Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Smart Trike Four-in-One Recliner: Review

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Boken - Product Review

I received a Every Day Diaper Bag in Black from Boken for review. First came folded up in a nice little pouch, which once I opened then realized that you turn it inside out and it then becomes the inner pocket of the bag. Yep... it folds up so you can throw it in another bag if you like...kind of reminds me of a portable rain jacket....even the material. So, right off the bat I was interested to find out more about how I could use this product.

This holds a TON of stuff....2 zipper pockets on the outside where I threw my keys and phone in....the baby bottle and water bottle pockets were great too. Inside the bag there is a large mesh pocket for diapers and the large zippered pocket, where I put spare clothes. The rest of the bag is a catch all which is great..I fit my wallet...a blanket and toys for T, even our cooler bag that holds snacks and stuff. I mean's fits soooo much stuff.

The best part of this bag.... 3 different strap options.... handles... messenger (with straps that can come on and off) as well as backpack straps, which was my fave. The bag is so light that it didn't even feel like I was wearing anything. I just have to figure how to attach it better to the stroller....I'm just slinging the messenger strap over the handle bars and it gets in the way of the canopy a bit. Maybe I'll just hang it from the messenger bag clips...yep...good idea!

Thanks to Boken for sending us a bag to try out.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

ECOLunchbox - Review and Giveaway!!

I received a 3 in 1 stainless steel bento box and a Furoshiki ECOlunchwrap for review from ECOLunchbox for review. The bento box is awesome! Comes with 3 containers, 2 of which lock together and the third is a smaller one that fits into the top container. They are stainless steel, so easy to wash and re-use and are perfect sizes for M's school lunches. I love that it helps her understand to try to be eco-friendly while making sure her lunch doesn't get smushed. The bottom container is perfect for her tuna sandwich and the top 2 are great for some veggies and blueberries. I likes that the top one is a bit deeper as well, that way I can pile in her side dishes and not worry about them being in pieces when she gets to them. The shape is great too! It fits great in her backpack and she has no problem opening any of them. I like that they are dishwasher safe and that the closing clips don't open up on her.

The Furoshiki ECOlunchwrap is AWESOME! I'm going to totally use it for my lunches at work. It is a large double sided square piece of fabric, in funky colors and patterns. All you do is tie two corners into a knot (same on the other side) and slip 1 knot through the other. It makes a handle for you to be able to carry the lunchbox without it moving around on you. It also holds the bento box perfectly.....hmmm... I guess I may have to steal M's! I liked that it is double sided (and both sides are different) and that it is machine washable and really bright and colorful.

Thanks to ECOLunchbox for sending us out these to try out. I love that we are doing our little bit to continue to help the environment.

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$15 OFF (one time use) Coupon code (US/CAN)
Entry #195Kelly G.


Riiviva - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received a microdermabrasion kit from Riiviva for review. It includes a Microderm abrasion portable handheld and charger, filters, tweezers, travel bag and a fine, medium and coarse diamond tips.  I also received the Serum and Cleanser as well... which is free for a limited time when you buy the kit. I have gone for microderm sessions in the past, but they're super expensive and really, who can afford anything expensive while on mat-leave right? So, I was glad to get to try this out!

Microdermabrasion is when you remove the top layer of your skin which helps with removing dead skin, fade blemishes, make wrinkles less noticeable and give you younger looking skin. Everyone knows exfoliating your skin is a must...but this...does it at top speed and quality. It doesn't hurt at all and the vacuum in the machine sucks up the dry skin into the canister (make sure you put a filter in) in the bottom of the handheld. To start all you have to do is wash and dry your skin...the cleanser is great. Smells good and left my skin squeaky clean. Then all you do is turn on the machine, keep your skin taught and run the machine over your skin and make sure you put on the serum after. You can use the serum morning and night too which is nice, as it helps keep your skin moisturized and smooth. Trick of the trade with microderm is do not leave the house without putting on sunscreen. Your skin is super sensitive for a bit right after your treatment so you don't want to get burned.

The diamond tips are easy to use, install and change...they all just twist on. I found I needed the medium one right away for a the results I wanted. The filters are easy to change as well. Remove the canister from the bottom of the machine and pull the small round filter out with the pair of tweezers. There is 3 levels of suction as well, I liked the highest setting.
Riiviva Microderm Features

Thanks to Riiviva for letting me try a kit out... my skin will be glowing when I return back from mat-leave... they may even think I'm expecting again! HAHAHAHA

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Microdermabrasion Kit (CAN/US)


Entry #4303Maureen K.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Yummi Pouch - Product Review

I received 6 reusable food pouches from Yummi Pouch for review. They are BPA free and totally recyclable once you've worn them out. I liked that they are dishwasher and freezer safe and on the larger side. They hold up to 6 oz, so these ones were great for M who can eat more than T can. I also liked that they had an anti-choke cap, just in case T got a hold of one.

I really liked the wide opening at the top and that it can stand up well without flopping over while I was filling it. The spout at the side was great for M as it stopped her from squeezing the packs too much, preventing her from spilling any when she was putting the cap back on. These packs we'll be great for M's lunch box this fall when she goes to school. Perfect for a full serving of a yogurt and fruit.

The closure at the top is strong enough to keep M from opening it up by herself...and also from it spilling in the cooler. I took a look at their alternative ways to use the pouches and got some cool ideas! I used them for taking bubbles to the ball game one night and next time we have a BBQ at the ball park we will bring condiments in the packs. I'm going to make M finger paint and store them in these too... now I've got so many great ideas!!!

Thanks to Yummi Pouch for sending us out some to try!

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Unique Natural Products - Product Review

I received a bottle of Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator from Unique Natural Products for review. It is a cleaner for both new and old stains....which is great for us, we have a cat and a really... who knows when stains actually got anywhere...LOL. You can use this on anything from carpets to furniture...even hardwood and concrete.

All you have to do is follow the amount directions on the back for the proper mixture...then pour it on the stain and you can place a cloth over it to help soak it up. It does take a while to dry so we have to use it then leave for a bit so no one walks on the carpet. The stuff that came out of our carpet was crazy. This stuff got down deep and used natural bacteria to break down all the old odors and stains to lift them out of the carpet. I like that its natural and safe for everyone in the family.

It works well... just make sure you follow the directions... completely soak the carpet..even the padding underneath. I made the mistake of not putting enough the first time. I also used old cloths/towels because...really... would you use that towel after? Yuck. The only thing I wish was that we could use it in a carpet cleaning machine...that would be awesome!

Thanks Unique Natural Products!

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Magic Moves Electronic Wand - Product Review

I received a Magic Moves Electronic Wand from Educational Insights for review. M LOVES this thing... it lights up...talks to her and even plays freeze too. All you do is push the green button and let the fun begin. It tells you what to do, adds fun music while helping your LOs learn to take direction and use their listening skills without them even knowing it.

I liked that it helped her let out some of her creative side....she loves animals and loved jumping and running around and playing pretend. I liked that we could be silly together and she was learning at the same time. T was bouncing around in his jumper while we were playing...laughing his head off... it was awesome!

Once you press the button there are 90 different animal/action combinations... an examples being "sneak like a fox" and "swim like a seal". I think we literally played for hours with this... to the point where we started hearing duplicates, so we knew we were back at the beginning!

I hope this helps little miss clutsy with gaining strength in her upper body and improve her balance! She's quite the little spazz sometimes, I feel like I have to put her in a plastic bubble, she's so accident pron.

Thanks to Educational Insights for sending M out one to review! It's a blast!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System - Product Review and Giveaway (CAN ONLY)!!!

I received a Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System for review. This is like the highchairs of all highchairs!!! Its crazy! It holds up to 40 lbs, which means both M and T can use it and it morphs from an infant feeding booster to a toddler booster and then to a chair for an older child.

Here's the down-low on how we use it... T uses the infant part with the removable head rest on the stand (which can be used for older kids...and it changes height by the way...its awesome). M uses the booster (holds up to 60 lbs) that straps to a regular chair. It also has a small back rest that has 2 positions as well.
So yes, both my children can technically use the same highchair at the same time...there's THAT many options. The footrest is even adjustable!! There is 3 different heights and it's even removable.

The infant/toddler chair snaps onto either the stand or on-top of the booster to be able to strap onto a chair. The chair has 6 different heights too...we have a high bar-style table and T can sit with us for dinner...or I can lower him to where is almost the same height as the coffee table and M likes to play games with him or help feed him his yogurt. It can even recline to help Mr. Lazy-pants learn to hold his own bottle..and the 5 point harness makes sure he stays in place. I love the removable trays they snap onto each other!! There are 3 trays...a cream one which has a cup holder that snaps onto a largef flat one, which snaps onto a smaller one that clicks into place. I really likes the wheels on this as well... they rolled smoothly and have locks to make sure you LO doesn't roll away on you when you're trying to feed them. The entire chair..and all parts are really easy to clean and use.

I love this chair... it is perfect for our family..we can use it all 4 ways... it holds both kids... M is only 31 lbs and T is we'll be able to use this for many, many years to come. Thanks's awesome.... and you guys are awesome... for offering up a giveaway of the same chair!!!

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Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System (CAN ONLY)
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crest Pro-Health - Product Review

I received some Crest Pro-Health products for review from BzzAgent. The Crest Pro-Health routine
includes toothpaste, a toothbrush and a mouthwash. These three products are used to help remove and prevent stains and bad breath as well as promote good overall health of your mouth. The Profresh toothpaste keeps your mouth healthy, prevents plaque and makes sure to help you remain cavity free! The taste is ok.... I typically don't have a problem with the taste of toothpaste so no big deal. I liked the feel of my teeth after using it, and the fact that the taste wasn't overpowering.

The Multi-Protection mouthwash kills germs...which means it helps prevent bad breath and keep all the grubbies out of your mouth. Typically I'm not a fan of mouthwash because I find that they make my tongue feel weird for a long time after I use them. Not sure if it's something in the actual formula or if it's my taste buds. After trying this I had the same reaction but it wasn't as long and the taste I didn't mind either. I also liked that it was alcohol free!

The toothbrush is an Oral-B CrossAction® Pro-Health® Toothbrush I liked. I do use an electric toothbrush so it was a bit different for me, but if I were to go back to regular ones, I would use this. I liked the shape and how the bristles felt. They got in to areas that I usually find difficult to clean too. Also, the handle was thicker and easy to hold which was great.

Overall, I like this routine... with adding flossing (obviously)... thanks to Crest and BzzAgent!


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lil' Slugger 1st Birthday Deluxe Party Pack - Product Review

I received a Lil' Slugger 1st Birthday Deluxe Party Pack (for 8 people) for review from Birthday Express. This is pretty much a birthday party in a box...honestly. It came with the following:
  • 1 red paper table cloth
  • 8 red forks and spoons
  • 1 roll of each color (blue, white and red) curling ribbon
  • 1 roll of each color (blue, white and red) crepe paper
  • 6 of each colored (blue, white and red) latex balloons
  • 18" foil baseball balloon
  • 16 red candles
  • 1 #1 candle
  • Lil' Slugger themed:
    • 8 dinner plates
    • 8 invitations
    • 8 dessert plates
    • 8 cups
    • 8 cone hats
    • 16 napkins
Isn't that crazy??? Everyone knows that we're a baseball family... both my husband and I have played since we were M's age...and T's room is even baseball themed. So... I knew without a doubt I wanted to have his 1st birthday baseball was a no-brainer..and I'm sure none of our friends or family will be surprised. 

All the supplies that were included in this party pack I would have totally found at a party store and picked up for T's party....honestly ...everything. I am going to find a few more things to accent this party pack and add some lootbags...cake... and ball park food... voila... 1st birthday party! Birthday Express also carries personalized items...really cute... I'll be sure to stop by to pick up the extras I need! Thanks Birthday Express!

For more information and ordering please visit

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Dry Babe - Product Review

I received a "Sweet Dreams" Night Gown from Dry Babe's Maternity line. It is made of a cotton/poly blend
(80/20...cotton velour) and is made for women with hot flashes and night sweats. With the moisture wicking helps soak up any moisture and keep you dry. I found that I received the version with the thicker straps not the spaghetti ones...and it felt a bit constricting to me. I'm still nursing and this is in the maternity line, but I had to take it off to nurse properly. Also there is a small gathering on the front which I thought was cute but it didn't hit me in the right fit ok but maybe I should have went up a size? No sure exactly. The material was comfy and it did help with wicking moisture which was awesome, I just don't think the style was right for me. I think the other strap would have given me more access for nursing and I wouldn't have felt so constricted. Or... they can add snaps at the top of the straps!!! Ooooo that's a good idea... I'm going to do that to the one I received!

Thanks Dry Babe for letting me try one out...the material is great!

For more information and ordering please visit
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

UPDATE (Aug 8/13):  Dry Babe sent me the other style to try out (with the thinner straps). I received a teal one... fit wise it was the same as the other however it was a bit easier to nurse in this style. I simply took the strap off my shoulder and pulled my arm through. I'm on the bustier side so I couldn't just lower the front of the gown to nurse. I do think they should make a breakaway clasp on both night gowns, like the detachable bra straps... that would take these from good to awesome! Thanks Dry Babe!


WubbaNub - Product Review

I received a Baby Dino WubbaNub for review from Celebrity Baby Trend ExpertRachel Florio-Urso.
WubbaNub is a pacifier with a stuffy attached. It is easy to can throw it straight in the washer, but you need to air dry. It is BPA and phthalate free and the pacifier is latex free (similar to a gumdrop soother). The soother is affixed to the mouth of the Dino...T loved it right away. He liked playing with the character and it was easy for him to put the soother in himself while hanging on to the Dino. This is perfect for teaching your LO to soothe themselves. It's easy to use and safe for use by themselves.

I liked that the stuffy was really soft, totally T's size and was really colorful and fun. He got attached to it really quickly. The only thing I wish was that the pacifier was interchangeable. T likes the natural rubber ones, so I think he would use this more if his favorite "choo-choo" was on there, but he still uses it.

Thanks to WubbaNub and Rachel for sending out one for T to tryout!

For more information and ordering please visit
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GoFreshBaby - Product Review

I received a 3 pack of reusable pouches and a mini funnel from GoFreshBaby for review. The reusable pouches are made of food grade heavy duty plastic that is BPA and pthalate free. They are easy to wash...either by hand or on the top rack of the dishwasher. These are not safe in the microwave which would have been great but I liked the shape of them. They stood up straight while filing and the zip up is on an angle at the top of the pouch...which made it easy to fill. I also liked the choke-free cap and the size of the pouch. Both M and T had no trouble finishing a whole one... it holds up to 5 ounces.

I placed a few frozen cubes in the pouch (I freeze all of T's in ice cube trays) and it fit 2 cubes. I put the pouch in the fridge to thaw out and they were ready to go for the next day. You can also place the pouch in warm water to thaw...but I wasn't in a rush. I'll remember next time I'm making fruit to stick them directly in the pouch and freeze them that way.

The mini funnel is perfect for helping fill the pouch. Its easy to use, wash and compact (it's collapsible). I loved this! It comes with the complete pack (and 6 pouches) or you can purchase it separately.

Thanks to GoFreshBaby for sending out a few for us to try out...they're great for ball games and I carry the mini funnel in the diaper bag with a few spare pouches!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Binchitan Toothbrushes - Product Review

I received 1 blue "black toothbrush" by Binchitan from Coco's Closet for review. It has black bristles (containing binchotan charcoal). The charcoal is said to help with plaque and bad breath, as it radiates negative ions....helping prevent all those grubbies in your mouth from spreading and growing in your toothbrush.The charcoal is from Japan, which I thought was cool....and the bristles stood up to some hard scrubbing. The handle could be beefed up a bit, I found it a bit thin for my liking. I use a brand name brand of toothbrush, so I'm use to a bit of a thicker and more comfortable grip.  I thought the bristles would taste weird for some reason... I don't but they don't so don't worry!

My teeth felt clean all day....and after eating onions... I brushed and noticed that the onion aftertaste was gone! So I guess the charcoal does work!

Thanks for sending me out one Coco's Closet!

For more information visit the page HERE

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator - Product Review

I received a blue BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator for review. I have tried quite a few nasal aspirators in
the past.... bulbs.... ones using batteries....and others similar to this one. I typically like this type of aspirators for travelling because they are small and work well.

This one in particular had a few features that I liked right off the bat. First... the fact that you didn't need to buy filters for it. Filters are annoying and can be quite expensive. All you do is add a tissue... this is awesome. 

The second thing I liked was that it came with a mesh carrying case. I know this sounds silly, but it's true. It made a big difference...I liked that I could just throw it in the baby you can throw it in the dishwasher!

Overall...this worked well... I do wish there were different sized tips though... I found this one a little large for T's nose, but ok for M's. Thanks to  BabyComfyNose for sending us one!

For more information and ordering please visit

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Qoileez - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received 3 packs (Licorice dots, sky blue stars and preppy stripes) of Qoileez for review. Qoileez are stretchy plastic coils that can be used wherever you can think of adding a dash of color and spice up any outfit. M totally wore these in her hair to gymnastics....she made sure to pick out ones that matched her leotard and asked me to do her hair. I ran 5 braids just to keep her hair out of her face, then added in some Qoileez. All you have to do is twist them's actually pretty easy.

The site has a few suggested other uses for Qoileez...they can be added to pencils and knitting needles.... M on the other hand added a some to a few of her bangles and was wear them around the house. We also added some on her hair elastic for her pony tail....they did look cute.

I actually liked the colors of these...they looked almost like glass beads... a few people at her class asked where we got them.... she usually wears a bow to class so they noticed she wasn't wearing one and checked out the Qoileez she was wearing.

Thanks to Qoileez for sending us out some to try!

For more information and ordering please visit
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3 packs of Qoileez (Winner's Choice) US/CAN


Entry #32Narathip W.


Cuisinart Baby - Product Review and Giveaway (US only)!

I received a Cuisinart Baby Food Maker/Bottle Warmer and a Container Set for review from Cuisinart. The Baby Food Maker/Bottle Warmer is awesome!!! Because I make all of T's baby food, I can really appreciate a 3 in 1 like this one! The first veggie I tried was broccoli.... washed and put them in the 4 cup work bowl. Had to add a bit of water with the measuring cup into the reservoir in the back (this is also wear you warm bottles or baby food containers). Then...literally...close it up and turn to steam. I steamed them for 20 min (there are time guidelines in the booklet). Once that was done I turned the knob to puree the food in pulses. That was it... DONE. So much easier that doing it on the stove then transferring to a chopper or using a handheld. I then put the broccoli in the storage containers and stuck them in the freezer. 

The baby food maker is fast...easy to clean up (parts are top rack friendly) and the spatula provided gets in all the nooks and crannies. I also like that the measuring cup fits inside the're less likely to misplace it this way. The one thing I noticed right away... the lid didn't spit back at you when you puree. Sometime my other name-brand chopper does and I end up with raspberry all over the place. The blade is super strong and sharp so be careful...but don't worry about it falling out when you need it to stay stays in place because of the locking system they use.

The container set has 6 x 2.5 oz containers that stack on top of each other on the included steam rack. The rack can be used to re-heat the food too, which I thought was awesome. They are all dishwasher and freezer the shape makes them easy to throw in a lunch bag because they don't take up very much room.

I liked that Cuisinart has a meal planner (on their website) and some recipes (in the booklet and the website) for all 3 food stages, so it makes it easy for me to get some ideas on new things for T to try. The kid will eat anything!

Thanks to Cuisinart Baby for reaching out for a review....this is awesome... I'll never go back to the stove top method again!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Cuisinart Baby Food Maker/Bottle Warmer (US ONLY)


Entry #534Lolli S.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Kai Carrier - Product Review

I received 3 reusable pouches from Kai Carrier for review. They are reusable food pouches that are eco- friendly and easy to use. I found it a bit difficult to get the lid started, there is a plastic ring/seal that needs to be removed before you got started (I used a pair of scissors to snip them off). I liked that these can go in the dishwasher and microwave!!! The ziplock is super strong, I didn't have any leaks when using these and they stood up to the likes of M! LOL. These are BPA, phtalate and PVC free and safe for use in the freezer too!

What I liked about this pouch was that the spout on these were on the side of the kept it from springing any leaks and easier for M to hold on to. I also liked that they are filled from the top of the pouch. It allows the pouch to stand on its own while you're trying to fill it. The only thing that I would suggest changing is to stick on an anti-choke cap.

Thanks Kai Carrier for sending us out some pouches to try out!

For more information and ordering please visit 
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Lip Plumper Gloss - Product Review

I received a Lip Plumper from EnvyDerm for review. It is not only for making your pout look plump (up to 37% more)...but to also to condition it to help keep them soft. It comes in 10 color choices but I chose the clear one so I can either use it by itself or on top of my regular lipstick. I liked that it is super shiny without the stickiness. I did notice a bit of a tingle when I put it on. It is very minty, which I liked..and it lasted forever! My lips were really soft is probably from the jojoba and gogi berries that are in the ingredients. The best part was the is similar to a spatula, small enough to fit in the tube obviously, but applicator I've used. Great coverage and easy to use. Plus..huge bonus...there isn't any phthalates or parabens and that it is not tested on animals!

Overall, great applicator and product....perfect for every day use too! Thanks EnvyDerm!

For more information and ordering please visit

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Stinky McGee - Product Review

I received a Navy with Stars Bow Tie and a Gingham Neck Tie for review from Stinky McGee. 
First off... name... killer. Second... packaging... totally cute and you can see they put care in to wrapping and even tagging their ties. Third... the product...cuuuuute! The Navy with Stars Bow Tie is vintage which is awesome, made of cotton and I love the star print! The Turquoise Gingham Neck Tie (also cotton) is perfect for any party! It fits T great, length wise too... he has a long torso so sometimes accessories and clothes look a bit weird on him. I also really liked that is lined in a satin accent fabric.

Quality wise....I really likes the clips on both ties they were strong and I liked the fact that they weren't the kind you have to twist to get off. They are both adjustable 0-4 years as well, so T will be able to wear them for a long time! Stitching is great and everything is finished off well.

Thanks to Stinky McGee for sending T out 2 of our new fave accessories! Can't wait for the next photo-shoot... it can't come soon enough! I'm dying to take pics of him in these!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Monday, July 15, 2013

Bulu Box Weight Loss - Product Review

I received a Bulu Box Weight Loss for review. Bulu Boxes contain 4-5 premium samples, plus you can also earn reward points by completing reviews! All the points you earn you can use to purchase full-sized products.

I had a few friends try out these samples for me....
What was in the box?? PowerIce - basically a. electrolyte freeze. This one was "Lime Kicker" ...30 cals and great after a workout! EatGreenTea - great for making sure you get all your antioxidants in.. you literally put it on anything and you eat it! Apparently a little bitter but a different way to use green tea. Power Fuel: pre-workout energy boost in powder form. This one was in electric blue raspberry... super tart and refreshing on a hot day too! Gu Energy: Strawberry energy kids gummies but packed full of energy...and caffeine. Burn Blend: Suppose to help burn fat... don't think the sample is big enough to see results but did increase energy without feeling jittery! Thera-Gesic : pain relief cream....felt like other ice creams but didn't smell as bad!

Price wise...$10 a month...good deal for a sample box. I think they should do a premium box as well, with full sized products!

Thanks to Bulu Box for sending us out one to try! The guys were more than happy to help out with the review.

Current promos include getting your first box free when purchasing a 3 month subscription using code: JUMPONIT3. Or use code JUMPONIT6 to recieve your first 3 boxes on a 6 month subscription.

For more information and ordering in the US please visit
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


SodaStream - Product Review

I received a Fountain Jet machine from SodaStream for review. SodaSream takes regular tap water and with a few pushes of a button, turns it into sparkling (carbonated) water. The kit I received came with 1 gas cylinder, 1 bottle and a mixer pack of the syrups. The machine is super easy to use...the back of the machine pops off and the gas cylinder is easy to install. Once that is done, all you need to do is fill the bottle to the water fill line with tap or filtered water and screw it onto the machine. To carbonate the water you press the button on top firmly 3 times...make sure you hear a loud buzz... I thought I broke something the first time, but that's what's suppose to happen, so don't freak out! LOL!! Once you're done that all you do is unscrew the bottle and add your favorite syrup. From the variety pack M loved the cranberry/raspberry and lemon lime flavors.

There are some other flavors online that I haven't been able to find in the big box stores... blueberry...cherry cola...and crystal light. I bought root-beer and kool-aid from a big box store... and also 2 other bottles. Pricing isn't bad at all. I'm actually going to purchase a starter kit for my parents for the next gift giving time... my Dad loves club soda but not all the salt that is in regular sodas....and he loved the taste of just the carbonated water.

Thanks to SodaStream for sending out a kit to try more cans for us! The family is getting "greener" every day!

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

16" x 20" Canvas - Product Review

I received a 16" x 20" Canvas for review. I sent the picture I wanted and they created the digital print on canvas for us. I wish I had the opportunity to order the picture myself online as I did not like at all how the picture was cropped on the print I received. I called them to let them know that I wasn't happy with the way it was cropped (it is a picture of M and T together when he was first born and you can barely see him.... I sent over an almost a full body shot and they cropped it to just their faces).  If I was able to do it myself online, I assume that I would have been able to see a preview of the print and would have adjusted accordingly. They were generous enough to re-edit and print a new canvass for us, because honestly.... because of how the picture was cropped I don't like it so, it would have not put it up in the play room where I had left a spot for it.

The new version I received was awesome.... It had more of T in you could see the shirts I had made for them before he was born (his said M's little brother, and hers said T's big sister). The picture just makes more sense me anyways! Quality wise it is nicely done. The colors are vibrant and printed well...and the corners are gallery wrapped nice and tight and it is well packaged for shipping so it didn't come damaged. I also liked how the stretch canvas was finished off.

Thanks love the idea and quality...and your customer service is awesome!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Brica Baby-In-Sight Magical Firefly Mirror - Product Review

I received a Baby-In-Sight Magical Firefly Mirror for review.  It is an in car mirror that plays songs to keep your LO busy as well as soothing ones to help them have a little rest. It also comes with a remote to turn up/down the volume and change modes. It has choreographed lights to the songs and has an auto shut off.

I liked that the mirror was big enough for me to be able to still see T... and that it had the remote... this was awesome! T LOVED it... I could see him laughing and hear him giggling as he watched himself and the lights.

The mirror is shatter-resistant...the songs are cute (and not annoying...especially for long trips where its played numerous times) and all the songs combined play up to 24 minutes. The only thing I wish it had... was a power button on the remote. Sometimes I would forget to turn on the mirror and by the time I realized we were already on the road.

Thanks to Brica for sending us out one to try...we use it every day!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thigh Society - Product Review

I received a pair of anti-chafing shorts from Thigh Society for review. These are made from a super soft blend of nylon, spandex, and sorbtek (which helps your skin keep cool and breathe). These aren't a shapewear...these are for comfort and to keep your chubbers from rubbing together and irritating I hate wearing skirts and dresses for literally this exact reason. I hate that feeling.....ugh! Well....this gets rid of it...they are moisture wicking...seamless, you really don't even know you're wearing them. Plus you can wear them anywhere and with anything.....pants...dresses... skirts...shorts..or even while exercising!

I loved the feeling of these...they were super comfy....soft and thigh rubbing...well rubbing...but it didn't hurt..LOL. Lets be real..I've had 2 kids! HAHAHA. I also liked the length of these (and that they come in 2 colors)...I don't really have long legs so I was glad that I was able to wear them and they fit me well. They also washed well, they didn't catch on other items they were washed with, which is great, because I don't want to ruin these!!

Thanks to Marnie at Thigh Society for sending me out a pair.... I think you've saved my summer...I may actually wear a skirt now and then!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Gro Anywhere Blind - Product Review

I received a Gro Anywhere Blind from Oyaco for review. It is a portable black-out blind to help your LOs get a good night sleep where ever and whenever they need to. We have black-out blinds on both T and M's bedroom windows..... we actually just bought one for M's new room. With the longer day light, M was having a bit of trouble settling down for bed so we special ordered one for her from a reputable blind retail store.  Then...I received the Gro Anywhere Blind.... Ugh... why did I spend a ton of money on this special ordered one? The Gro Anywhere Blind.... suction cups straight to the window, so you can fit it to whatever window you would like, even those odd sized ones (like M's room).

This is perfect for those times when we're not at home. We've used it at my parent's place for nap times as well as any of our travelling adventures and vacations. It makes my life a ton easier putting both of them to bed...they relax (even in a different environment) it's easy to use, pack and store and it can be used for both long and short periods of time.

I also liked that it came with a carrying case, that there was a cute stars pattern on it and that it is thick enough to not let in any light in...even in direct sunlight.

This is awesome! Thanks Oyaco!

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Fisher-Price Bath and Body Products - Product Review

Fisher-Price has released a new collection of bath and body products for the LOs, so they reached out and sent us some to try. We received a bottle of Sensitive Skin Body Lotion (from the newborn line), a tube of Creamy Baby Oil (from the infant line) and a bottle of Foaming Hand Soap (from the toddler line).

The Sensitive Skin Body Lotion is filled with aloe and chamomile, fragrance free and has a super easy flip cap (for when Mom just doesn't have enough hands). I liked that I could put this on T every day and it didn't leave him greasy and keeping away any skin irritations. Hubby liked it because it didn't have a scent...which means he didn't have to go around smelling like it either after putting it on T. I liked that it kept him moisturized and was easy to has a flip top no worrying about trying to twist a cap back on while your hands are full of cream.

The Creamy Baby Oil I think was my fave. I love baby oil...but's not the easiest to work with and gets messy quick. This has the same hydrating benefits of regular baby oil but none of the mess. it feels like a thicker lotion, goes on easy and left T's skin perfect after a bath. Ingredients include shea butter and jojoba (my ultimate fave). It also had a light scent to it which I loved!

The Foaming Hand Soap M was easy to use and she liked the scent. She also liked that the bottle had a fun shape to it. I liked that it got rid of any grubbies and she was able to use the pump without having to call me for help.

All 3 age groups of products are free of all the stuff babies need to stay away from like parabens, phtalates and you know it's safe to use and with it being from Fisher-Price, you know it's a name you can trust. They have a ton of other products too... you can purchase them at Rexall and Babys’R’Us.

Thanks to Fisher-Price for reaching out and sending us some stuff to try out.

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