Friday, August 31, 2012

GroupBook (Tomoson) - Product Review and Discount Code

I got to review an 11x8.5 hardcover, personalized photobook from GroupBook. GroupBook is Canadian owned and operated... so I was glad to have to opportunity to do a review for them. You can create your digital scrapbook and share it online with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and others.

The actual site is really easy to use...very user friendly...especially when you have a 3 1/2 year old who won't leave you alone. Point and click is the way to go! Also, I liked that I was able to make the book right before our eyes...change anything I wasn't in love with and get creative with the backgrounds, borders, templates and add ons.

When I received our creation I was super excited... and was M. We unpacked our book.... and sat down together to look through it for the first time together. I really liked the quality of the printing and that the pages had a bit of gloss (but not too much) to them. She liked that she had a keepsake to look back on. The paper was good quality and the book itself...and LOVED the window in the front. There's so many things you can do...alter... re-do... it's actually really hard to decide your final product.

I created a book to share with you all online about our African Lion Safari adventure! Click HERE to check out the book M and I made together!

Discount Code: Tomoson30 (30% any photo product up to $100. 1 per customer, expires November 30th, 2012)

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hevea - Product Review

I received a ton of stuff from Hevea to review! We got to try out a Panda Teether, Star and Moon Anatomical/Orthodontic shaped pacifier, Organic Pacifier/Teether Holder and a Alfie Raw Rubber Bathing Toy. Hevea products are sustainability produced and all have recyclable/bio degradable packaging!

The Panda Teether is super flexible, made from 100% natural rubber, and has a great shape and texture to it. I liked that any baby could have different parts of the panda to chew on to soothe their gums while being able to hang on to the teether at the same time. I liked that when I boiled it it didn't go cloudy. I notice sometimes with natural rubber products when you sterilize them they don't look as nice...maybe it's just my experiences? Anyway, there are no phyalates, BPA, silicone etc and the designs helps to ward off the grow of bacteria by not having anywhere for the "grubbies" to hide... bonus! This teether won the Australian Mother and Baby Award 2012 for "teething toy of the year".....this is just 1 of many awards this product has won.

The Star and Moon Anatomical/Orthodontic shaped pacifier I liked because it was made of the same materials as the teether.....and comes in some super cute designs...the star and moon is totally my fave so I lucked out.  This sterilized well and I noticed that the shape of the pacifier along with the strategically placed design holes allows baby to breathe with ease. Amen to another great design to prevent bacteria growth. I remember with M... she went through pacifiers like nobody's business because you could see a build up of gunk around the base of the nipple. YUCK. These... they're all 1 piece so it eliminates any of those concerns.

The Organic Pacifier/Teether Holder is a life saver to rid the world of lost M couldn't even get the clip off and shes 3 1/2! It is made from 100% organic cotton with a strong velcro end and super super cute graphic pattern on it. I really liked that there was a space to add your child's name onto the holder which is great for days that your little one is at the babysitter's. The holder comes in 4 colors too...brown, pink, light blue and green, 1 for every outfit! By the way... totally easy to wash, sorry...but this is awesome! I actually stuck it in the sink and let it air dry... came out like new!

Finally... Alfie the raw rubber bathing toy. M is officially in love..... and she wanted to get rid of all her other ones in the bath. Alfie is also 100% natural rubber....BPA, phthalates and PVC free...soft... oh..and did I mention HUGE!!!! He's HUGE! M LOVED him!!! There are different sizes too...but she can't get enough of him because she's never seen anything like him, and frankly neither have I! She's obsessed! I'm scared to show here that there are other characters (frog and fish) which are all waterproofed. I loved that there wasn't a hole in the bottom of the duck... what does that mean? Left over water isn't stuck in there for months to mold!

Thanks to Hevea and Bug in a Rug (a Canadian distributor) for sending us out some products to try! You have converted us!

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Amy Michelle - Product Review

I received an Iris Bag from Amy Michelle go totes. I chose the moroccan print (which has a light blue lining).... OMG... I LOVE the pattern!! It comes with a changing pad that fits in the back pocket...which comes in handy when you need it. The middle area is great for organizing all your baby gear (or work gear....which I'm totally going to use it for as well...shhh...don't tell M). I like that there is credit card slots, a key ring and that the interior is antimicrobial. The front has a ton of pockets... enough to carry anything I need, plus some!

I really like that the  bag can extend to add 2 extra inches. This is probably my fave feature of this bag... why? Because I usually pack WAY too much... and well....this lets me pack that little bit more.. LOL. The bag also comes with the stroller straps...  they come with strong clips and velcro which makes the bag hang nicely off pretty much any stroller.

Overall Amy Michelle provides Mom's with great looking bags that are functional...great looking and different than your every day diaper bags.  The Zebra is super cute and the Cosmo I could totally see me using every day for the office! There is a ton of choices...and colors. Even the Poppy Clutch is cute!

Thanks to Amy Michelle for sending me out a new bag.... definitely my new fave!!!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Novena - Product Review, Giveaway and Discount Code!

I received some products from Novena to try out. Novena makes a maternal skin care line that is organic, safe and vegan! None of their products contain parabens, sulfate, BPA, fragrance, phthalate, or gluten and are all cruelty free. they have been featured in a ton of magazines lie Fit Pregnancy and OK Magazine to name a few.

I tried out the Organic Citrus Blemish Lotion which is great for controlling acne while you are pregnant. Some of the ingredients include witch hazel, jobjoba and pink grapefruit. I was really surprised with this face wash. The consistence is light... the bottle will last you forever because you only need to use 2 pumps at night. It does make your skin a bit more sensitive so make sure you remember to put on some sunscreen (thanks for sending me some sample packs of the moisturizer with SPF in it... they came in handy and I loved the smell!). I actually did notice a difference in the time I've been using it. Some of my darker marks do look lighter, so I can't wait to see how many I can get rid of completely!

The Organic Fruit Face Wash is for all skin types and actually made my skin feel really clean. It took off any make-up I missed, you only have to use about a dime sized portion and it foams really.... really well. I don't like cleansers that don't foam for some reason... its almost like I think it does more if it does, no clue.... but I liked it and it smelled awesome! Some ingredients include vitamin E, tangerine (which is what it smells like...yummm) and organic lemon.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the products I tried they have a TON of other products... belly cream... eye gel...moisturizers... hmmm.. I may just have to use the discount code myself! Super huge thanks to Novena for sending me out some products to try out and offering a giveaway!

For more information and ordering please visit  
Discount Code: TBBL2012 (for 10% off - valid until Nov 21, 2012)

What's up for grabs???  The 2 products I got to try out!  (Canada and U.S)Contest Closed September 15th!!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

O.R.E Originals - Product Review

I received a Chalk Wall Board (in Modern Vintage) from O.R.E Originals for review. The board is in a distressed wood frame with chalkboard insert. It measures 11.5 inches by 19.5 inches and comes with the metal triangle hangers attached to make it easy to put up.

I like the's big enough to hold a chalk board eraser, some chalk and our cells. M was trying to convince me to hang it low on the wall so she could use it... come to think of it... that wouldn't be too bad of an idea when we finish the basement. I actually think it'll look really cute on the outside of her play house that we're making for her under the it may get moved eventually! 

I really likes how light the chalk wall board is... a couple of nails and it was no problem to hang... I stuck our wall key hanger underneath and it was perfect for reminders when heading out the door to work or baseball. It washes off easy with a paper towel or wipe... and the chalk that we have writes really smoothly on it.

They also have matching pieces to round out the modern vintage set.... a linen bulletin board and a magnetic dry erase board. I'm thinking if I bring the chalk board down to the play room the other 2 pieces would also make great additions and will look great together... hmmmmm... lol.

Thanks to ORE Originals for sending me out this to try out, I'll keep an eye out for the other 2 pieces... 1 is sold out right now so I'll have to wait to get them all at the same time.

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Hip Peas Giveaway Winner is.....Jennifer Barata Allen

Congratulations to comment #84!!!  Jennifer Barata Allen!!! I've already sent you an email, please respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.

Thanks to everyone that entered!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

HABA Games - Product Review

I received 2 games from Haba for review. I have reviewed some of their games recently and I loved them.... so we were super excited when we found out we were going to try out a couple more! Sleepy Princess and the Pea (ages 3-12) and Socken Zocken Luck Sock Dip (ages 4-99).Sleepy Princess and the Pea is based on the old story.... and makes it fun. Roll the die move your princess and stack mattresses and pillows on-top of the bed (that has a pea in the bottom). If you knock over the stack, you lose. The princess is made out of wood, and all the pillows and mattresses/pillows are fabric and well made. The little ones do not need to be able to read to play this game and it definitely helps with hand-eye coordination.

Socken Zocken Luck Sock Dip M actually didn't have too much trouble with. You need to match pairs of socks (and they are verrrry you have to really look at the details)....then grab the monster when you have got 5 pairs in front of you. If all 5 are matching you receive a clothespin for your efforts and the next round starts. First to collect 3 clothespins win! 

M totally loved playing both games! They taught hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills as well as making her really concentrate and not rush through things to make sure what she was doing was correct. Hopefully I get to review some more games from Haba...we're having so much fun and it's something we've been doing almost every night! Such a blast! Thanks again Haba!

You can buy both games online on Amazon! Haba games can also be found at and


Holy Clothing - Product Review

I received a pair of Black Midnight Andrea Butter Soft Rayon Boho Wide-Leg Drawstring Palazzo Pants from Holy Clothing. I really like palazzo pants....they can be dressed up or down!  

They are ethically hand made in India out of vicose/rayon....has an elastic waist-band is very boho chic with the ultra-wid legs. They are hand-dyed so cold water and hang dry helps keep the color....not a problem in this house, I wash everything in cold!

Holy Clothing specializes in renaissance, gypsy and boho dresses, pants, skirts and tops. Totally not my style on a regular basis... but I'm always up for trying something new. Hmmm.. come to think of it...jeans and joggers aren't really a style.... maybe I don't have one? LOL. I found that these were super comfy...and didn't bunch anywhere, they hung really nicely. 

They're ordering process was really fast...and they ship free world-wide on orders over $99! Personally I think that's awesome. No big on companies that try and make money on shipping charges, and trust me...there are many out there... trust me.

Overall... great addition to my closet, thanks to Holy Clothing for sending me out a pair of pants to try out. You were great to work with!

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Noxicare ™ Natural Pain Relief Cream (Tomoson) - Product Review and Giveaway!

received a tube of Noxicare ™ Natural Pain Relief Cream for review. It is to be used for joint nerve and muscular pain....since well... I don't have any of these, I let hubby try it out the next morning after a double header. I figured he would be good and sore, so he'll be able to try it out.

He said that it helped with some of the inflammation and overall achy feeling the day after 2 games will give you. You do have to rub in the cream really well and it is recommended 2-3 times per day as well. Ingredients include willow bark, holy basil and boswellia extract...which are 3 of the 7  ingredients.

I like that it is a natural pain reliever and that it is he didn't walk around all day smelling like a pharmacy! LOL. being over the counter is great. Thanks Noxicare and Tomoston!

What's up for grabs???  Your own tube to try out! 2 winners!

Contest Closed September 1st!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

T By Daniel - Product Review

I received 3 different teas for review from T by Daniel. Marie's Muffins is a rooibos and blueberry blend that tastes like blueberry muffins. It's funny, this one actually does taste like blueberry muffins. For some reason I didn't like the smell of this tea... but LOVED the taste!! Actually come to think of it... I don't like the actually smell of blueberry muffins... LOL!! So I guess that makes sense. This tea is great for getting some extra iron and potassium! Which means...ladies... its great for your skin too!

Dr. Breath is really minty! The peppermint helps with some stomach problems like bloating, nausea and cramps and helps with digestion. There is a ton of peppermint leaves....I love dried peppermint! It really doesn't smell like much...but the taste is crazy! I found that I didn't need a full scoop to get my cup how I like it. I typically like my teas on the lighter side so about 3/4 of a scoop was more than enough. On the site they suggested that it is good iced too... so of course I tried that too. I liked this one hot better than cold... especially while blogging after dinner.....hint-hint! LOL!

Last but not least, Mr. Fuzzy Peach....100% was my fave! Loved the smell and taste (both hot and cold). It is a rooibos blend with calendula and blackberry. I swear, it tastes just like fuzzy peaches..... mind you... fuzzy peach candy is my fave maybe that's why I'm leaning towards this one the most. 

I liked that all the teas were fresh and of good quality... as a tea drinker you can totally tell the difference between good and bad teas. Typically I do buy from Teaopia and David's Teas...for convenience if I'm in the mall, but I seem to be really picky with what I buy. Otherwise you'd find me in a chinese herbal tea shop to get some of my faves! I like that T by Daniel also carries some accessories... and agave.... which I use in my teas. I actually had blueberry agave (which I added to the Marie's Muffins to make it extra blueberry-eee) LOL. 

Huge thanks to T by Daniel for sending me some to try out! I had a blast tasting all 3 and drinking cup after cup of my faves!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fairhaven Health - Product Review and Giveaway!

I received 3 products from Fairhaven Health! I got to try out the DreamBelly Butter, Tea-for-Two and Healthy Mom Happy Baby prenatal yoga dvd (+ an extra one for a friend!). The DreamBelly Butter is super moisturizing....but not greasy...and smells awesome. It contains antioxidants, oils and plant-derived butters ....but no parabens, preservatives or artificial coloring. I liked the texture because it was on the thicker side (I hate runny creams) and that you didn't have to use a ton at one time. I was left with some stretch marks from M.... so being able to get my skin soft and moisturized is super important. This cream helps with preventing stretch marks by soothing and keeping up the elasticity in your skin to be able to bounce back once baby is born :)

Tea-for-Two is a Mommy and Baby safe herbal tea that can relieve morning sickness, relax your uterus, and help prepare you for child birth. I like that the tea is caffeine free, made from only organic and wild crafted herbs....and the fact that they give you a brilliant idea to make some pregnancy popsicles out of it...for those unlucky ladies that have morning sickness! I loooove loose leaf I had no problem enjoying a few cups! I found that it was great cup to grab my kobo and curl up was nice and light, it relaxed me and had a great taste. Kinda tea -ish. Wow... I hope that made sense! Just know... totally loved it!

The Healthy Mom Happy Baby prenatal yoga dvd was actually ok! I'm weary of any yoga dvds... because really...who hasn't come across the SUPER CHEESY ones??? This one... actually doable! I liked that you could be a beginner....or an expert... and be able to not only use the dvd, but learn something as well. Both instructors are certified and Moms... which is great... because I really think they put this together understanding the pains and uncomfortable moments a lot of women experience when they are pregnant....or even after baby. I liked the fact that there wasn't anything crazy...everything was relaxed and concentrated on your techniques and breathing. Yoga is super great for you, I use to be really into it... no any good... but really flexible... so it not so much. I liked that I felt I could do everything even though I've been out of the loop for a while....and that my friend (who I gave the extra copy to...and is preggo... was able to feel comfortable and enjoy herself in the postures and stretches). She has actually decided to do the video every day... she's in her home stretch now so.... it will help he body get ready...and maybe help her be able to cope with labor and being able to concentrate, meditate, manage pain and hopefully relax!

Big thanks to Fairhaven Health for letting me try some products....I'm so glad I got some really great products to try out!

For more information and ordering please visit

What's up for grabs??? All 3 of the products I got to try out! (Canada and U.S)
Contest Closed September 8th!!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

GO-GREEN - Product Review and Giveaway

I was approached by GO-GREEN to review some of their APET containers. These are plastic containers are great for room temperature all the way up to freezing... which actually was what I used them for. The trays are super clear so you can always see whats in them, are non-toxic and are are manufactured using 50% post consumer recycled PET. They look kind of like the ones you get strawberries in from the supermarket...but without the lid.The greatest part... they are reusable and recyclable

I had a few different ways I used these... M used them for quick snack dishes for outside... which ended up turning into cool castle builders for the sand table... but that's ok. I also used them for storing and organizing her snacks in the cupboards and believe it or not in the freezer too. I think that's what I liked about them the most... I could use them a million ways. Some also ended up becoming crafts and paint brush holders...LOL. They also make  meals on wheels containers which I thought was also pretty cool....actually come to think of it they make a ton of different ones.

Thanks to GO-GREEN for reaching out and offering a giveaway!

For more information and ordering please visit 

What's up for grabs???  100 crystal clear APET food storage trays  (Canada and U.S)

Contest Closed September 1st!!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby Face Band - Product Review, Giveaway and Discount Code!

SippyCupIDLabel.jpgI received 2  Baby Face Bands (a pink and a red) for review. Baby Face Bands are sippy cup ID labels invented by of course... a Mom. They kind of look like a watch with a removable face. The plastic insert comes out and you can either put a picture of your child or their name etc. I love that the it is also water tight for all those spills that are inevitable.

Princess Pink front viewThey are reusable, washable...are made of silicone that is food grade....and come in 5 colors (pink, purple, green, red and blue).

The best can go on their your labels and print them out at home! SUCH a smart idea.... I would have had no idea how to even begin to get the proper size for it to fit in We actually really liked these... M brought 1 to pre-school and we've saved the other for when she goes to "big girl" school next September. Such a smart idea and they're really cute... and functional!

Thanks to Baby Face Band for sending us out a few bands to try :)

On a sadder note, the mom inventor of Baby Face Bands passed away on June 23, 2012 after a 5 year battle with Cancer. She leaves behind her husband and 3 children. Our condolences go out to all of Laura's family and friends.

For more information and ordering please visit
15% off Coupon Code: babybottomline 

What's up for grabs??? 2 Baby Face Bands! for 2 different winners!!!! (Canada and U.S)
Contest Closed September 1st!!


Eco Vessel - Product Review

received a 25 oz purple glow triple insulated bottle with screw cap from Eco Vessel for review. The first thing that I noticed and liked was that it was HUGE! Saved me 2 trips to the water cooler at work....and kept it cold... literally still had ice when I got home after work! It has been tested and it can keep water cold up to 36 hours! That's nuts! You can also put hot stuff in it (stays ware from up to 12 hours)... like my morning tea of course (loved that it had a removable strainer in it too...nice touch). So basically.. I made my tea at home...instead of buying one...(thanks for saving me some $ Eco Vessel) stayed warm not only until I got to work, but it was warm until my last drop. Then.. a quick wash...threw in my crushed ice and ice water... and bingo, was set for the rest of the day! It is triple insulated which is how it keeps your liquids hot and cold...and comes with both a wide mouth and drinking spout, which I really liked. 
I always find with the wide mouth bottles I can fit everything in it (i.e... ice cubes)... but end up splashing myself sometimes. I bought some bottles with the button to close the mouth piece...and found that it spit back at me and also leaked. This bottle... no issues. The bottle is 100% recyclable, BPA free and made from #304 stainless steel.
I also really liked that the bottle is totally leak I know I can throw it in my purse and have nothing to worry about. M liked using the bottle too...she found it a bit heavy when it was full (obviously) but otherwise...she could screw the lid on and off and drink out of the small spout no problem. I liked that the bottle didn't sweat at all! No puddles on my desk at work.... didn't have to worry about my laptop or tablet... LOVED IT!
Thanks to Eco Vessel for sending us out a bottle to try.... I can't wait to do a bit of shopping on your site for a bottle for M and to grab a 17 oz one for my little purse(s)!
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sleep Buddy - Product Review

SleepBuddy light is on, stay in bed. SleepBuddy light is off, okay to get upI received a Sleep Buddy for review. Sleep Buddy is for children transitioning out of a crib or who are in a "big" bed but can't seem to stay in it! The concept is simple... if the blue light is on... the child is to stay in bed, because it is not time to get up yet.

SleepBuddy is a complete sleep system to teach your kids when to stay in bedThere are 3 steps to get you started in using the Sleep Buddy. 1...explain what it does and make sure they understand. Use the "A Bedtime Surprise" story to help :)
2...program the Sleep Buddy with scheduled naps and bedtime and 3.... make sure to use the incentive chart... every little bit helps and setting goals with them will make your life a ton easier.

We will be transitioning M to a twin or double bed by the end of the year, so I decided to start getting her accustomed to the Sleep Buddy. She's in a toddler bed right now but I'm finding that she's beginning to get in the habit of standing by her door and calling for us. We keep a baby gate in her doorway... 1... because we'd rather not have our pets go in her room and 2... because, well it's at the top of the stairs, so instead of having any accidents she stays safe. did it work for us? I was good actually... I didn't hear from her too often..just a few.. "Mom the blue light is still on, I'm still in my bed"... or a "the blue light turned off...come and get me". LOL! Only my kid...seriously.

Huge thanks to Sleep Buddy for letting us try one out... she quickly picked up how to use it... and didn't mind it at all... guess you guys can't help with the motor mouth though....maybe? hahaha.

For more information and ordering please visit
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Safees - Product Review

I received a pink Cat and a red City Bear Safee for review. Safees are pedestrian reflectors for the little ones. They are hard prism reflectors that are attached to mini bungee like cords and have really fun shapes, so you know you're kids will love to wear these! We all know how dangerous our roads can be....and it seems to me that most people give their children reflective/glow in the dark things really on Halloween.... but why wouldn't you try to keep your kids safe every day of the year?

Reflectors are said to increase visibility in traffic by up to 500%.... that's nuts! Why wouldn't you get them? Safees have a strong clip and can be worn at knee or thigh length....I stuck one on M's back pack right away... she never leaves the house without it! The other one I stuck on our dog's leash so we could be seen when we go for a walk at night.

Have a Safee that has seen it's day? Throw it straight in the recycle bin....they're 100% recyclable! I also like that all Safees; reflectors are certified...super durable and that M had no problem wearing it! Thanks to Safees for sending out a few for us to try!

For more information and ordering please visit
Take a look at their YouTube video too!


NiNi - Product Review

 I received a Crayon Bungee and a Paci Bungee from NiNi. A while ago I reviewed their Toy Bungee, and now they have added 2 new products! The Crayon Bungee is such a good idea. Have you ever been at a restaurant and your child drops a crayon under the table? I'm sure we all have! This is super easy to use, can be thrown in your purse and really...makes total sense. It has 3 strands to hold the crayons.... 2 of them have the 1/2 the alphabet on them..the other has shapes. Super colorful and keeps M going on practicing her letters. There is 2 ways you can tether the bungee to a chair etc or use the suction cup to be able to stick it to the top of a table. I also liked that is came with a carrying pouch and 4 crayons. The case is perfect size to throw a note pad and a few extra crayons as well.
The Paci Bungee is cute.... I received the grey version. I liked that it could fit any pacifier and that the clip is super strong. I also liked the modern design on the bungee and that I could throw it in the sink to be washed when needed. If there's ever a baby #2.... this will be used!

All the bungees are free of toxins, BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalate....and super easy to clean which is the best part! Thanks to NiNi for letting us try out their new products! The colors are great, they last a long time and they can keep up with M! 

For more information and ordering please visit
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