Friday, May 31, 2013

Bumbo Step Stool - Product Review

I received a blue Bumbo Step Stool from Oyaco for review. Everyone knows and probably has a Bumbo chair and tray, and if you don't you probably know of someone who does. Well... now they have come out with a anti-slip step stool. 

It's cute....looks like an elephant foot and comes is nice colors. I like that it is wide so it doesn't tip over (we tried a bunch of different ways to tip it and couldn't) and that the same anti-slip that's on the bottom is on the top as well. I also liked that it could tuck under the pedestal sink in the powder room and not get in the way of the door opening and closing like a few others we've tried.

M liked that is was really light and she could bring it wherever she wanted. I think it ended up in 2 bathrooms and the kitchen within an hour! Not gonna lie.....I used it in the kitchen and had no problems with it holding my weight. 

Bumbo did a good job of making this fun and functional, plus with such brand recognition, I'm sure this will be well!

Overall...great product...totally usable and functional. Thanks Oyaco!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blooming Cupcake Kit - Review and Giveaway!!

I received a Blooming Cupcake Kit for review from Me Myself and Us. M and Daddy baked them before the roast went in the oven last night. This kit includes 6 silicone flower pots, cake and frosting mixes and some decorations too. The cake is a quick mix...we had to add eggs...water...and oil...mix it up and put the batter in the silicone flower pots to bake. We didn't make the frosting, we were out of powdered sugar but we did have some ready made so we used that and saved the icing for next time.

Daddy and M are the bakers in our house... I'm usually the decorator because I think I have a bit more The 2 of them had a blast making the batter.... it was really cute to watch them work (and argue) too! Once the cupcakes were cooled off I iced them for her and she decorated them with the included sprinkles and pink icing pen. For me... I used light whipped cream instead of icing to cut back on some of the cals. After dinner we all grabbed a spoon and ate our little flower pots. They were really good and cute!  I loved that we can reuse the silicone pots and that they are safe for the dishwasher.

M is having a friend sleep over in a few weeks so I totally think we're going to make these again, I think they will have a blast! And I'm on a health kick so I'll switch out the oil for apple sauce and they'll come out almost exactly the same....bonus... the girls won't even notice ;)

Thanks to Me Myself and Us Inc. for sending us out this kit, it was really fun! And stay tuned.... 2 more kit reviews and giveaways are to come!!!

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What's up for grabs??? 1 Kit! Winner's Choice! (Canada Only)
Contest closed June 22nd!!!


Go Anywhere Travel Feeding Booster Seat - Product Review

I received a Go Anywhere Travel Feeding Booster Seat from A Parent Company for review. It is a portable, 5-point harness adjustable seat which can strap to any chair and is super light to tote around. I have reviewed a few portable booster seats in the past and this is by far the lightest.

It also folds up into a messenger bag that even M can carry. I liked that it holds up to 40 lbs so M can still use it and that you can give it a quick wipe if you get it messy. Plus....if you take out the padding in the bottom you can use it to store a few items which is really convenient.

I noticed that this one was really easy to put on our dinner chairs (some of the others tend to give us more of a hassle because of the style chair we have. 2 straps around the bottom and 1 around the back all adjustable to make it easier and the clips are strong and a good size too.

I liked that it is compact in size but big enough to be comfortable. M liked the pattern and I'm sure T will too once he's old enough to use it. M and I went to the movies and we took this with us for her. She said it was comfy and I could get it strapped to the chair even in the theater.

Thanks to A Parent Company for sending us out one to try, it fits both in my large diaper bag and it's great to keep in the car without taking up a ton of room!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Magical Night Mobile - Product Review

I received a Magical Night Mobile from Tiny Love for review. It is a projection mobile that not only spins, but plays music and lights up too. It also converts into a toddler night light which is awesome. The colors are neutral and the characters are fun.... T couldn't take his eyes off the 

There are 9 different tunes in 3 categories (red, yellow or green button) that all play for 30 minutes. I loved that there is an auto shut off and that the projections of the characters in the canopy are really bright and colorful. This stage of the mobile is good for up to 5 months (I also liked that you could put the music on without the projection so we could use it as a white noise machine as well...we use one with both kids).

When your little one is able to sit up by themselves you can take off the canopy and let the little colorful friends dance on the ceiling... I loved this!!!! It was really cool and all of our eyes lit up when we saw it. Once your little one is old enough you can remove the mobile, pop up the stand at the back and put the canopy back on. have a night-light that projects stars!

T really enjoyed this and I can see him using this for a very long time. M tried to do a swap of her projection animal in her room and it was a no she tried though!

Thanks to Tiny Love for sending us out one.... it is really...really cool!

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Orb Factory - Review and Giveaway!!

We received the Cupcake Clutch and Cupcake Pillow for review from Orb Factory. We started by making the Cupcake's cute and functional! Comes with 150+ sticker/jewels and a color coded chart so you know where to stick what. It's like a paint by numbers but waaaay more fun and forgiving! M liked doing this one all by herself and I just had to fix a few crooked ones for her. She now keeps her cupcake lip gloss and bangles in it....hahahahaha. Quality wise... great colors, they are vibrant and fun and the top closure is super strong.

The Cupcake Pillow was my fave... but I think that it's because she found it a bit harder to do, so I got to do the majority of it.... LOL! It comes with a ton of fabric pieces, the stylus, pillow and jewels. Once again it is like a paint by number but you lay the proper colored fabric over the assigned dot and use the stylus to push it through the X in the fabric. It takes a bit of elbow grease so I would hold the fabric and she would push it through. This one came together really nicely and it's perfect in her room! The numbers are a bit hard to see on the pillow, but they put a full chart on the back of the box for reference. Only had to use it for where to put the sprinkles because I didn't want to mess them up! hahahahaha. Thanks to Orb Factory for sending us a couple of cool things to work on, it was really fun!

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Winner.....Week of May 25th!

Congratulations to this weeks winners! I've already emailed you, please respond within 48 hours :)

Real Kids Shades - Product Review and Giveaway

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NurturMe - Product Review and GiveawaySara said...23
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Friday, May 24, 2013

May LittleEcoFootprint Box Review

I received my May box from LittleEcoFootprint for review! This months....all about Mom...YAY! Oh... and btw... LittleEcoFootprint made it into the cool stuff section over at Oh Baby! and PTPA!

Bare Organics - Herbal bath salts.... or as I like to call it... Mommy heaven! I loved having a nice long hot bath... by myself! I liked that my skin was ultra soft after and smelled yummy! Everything is organic and you can actually read what the ingredients we received a huge bag....I'm still working on it!

Elabloom - Facial Oil... totally my fave product of the box! It is free of parabens and preservatives and made of 100% plant extracts...and flowers. I've been having some dry skin on the top of my cheeks and around my nose with the weather changing so drastically lately so I was happy to try this out. I liked that the dry skin was gone within days and it didn't clog my pores. It is also suppose to help get rid of fine that's just a bonus! I honestly don't think I will buy another facial moisturizer... I'm converted!

Jaydancin - Organic Soap was a nice change from my regular harsh soap. I liked the light scent and that it worked well to clean my face, leaving my skin soft. I also liked that I got that squeaky clean feeling after using it. Sometimes with organic soaps I've noticed that they leave my skin feeling a little oily... not this one!

Kosuma - Energy/Food bar...not my cup of tea but hubby seemed to like it. Mind you, I'm not a energy bar-type person in general so I'm not surprised. It is not a big great for the baby bag and it's super filling so on those days you miss lunch...they have you covered!

Peachwik -  Happy Mother's Day 2013 tree is really cute! It is an art project for you and the little ones! It has a bare tree and we put M and T's hand prints on it as leaves. Loved this idea....actually loved it so much I'm thinking about doing a full family tree on a canvass! Loved this keepsake!

Wee Can Too - We received a blue and a yellow package of tempera paint (we also mixed the 2 to get green). I liked that these were made of fruit and vegetable powders so there wasn't anything in them that could hurt M or T. You're not suppose to use them on little ones under the age of 1, but I'm assuming that's because they may be allergic to something in it? Well...T's on solids so I tried it anyway and it was fine, we made sure he just didn't eat it.

My Mother Gave Me The Moon - This book was cute...I really liked the illustrations . M didn't really like it because there wasn't a story to it, but once I explained that it was about how the girl's Mom gave her everything and more, she started to understand that it was more of a special book rather than a night time story.

I liked this box... it was for me... I know that sounds a bit selfish but really... everything I do..I do for them so it was a nice treat!

To sign up to this awesome monthly HERE

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Brinware - Product Review

I received a set of the School of Fish/Froggie Field day plates and the School of Fish container for review from Brinware. The plates are awesome! Tempered glass, a cute silk screen and a removable silicone base to ensure your little one can't slide it across the table at you if they aren't in to eating their broccoli that night.
They are dishwasher and microwave safe which is huge... you'd be surprised how many aren't! I liked that you can change the silicone wraps which make the plates fun and functional... and they come in some really cute patterns.

The container is cute. I love the cut-outs in the silicone wraps and that it holds a ton of stuff. I also like that it can be used in the freezer (microwave and dishwasher too!) which is perfect for left overs. Plus you can put it in the oven too...up to 400 degrees! The glass is thermal shock resistant which means it won't hate you from taking right from the freezer to the oven and the silicone wrap doesn't even need to be removed.

We use the plates for every day dinners and the container for on the go! It was great for storing fruits and veggies for our picnic! Thanks to Brinware for sending us out a few things to try, we'll wear them out for sure!

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PinkBlush Maternity - Product Review Giveaway!!

I received a Brown Blue Print Maternity Dress from PinkBlush Maternity for review. PinkBlush Maternity carries a ton of really cute maternity clothes for Mama's and their Bumps! Plus...they aren't crazy expensive...and you can totally wear them after the Babe comes. I was really excited when they reached out for a review and spent what felt like forever trying to decide on which item to review. (I ended up with this cute dress all because I bought a pair of killer blue/teal pumps that I needed something to go with besides my little black dress!).

I really liked that all their items were modern and simple....nice clean lines and everything looked comfy! Down to the dress.... it is a dark brown with blue/teal pattern with spaghetti straps. I liked the length...right to the knee and that it was stretchy (cotton/poly blend). I also liked the high waist line, that it didn't cling  and was comfy to wear. Fit wise was ok, with nursing I felt like I needed a bit more coverage so I threw a cami on underneath and it worked perfect! It also washed well which was a bonus too.

Thanks to PinkBlush Maternity for sending me out my new dress!

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What's up for grabs??? $25 Gift Certificate to PinkBlush Maternity!!! (** you cannot have won a giveaway with them in the last 6 months ** ) Contest closed June 22nd!!! 


Cups n' Cargo - Product Review

I received a Cups 'n Cargo for review from Oyaco. It is an attachable organizer that straps on to any stroller (it has adjustable buckle straps) and hangs down the back of the stroller. It has 2 pockets for drinks, 2 zippered parts for things that need to stay dry, a phone/key pocket and a large mesh pocket with a magnetic closure.

3 reasons why I liked it.... 1... didn't have to remove it from the stroller when packing it away. This is HUGE. It makes it so that it isn't annoying to use and any essentials that we needed were always there. 2...I loved it for ball nights where we didn't want to take the big bag to the field. M could store her toys/activities in the large pocket and T-man had everything he needed tucked in the pockets. 3.... LOVED it for the splash pad.  We stuck all the wet stuff in the mesh part... bathing suit...towels (the sunscreen I stuck in one of the cup holders...worked perfect. Actually, come to think of it, I could probably raffle off about a dozen ways we can use this. I think this is also great for care givers etc... I can drop off the stroller with my parents for a few hours and they have everything they need if we have an appointment etc.

Overall...great product...totally usable and functional. Thanks Oyaco!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Winners...week of May 18!!!

Congratulations to this weeks winners Tannis and Misfit Momma! I've already emailed each of you, please respond within 48 hrs.

DaddyScrubs Certified New Daddy Gift Set
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DaddyScrubs Daddy Tie
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beba Bean - Product Review

I received a Linen Romper from Beba Bean for review. I love the linen/cotton mix (45/55) because it makes it soft and breathable but still has a tailored look. It is machine washable so that's a plus..the buttons are sewn on really well and the snaps are strong and make it easy to change a diaper. The grey color looks really cute on T and he looks like such a little man...and it'll be great for the warm weather!

Their new linen collection looks really cute... I was sad that M is too big for their dresses... there is a grey one that would have looked awesome on her!

Beba Bean carries some really cute stuff... I'm in love with the grey hoodie from the knit line! It's to die for.... I can totally see T wearing that up at the cottage in the fall! They also have a bamboo line...some hats and other clothing are available as well. They have some really unique stuff too including toys, shoes and blankets.

Thanks Beba Bean... I think you've hooked me!

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Nursing Pillow - Product Review and Giveaway (US Only)!!

I received a nursing pillow in the "Firefly" fabric for review from Nursing Pillow. I this fabric! Its funky...colorful...and really pretty but not overly feminine.  All their fabrics are really nice and they even have a minky version too!

The fabric is 100% cotton and the interior is polyester.....the best part.... it's machine washable!!

I liked the size of this pillow it's small and compact I actually keep it in the car and throw it in the stroller for impromptu feedings.....especially because I'm still awkward while feeding T. I can never get comfortable!

Thanks Nursing Pillow for making it easier to feed while out and about!

For more information and ordering please visit

What's up for grabs??? Your own Nursing Pillow! Winner's Choice! (U.S ONLY)
Contest closed June 15th!!!


Seven Baby Sling - Product Review and Giveaway (US only)!!

I received a Baby Sling from Seven Slings for review. These slings are for full-term babies 8lbs+ (up to 35lbs), can be worn a few different ways, and can even be personalized with embroidery. It comes with a full set of instructions, so don't panic..... plus a lot of other helpful information is available online.

Personally...T and I liked the front-carry took us a few tries to get it right because he's use to a regular carrier...but once we got the hang of was easy! I actually keep it in the diaper bag if Mr. gets cranky while we're out.

I liked that these slings come in funky fabrics...that are fun and colorful. I've had numerous compliments on the pattern and fit of the sling as well. Fit is the biggest thing with this need to make sure you order the proper size to fit your frame. They have detailed instructions on how to figure out which size you need, it's foolproof!

I liked how comfortable the sling was to use, it fit well and the width of it ensured that my back stayed in tact even after a long walk! I also liked that it came with a carrying case, that it folded up easily and even had enough room to stick the instructions in with it. It does have instructions on the inner over-sized tag too... so don't worry they've got you covered. They even thought of covering the adjustable straps and added a label to remind you where to place the sling on your shoulder.

Thanks Seven Slings for sending us something compact, comfy and a new must have in the diaper bag.

For more information and ordering please visit

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Shaidee - Product Review

I received a black Shaidee for review. The Shaidee is an adjustable shade you wear around your chest to provide cover for you LO when you have them in a carrier/sling. It holds it shape even in the wind...which has been awesome, especially for this week up here. My goodness the weather has been crazy! Hot one day then freezing and windy the next!

I loved that it came with a carrying case and rolled up to save space. I also liked that it is SUPER light and machine washable! When you have a heavier baby.... you don't need any extra weight, and this was great.
I did try the Shaidee with both a sling and a carrier... it worked well with both! I liked that I didn't have to worry that baby T was getting sun in his face...he was completely covered and there was enough room that he didn't overheat. Also, it is soft so it was comfortable to if I wanted to see him I liked that I could just slide it to one side. Hmmmm you know what they should do? Make a peek-a-boo pocket! You the top of your stroller? That would work!

Overall.... this will totally be used during ball season and for our nightly walks! It extremely important to be safe when it comes to the sun......and sunscreen doesn't cut it all the time! Thanks Shaidee!

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Fou-Stick - Product Review and Giveaway!!!

I received a Fou-Stick for review. It is a stick (much like a large lip gloss or glue stick) that is used to help protect your dog's paws from the elements pavement or salt in the winter time... this moisturizes and help keep them soft. I liked that this was all natural...some of the ingredients include tea tree and peppermint it smells really nice. I also liked that I could throw it in my pocket when out for a walk and that it was easy to put on our Pup'.

I just had to make sure we rubbed it in well so I didn't have puppy prints on my hard wood....but that was not a big deal. Our dog didn't give me a hard time when putting it on which was a bonus....and she didn't lick it off....which was even better. I looked at her paws after we got back from our walks and her paws looked good and remained soft.

Thanks to Fou-Fou Dog for sending one out for my fur baby!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

For more information and ordering please visit

What's up for grabs??? Your own Fou-Stick! (Canada and U.S)
Contest closed June 8th!!!


Lovable Labels and Tim Horton Children's Foundation Team Up! - Giveaway!!!

As you all may know I've done a few reviews for Lovable Labels in the past, and they asked me to let you all know about the new Ultimate Camp Pack they now have available (I got to try one out for T too!). This pack has over 150 different labels perfect for making sure all your LO's belongings do not get miss-placed at camp this year! There is a ton of designs to choose from too...which makes them cute and functional!

This year, Lovable Labels has teamed up with the Tim Horton Children's Foundation to help support their upcoming Camp Day on Wednesday June 5th, 2013. Lovable Labels will be giving 20% of all sales purchased through a a specified link to the Tim Horton Children's Foundation. The Tim Horton's Foundation started in 1974 and have helped thousands of underprivileged children over the past 39 years. They help children learn to build long lasting relationships, show respect in themselves and others, take accountability for their actions and be confident.

Such a great cause.... I think this is such a great idea! Good on'ya Lovable Labels!

Want to check out what's going on? Please visit

For more information and ordering please visit 
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What's up for grabs??? Ultimate Camp Pack (winner's choice)  (Canada and U.S)
Contest closes June 8th!!!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting kids to eat healthy - the lies parents tell


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Softball Mom's Survival Guide - Product Review

I received a digital copy of the Softball Mom's Survival Guide for review. This book was written by a Mom who raised 3 children in a life that included sports. Right off the bat I could identify with Janis' daughter. I played competitive softball since I was really young..played ever since I can remember (plus now I play in a modified league after just having baby T). I can't wait till M plays softball.... I have not only played... but I have coached...have been coached by a parent...umpired...and now will sit on the other side of the fence as my kids start to play and love the game.

The section on safety was really down to earth and truthful.... anything from warming up and having the right equipment to ensuring your daughter is safe with her coaching staff. Loved the sections on nutrition and probably could have used this on tournament days where all we did was eat any of the garbage food we could find around. My fave sections were team drama and dealing with there were a few situations I could relate with...even the dealing with the coach situations!

Overall, I actually enjoyed the was an easy read, I could relate and I can take away some ideas for when M and T start playing team sports. Thanks Janis!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Bazzle Baby - Product Review and Giveaway!!!

I received 2 Banda Bibs and a Burper for review from Bazzle Baby. T got to try out the Urban Camo and Chocolate Zebra Banda Bib. They are bibs that can be worn at any time, and they look like bandanas. I loved the prints we received.....and Bazzle Baby has a TON of others too! I liked that they are 100% cotton and have a strong velcro. The flannel backing is also cotton and super soft. T..aka... Drool-face Magoo started teething at about 9 weeks was crazy.... so I had to carry around wash cloths or have him wear ugly bibs all the time. I hated them because they always covered his really cute outfits.... now... I won't have to. I also liked that they fit him well (even in the carrier) and they didn't bunch up at all.

The Olive Burper is 9x18 and great for anything really. I use it as a burper... T never spits up but drools like a St. Bernard so it saved quite a few shirts. I also used it under his head for tummy time because he ends up in a puddle if I don't. These have a cotton print with a terry velour backing making it soft and functional.

Thanks Bazzle Baby for saving me from numerous shirt changes every day!

For more information and ordering please visit
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What's up for grabs??? A Banda Bib (winner's choice)  (Canada and U.S)
Contest closed June 8th!!!


My Heritage Book & ABCs Around the World - Product Review

I received personalized My Heritage Book and ABCs Around the World books from KidsHeritage Inc for review. The My Heritage Book is cute....hard cover, nice pictures and personalized. I liked that M could learn about my side of the family's background (there are 72 countries you can choose from...and you can pick up to 4). I liked how thorough the book is... and the information provided is all relevant to the countries I chose and also put in a way she could understand. I did find the book a bit long for her, I'm sure as she gets older she will be able to get through the whole thing :).

I liked that at the end there were pages for you to fill in your family tree and traditions. I know she'll love this book for many many years. She already remembers a lot of it and has been asking questions about where our family came from.

The ABCs Around the World introduces little ones to their ABCs by using countries and giving a fun fact about them too! I liked that any letters that are in their name are identified as you go through the book and that the first page is their "Passport" (which is personalized - photo too!) to let them begin their journey.

The countries included are: Australia, Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Haiti, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Norway, Oman, Panama, Qatar, Russia, Scotland, Thailand, United States, Venezuela, Wales, Luxembourg, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

I liked that these really were personalized, it made them fun to make and to read. Thanks KidsHeritage Inc!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Emerald Aisle Imports - Product Review

A while ago I reviewed diapers from Delora and wipes from Jackson Reece and Emerald Isle Imports. Well... they've made some changes and wanted to know what I thought! I reviewed some wipes and a pack of diapers. The wipes no longer have perfume in them... (which I was ok with the first time)... they now have organic aloe, tea tree oil and essential ylang ylang oil. The wipes felt different than the last ones... almost have a soapy texture to them. I actually liked them more than their previous wet wipes...they had more of a cleaning action and I didn't need to use as many when cleaning up T's stubborn sweet potato diapers! LOL.

The diapers are now available in a newborn sizes...have seen a price drop and they've switched out the cover of the diaper....which last time was one of my beefs with them. They still hold over night messes, they didn't pinch him anywhere and were really soft... and eco-friendly! The other thing they changed was the diaper cover...and they are so much better than before. both product improvements...and now you can buy directly from Emerald Aisel Imports which is awesome!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Benbat Travel Friends Total Support Headrest - Product Review

Spring has sprung and the nice weather is here! What does that mean?? Tons of travel and road can't the kids be comfy...and well... help keep your sanity too! Oyaco sent us a  Travel Friends Head Rest for us to try out.

The first thing I noticed was the has a back of the head, neck and chin support to help keep your LO's head when worn. I liked that it is really soft and has 2 sides to it.... one for the warmer days and one for the colder and that M thought it was comfortable....apparently it was...she passed out the first time she tried it.

There is also a magnet to help it stay put which most pillows like this has...however.....this one can strap to the in car head rest...this was awesome. It kept it in place so it didn't move on her and made sure she was supported the whole ride.

There a sizes 0m-8yrs+ available in a range of colors and styles which are all fun and funky.

Thanks Oyaco for sending us one out that both LOs will be able to use!

For more information and ordering please visit


Friday, May 3, 2013

NurturMe - Product Review and Giveaway

I received a ton of stuff from NurturMe to try out with baby T. He just started solids so this was perfect timing! We got a package of peas...carrots...sweet potato, squash, and a bunch of others. T has been on cereal for a few weeks so I tried peas first with him. Usually people say start with carrots or sweet potatoes...but my kids like veggies...and the off the wall why not. I split the package into 3 servings for him and he LOVED IT! I tried it.... tasted exactly like it fresh peas, with nothing added to it.... well except some EBM.

We also tried out one of the recipes listed on their site... banana smoothie... OMG... soooo good... M and I downed it in less than 10 min! We used the Sweet Bananas yogurt and was awesome... now she asks for it all the time and I even had to run out and buy a better hand blender!! LOL. I also added the rest of the carrot pouch to my spaghetti sauce... T couldn't finish it all so I figured I could sneak some extra veg in our dinner that night.... great recipes!

The LOs loved the taste of these and I loved that they are certified organic....easy to make, store easily (because they are dried) and come in a huge selection of flavors (you can also mix different packs to create whatever you want as well).

Huge thanks to NurturMe for sending us out all this awesome stuff! I'm going to hit-up Whole Foods to stock up!

For More information and ordering please visit
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

What's up for grabs??? A medium infant gift pack with bib!  (Canada and U.S)
Contest closed May 25th!!!


HALO® SleepSack® Early Walker / Big Kids - Product Review and Giveaway!

I received a HALO® SleepSack® Early Walker in blue for review. I loved using the swaddle and wearable versions with T.. and he still loves them, so when I was contacted to review an early walker...I was really excited. It replaces blankets that can bunch up around your LO....but has foot holes to let them be able to walk around as well. It actually fit M so she took it right away and off she went! It'll perfect for the cottage and the cool baseball nights too!

HALO® SleepSack® Early Walker / Big Kids are now available in light weight which is awesome for those summer nights....micro-fleece... perfect for the cottage and comfort mesh...which sounds awesome for any time!

I really liked how well it washed....that the zipper is nice and strong and the room the bottom provides for nap time. I also liked that M could take her feet in and out, she tried it during nap tap and said it was really "snuggly" so she gave it 2 thumbs up!

Thanks HALO for reaching out, everyone loved it!

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SleepSack Early Walker and SleepSack Big Kids
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Wee Urban - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received a Peacock Dress from Wee Urban to review. It is made from a bamboo/cotton/spandex mix that makes it super soft, wash well and hold its shape! The dress comes in a bunch of patters... unicorn (totally cute...comes in purple), giraffe (my totally fave animal ever...comes in pink or brown), an elephant (which oddly enough...second fave animal) and the peacock (which comes in teal or lime green).
I really liked the ruffle neckline and the gathering at the back which gave the dress a nice shape. It didn't just hang off M like some dresses did...the cut looked great on Miss Skinny Minnie. The color was AWESOME against M's eyes...totally brought out the color...and the peacock... well everyone knows... she's I totally knew she would pick this pattern.

I also liked how this fading and the printing didn't crack... it is phthalate and lead free by the way... and being able to throw it in the dryer is a made in Canada!!! Yay!

Overall... awesome....super cute...good quality...made in Canada and great range of products... that all feature a baby and their Mommy/Daddy.... nice touch... Thanks Wee Urban!
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Princess Bowtique - Product Review and Giveaway!!!!

I received a Exquisite white top hat for review from Princess Bowtique. It is fun....white...and completely over the top. It has a mini hat attached to a headband that is stretchy so it fits M really well and the roses and feathers look great. My favorite part is the netting that lays in front... facinators are still in and this is perfect for any little lady. M will be wearing this to T's baptism in the upcoming months.... and I know it will be a hit!

I liked that this stayed in M's hair and that I didn't have to pin it. I also liked that she didn't play with it and that it looked awesome on it looked good with both her hair up and that's a bonus!

Thanks to Princess Bowtique for sending M out one to wear....she does love it!

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