Saturday, February 16, 2013

Woombie - Product Review

I received a blue original Woombie for review. A Woombie is a stretchy baby swaddle designed to help your baby feel comfortable and keep them safe while they sleep. It also helps with colic....which I think is going on with little Mr. gassy pants. Some facts about swaddling... babies sleep longer...prevents the little ones from scratching themselves and makes them feel like they are back in the womb which relaxes them.

The original Woombie is made of a cotton and spandex 95/5 blend...which makes it soft and stretchy....while not overheating the baby. T is a hot baby... I've noticed a few times that he gets a bit warm at night....with this... no problem. They have also recently launched the Woombie Tru AirTM which has a mesh panel which is breathable to help ventilate the body as well. 

I like that there are 2 zippers for quick changes in the dark... we keep a blue night light on in his room...and I feed and change him by that light so this feature came in handy for me...didn't have to play around too much for the early morning feedings. T gets pretty fussy with swaddling....I liked that he didn't fit me too much with this, because he still could wiggle a bit but remain comfortable and have the ability to stretch out a bit.

I also liked that I didn't have to fuss with velcro or coming into the room in the morning to find an arm or a leg out. He stayed in this and didn't actually fuss as much wearing this one.

Thanks to Woombie for sending us out one to try, it has replaced our other swaddlers for sure!

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