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March 30th Winners are......

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Friday, March 29, 2013

March LittleEcoFootprint Box Review

I received my box for March to review from LittleEcoFootprint. I really likes February's so I couldn't wait to recieve March's!

Wanna know what was in this month's box? Here we go....

There was a $10 Gift Card for Boské Kids who sells children's clothes ages 0-6yrs...all natural and eco-friendly. I found some really cute things on their site...including toys. T would totally love Harold the Bear or even the baby booties in the accessories section.

Buncha Farmers Stain Remover is awesome!  It is made with natural  ingredients and uses borax to help get out those tough stains. It got out some of the toughest stains M threw at it.... I couldn't believe it. All you had to do is rub the stick on the stain and throw the garment in the wash. Viola... stain free. I also liked how small it is and that you can get a ton of uses out of it!

The Carré jaune Foam Wash has witch hazel, carrot extract and vitamin E....and was great for T's sensitive skin. I liked that all ingredients are all natural and that this was a foaming wash. I felt like I didn't have to use as much as other washes and it left his skin super soft.

Crayon Rocks are AWESOME!!! They are made from soy wax...naturally colored and work really well. M loved using them and they worked really well. I liked how smoothly they went on and that they didn't leave crayon shavings everywhere. Plus... T will be able to use them when he's ready because of the shape!

The ecojot - Giraffes Growth Chart was really cute. They are made from post consumer recycled waste and they have a ton of other items... I loved their mustache journal... may have to go ahead and order it! The only thing was at the top of the chart it said "Age" I think it should say "Birthdate"....would make it a nice keepsake.

John Masters Organics Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash smelled awesome....and made a good lather. I used this numerous times and still have a lot left of the 1oz. sample. I also liked using this on my face with  my   exfoliator. It left my skin uber soft!

Overall... another good monthly box... February was a hard one to top...can't wait to see what's in April's!

To sign up to this awesome monthly HERE

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Squishy Snak Pak - Product Review

Easy to useI received 2 Squishy Snack Paks for review. Everyone has seen and/or used the food/fruit in the disposable pouches with the spout at the top....well these are reusable...refillable and completely washable! All you have to do is fill the pouch from the bottom of the container and use the zip to close. They are BPA free...holds up to 1/2 cup and are perfect to throw in the diaper bag because even the lid doesn't leak. I really liked that you can put them in the freezer...I made applesauce for M...froze it in the Squish Snack Pak...then when we went out I used it as an ice pack until it defrosted and she could eat it.

It washed really well and easily so these are going to be used all the time for ball season! M could take off the lid by I barely had to do anything. The only thing I wish is that the lid was attached in some way... we almost lost the lid a few

Thanks to Squishy Snak Pak for sending us out a pair!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bubble Bamboo Wrap - Product Review

I received a 3 pack of Bubble Bamboo Wraps from OYACO for review. They come in a set of 3... I received the pink set which was really the only set that wouldn't work for having a boy...but that's ok....or they'll be used just at home. The Bamboo Bubble Wraps are really soft, have a bit of stretch to them and are actually big enough for M to cuddle with. You can use them for swaddling... nursing name it!

I love bamboo products...any of them I have reviewed they have always washed really well and stay super soft. I like that the have a tighter knit to them so they feel on the thicker side when compared to muslin, which I have also review many of.

The Bambo Wraps come in 3 different designs....owl (green), puppy (pink) and nautical (blue) all 3 sets are really cute and each blanket in the set is a different pattern. 

Thanks to OYACO for sending us out some Bamboo Wraps from Bubble to try out! I love working with OYACO.... I've worked with this distributor 6 times...they have some really awesome products!

For more information and ordering please visit


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mimosura - Product Review and Giveaway!!!

I received a pair of Sterling Silver Screw Back Earrings from Mimosura. They are a plain stud with flat backing in .925 Sterling Silver. The stud is a bit larger than 6mm in diameter and have the screw on backing that is awesome! The flat backings make sure to not poke your LO, are comfy and M wasn't bothered by them at all. They sit a bit farther away from the ear as well to help with cleaning and keeping all the gunk out.

Mimosura offers a range of earring in 18K gold or .925 Sterling Silver, so they're hypoallergenic and won't wear them anywhere..anytime. I liked that they carried a wide selection in both metals and that there was also both fun and classy styles. 

I loved how these looked on M...she's so petite so the size looked awesome! They almost looked like large pearls on her. She wore them out when we were out and about and we were approached numerous times about where we got them.

Thanks to Mimosura for sending M out a pair... I may just have to steal them from her to wear next girls night out!

For more information and ordering please visit
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What's up for grabs?? $40 gift certificate to be used within our online store by June 1st, 2013
Contest Closed April 13th!!


March 16th 2013 - Giveaway winners are....

Congratulations to the below winners! I've already sent you both emails with info needed to claim your prizes. Please respond within 48 hours.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Easy Potty Trainer Toilet Seat - Product Review

I received an Easy Potty Trainer Toilet Seat for review. This AWESOME!!! It is a 2 in one toilet seat that you replace your current toilet seat with. It is an adult seat that has an attached smaller seat that folds down on top of it and a soft close lid. Yes... people... no more storing potty seats or having to wash potty bucket seats...nothing! There are 2 sizes and colors available so you can match it up to your current toilet...and there's also a 2 year warranty.

I liked that we could get rid of all the other "potty" made me happy that our powder room didn't look like a kids washroom anymore, but still had the function if she wanted to use it. I also liked the soft close lid....M didn't smush her fingers in between the seats once! Plus she liked that she didn't have to worry about falling in anymore when she didn't want to put the removable ring on....and the fact that it didn't make the toilet higher than she could get on without a step stool.

It is easy to wash and blends in with the rest of the decor. Everyone noticed something was different about the seat but couldn't figure it out until I showed it was actually really funny.

Thanks to Easy Potty Trainer for sending us out one to try's perfect!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Squatchi - Product Review and Giveaway

I received a blue Squatchi for review. What is a Squatchi you ask? It is at at home shoe sizer for your kids! Genius right? I thought so! You know those metal shoe sizers you use at any shoe store? Well its a personal plastic version you use to measure your LOs feet... plus... use a permanent marker and you can use it as a growth chart too! All you need to do is have them stand with their heel to the back of the Squatchi... line up their toes with the chart and mark to the closest line that isn't touching any toes. Want them a bit bigger? Jump to the line above :)

Honestly... after all the reviews I have done... this one... it makes SENSE! How many times have you dragged your kids to the store and tried on a million shoes...just to get flustered and walk out with nothing... OR ordered them online and when they came they didn't fit properly. With this... you KNOW what size your kid is wearing...and yes... it is US sizing :)
Thanks to squatchi for sending us out one... we LOVE it! 

For more information and ordering please visit

What's up for grabs?? Your own Squatchi! (US/CAN)
Contest Closed April 13th!!


Spoiled Totz - Product Review

I received 3 products from Spoiled Totz for review. We received a cotton crochet hat with a flower, a pair of leg warmers and a baby tie. The cotton crochet hat (brown) came with a pink flower that is clipped on with a plastic alligator clip. I liked that the flower was detachable so you can switch them out or remove it all together. M liked this hat right's easy to wear and wash...and cute!
The leg warmers were really cute... pink and white polka dot with ruffles. We love leg warmers in this house so M has put them into her regular rotation of warmers. These were really soft and I likes how different they are. There are some really cute other patterns too... I saw skulls (you all know how we love a good skull in this house) ones (which T could totally rock) and even furry ones. I really liked their selection!

Lastly, T received a pink and white striped tie.... I LOVE IT! It's adjustable...soft (satin/polyester mix) and he looked SUPER cute. M also wore I liked that it fit both kids and that the clasp was easy to use... especially when you have a squirmy baby! 

Thanks to Spoiled Totz for sending us out some products to try! We had fun....there was so much pink! :)

For more information and ordering please visit
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Professional Skin Care System - Product Review

I received a Professional Skin Care System from ToiletTree Products. It is a tool you use to clean...polish...get rid of dry skin...on your face...body...feet... it's really an all in 1 tool. It comes with 2 exfoliater heads (a soft one and a medium one)... 1 body exfoliater (which is a larger version of the face ones) and a pumice version for your feet.

I noticed my skin was super smooth right away and my dry winter skin was under control right away. I liked using the softer attachment for removing make-up and the medium one for helping with dry skin and cleansing. I really liked how soft my skin was right after and that it looked fresh and helped my moisturizer do its job better! The body one is great...and I LOVED the foot version...was perfect for in-between pedicures!

I also like that you can simply wash the attachments for re-use and that refills are available. Oh... and that it is battery operated (yes..they are included) so you can take it anywhere!

Thanks to ToiletTree Products for sending me out one to review! Its now part of my daily routine!

For more information and ordering please visit
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


OraMD - Product Review

OraMDI received a bottle of OraMD for review. OraMD is a liquid all in one mouth cleaner...bacteria's a toothpaste... mouthwash and mouth-freshener. You do need to carry the bottle around with you... and there are quite a few steps....the hubby tried it out for me. 2-5 drops on your toothbrush...brush and floss (2x a day)....then use it as a mouthwash (2x a day)...then put 2-5 drops on your tongue to coat your gum-line 2x a day. He said it was a bit of a chore but did work. You cannot use this while pregnant or breastfeeding, so please keep that in mind :)

OraMD does not contain a if you need that as well they suggest baking soda and peroxide 3x a week to see results. It is recommended by dentist and costs less than other name brand toothpastes. It is all natural and made from almond, spearmint and peppermint nut allergies beware...but can be used on children 3+. Also, this doesn't harm any dental work so that's good news too! This bottle should last about a month :)

Overall he said that it worked well and freshened his mouth. Thanks to OraMD for sending us out a bottle to try!

As a bonus....they are willing to offer my readers one FREE bottle. They said they would love to have myreaders try out OraMD and agreed to send one bottle FREE (you pay the shipping though...and it's not that much). Also, if you are interested they agreed to include 2 reports called 1) “The 6 Hidden Dangers In Toothpaste” and 2) “Why The FDA Requires A Warning Label On Your Toothpaste.” (over $40 value). if you are interested visit the website HERE

For more information and ordering please visit


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shutter Huggers - Product Review

I received a Dinosaur Shutter Hugger for review. Shutter Huggers are cute little critters you put around the lens of your camera (no worries, they come in a ton of different size options) to keep the attention and hopefully help get a smile out of your little one. I am a big photo I do have a good camera that takes awesome pics, and I usually shoot in natural light... so I get some good ones! Well...little Mr. T makes it a bit difficult to get  and keep his attention. As soon as I put this on the lens...he started smiling and he couldn't take his eyes off of it, which helped me get great shots and kept my blood pressure down! LOL. M also thought it was really cute, so that was a bonus!

I liked that they have a ton of different characters to choose from and that it actually works! The quality is good too... material is soft and I didn't have any problems taking it on or off my lens.

Thanks to Shutter Huggers for sending us out one to try.... my family photos have never been better!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Gaiam - Product Review

I received a copy of Shiva Rea's Mama & Baby Yoga DVD and a Massage Therapy Kit for review from Gaiam. Well it's not a big secret that we love yoga in this house (M loves her DVDs) so when we got the chance to review some more products we were all over it! I got the ok from the Dr. to start working out again this past off I went right away. Wow...I'm REALLY out of shape....not fun. Anyway... first this we tried (Yes...M tried too...she copied me using one of her babies as I used T). I liked how there were 3 x 20 min sessions...Toning...Rising Up and Core all for Mommy and includes the LO in some way. Rising Up was my fave... I'm looking to burn a ton of cals so that was the best...T kept falling asleep on me though...lazy boy! I really liked how it gave me time with both kids and it was fun for all of us! T is starting to get heavy so I'm going to have toned arms in no time lifting him all the time! There is a bonus download which I was all over too.... this one was for de-stressing... so I found it perfect to put on the tablet and do right before it was only 10 min!

The Massage Therapy Kit has 3 balls... 2 small, 1 large...and a small the stretch DVD which was about 25 min. I was scared to use this after having a c-section because of having to put all my weight on my stomach. I was pleasantly surprised when I was completed this routine. My weight on the ball was enough to help support and relax with out hurting me, which was why I was surprised. I rarely have pain anymore, but you still need to be careful the first little while, so I took my time and noticed that they did help me relax  more than without using them. My fave one was the larger one for core (obviously)... the little ones took a bit more getting use coordination and balance is still coming back, but once I got the hang of it, it didn't take me long to feel like I was a pro. I'm going to definitely incorporate these more into my routine. I have a personal trainer in the family who has made me my program... just have to ask her to stick these in somewhere and I'm good to go!

Another huge thank you to Gaiam for sending us out something we can do together! 

For more information and ordering you can check out and nationwide Target stores!


The Healthy Shopper Picks for Spring 2013 - Product Review

I got to try out The Healthy Shopper Picks for Spring 2013 (I previously reviewed Fall 2012) - I was super excited to try these out! It was PACKED again this lets get started!

Zax’s Original Bruise Cream - Zax’s Original Bruise Cream - I have reviewed before.... still LOVE it! As a reminder, it helps bruises heal faster and I actually use the kids one on M all the time!
Olympic Dairy Organic Yogurt - Olympic Dairy - We tried the lemon was really good! I was surprised how creamy it was! It is gelatine and chemical free.....and comes in a variety of flavors!

Simply Natural Organic Salsas - All Simply Natural are organic...natural... and uses actual diced ingredients which make them super chunky and perfect for nachos. There were a few I had to pass off due to I made a little pack of stuff for a friend of mine to try. My fave was the regular friend LOVED the mango salsa! We got to try 5 different products in total...including pineapple salsa and black bean  and corn salsa!

Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread - Earth Balance - this one was hard to it must be really popular! We liked this one on toast...but it can be used on anything! It is lactose, soy, dairy, and gluten free butter-like spread that you can pretty much use in or on anything. Its really tasty...even M liked it!

Hyland’s Homeopathic Leg Cramps - Hyland’s I let my Dad try out... he has a problem with restless legs and cramping... I'm nursing so it was a no go for me! They do not alter when used with other medications and he said that he liked that they helped and that the cream was on the thicker side.

Natracare - Natracare - There were a few products again... the Organic Cotton Intimate Wipes I threw in the bathroom for guests to used and almost everyone asked where they can be found. They are 100% cotton cloth and the essential oils are organic too. The Cotton Baby Wipes I threw in T's diaper bag. He didn't have a reaction to them and they cleaned him up really well. The Natural Maternity Pads were another one I passed on. They are organic cotton, extra-long and she said they worked well. They are all biodegradable and compostable!

Overall...had a blast again trying out everything... faves are definitly the coconut spread and the baby wipes!!!

For more information and to find out where you can grab all these great products and coupons, please visit


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Personalized Family Manifesto - Product Review and Giveaway

I received a personalized family manifesto for review from Life Manifestos. This is a personalized (with your last name) poster with  words of inspiration etc surrounding your family name. 

I wanted to share the messages on the poster with all of it is... taken right from the website.

"We are best friends. In our home you are loved, wanted, appreciated, and cherished no matter what. You are safe to be vulnerable. To be silly. To vent your frustrations. To share your emotions, struggles, and embarrassments. We encourage you to dream big, and we do everything possible to make your dreams come true. We give you confidence to venture into the world and get knocked down. Come back to us. We comfort, heal, and strengthen you. And whisk you back out the door with a smile on your face, the dream glistening in your eyes, courage beating in your heart. We believe in you. We're on your team. In your corner. Your biggest fans. Cheering our hearts out for you to reach, strive, leave it all on the field, become who you were born to become. We are family: united, unbreakable, eternal."

© Copyright by Life Manifestos, LLC. Written by Stephen Palmer.

I really liked how inspirational and relate-able the messages are. They are encouraging and touching. The poster is printed well...there are no runs in the ink and I like the changes to size and fonts throughout the piece.

Thank you to Life Manifestos for sending us out one for our home.
For more information and ordering please visit

What's up for grabs?? Your own personalized manifesto!
Contest Closed March 30th!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Naked Nursing Tank - Product Review

I received a black Naked Nursing Tank for review. Naked Nursing Tanks were designed by 2 Canadian Moms (woohoo!), are made in Canada and are a bamboo/spandex blend. Naked Nursing Tanks are tank tops that are low cut to go under your nursing bra. All you have to do is wear it under any of your shirts and it is long, soft and stretchy to hug to your midsection. When you have to nurse your little one you lift your shirt and leave the naked nursing tank to cover your old mummy tummy LOL.

I liked that the material is really soft, washes well and is super comfy. I also like that the added layer didn't make me overheat, even when nursing and is anti-microbial. I also loved the fact that I was covered, it was long and all my nursing bras worked well with the cut of it. I can see myself wearing this even after I have finished nursing as a layering's THAT comfy!

Thanks to Naked Nursing Tank for sending me out one to try....I'm literally in it 24/7! LOL

For more information and ordering please visit
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Chooze - Review and Giveaway!

We received a pair of dance in wiggle fabrics Chooze shoes for M for review. They are mary-jane style with rubber soles. M loved that these were really bright and that each shoe was different! That's right... they didn't match...the colors did but the fabric didn't! Chooze shoes are always different which I think is fun...totally like us..quirky!

I liked that they had proper support and that she said they were comfy. I also noticed she walked well in them and they weren't too heavy for her....them being super fun is a total bonus! The insole is made of a memory foam that is anti-microbial. They are made of 100% cotton and all materials are 100% vegan. All of which gives me peace of mind when she's wearing them.

They have so many styles and fabrics to choose from...all are bright and they invest in anti-poverty programs which I think is awesome. Thanks to Chooze for sending us out a pair...M has been wearing them non-stop since we received them!

For more information and ordering please visit
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What's up for grabs?? Your own pair of  Chooze! (CAN only)Contest Closed March 30th!!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Züpers Everyday Activewear - Review and Giveaway!!!

We received a pair of turquoise Züpers shorts for review. They are made from a 90/10 mix of micropolyester and lycra so they're nice and stretchy but stay fitted. They are like a children's bicycle short with a little pocket...they can wear them under a dress..or as shorts....or like M did... under a tutu with high heels... and she carried stickers in her pocket all day long....LOL. 

They are super soft and are moisture wicking to keep them cool. I really liked that these came in a bunch of different colors and that they washed well. The waistband is also strong, so I know that little miss skinny mini won't be losing her shorts anytime soon!

Thanks to Züpers for sending us out a pair to try out!

For more information and ordering please visit

What's up for grabs?? Your own pair of  Züpers! (US/CAN)Contest Closed March 30th!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

mubiblossom - Product Review

I received 3 mubiblossom hair clips for review. I received a petalblossom in "sunshine petal" a stichblossom in "ocean stitch" and a sakurablossom in "neon pink sakura". 

These hair clips are really cute....they are made of Oeko-Tex Certified wool and have a snap closure with a tight comb to help ensure the clip stays put!

I really liked how vibrant the colors are and how all the clips are inspired by different flowers and how mubiblossom donates 5% of profits to different charities on certain styles of clips. I think it's awesome...and I love how they are all handmade in Canada!

Thanks to mubiblossom for sending M out some to try out....she loves the colors and I love that they stay in miss curly locks' hair!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Wallpops Giveaway Winner is.....Jennifer

Congratulations to Jennifer! I've already sent you an email...please respond within 48 hours.

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