Saturday, December 28, 2013

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder - Product Review

I received an Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder for review from Kiss Me Organics. The powder can not only be used for teas and smoothies but also for baking! If you're looking for a natural energy boost, this is a good way to do it. Plus, the boost lasts anywhere from 4-6 hours and is perfect for times when you need that little bit extra to help you concentrate! Other benefits include increasing metabolism, skin improvements and essential antioxidants.

I liked that it's really simple to add into pretty much anything. I put a 1/2 tsp in my latte... and it was good! I was surprised, honestly! I'm trying to change a few small things to get healthier, and I think this is one of the steps I'm going to add to my daily routine. I also tried it in a smoothie...totally good, tasted great and it was smooth which I liked. My only problem is getting over the color, but that's ok, it'll just take some getting use to.

Next I think we'll try the baking method! I'm not big on green tea, but obviously want all the benefits it provides. I think using this powder is the easiest way for me!

Thanks Kiss Me Organics!

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium MiraCurl Machine - Product Review

I received a Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium MiraCurl Machine and a bottle of KQC Thermal Shine Spray for review from Flat Iron Experts. The
Babyliss Pro Nano-titanium Miracurl is an automatic (professional grade) curler. You separate about an inch of your dry hair and clamp the machine (with the opening facing you) on your hair as high up as you want to curl to start. I clamped it a few inches from my scalp so I could get a full curl. The machine brings your hair up into the curling chamber. At this point you have a bit of a panic attack wondering if your hair will get tangled or stuck and burn off...well at least I did.... LOL. Hey.. I've seen the video of that teenager burning her hair off with a curling iron....hahahaha. Well... you don't have to worry, and neither did I. Your hair isn't tugged, it doesn't hurt...and really its not even in there tightly. There are different settings (loose, medium or tight curls) and the machine times it accordingly. You then hear a "beep" and you can release your hand from clamping it shut and literally a perfect curl comes out of the machine. Honestly, I couldn't believe it...they were perfect. You can also change the direction of the curls if you want to mix it up, or are particular about which way your curls lay. The things I noticed about this machine... 1.. heated up crazy fast! 2...a ton of settings...for heat, temperature and curl style. I found my perfect settings on the second try. And is SO EASY to use...even I can use it! LOL. It is light weight and uses negative ion technology to ensure it doesn't grow any bacteria.

The KQC Thermal Shine Spray is awesome, and specifically made for use with infrared heat sources. It is made for all hair types which is great because it didn't make my hair sticky or weigh it down at all. It also can be used as a detangler, which with the length of my a must! I liked that it gave a subtle shine to my hair, so it didn't look greasy when I used it, and made my hair super soft!

Thanks to Flat Iron Experts for sending this is a perfect gift to check off a busy Mom's holiday wish list!

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Signature Little Ones - Product Review

T received a MadPax Lator-Gator green Half pack and a Race Car Napbag for review. The Napbag is a
great item for your little one to take for nap time at Grandma's house or even preschool (it is approved by the standards). It is a super soft minky fabric sleeping bag with an attached pillow and pocket. The fabrics choices they have are really cute and they also have the option of having it personalized with the name of your little one. I liked that everything is attached and once you roll it up you flip it inside out and it becomes a bag (handles included!) to be able to carry the Napbag. I liked the race car pattern...and actually so did M! It's currently in her I'm going to have to strip it away from her when T needs to use it! LOL.

The Lator-Gator Half pack is really, really, cool. We got the Snap Dragon (green) print. It is scaly and KM said it looks like an Alligator with spikes! There is a lot of pockets to work with in this bag.. M was able to pack all her school stuff plus have room to spare, and I liked that the size was good for her. I don't think the
full sized one would work as well for her small frame. I actually used this as a day bag for T's toys as well as spare clothes and snacks for him. I actually had him wearing it at one point too and he looked SO cute and the spikes are awesome!!!! I have a thing for things with a touch of rock to them...into skulls and the whole mustache fad, so I really did think this was cool. Washing is easy...quick wipe for the simple stuff, machine wash with a line dry for the big stuff.

These bags come in a ton of different colors and 4 sizes! I totally have to get M her own one for school! Everyone stopped us and asked us where we got this one...I love that its different and totally funky!

Thanks to Signature Little Ones for reaching out and sending T some stuff to try out, even though M tried to monopolize both items! I'll just have to get her...her own!

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Disney On Ice...after the show

We had the opportunity to see Disney On Ice Princesses & Heroes this past Friday. M was so excited, honestly it was ridiculous! We grabbed a bite to eat before, and I bought us all some munchies and snow-cones when we got there. M also wanted an Ariel light-up wand... which...she totally knew I would buy her if she asked properly; I caved..LOL. T has a thing for Mickey, so when he came on the ice his face just lit up! 

M was is awe the whole show....yes... she was totally dressed up in her Rapunzel costume, including her Pascal purse! She also made me french-braid her hair and put "sparkles" on her eyes. She was totally into it, and we went along for the ride. 

The show was jam-packed with performances from all M's favorite Princesses! Some of M's fave highlights were...*** SPOILER ALERT *** (LOL) "When Philip killed the dragon"..."When there were bubbles everywhere" and "Kiss the girl". I'm so glad she had a good time, she was dying to see this the point where she would freak out when we saw the commercials!

Would you like to take your little ones? The show runs until the December 29th at the Rogers Centre! Use codes:MUM44 - 4 tickets for $44.00 (weekday shows - Monday- Thursday), and MUM4 - $4.00 off (weekend shows - Friday - Sunday). Just a reminder these codes exclude Front Row, Rinkside and VIP tickets. Plus you can't double the discounts. Additional fees may apply.  Limit of four (4) per purchase. Want to order? Click HERE.. it takes you right to the Ticket Master site!

Check out Disney On Ice 
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saving more money is a New Years resolution for a lot of is running a Holiday Contest! A $500 cash giveaway open to Canadians. 

Want to enter? Visit the contest page and let them know what you'd like to save on in 2014: mortgage, insurance, or credit cards. If you share the giveaway on social media, you can earn up to three extra entries in the draw! 

The $500 prize will be awarded to one luck winner randomly selected in a draw at 8 pm EST on January 8, 2014. Head on over for a chance to win. 

I hope to see one of my readers as the winner! Good luck!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Salt Dough Ornaments!


Smile Brilliant - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received a The LED teeth whitening system from Smile Brilliant for review. The kit comes with the whitening gel pen, rubber lip guard trays and the LED. The LED helps to speed up the whitening process, and the gel is stronger that anything you can buy in a strip version (22% carbamide peroxide). The system is super easy to use.... paint your teeth with the gel pen, put in the flexible lip guards and then turn on the LED. There is a plastic piece to fit inside your mouth against the lip guards. The rest of the LED machine stays outside your mouth. Leave the machine in for 20-45 minutes and then take it out, turn it off and was the guards. you can leave the gel on for a bit after if you like, but I brushed it off.

Overall, after a few sessions I noticed some difference! Thanks Smile Brilliant!

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Smile Brilliant pen and light


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

LG G2 - Review

I received an LG G2 Smartphone for review from LG. Hubby was in need of a new device so I let him run with this review. I'll start off with some of the more technical specs; it has a quad-core processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon)...which to the non-tech savvy means, it's super fast! The screen is huge...5.2" HD IPS display and has a 12 MP OIS Camera. Internal memory is 32GB and it runs on Jelly bean (Android).

The one thing we noticed was where the buttons were positioned on the phone. They're on the backing of the phone, which keeps the device looking sleek and makes it easy to control with 1 finger. You can change the volume and lock the phone from these buttons from the home on the camera and use the same controls to take the pic! It's really cool, both hubby and I really liked this feature. 

Some of the other features that were awesome are: Smart screen and Smart video which detect your face while looking at the screen, one handed operation, gestures (like auto answering a call when you bring the phone to your ear or having the ring tone fade out when you pick it up from a flat surface)...loved this feature. 

It also has all the must haves like WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, Music/Vid player and social media. Oh and by the way, the device is available on all major Canadian carriers.

Overall, Hubby and I give it 2 thumbs up! It runs fast and smooth, you can get all the latest apps on it and it has some really cool features! Thanks LG!

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Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes!

Who doesn't love a world where heroes are heroes and love conquers all! Coming to a venue near you... Disney On Ice... Princess and Heroes! Come and join all your favorite characters defeat the evils that are brought forward. Eric breaks the spell and saves his true love, Phillip rescues Aurora and the dreams of the other princess favorites come true right before your eyes. Welcome the amazing cast and sit back and let them take you to a world far away, full of magic and awe. Presented by Feld Entertainment, join all your Disney family for a wonderful adventure!

Would you like to take your little ones? M is DYING to go! Use codes: MUM44 - 4 tickets for $44.00 (weekday shows - Monday- Thursday), and MUM4 - $4.00 off (weekend shows - Friday - Sunday). Just a reminder these codes exclude Front Row, Rinkside and VIP tickets. Plus you can't double the discounts. Additional fees may apply.  Limit of four (4) per purchase. Want to order? Click HERE.. it takes you right to the Ticket Master site!

Want to follow along? Check out Disney On Ice FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages! If you go for a show make sure to tweet along with Hashtag #DisneyOnIce so we can see how you enjoy the show!

Extra fun stuff: Get your free Tangled coloring page HERE and HERE for a free Princess activity kit!


Monday, December 16, 2013

Smart Mobile Printer | Zink Zero Ink Pocket Photo PD233 - Product Review

I got to try out LG's Pocket Photo wireless photo printer! You can edit, share and print your on
pictures literally, within seconds. There are some really cool features too... the printer prints out on small paper which is great for on the go printing from your Android or iPhone device and it doesn't even need ink! here's how it works... load the paper into the machine with the ink card down...(there is a blue card in with the 10 pack of photo paper that you load - the |Zink Zero Ink Paper")...this is the "non-ink" that is used to print the pics. Once I did that I hit up Google Playstore to download the app that I needed to print the pics (LG Pocket Photo app). It downloaded super fast... but while I was waiting I paired the printer to my phone via Bluetooth...and charged the printer at the same time. I was set up in probably 3 minutes total.

The edit feature was really could add frames, change the pic to black and white and even change or add any filters, plus you can add text. I liked that you can add a QR code (which I thought was awesome by the way) to the pic to have others scan it and link to the pic online. There is a ton of things you can do with this!

Once I was ready to go I went through some of my fave pics and started printing right away! I liked that this was compatible with social media platforms so I could pull pics right from there and send them to the printer. The printer itself can print 20 pics on 1 battery life, which was more than enough, and it is small enough to fit in your purse to take with you. It is a really cool gift for the budding photographer in your family!

Thanks to LG for letting me keep the pics we printed! Perfect wallet size!!
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Bed of Nails - Product Review

I received a Mat and Pillow from Bed of Nails for review. The Mat has 210 plates and the Pillow has 51 for
a total of over 10,000 acupressure nails. Yes, you can get the benefits of acupressure at home without having to go anywhere or pay costly bills. The plates are made from 100% recycled plastic, the material is 100% cotton and the foam doesn't contain any chemicals.

Bed of Nails is used to help increase your energy, remove toxins and help with relaxation to rejuvenate your body. I'm a fan of finding new and different ways to round out our busy lifestyle, and honestly I really liked this. I found that this did relax me, plus it allowed me to sneak off before bed with a book and have some "Me" time. I also noticed that this was a good way to get rid of a few headaches I had. I get tension headaches from stress in my neck and shoulders and I found that this helped a lot. It is also said to possibly help with muscle aches, insomnia and back pain along with a ton of other ailments, including helping to increase circulation.

Overall, I really liked that this did relax my back and neck and helped to give me a boost of energy! I also liked that they came with a storage bag so the LOs couldn't get into trouble... the nails are plastic, but are sharp so you do need to be careful! Thanks Bed of Nails!

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Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
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Guavakids - Product Review

I received a pair of guavamitts and  guavaboots in the "Tiny Zoo" print from Guavakids and Oyaco for review. The mitts are awesome!! I really liked that T couldn't get these mitts off. He really is the Houdini of mittens so I had a good laugh when I put these on him (they have a velcro strap that attaches under their wrists)....and he couldn't get them off. The print is really cute (and has a reversible pattern too)...and the combination of elastic and velcro makes sure that these are comfortable and stay put! These are great for not only a scratch mitt but to help keep the grubbies away from them. I stick them on him when I forget the shopping cart cover, and they're perfect.

The Guavaboots are easy to get on and keep on. You slip them on and attach the velcro....voila! T couldn't get these off and they were perfect for playing around in the basement. They didn't squish his feet at all and he wasn't bothered by them at all. Both products are made from a blend of bamboo and organic cotton, which means they are super soft, wash well and protects while allowing your LO's skin to breathe. They also wick away water and protect them from the sun.

Thanks Oyaco and Guavakids!

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Bibetta - Product Review

I received a blue UltraBib Neoprene Bib from Bibetta and Oyaco for review. Basically these bibs are made from the same material wet-suits are made that means that your LO can make a mess and not get soaked! I liked that this bib was easy to clean... quick wipe or wash in the sink did the trick and it dried super fast.

I really liked the big pocket at the bottom of the bib. T literally caught enough food to make another meal in there. Want to empty it? Just turn it inside out and you can get in the creases. They come in a bunch of cute colors and are great for travelling. They roll up and don't take up a ton of room in the bag, unlike the hard plastic bibs with the pocket. There is also 2 sizes these come in and also come in a version that has sleeves.

Overall... cool and functional! Thanks Oyaco!

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Talking Iron and not just pumping it!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

#TassimoHoliday T47 Brewer - Review

I received a red Tassimo T47 brewer for review with the fam! We also received some T DISCs for the
machine as well... espresso, Chai Tea Latte and Caramelo). A little bit about the machine... of course it has the barcode technology, what does that mean? It means a perfect cup in 1 minute every time! All you need to do is fill the water tank, pop the top...add in a disk (close, and hit the brew button. I liked that there were LEDs to let you know if you needed to add more water, and that I could fit awkwardly shaped mugs in the brewer. I have a mug that is rather tall (it is my fave) which fits if I take out the tray and M's is mug small and round...which it fits as well. The red is really nice, its sleek and bright, the T47 also comes in black, for those who like darker appliances.

There are a ton of different T DISCs you can get including cappuccinos, lattes, teas and coffees... M loves hot chocolate, so we picked up some to try too! There are so many name brands that had T DISCs, Tim Hortons for the hubby and Tetley and Gevalia for me! YUMM!!! this time of year... I have a thing for peppermint...candy....chocolate....and mocha's!! Yes...Gevalia has a peppermint mocha!!! It is a must have for me! Hmmm... or I could mix and about a peppermint mocha coffee?? 1 Gevalia peppermint mocha disk...1 espresso and a hot chocolate one! I would have never thought to mix and match, but it totally makes sense! Why go and spend $5 on a coffee when you can customize your own at home??

Thanks Tassimo! I can already see M running in from tobogganing and making a Cadbury hot chocolate for her!

For more information please visit
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Yiva Naturals - Product Review

I received a bottle of Daily Balance for review from Yiva Naturals. It is an all natural supplement that you take to not only boost your energy but it can also help with anxiety, headaches and monthly "friend"
symptoms that aren't the most fun. I've been taking this for about 2 weeks and have actually noticed that I don't have water retention in my hands in the morning as well as I can report to not have had a headache in the last little while too! I tend to get them from being on the computer so long.

Ingredients include raspberry and chasteberry plants which are key ingredients for female health, purified water as well as agave syrup. All you need to do is give yourself 10 drops 2x a day (1 in the morning, and 1 at night) it was easy to take. Personally, I'm not a fan of any supplements that you actually have to taste...I'd rather take a pill instead, but this didn't taste bad. It tasted a bit like a flower flavored type of olive oil. I'm not exactly sure how else to explain the taste, but I think that others that have tried this would probably agree with my description. 

Overall, I'm going to continue to take the drops because I have actually noticed a difference almost right away and I'm interested to see if it will make a difference when used for a longer period of time! Thanks Yiva!

For more information and ordering please visit

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bamboosa - Product Review and Giveaway!!!!

I received a Lap Log and a Hooded Towel from Bamboosa for review. The hooded towel is made of terrycloth so it's reeeeallly soft and gets T dry in it really holds a lot of the water and also air dries quickly. I found it to be a good size for T... I liked the over sized hood too, I find that with T's big melon... not many of the towels stay on very well. Material wise... 80/20 organic bamboo and recycled polyester, plus it is chlorine and formaldehyde free. I did notice that this washed really well too, it didn't pill or leave fluff on other items in the wash which was great.

The lap log I think will probably be an essential in every house with a tablet...seriously. With all the gadgets we have in this house... e-readers, tablets...other handhelds and phones....I'm surprised I hadn't seen this before. It is a lap pillow with a ledge for your devices...think bolster with a small picture ledge. It is made from 100% organic cotton twill and filled with buckwheat hulls. LOVED that it is washable... you do need to remove the ledge and buckwheat first, so make sure you have a bowl handy for when you unzip the cover. I liked that this was comfortable and easy to use. M was using it with a few items and she had no problem even when she needed to adjust her position. Hopefully this saves us from hearing the tablet hit the floor a few times a day! Personally I liked this for reading in bed, because I could place it on the night table when I was done and it held my e-reader while it charged.

Thanks Bamboosa! Great gifts for the holidays!

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1 lap log (winner's choice of colour) and 1 hooded towel (winner's choice of colour)


Entry #99Krystyl O. - Lap log
Entry #762Lyd P. - Hooded Towel


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Diono RadianRXT


Pediped Boots - Product Review

I received a pair of Flex Cruz (Black and White) boots for M to try out from Pediped. These are
waterproof...and can stand up to temperatures up to -20°C!!! The
rubber soles are self cleaning and have awesome tread on them. M didn't have any problem walking in these. A lot of other boots don't fit M properly... they flop around and she trips herself up etc. These fit her amazingly well! I ordered them a bit bigger because I read up on them and they have something which is called the Flex Fit System. The Flex Fit System includes a 2mm insole that you add underneath the built in one. It actually can take the shoe size down by 1/2 once they get a bit too snug, remember to take out the extra insole!

The boots are slip-on with 2 velcro straps to tighten. M had no problems taking these on and off by herself. I loved that M had felt comfortable in these and that T will be able to wear them when he's big enough as well. These will be great for anything from school to the cottage! I'll know she's keeping warm and they're high enough that she won't come home with wet  socks!

Make sure you also check out their women's footwear line too! Check it out HERE! These made for a great early holiday present! Thanks Pediped!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Monday, December 2, 2013

PlasmaCar - Product Review and Giveaway!

I received a yellow PlasmaCar for M for review. It is a ride-on toy for ages 3 and up. To make the PlasmaCar move you need to turn the wheel back and forth... do it fast enough and it can get up there in speed! You wanna go backwards? Turn the wheel all the way (180 degrees) and use the same motion.....M thought this was I think she needs some practice, she's a horrible driver! LOL. I liked the fact that it is not like any other ride-on or car toy. You don't need to pedal it like a bike and there isn't any batteries to replace. It's good old fashion kid fun!
It is easy to assemble, there is only a few steps easy steps so hubby didn't have any problems. All you need to do is start by attaching the rear wheel into the slot then banging it into place. While still having the car wheels up, insert the front wheel assembly (don't forget to take off the foam) and bang it into place. Flip the PlasmaCar over and attach the steering wheel and make sure to align the steering wheel and front wheels. Once that is complete tighten the bolt as tight as you can and snap on the cap to cover the bolt. That's literally was super fast and M got to play with it in no time! Plus...Daddy gets to ride it holds up to 220lbs, which I was really surprised!

Some kudos to mention...PlasmaCar has won a ton of awards, some from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Nets and the Intrernational Patent Fair. They have also earned a seal of approval from Creative Child and made the top toy lists from Today's Parent.

Thanks to PlasmaCar for sending M one to try out! 

For more information and ordering please visit
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1 PlasmaCar (US/CAN)


Entry #1322Anna W.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - Product Review

When I was approached by to try their service I was intrigued as I have never tried a
food delivery service before. What I liked about them? They are organic...and deliver in the GTA. They also ship nationwide...but the best part.... they donate 10% of each order to a charity of your choice!!! No, they don't mark-up their prices to some ridiculous amount to cover their costs... they are online only and work with bloggers like myself to help provide WOM marketing efforts.

What did we receive in our pack? The Small Weekly Staples Bin...obviously it would be delivered to you weekly... includes 1L glass bottle of Harmony Organic Milk.. I chose skim, it also has a $2 refundable deposit. 1 dozen large Green Valley Free Run Eggs and a loaf of whole wheat multi grain bread from Brick Street Bakery. Everything we received and obviously tasted was SO GOOD and fresh! Almost the whole loaf of bread was gone for dinner and M chugged 2 glasses of milk! They also sent T some organic baby cereals to try out...oatmeal, brown rice and mixed grain from Healthy Times Org. Like always Mr. Piggy had no problems tasting or eating a whole bowl of any of them...LOL.

I had such a great experience with this service, it really was simple to use....and you can order almost anything. They even have household and personal items that you can add to your weekly bins (they have a veggie one too btw!)....and gluten free for those that are looking for too! Thanks to for letting us try out your service! We'll be sure to check out all the yummy stuff like natural turkeys and baked goods too....maybe even the organic candy canes will make it into our stockings this year!

For more information and ordering please visit 


Frogglez Goggles - Product Review

I received a pair of Frogglez Goggles for M to try out at her swimming lessons. These are swim goggles that
have a really cool strap to help them stay on. M hates goggles but didn't mind these, I got her to try them at swimming but I think she got embarrassed that she was the only ones wearing them, so they didn't last long, but she said she would totally wear them at the cottage and swimming at her Aunt's house. I think once she gets the hang of them she'll love them!

The band didn't tug at her hair and she could get them on herself. I liked that they fit well and they float! Which means, whenever she decided to ditch them, they're easy to fish out. I think that may just be the best part besides looking really cool. You don't need to adjust them at all, they do come in different sizes too so you'll find a pair for everyone in the family! Overall, totally a great idea thought up by a Dad who noticed a ton of issues with his kids current goggles....Thanks Frogglez!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Hot Dots Let's Master Reading Set - Product Review and Giveaway

I received a Hot Dots Jr.- Let's Master Kindergarten Reading set for review from Educational Insights. It
comes with 2 books and a talking pen that tells you if you have the correct answers or not. I really liked that the pen lit up...talked and even it was shaped like a dog which M thought was cool too.

We have other products like these and she gravitated to "Ace" because he seemed more interesting than other versions. The 2 books include over 100 different lessons and are appropriate for her reading level etc. I found her even trying to read out the instructions which was great. I really, really liked that unlike others these books were nicely bound and the pen didn't mark up the pages when she answered the questions. You can also set the pen to answer with music or fun phrases from Ace.

Overall this is a great addition to my bag of tricks on teaching M how to read...and it's awesome for her to do in the car on the way to school! Thanks Education Insights!

For more information and ordering please visit

1 Set (winners may choose which grade level they want and whether they want a math or a reading set.)

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


PINES Wheat Grass - Product Review

I received a jar of PINES Wheat Grass Powder for review. What is wheat grass powder you ask? Well... I
had no clue, so that was what intrigued me about trying it out. Some of the basics... the bottle I received was a one month supply...of powdered product. Basically it is a quick and easy way to make sure you get your daily intake of green leafy veggies, without...well... having to eat them. I used our blender to try this out... honestly, the color scared me. I threw in some bananas, blueberries and apples...some ice... a bit of yogurt (all stuff I had in the fridge) and some ice. I blended it up and put in some of the powder. My only thing is the color, seriously.... I usually have a thing with texture..but I was ok with that...the smoothie tasted awesome. The color threw me off completely, so really the next time, I just need to put it in a travel mug so I don't see it.

This is organic and totally easy to use... I can even throw some in our pasta sauce, and no one would know that we're eating all our greens for only 10 calories. I also tried this in a glass of juice... wasn't a sticking to hiding it in food and smoothies. They also have this particular one in pill form... I could always get some of those too...but this is pretty easy, and you only need a bit of powder...who really ever eats a properly balanced diet? With get that one step closer!

Thanks PINES! 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Kalencom Diaper Bag Sale!!!

A while ago I did a review post for Mothers Choice Products... well they reached out to let me know that
they are having a HUGE pre-black friday sale on their Kalencon Diaper Bags! Um...ya... 70% OFF!!!! Seriously???

Here's one I've got my eye on! Go check it out before they go back to regular price! One of these would make a great gift for the Mom 2 Be in your life this holidays!

Happy shopping!!!!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Ripley's Aquarium

We had a chance to take M and T to Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto, so we decided to go as a family. This place is AWESOME!! M loved it! Between the dangerous lagoon and rainbow reef M was in awe..and really so were we. She was a bit freaked out with all the touch tanks, but hubby and I got in there and touched some sharks...horseshoe crabs and rays. My fave....omg...the jellyfish tank...planet jellies...sooo fun... bright and colorful and took some killer shots! (please remember that the pics in this post are property of The Baby Bottom Line...if you would like to use them, all you need to do is ask :) ).

Wondering what the Dangerous Lagoon is?? Say hello to a glass tunnel with a walkway right through it... and yes... this tunnel runs right through a 2.5 million liter fish tank that contains anything from sea turtles to sharks. There is also a moving sidewalk (think magic carpet on a ski hill) that brings you through the entire thing. We loved this so much that we went through it more than once. Out of the tunnel and in to kiddie land.... tons of fun stuff for the kids like a water table, horseshoe crab touch tank and playground. M could have stayed there forever!

Another fave was the was full of picture perfect little friends... like my new buddy the lion fish. I had a salt water tank growing up and I remember our lion fish being one of my favorite fishes, aside from our clown and parrot fish. Rainbow reef... AMAZING! All of us love the was unbelievable! We even got to see the diver go in for a presentation but the fire alarm went off so it was cut short and we didn't get to see much of it. We'll definitely go back and make sure we stay for the show!

Thanks to Ripley's for letting us come for a visit, we will definitely be back!

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

HBD Baby - Product Review and Coupon Code!

I received a black shuttle Okiedog baby bag from HBD Baby for review. There is a large center pouch and a few on the outside of the bag as well. I liked that it has 2 loops to attach soothers or other items in the big area of the bag. I also liked that the outer zippered pocket had 3 spots for bottles and that it is insulated. This I had to get use to as most of the bags I've tried had the bottle pockets on the inside of the biggest compartment or on the corners of the outside of the bag. It was a nice change to be honest, because it gave more room on the inside of the bag. I liked the area for my stuff... enough room for my phone, wallet and some chap-stick and other items.

I looooved the accessories that came with this bag. The accessory pouch fits a ton of stuff and it's really cute. The hooks with the clipix system are awesome. Once you've put on the holders you can snap on the hooks or even the bottle holder to your stroller. It also comes with a change mat that has an antibacterial treatment and is easy to fold up and throw in the bag. I found that it was a little thin for what we're use to, we like the ones that have memory foam.. I find they last the longest, but it is a good size!

Overall, I liked that this was a really light bag...cute colors/pattern and I really liked the over sized zipper pulls. It makes it easy to get where you need to be really quickly and close things up with one hand. Plus it is a good size to even use for an overnight bag! Great gift for the mom to be in your life these holidays!

Thanks HBD Baby!

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Coupon: HBDV24PROMO15 (15% off - expires Dec 31/13)


Friday, November 22, 2013

Peekaboo Poncho - Product Review

I received a Peekaboo Poncho for review. This is perfect timing for this review...the weather is starting to get colder and honestly... poor T looks like the stay puff marshmallow man with his jacket on running back and forth to and from the car. Plus, I take it off once he's in the car so he can be in his car seat properly.....what a pain! The worst part is running into the store but having to get them ready it a jacket that is totally uncomfortable and hard to carry them, grab the shopping cart cover, plus the diaper bag and everything else that you need. All the Mom's know what I'm talking The Peekaboo Poncho is the answer to this, and many other, awkward situations.

This is a jacket, shopping cart liner and car seat cover....yup, all 3! I actually picked up really quickly how to make the jacket work for me, hubby needed practice. I sat T in a seat that we keep by the do, put it over hit head and snapped and zipped him up. Got to the car, sat him in his seat... took the Peekaboo Poncho off... and buckled him in. I actually flipped it around and stuck his legs in the bottom to use as a blanket for the ride as well. Need to get out of the car again? Easy... unbuckled him, sat him up, slipped it over and picked him up...then pulled the rest down over his feet.

We went into the store and got a shopping cart.... I sat T in the back of the cart took off the Peekaboo Poncho placed the back of the poncho over the back part of the seat, put the hat through the leg hole in the cart and turned the rest of it inside out to fit over the handle bar. Wow...I made that sound really complicated, but it isn't. I loved that this covered the entire front of the cart... T couldn't touch any part of the shopping was great! Plus there's some velcro straps you can use to tether a toy to the cover.

Need a car seat cover? Easy... put up the bar of the carrier... and instead of putting it over their head as I explained before, place it over the carrier and pull the elastic edges over the front and the back of the seat. That's it! 

What I liked about this... it's warm.. the exterior is water and wind resistant.. inside.. sherpa! Which means it's super soft. It's HUGE! Literally M was wearing it around the house...she said she wants to bring it baseball for cold games! Finally... it washes awesome! It gets dirty... throw it in the washer and dryer. Done.

Thanks Peekaboo Poncho!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

25 Days of Christmas - Product Review

I received a 25 Days of Christmas kit from Simply Fun Families For review. What is it you ask?? It is a Christmas countdown of FUN items/ideas to share with your family. There is a total of 35 I was sure to go through and pick the ones I thought were the best for us (there is also 5 blank ones, so feel free to make your own ones)... and checked our calendar to make sure the more elaborate ones were scheduled for a good day. The kit also comes with 25 dated envelopes so you can set out your cards each day.

Once I figured out which ones I thought we could do as a family I sat down and made a shopping list of any items I would need to purchase to ensure that we had everything we needed! This is such a cute idea... it gets the entire family involved in activities we can all do together, and I think this will make for an awesome yearly tradition.

Here are a few of my MUST DO activities:
  • Picnic dinner under the Christmas tree - seriously? so cute!!!
  • Buy some groceries and deliver them to the food bank - um... yes!
  • Enjoy a mini candy cane with breakfast today! - OH YA!!!
  • Write and decorate a letter for Santa today - MUST do!!!!
  • Donate a loved toy to Goodwill! - Yup!
There are so many other really cute ones, it would take me forever to'll just have to purchase your own kit!!! I think we're going to have a blast with this... can't wait to start!

Thanks Simply Fun Families!!!

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Mattel - Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year again!!! This year will be super special because T's birthday is a week after Christmas...which means he gets double the presents and I'm already ready because of all the Holiday Gift Guides that are out! Once again, I'm sharing some information about Mattel's HGG...why?? Because it's awesome!!!

What's on it this year you ask??? Well... The Laugh and Learn™ Crawl Around™ Car, which T absolutely loves... we went to the launch of it and he had a blast! Check out my review of T's first set of wheels HERE! In that same link you'll see the Puppy’s and Friends Table as well as 3 other items on this years HGG.... the Little People® Disney Klip Klop Princess Stable, Barbie® Mariposa Cantania Doll and the Barbie® Mariposa Doll! We had a blast playing with everything and the kids thought it was really cool to get to try it all out!

There is also a TON of other really cool stuff that's in their HGG this year.... make sure that what you're buying is not on your fave LOs #Unwishlist (take a look at the video Mattel came up fave.. the little girl who sheds a tear because she didn't get what she's really funny).

Ready to rock?? Here we go.....for the boys...Imaginext® made the list with their New Batcave...which looks pretty gnarly... hubby would have 100% put that on his Christmas list if he was a kid again! Perfect for the little crime fighter in your fam! Thomas and Friends™ Trackmaster™ Quest for the Crown is a multi-level track train set that has it's ups and downs as you're LO lets his imagination go wild! This one... totally have my eye on... I'm thinking I want to get T a Thomas play table for his birthday...this would be a perfect travelling version! Max Steel Turbo Fighters are on the list for your 6+ yr old to have battles that can be customized to exactly how they want them! Hot Wheels® Triple Track Twister Set (another one hubby would have wanted) for the speed demon in your family. This one has a stand for your iPad so you can use the Action Capture App to take playing with this to the next level! Another Hot Wheels® made the list with the Wall Tracks™ Roto Motion Speedway, this looks crazy! It has a claw that can grab a car and move it to a different part of the track.... really... I think this was what all the men in our lives dreamed of when they were kids!

For the little ladies, other than the 3 products we got to try out, the Barbie® Dreamhouse™ made the list, and I'm pretty sure M may just give up her left arm for this one! This is huge and the attention to detail is crazy! Right down to brand name kitchen appliances and flush-able toilets! The 2013 Holiday Barbie® Doll
is dressed in silver and is winter themed....25th anniversary edition! Lastly, Monster High® made the list this year again, but this year... you'll notice their threads have a hint of Moroccan to them and they've went over the top with the fun details.

Personally... Mattel hit another home run this year! Everything is fun...colorful and I'm sure on every kid's list this year! Plus... don't forget to hit up the Mattel Digital Shop n' Play at the CN Tower!! It's an awesome virtual way to take care of that long holiday list!


Fisher Price - Product Review

M and T received a bunch of stuff to try out from Fisher Price. T got to try out the Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car and the Puppy's and Friends Table. The Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car is just awesome... T LOVES it! We actually had the chance to go to the launch of this toy in Toronto, which was a blast by the way... everyone was awesome and T had a ton of fun. This is definitely going to be the hottest toy for the LO's this holiday! It has a ton of songs and fun things, including a shape sorter in one door and a ball ramp in the other. The dashboard is a lights up and they can play with the gear shift...steering wheel, radio and more! Omg... T was hilarious... he kept honking the horn and laughing... I was was awesome! I liked that there were different settings so he could have fun and dance with the music...or learn his colors and letters. Even the door was interactive and the windshield wiper is interactive!! The door can open and close....and the windshield turns to day and night! I even caught M in it quite a bit!

The Puppy’s and Friends Table is a table that has a different activity for your LO on each corner.  We started with putting the table top on the floor so he can try it out without me having to watch him like a hawk. I wanted to see what he gravitated towards... and I wasn't surprised when he headed for the little laptop first! Maybe he'll stay away from mine now that he "has his own" lol. Once he checked that out he headed for the book corner of the table. The other corners have a piano and a phone (which actually comes off too, it's really cute). There are different modes on the table as well...learning, music, imagination and there's even a bilingual setting. T loves music so this was awesome... plus I know that he'll be able to grow with this table and learn from it too. The legs are easy to pop on and off, which makes it easy for me and even M to set up!

M just loved the Barbie® Mariposa Cantania and the Barbie® Mariposa Dolls . She hasn't seen the movie yet... but I'm sure uh-hem... Santa will remember to grab that one for her stocking... lol! Anyway, there's a button on the necklace of the Mariposa one that flips out her fairy wings and twists them open. It's nuts! I think M may have done that 50 times before actually getting down to really playing with her. To put her wings down, there is a crank on her back that you twist and it rolls them up and flips them into the skirt of her ball gown. 

Honestly, it's really, really cool! The Catania one has wings that flip up... you move them yourself, then you press the button (it's near where her belly button would be) and the skirt of her dress flips open. If you want to close the dress you just smooth it down. This one is a bit easier for M to flip back and forth from fairy to princess, but realistically...she's totally in awe of both of them! 

Lastly, the Little People Disney Klip Klop Princess Stable (Little People are my fave by the way... I love them!) is so much fun! There are 2 ramps that Rapunzel and Aurora can go down (on their horses of course) and even a turn table that plays music while they spin around. The little horses are really cute...they walk by
themselves...M loved watching them walk. I really liked the little things like how you send them through the door and it starts the music and makes horse sounds too. There's even a stable for the horses that they can walk out of. It's easy to activate the klip klop in the horses too, you just need to make sure they're on a area that's slanted and off they go! The attention to detail is really cute too... if you look at areas of the castle, you'll find little friends of the princesses! Plus you can buy extra princesses to add to the set.

We had a blast reviewing everything!! Thanks Fisher Price!!!

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Child to Cherish - Product Review and Holiday Gift Guide!

I received a Baseball Time Out Spot for review from Child to Cherish. Every parent says the words "Go to time out".... whether it be a corner, a stool....a mat or a bench... every LO has their "spot" when it comes to needing a breather and disciplining them. This... is such a cute idea!!! It is literally called the "Time Out Spot"... a small round carpet that you can place where ever is best for you (and rolls up so you can take it with you if you're going away) with a lined rubber bottom.  The one we received is baseball themed (totally "us") and it says "3're out!". I love that it has a ball diamond in the middle of it too! They have some really cute other themed ones like...princesses or pirates, plus for those that are looking for something a little more basic, they have some solid colored ones to choose from as well.

I took a look at some of their holiday items.... really cute! LOOOVE the idea of the Santa's message plate set, and they also have wool stocking kits! Other gift ideas include; crayon aprons (which is genius) and really, really fun and functional! Snowprint and globe hand print kits, which is perfect for your LO's 1st Christmas as well as cute themed piggy banks that can match any decor!

Thanks to Child to Cherish for sending us the new Time Out Spot!!! I have a feeling T will be seeing it a lot as he grows older!! LOL!!!

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