of sending out prizes.
  4. For extra entries I add the links for you, click those links and like or follow to earn your extra entries
  5. Sometimes there are stipulations from sponsors because they are running the same giveaway on numerous blogs.... sometimes they say there can only be 1 winner in the same household across all blogs. Ensure you respect this if you are a winner.
  6. On my site, I allow people to win multiple times....not in the SAME giveaway... but if you enter different giveaways, you have the same chance in each one. I think it's only fair that if you take the time to enter, you should be eligible to win, as long as you fill things out properly.
  7. YES I check if you follow on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I also check that the re tweets align, if there is an inconsistency or if you actually do NOT follow, that entry does not count.
  8. I use randomorg.com to pull a winner. I typically do not use raffle-copter because I did have some glitches with them in the past. Yes, this way is more manual for me.... i.e to check the followers etc, but I'd rather do it because it's accurate.
  9. When a winner is chosen they have 48 hours from the time of the email to respond. If they do NOT respond within the time frame another winner will be chosen.
  10. An email is sent to the sponsor when the claim email is sent from the winner. I send the sponsor all the information they need. It is the responsibility of the winner to follow up with me if they do not receive their prize. Please ensure it is within a reasonable time frame as well :)
  11. The Baby Bottom Line is NOT responsible for shipping the winner's prize. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to ship the item(s).
  12. Personal information such as name, shipping address, phone number (if required) and email address (if required for an online GC) will be provided to the sponsor for the sole purpose of sending out the prize to the winner. 
  13. The Baby Bottom Line does not collect any personal information for sale or for any purpose other than providing it to the sponsor so the winner may receive their prize.
  14. Have FUN...and ENTER A TON! I always have a lot of giveaways going on... typically my entries run low because I don't give a ton of extra entries! 
  15. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.... GOOD LUCK! :) 

Here we go... this is what a typical giveaway looks like...please realize these are examples, you need to follow whatever is listed in the giveaway.

What's up for grabs???  The 2 products I got to try out!  (Canada and U.S) - This is what the prize will be and who is eligible.

To Enter the contest:  visit the website 
 thewebsiteofchoice(entered here)  and name a product you would use love to try! - This is how you enter the contest, which means... it's mandatory. If you do not complete this... you disqualify yourself from winning.
Example: I would love to try out the organic face wash! your email address

To earn extra entries into the giveaway: (make sure to let me know that you put in a separate entry for each extra entry you earn) - don't forget your email address so I can contact you if you win :)

  • Follow me on TWITTER @babybottomline (4 Entries) - This means... if you follow me on Twitter you need to enter 4 separate comments like this
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    • Follow you on Facebook #4 (your account name) your email address
  • This goes for any of the extra entries...Re-Tweets...Pinterest... etc. All of them.


Funktion Giveaway Winner is....Angela!

Congratulations comment #52! I have already emailed you, please respond with 48 hours with your mailing address.

Angela said... 52
i follow on twitter @angMommyTimeOut

Thanks to everyone that entered!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

DarlingLittles - Product Review

DarlingLittles reached out to me to do another review for them. Last time I reviewed a few knit hats for them, this time a couture headband! It has a large fabric rosette, a cheetah bow and a black fabric flower with some feathers and crystal embellishments all on a stretchy brown headband.

Heather makes all the headbands by hand....anything glued is done so with non-toxic products and the flowers she makes from polyester, cotton and silk fabrics. She even puts cute embellishments like rhinestones, feathers, faux pearl buttons, crystals and real freshwater pearls!

I really liked that every item of the headband was finished nicely, can't see any glue or messy stitching (little picky...sorry, I know)... and that everything flowed well together considering not one item was of the same color or fabric. M loved wearing it... she has a killer animal print shirt she wears with black leggings... looked awesome and we got a ton of compliments on her headband.

Heather will be at the Made by Hand Fall Craft Show on Oct 27th from 11am-5pm at the International Centre - Hall 6... stop by to see her and pick up a few items!

Thanks to Heather for sending me out another really cute addition to M's collection! You always make such nice items... thanks for reaching out again!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.darlinglittles.com
You can also email them at darlinglittles at gmail dot com if you would like to order :)


Tiny Love - Product Review

I received a Super Mat and 2 Tiny Smarts toys for review from Tiny Love. The Super Mat is HUGE!!! I can't believe that Tiny Love was able to make something this size and still make it portable. It is padded and has a ton of activities to make tummy time fun. There is a different activity on each section of the mat, which I really liked....it was entertaining even for M. The mirror was great because it is adjustable..there is different textures... and sounds...like the crinkle pocket.  I can't wait for T to get here...(well technically I don't want a repeat of last time...so I CAN wait!)...but... they're going to be so cute together! I like that you can bring and use this anywhere and loved the size! More than enough for all of our toochies...even just to hang out on the floor and play a game.  The colors are great....even after washing... totally love it!

Tiny Smarts Toys are a bunch of developmental toys that are cute and keep the little ones occupied no matter where you are. The my first rattle-sun  is a double sided rattle....and teether. One side has a mirror...the other is a happy sun. The ribbons and rings are great for letting little hands explore and well...chew on. I really liked how bright the colors are... and the size of the rattle is great. Perfect for the little ones to hold, shake and play with...and the rings help with hand-eye coordination.

Frankie Frog can be attached to the handle of the car seat or play mat and is great for a stroller. He's really cute... he jitters when you pull him, has a rattle in his belly and he has crinkle feet. The clip is a good size and the materials used are soft and brightly colored. I like all the different elements to this toy.... I can see baby T using this for a long time! M played with it all night! LOL.

Huge thanks to Tiny Love for sending us out some great products! T is going to love the Tiny Smarts and we ALREADY love the Super Mat!

For more information and ordering please visit http://tinylove.com/


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Flat Iron Experts - Product Review

I received a huge set of 5 QT performance brushes from Flat Iron Experts. I received a small, medium, large and x-large ionic thermal brushes and a large paddle cushion brush. The ionic thermal brushes (25mm, 32mm, 45mm and 53mm) help create volume in any type of hair. I found with my long hair the 53mm (x-large) was the best size for me. All the brushes have ceramic barrels with nylon bristles that are heat resistant and free of static. I like the rubber grip...it helps me control the brush and is comfortable to use. The nano-technology really helped with the static and the fly-aways I tend to get. I also found that my hair dried faster...which for any Mom...total bonus! I noticed my hair was super shiny too.... loved! Liked using the smaller brushes for the layers I have in the front and also when M needed a quick dry too.

The large paddle cushion brush was perfect for straight out of the shower, and was great for my every day brush.  I really liked the size of the brush, it only took a few passes to get my tangled mess back to a presentable state...lol. This brush has ball-tipped nylon bristles which was great for going through my hair without creating any breakage. I liked that each brush had a loop hole and a magnetic bottom, to help with storage...and honestly they were comfy and easy to use

Thanks to Flat Iron Experts for sending me out a ton of brushes... I literally threw out all the other brushes I have.... I feel totally spoiled!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.flatironexperts.com/

You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


babyGUND - Product Review

I received a Comfy Cozy and a HuggyBuddy both in the bumble bee character from babyGUND. Did you know that GUND has been making cuddly things for over a century? Everyone knows the name GUND and probably have a few of their products in a toy chest in your home. Now... babyGUND.... huge line for infants and toddlers... super soft... encourages developmental growth... and honestly... super CUTE!

The Comfy Cozy....is a newborn blanket... or in my house...one for a 3 1/2 year old! LOL. It is oval in shape and the dimensions run 21" by 18". The top fabric is super soft! I liked that instead of black stripes, the used grey with white polka dots. Its not as harsh as black would be and is a cute change from the regular "bee stuff" you see out there. The underside is satin.......really nice...shiny and finishes off the blanket really nicely. I like that the head, arms, legs and wings are additions to make the  blanket that more whimsical.

The HuggyBuddy is a bit different then the Comfy Cozy. Dimensions are 21" by 12"...perfect size for what we call a snuggie... basically a security blanket. I like that the coloring and fabrics matched those of the Comfy Cozy, super cute set when they're together. M decided that the Comfy Cozy was hers and that the HuggyBuddy was for Baby T. She's such a caring little girl...but boy when she likes something... can't pry it out of her hands! LOL. She packed the HuggyBuddy in T's box (where we're keeping stuff while the renovations are going on) and literally hasn't left Comfy Cozy's side in days!

Thank you babyGUND (GUND) for sending out Buzzi for both little ones to have! I think they're officially new faves in this house!

For more information and ordering please visit http://shop.gund.com/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK ,  TWITTER, and PINTEREST


Monday, October 15, 2012

Kids think THEY have problems.....


Funkins - Product Review

received a bunch of Funkins for review. I received  the Giddyup Horsies! and Earth 'Bots for baby T and Oodles of Zoodles Butterflies and Moo Cows Brown for M. We also received a Day Time Pumpkin Pals for upcoming Halloween. You're probably thinking.... what are Funkins? They are 13x15, 100% cotton (double sided) reusable napkins (or place mats...whatever you use them for). The are perfect for your little one's lunch box.....to get rid of those paper napkin products...plus add a bit of color to their day.

All the fabrics are phthalate and lead free....the cotton washed really well... and I washed in cold so the colors wouldn't run. Any stains came out too which was great. There are a ton of ways you can use these... M took the butterfly one for baby's blanket and would only use the cow one as a place mat. She didn't want to wipe her mouth on them because she would get it dirty...LOL. The Halloween is in the middle of our dinning room table with some decorations and mini pumpkins that we picked up.

I looooved the patterns... their almost too cute to use!!! M put aside the robot one for baby T... so he's the only one that will be allowed to use that one! I'll probably order a few more to throw in the diaper bag for when we hit the mall or something. I always unfold a paper napkin for her lunch... why not use on of these? So I stuck the pony one in our regular bag.... it's super cute! They also have a TON of different patterns.... the special occasion ones are killer! Loved "Home for the Holidays"!!!

Overall... totally in love with these! Thanks to Funkins for sending us out a bunch! You helped make our house a little greener today!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.myfunkins.com/
You can aldo follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Cranberry Concentrate w/ Vitamin C (Tomoson) - Product Review

I received a bottle of Cranberry Concentrate with Vitamin C from Lady Soma for review. I have taken cranberry supplements for a long time, so I was glad to have the chance to try out this one because of the added vitamin C. Everyone knows that drinking cranberry juice helps when you have a urinary tract infection... but did you know that by taking a cranberry supplement you can help prevent them too? I know when pregnant I make sure to remember to take my cranberry supplements... pregnant women are more prone to some of these issues...and seem to never have a problem.  

These were easy to swallow... and you only needed one per day. Ingredients included vitamin C, antioxidants and everything from the whole cranberry. Please remember to check with your Dr. before taking any supplements! Its also good to drink a big glass of water with them... I find it helps to get them down. I'm not the best at taking pills...so this could just be a me thing. LOL. 

Lady Soma sent me a few other products (1 of which I couldn't review... which is the Candida Advanced Cleanse). Didn't think a cleanse while pregnant was the best idea, but I'll try it out after T comes. I also received a Lady Mint Tingle lip balm.... this I tried out and loved that it kept my lips soft with this change in weather again!

Thanks to Lady Soma and Tomoson for letting me do this review!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Oliver's Labels Giveaway Winner is.... Momma P!!!

Congratulations to comment #57...Momma P! I've already emailed you, please respond within 48 hours!

Momma P said...57
FB #3
Thanks to everyone that entered!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Toe Juice Giveaway Winner is...Jennifer!

Congratulations comment#54 Jennifer! I have already emailed you, please respond within 48 hours.

Jennifer said...54
3- I follow you on Twitter.

Thanks to everyone that entered!1


Monday, October 8, 2012

Cleava - Review and Giveaway!!

 I received a light beige Cleava for review. The Cleava is a bra camisole that gives you extra coverage. It attaches right to your bra and is really easy to clip on. It is a 92/8 polyester/spandex blend so its smooth and has a bit of a stretch to it. I found that it was easy to put on but the color I received was probably my last pick if I were to choose. I never wear anything light, would have loved a black or white to go with all the color I usually wear or even one of the super bright ones to have a contrast to some of my other stuff. It was a bit to plain for me. 

Did it do the job? Yep! covered up what I needed it to the snaps were strong and it will be great for when baby T gets here....this would make a great gift for an expecting mom . Allows you to give more coverage for the areas that need it the most!  LOL. Here is the step by step visual from their website to show how quick it is to get on and off.

Thanks to Cleava for sending me one to try out! I like the ones with the details on the top.... or the full lace black one...super cute!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.cleava.com/

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Don't forget you have a 30 day guarantee if you don't like the Cleava...return it! :)

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Little Passports - Product Review

I received a sample kit from Little Passports. This is a monthly subscription that you get for your child... similar to a magazine subscription by way cooler. The sample kit has a letter and picture from Sofia and Sam (the characters you'll go on your adventures with) a map, passport, activity sheet, access to online games (boarding pass), some stickers and a suitcase. The 2 main characters found a magic scooter in Sam's Aunt Charlie's garage. It takes you anywhere in the world you would like to go. Based on this... Sam and Sofia go on a ton of adventures around the world, and your little one gets to collect stickers for their map and passport as well as boarding pass online activities and souvenirs.

This is a great way to teach your child about geography, history and different cultures, while making it fun and easy to remember. M really liked the suitcase and the world map... she liked seeing where other countries were!

You can buy packages for more adventures... some include Brazil, Russia and Australia. There are a different subscriptions to choose from for as little or as many kits you would like. Overall... totally think it's a cool idea! Such a different way to learn about the world! Thanks Little Passports for sending us out the sample kit to take a peek at!

For more information and ordering please visit http://littlepassports.com/


Sunday, October 7, 2012

GoGo Natural - Product Review and Giveaway!

Go Go Natural sent me a DinkleDooz Diaper in chocolate for review. It is a one-size pocket diaper and really can be used from birth right up to potty training. The fleece lining is soft and there are a ton of snaps to be able to adjust the diaper whatever size your little one is. 

This was my first experience with cloth diapers so as you can imagine I had a bit of a freak out when I saw all the snaps and inserts. The diaper is 100% polyester and the inserts are a 90/10 polyester/nylon blend. Washing this was easy...hot water...low heat to tumble dry. 

With T not here yet you're probably wondering how we tried this out. Yep.. got M to try it on and it fit her... then did the apple juice and nutella test! LOL... Use your imagination... it's probably exactly what we did. Well...at least we had fun messing up the diaper and inserts on our kitchen counter! LOL. We washed them a second time to get out all the mess we made and everything came out and it still stayed soft!

I like that the diaper came with 2 inserts and it could fit anywhere from 8-35 pounds. I also liked that it had an adjustable rise so it can fit all body types. Overall, we had a fun experience making a mess, just like any little one would actually do! Thanks to Go Go Natural for introducing me to the cloth diaper world... I'll try the best I can with T to start using them when he arrives! It'll be a big change for me!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.gogonatural.com/

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SweetPea $25 GC Giveaway Winner is....Tiffany Winner

Congratulations to comment #35!!! Tiffany Winner! I have sent you an email please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize!

Thank you to everyone that entered! Don't forget to enter the other current giveaways...there are a TON!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cariloha - Product Review

I received 2 products for review from Cariloha! I got to try out a Bamboo Long Sleeve Crew Tee and a Bamboo Infinity Scarf both in black. The crew tee is AWESOME! I love that its on the longer side, so I can throw on a pair of jeans and it covers the baby belly. First thing I noticed... SUPER soft, holy cow... I wanted to wear this ALL DAY and NIGHT! LOL. I liked that the neck was not too high, or low for that matter and that the fabric kept its shape. It washed really well and was still soft....I also liked that it was tag-less! The shirt was made from  a 70/30 split of bamboo and organic cotton. Did you know bamboo has a wicking factor to it? I didn't....I did know it was hypoallergenic and antibacterial though...love green products!

The Infinity Scarf.... I want in every color they have! The blue one is awesome and I totally love the grey one too! I wear scarves a lot so having this super soft one doubled around my neck was perfect! I added a broach too...and it looked great! I liked that it was light weight, had the same 70/30 blend like the tee and that the scarf was really long.

They have a TON of products... for bedding (which I'm seriously contemplating getting in at least 2 colors) to bamboo lined handbags.....they have an awesome selection! Hmmm... maybe I should pick up some towels too! Thanks to Cariloha for sending me out 2 new staples in my wardrobe! LOVE!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.cariloha.com
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Del Sol - Product Review

I received a t-shirt and a nail-polish from Del Sol for review. The Scoop Tee- Feather Flourish is super soft and comfy, pre-shrunk, has some great graphics and I love the color. Del Sol products are really cool and unique because they change color in the sun. In this t-shirt the light blue graphic turned dark blue in the sun (as shown in the picture). They use Spectrachrome® Technology to make their products change color....it includes crystals that change color when exposed to the sun... wow... pretty cool.

I liked that it washed really well and I like that even after washing the color-change still worked. They actually guarantee it to work for the life of the product with normal wear... make sure you follow the washing instructions as well.... trust me... not a big deal... cold water...no bleach or iron... the usual. So no need to do anything special.

We also received a bottle of pretty in pink nail polish. Inside... it's white with a bit of shimmer to it...outside...bright pink! M LOVED this! she kept hiding her nails then bringing them back into the sunlight to watch them change! I was actually really impressed with this....we'll totally have to get some other colors, she had blast! The color darkens or lightens depending on how many coats you put and how strong the sun is that day etc. We totally need to get "Day Dreamer" which is a deep purple.... and "Glam Rock"...which is blue (not a surprise for those who know me....I usually stick to those two colors!

Del Sol also has a ton of accessories and kids stuff! Thanks Del Sol for sending us out some really cool things to try out. M won't leave me alone...she wants me to keep painting her nails!
For more information and ordering please visit http://www.delsol.com
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Isabella Oliver - Product Review

I received the Francesca Dress (in wine) from Isabella Oliver. I had a wedding the past wedding so this dress came right in the nick of time for me to get to wear it. Isabella Oliver carries everything from blazers to dresses. 

The dress has an asymmetric shoulder strap and the ruching is very forgiving. I liked that the dress was fitted and I could move the length up or down by ruching it more or less. The material was soft and stretchy which accentuated all the curves and bump!

I threw a shall over-top to keep me warm and give a little added coverage....loved the color and it was really comfortable. I got a ton of compliments which made me feel awesome!

No gonna lie...totally in love with the belted wrap jacket and the luxe tie sweater! I love that everything is modern and classic at the same time and they come in different colors. It makes choosing anything super hard...but fun at the same time! I also liked that everything can be worn before and after pregnancy...which makes these classic pieces perfect for any wardrobe...especially the sequin tunic dress! Hello New Years Eve!

Thanks to Isabella Oliver for sending me out my new fave party dress....it was comfortable and perfect for the wedding!

For more information and ordering please visit http://isabellaoliver.com
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