Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Baby Mio - Product Review and Giveaway!!!

I received a Jax the Tiger blanket and tag a long from Baby Mio for review. The products are 100% polyester have matching tiger print and satin trim. They are machine washable which is great....and they are amazingly soft. 

Both washed really well....didn't pill....stayed soft and colors stayed bright. Even when using baby detergent, which sometimes can be a challenge. 

M loved the blanket so much she has now been sleeping with it for the past 4 nights...and won't part with it. She kept saying that her feet were "comfy cozy"....LOL. I did finally talk her into letting baby T have the tag a long though... it did take quite a bit of convincing...but she eventually caved.

The tag a long is a blankie/burp cloth/stuffed animal combo that is really cute. If T likes it as much as M did... this will end up being one of his best buddies in no time. 

Thanks to Baby Mio for sending us out some new cuddly stuff for M and T! Either of these would make an awesome gift for a new arrival... or even for a little one who has been around for a while :)

For more information and ordering please visit www.babymious.com

What's up for grabs???  Your own Tiger tag a long!!! (Canada only)
Contest Closed January 26th!!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bottle Pets - Review and Giveaway (5 Winners!)

I received a Charlie the Dinosaur and a Sammy the Bulldog Bottle Pet for review. Bottle Pets are wraps that go around your baby's bottle to not only help insulate but make feeding fun for your little ones.

The bottle is placed in the machine washable friend with the nipple sticking out of the mouth of the pet. All you have to do is make sure the nipple of the bottle is sticking all the way out...which helps create less mess and allows your little one access to the entire thing. The Bottle Pet then hangs out with your little one while they finish up their meal.

I really like that these are soft...like...minky soft...lol....and that the velcro at the bottom is really strong and thick....so there's basically no way the bottle can fall out. I can't wait to see if baby T will like these... M had a great time testing them out. She thought they were cute...and tried to steal one for a sippy cup she still has...LOL.

Thanks to Bottle Pets for reaching out to me and offering a review and giveaway. I like that these are unique and really cuddly!
For more information and ordering please visit www.bottlepets.net
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER 

What's up for grabs???  Your own Bottle Pet!!! 5 Winners and WINNERS CHOICE!!! (US/CAN)
Contest Closed January 26th!!


This weeks giveaway winners.... week ending Dec 22, 2012!

Congratulations to all the winners! I've already sent out an email to each of you, please respond within 48 hours.

Udder Covers

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Family Vinyl Decal Kit

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You! Lingerie - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received a  You! Lingerie bra and panty Ella Rose for review. The set was really lacy....feminine and hot pink! I liked the inside of the cup is soft easy to clip down for nursing and had bows on both straps and in the middle of the bra. The bra is a 80/20 nylon/spandex blend to make it super stretchy and adjustable and the lining is 100% cotton which is what makes it great.

The bottom of the matching set was super comfortable... I actually likes the cut too... usually I'm not big on boy shorts...but these were comfy. Plus... with less than 2 weeks before baby T comes.... anything comfortable is a home run in my books! The bottoms have the same materials as the top, so they match perfectly.

You! Lingerie makes really pretty maternity and nursing bras that wash well and the color didn't fade after numerous washes either! I really liked their bra line...the colors are really pretty and they are really comfy to wear, especially for long periods of time.

It says to hand wash and hang/lie flat to dry. I always do a wash test and stick the items in a lingerie bag... they passed the test. I did leave them out to dry overnight and didn't have any issues.

Thanks to You! Lingerie for sending me out a set to try out!

For more information and ordering visit http://www.you-lingerie.com/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

What's up for grabs???  Your own bra set!!! You tell them the size you need! (Canada only)
Contest Closed January 26th!!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Hero Huggers - Product Review

I received a Skeletonz Kids Belt from Hero Huggers. I received the velcro version of the belt...both M and T will be able to wear this belt, which I like. I loved the skull pattern ribbon on the belt. It is a really good quality belt...strong...tight knit and the stitching is well done.

I also liked that they have a ton to choose from and that you can choose the closure you would like...velcro or D ring. It is hand wash in cold water.... took me 2 minutes in the kitchen sink, and I hung it to dry. It also didn't take very long for it to dry which was great.

I also really like the grape punch belt and the Dino Bonz one...they really stood out to me and I like that they are funky and different. You totally know that these wouldn't been seen all the time, really cute.

Thanks to Hero Huggers for sending us out a belt to review....M loves it... it fits her well and I know T will be able to use it too. We'll be using this for a very long time!

For more information and ordering visit http://herohuggers.com/


Tutu Fabulous - Product Review

I received an Ice Princess headband and tutu from Tutu Fabulous. M just loved this set....she wore it from the time I opened the package to the time she went to bed and even asked for it the next morning. We both loved the color and I really liked the length of both. I also liked that the tutu wasn't just around an elastic band...but rather a silky skirt and the pieces were sewn to it. It made it more durable and actually helped it keep the shape better. The bow and ribbons finished it off nicely as well.

The matching headband was really cute. It has blue flowers on a white headband and matched the tutu. I liked the tulle veil as well... so did M...she also liked the long ribbons.

I really liked the quality of both pieces and how both were nicely finished  off and full the shirt is. Thanks to Tutu Fabulous for sending M out her new fave dress up set....I have to basically pry it off her to even get her in the bathtub! 

For more information and ordering visit http://tutufabulous.com/


Live Beautifully Body - Product Review

I received a few products from Live Beautifully All Natural Beauty Products for review. I was sent a whipped lip butter (and lip butter primer) and a shabby London rose deodorant. The lip butter primer made my lips super smooth and moisturized. Some of the ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. I really liked that it went on smooth and stayed on without being greasy...plus... being all natural... bonus! Especially now :)

The whipped butter....omg.. LOVE IT. It is super smooth to put on and I loved the scent (cherry and vanilla). I felt myself rubbing my lips together a lot....they were like silk... it was awesome. Made me feel like I was being pampered even just for a few minutes. Well... more than a few minutes... I think I put it on more than 10 times today... LOL. I like that it left my lips shiny too....because I think it's because they weren't sticky at all.... which is what I HATE about most lip products. Shea butter....cocoa butter and grapeseed oil are on the list of ingredients.

The deodorant I was actually surprised with. I've never tried a natural one...so this was totally new for me. I liked the floral scent. The texture is a bit different than the type I'm regularly use to but not in a good or a bad way, just different.  I liked that it actually worked and did not contain any of the harmful ingredients that antiperspirants can contain. I also liked that you didn't need a lot for it to work....and last all day. Some of the ingredients include baking soda, beeswax and shea butter.

Thanks to Live Beautifully for sending me out products to try out... loved everything and treating myself before T comes.....countdown is on!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/LiveBeautifullyBody


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pregnancies....They ARE different....


Monday, December 17, 2012

I See Me! - Product Review

I received a personalized storybook from I See Me! called "Who Loves Me?".  I made our copy for M as something special for her before baby T comes. I was able to choose 6 names to put in the book along with M's birth date and have it to her from me :)

The story behind the book is that all 6 of the names you put in the book tells your little one how much they love them and compare it to something grand in nature. "Who loves M? Mommy loves M! How much? So much! More than the mountains, more than the streams, more than a little girl's happiest dreams". She  LOVED this book!!! Literally she made me read it over and over again until she fell asleep. I loved the fact that it made her so happy hearing about all the people that love her... and it was so colorful! I really liked the illustrations and the overall feel of the book. It was well made and the printing quality is awesome.

I See Me! Inc... has a ton of different books to choose from and for any occasion... any age and some really cute stories... there's pirates and fairy tales .. birthdays and even baptisms! Love the idea of these books....it's wonderful to see the little ones feel special and have something they can keep!

Big thanks to I See Me! Inc for sending us out a book to review..... I'm so glad she likes it, and I'm sure she'll cherish it for a very long time... I know I will!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.iseeme.com/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!!  They have a NEW “Love is in the Air” personalized placemat.  Check it out HERE!


Hazelamber - Product Review

I received a baby necklace, and a women/teen bracelet and necklace set from Healing Hazel for review. I have reviewed a few amber pieces in the past but nothing with Hazel wood. It is known for neutralizing acidity within the body... are 100% natural and are safe for babies and while pregnant. The bracelet or necklace actually oxidizes so you know when to replace it! I thought this was really cool. I love that all the pieces are hand made and that there are amber touches to each piece as well. Not only do you get the benefits of the hazel wood but the amber as well.

These are great for skin conditions and teething....so I know when baby T comes... he definitely will be sporting this come teething time! The necklace is strong, and I had no problems with the clasp. The accent beads are cute and non-gender specific so I was glad that he'll be able to wear them.

I really like that these are natural and the history behind the products. The First Nations people have been using hazel wood forever and Healing Hazel has been around for 30 years. Thank you to them for sending us out some products to try.....I'm hoping that with me wearing the women's bracelet for the next few weeks leading up to T's birth that it will help with the bit of pregnancy carpal tunnel I've been so blessed to have...lol!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.healinghazel.com/ 
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winners this week....Dec 15!

Congratulations to this weeks winners! I've already sent you an email..please respond within 48 hours!

Maggie Bags (Your own Tote of Many Colors!)

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Gift Seals & Address Labels ( Your very own Gift Seals and Address Labels pack!)

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Giveaway Winners... Week of Dec 8th!

Congratulations to this weeks winners.... I've already sent emails, please respond within 48 hours!

Knickerbocker Glory

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Mía Mariú’s (Tomoson) - Product Review and Giveaway!

I received a bunch of products from Mía Mariú to review. The Perfecting Finish Mineral Cream Concealer is oil free and worked really well at covering up my dark spots. I think I could have gone maybe 1 shade lighter...but that's ok.... I've lost my summer tan....so next summer this will be brought back out. I liked that it didn't look chalky when I put it on and blended it in and I liked that it didn't clog my pores either.

The loose mineral shadow liner was really pretty. I picked a teal-ish color called aguamarina to review. I thought I would try something different than the regular black or brown liners. I used it both as a shadow and liner.... it was really smooth and didn't get gunky in the creases. I used a bit of water and used it as a liner with one of my small brushes. It worked really well and stayed on all day.

The mineral eye shadow duo I chose in luna de meil. I really liked the quality of these... they were smooth and easy to put on. They also had a bit of sparkle to them which I liked. I also liked that the shadow stayed where it should and the shadow applicator was good quality.
Finally, the luminous lip gloss I received in romance. It has vitamin A, C and E in it which made my lips really smooth. I really liked how sparkly it is... it wasn't too much but enough to be subtle but get noticed.
Mía Mariú uses natural ingredients while creating good quality products. I actually really enjoyed everything I got to try out. Thanks to Mia Mariu and  Tomoson for letting me do the review!For more information and ordering please visit http://www.miamariu.com/What's up for grabs???  The same products I got to review!!! (Canada and U.S)Contest Closed December 22nd!!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Family Vinyl Decal Kit (Tomoson) - Product Review and Giveaway!

I received the Baseball Family Wall Decal Kit from Vinyl Disorder for review. There are 5 sizes of baseball decals... most people use them on the back window of their car.... I'm sure you see them around all the time.. but you can also use them on walls. Since Baby T's room is baseball themed I decided to place them sporadically in his room. They were easy to install...place the decals on a table, rub them to make sure they stick properly to the top layer. I used a credit card... it worked great. I then cut the decal carefully so I could use them in different places. I peeled off the backing stuck one of the baseballs on the wall where I wanted it and smoothed it down again with the credit card. After everything was flat I peeled off the top layer...and voila! Done!

Vinyl Disorder had a ton of kits to choose from... and you can pick the color etc to go with your taste. Quality wise they were actually really good.. I've used decals before so I'm somewhat of a pro... LOL.

Thanks to Vinyl Disorder and Tomoson for letting me so the review.

For more information and ordering please visit www.Vinyldisorder.com

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

What's up for grabs???  1 Family Decal Kit!!! (Canada and U.S)

Contest Closed December 22nd!!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Toffee Cellar - Product Review

I received a box of white chocolate cashew toffee from the Toffee Cellar for review. OMG..... lol... hello toffee!!!! Holy moly was it GOOD! wow! The chocolate was awesome... and well.. I love cashews so really... they hit a home run with me on this one. Basically it's their awesome toffee...with white chocolate... then roasted cashews....and more chocolate drizzled over top. The toffee was nice and fresh and it was wrapped up really nicely. I can totally see myself giving out some as gifts... it really was THAT good.

The have a bunch of different toffees... chocolate peanut butter, white blueberry almond....and milk chocolate pecan to just name a few. These are very decadent though, so even though I could probably have put a good dent in that box all by myself I had to refrain from eating myself right out of my maternity jeans! LOL.

Thanks to the Toffee Cellar for sending out this awesome treat to try! We definitely loved doing this review!

For more information and ordering please visit www.toffeecellar.com
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Cake Lingerie - Product Review

I received a top and bottom from Cake Lingerie's Cotton Candy collection for review. The bra is seamless....which I LOVED... it was super soft and comfy. I'm gonna say it... it was the most comfy bra I have... there. LOL. It is double layered and has the snaps for easy nursing. I liked that this one was actually comfortable enough to sleep in as well...my back has been starting to bother me, so I found this to help quite a bit. I liked the racer back style and that the elastic band was thick and lied flat against my skin. This set is made of a 90/10 poly and elastane mix which is why it stretched well while staying in place all day.

The bottom is mid-waisted (my fave).... crazy soft and were super comfy. There were no tags to bother me... they didn't shift at all, and they wore and washed really well. I liked  this style the best out of all the Cake Lingerie products I've tried... so I've figured out which is my "cut"....love them.

Thanks to Cake Lingerie for sending me out my new fave set! Now.... I just need to get a case of them so I'm comfy every day of the week!

For more information and ordering please visit www.cakelingerie.com
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Toy Nanny - Product Review

I received a Toy Nanny from 2 Red Hens for review. I received the Owl Dots print which is really cute and was one of the ones that totally caught my eye when looking at their site. Now....you're probably wondering what a Toy Nanny is....it is a play mat/blanket that wraps up quickly and easily to turn into a toy tote and make cleaning up while out simple!

There is mesh pockets on the inside of the mat so you can keep all the little pieces stored. I was really surprised how much actually fit in all the pockets. I can totally see us using a few for snacks and supplies for baby T.

The outer shell is resistant to water...so if the grass is a bit damp at the ball diamond, no worries, there won't be any unhappy kiddies! Plus..is someone spills something...it won't leak through and soak me while carrying it. The mat is super soft and actually larger enough for both M and I to play on.  I really liked that I could throw this in the washer or for quick clean-ups I could grab a wipe and no worries....quick and easy! The straps are sturdy and the stitching on the tote is great. All you have to do is pull the straps and the mat converts into the tote. I was a bit worried about if it could handle "us" lol... and it did... I really yanked on the straps and they held up great.

Thanks to 2 Red Hens for sending us out a Toy Nanny to try out! I'm sure it will be one of our new outing staples! Plus....I can see why Ali Landry called this out as her fave on zulilly....it's awesome and comes in some really cool patterns!!

For more information and ordering please visit www.2redhens.com
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Monday, December 3, 2012

Winners week ending Dec 1 :)

Congratulations to all the winners!  I have sent emails to each of you, please respond within 48 hours!

Elk Kids Winner:

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The Bronx Naturals - Product Review

I received a Lemon Energy Soy Candle from The Bronx Naturals for review. Their hand poured candles are all natural soy candles that do not emit toxins and actually can be used as massage oils. The wicks are cotton with 40 hours of burning time which is awesome because that is way longer than regular candles. It was packaged thoroughly and it was in perfect condition when we opened it. The Lemon Energy scent was really refreshing, especially after just cleaning the house.... it is light and I really liked the citrus scent. I also liked that this candle burned cooler.... so I didn't have to worry about M or the fur babies getting into trouble. So...yes.. I did stick my hand in the wax after I blew out the wick...my hands were actually really soft after using the wax to give myself a bit of a hand massage. Hmmm...now to talk hubby into giving me a foot and leg massage too...lol.

Thanks to The Bronx Naturals for sending me out a candle to try out.....it fills the room with an amazing scent really quickly...and it'll last us for what feels like forever! Check out their discount section to save a bit right before Christmas ;)

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.thebronxnaturals.com/
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


LittleEcoFootprint - Mom Reviewer Experts

You are now looking at the newest Mom Reviewer Experts for LittleEcoFootprint! 

LittleEcoFootprint is a $25 a month subscription box for Mom and Baby (0-3 yrs) that is full of  products chosen by real Moms.... they are natural and eco-friendly...and healthy options for your family...that are not forced or paid opportunities for the companies to be in the monthly subscriptions. The boxes are based on age and season....so you will actually use all the products (worth $35-$45) with free shipping.

They are launching February 2013! You can sign up HERE to get on their list and be notified of the launch! Really excited!!! 

You can also check them out on FACEBOOK

Want to check out all the Experts? click HERE