Friday, June 29, 2012

My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners (Tomoson) - Product Review, Coupon Code and Giveaway!

I received a set of My Hikes pant cuff fasteners. I was able to choose which ones we would like to try out.... M picked the baseball ones! These are used to help you adjust the length of your kid's pants... by cuffing and slipping on the fastener, it keeps your little one from tripping. Basically what it a big plastic paperclip...but it snaps together so it doesn't fall off. I like that it doesn't ruin the material when used.... and I like that they're really cute and come in a bunch of designs.

The baseball ones are super cute... I like that they are 3D....M liked them too... I caught her staring and touching them a few times.... by the way she tried to take them off and couldn' they can withstand the terrible 3's!

Overall... totally usable... M's pants are always too long for these will be well used!

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Coupon Code: MyHikes40off35

What's up for grabs??? Your own pair of My Hikes! Winner's Choice! (pending stock availability)
Contest Closed July 7th!!
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby's Best Designs and Storyland Yoga Giveaway Winners are....

Congratulations to Lydia, comment #30 of the Baby's Best Designs Giveaway! You have won 2 pairs of Baby Legs!!!

Congratulations to aperry  you have won the Storyland Yoga giveaway! You were the only entry that properly followed the entry instructions!

I have sent both winners an email, please respond within 48 hours!

Thanks to everyone that entered!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Toobulr Carry-Tube (Oyaco) - Product Review

I received a Toobulr carry-tube from Oyaco for review. The Toobulr is a reusable plastic tube that keeps kids' documents and artwork safe and dry. Mom invented (figures...this thing is genius! just say'n) allows you to roll up artwork (or homework) to keep it the way you want it! It is BPA free, air tight when closed and perfect for M's preschool art work. Do you know how many times I forget her artwork in the car? Honestly, there's probably a stack in the sun visor. The Toobulr had solved this issue....leave it in her cubby...and pick it up at the end of the week when I have to bring home her cup, bag and blanket. It is now part of the routine...and now we can enjoy all of her art and sheets she's completed.

I liked that it came with stickers (both letters, and some fun ones) so your little one can decorate their tube, but also a carabiner so you can clip it right to their backpack.  Plus if she doesn't feel like clipping it to her bag she can carry it with the handle. Super easy to use, she had no problem opening it and using it right away. I know she's only in preschool....but I am totally loving this'll work wonders when she gets to real school and has more to bring home.

The Toobulr comes in blue (which we got), pink, orange and green. All bright, so you can't lose it! Love that they are made in Canada, use recycled goods (reducing their carbon footprint) and...well... it works!

Thanks Oyaco for keeping M's art in perfect condition for the fridge!

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Bubble Muslin Wrap (Oyaco) - Product Review

Oyaco asked me if I would review a Bubble Muslin Wrap... they are launching the new brand in Canada...and are super of course I said yes! I loooove muslin products. I did a wrap a while ago which was nice....this one though... all I can say is HUGE!

It is definitely the biggest wrap I've tried out...120cm (square). It is pre-washed cotton, has a great sized waffle to it and the colours are super vibrant. I received one of the ones with the stars on it crom the "Hey Bright Eyes!" collection (They also have a "Pretty in Pink" and "Bright Boy Blue" collection).
M always loved to use muslin wraps as blankets, and now with the hot weather, she can sleep comfortably covered up with one of them. Each pack comes with 3 wraps for $44.95. Best deal for the quality I've seen so far.

I also really liked that it came with a storage bag. M of course ended up putting it on her head as a hat first....then using it for something else, but its great for storing the wrap because it makes it easy to throw in a drawer. I also liked that it washed well, no pulls or widened that's a total bonus. Also, with this wrap you can really use it for anything... from swaddling and breastfeeding.... to snuggling... it's a hit in our house!!!

I always said... if I were to ever do it all over again....I'd know what to buy and what not to.... this wrap.. would be bought...100%. You learn so much with your first child, that the second + your a seasoned veteran! Thanks to Oyaco for letting me try one out! It's the new travel and sleep companion

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pregnancy Without Pounds - Product Review

I received the all the PDFs and Excel files for the book Pregnancy Without Pounds. The author Michelle Moss is a leading expert in pregnancy fitness and helping women minimize pregnancy weight gain to have a health pregnancy and delivery as well as also being able to bounce back to their pre-baby clothes in record time! She has created the perfect formula for success to help sculpt and bounce back!

There are so many questions around pregnancy and weight gain... healthy amounts, what exercises are safe for pregnancy.... what to eat, preventing stretch marks and of course the delivery. All of these are valuable....and normal questions which Michelle shows you with this book/kit (I received the pregnancy version, not the post-pregnancy or ultimate ones). Its all about sticking to the worksheets and not giving in to over eating and "cravings". Most women (including myself) also stop exercising. With M all I really did was try to walk....but with how I felt most of the time.. even that was few and far between. The truth is... pregnant women need to have a well balanced diet..... and continue to exercise. Nothing crazy...go for a walk and do some light weights, plus if you're eating properly you will burn the excess calories and the baby will take everything they need to grow as well Plus....remaining healthy will help you avoid all the crappy party of pregnancy too! Which is what I think is probably the best part.

Here is what Michelle came up with: 50 pregnancy-friendly exercises, exercising about 27 min a day...with minimal effort and 3 different levels which is dependent on your current fitness level.

Now for what I thought....I loved the weekly worksheets.... I'm the type of person that if I diet or want to stay healthy... I need to write it down. LOVED the pregnancy friendly exercises...because with M, I had no idea what I could and couldn't I really liked this as well. I also really liked that the book wasn't technical or was an easy read and made sense. The only thing I didn't love... couldn't get it on my kobo :(..... but they're looking into it right that makes me happy. Also, I received the pregnancy kit which didn't include the post-pregnancy info and exercises, which I thought would have been cool to look at to see the differences, but that's ok.

I decided to follow actually a lot of Michelle's tips and tricks in here.... why you ask? because they make sense and they'll help me get healthy even if I'm not pregnant! LOL.

Thanks for sending me out your pregnancy package! I'll be sure to use it with baby #2 (if we decided there will ever be one...LOL).

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Wrap Trap (ONS Gear) - Product Review and Discount Code

ONS GEAR reached me with a new Canadian Mom-invented product called the Wrap Trap. M LOVES fajitas and well... basically anything I stick in a I jumped at the chance to try them out. What you need to do is fill the tortilla..... roll it up and clip a Wrap Trap on either end of it.... there a 4 different styles btw...panda and hippo in one set, and frog and cat in the other). Once you've clipped the Wrap Traps you cut the wrap in the middle. Now you have the 2 halves.... all the good stuff at the top so they don't end up eating all the extra bread at the top first, and the clips stay put to keep all the goodies in and little hands out.

They are BPA and lead washer friendly and the characters are really cute. When we tried them for the first time I made M a full blown fajita.... sauces and everything. Well...actually she started making in and I added stuff while she wasn't looking....LOL. Lettuce, tomatoes, beef, rice, salsa, onions, peppers...the works. I figured if these will work for us, they'll need to stand up to the wrath of fajita night! LOL. I'm a pretty good wrapper when it comes to this stuff so the clips we perfect to help keep all the sauces in and M from unrolling them 300 times. success and will be used every fajita night!

Thanks to ONS GEAR and Wrap Trap for sending me out a few sets, not gonna lie.... I'll totally be using the other set during dinner... busy life as a Mom... you know how it is... up and down from the table 50 times during 1 meal.... why should my wraps have to come apart??? LOL :)

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