Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thigh Society - Product Review

I received a pair of anti-chafing shorts from Thigh Society for review. These are made from a super soft blend of nylon, spandex, and sorbtek (which helps your skin keep cool and breathe). These aren't a shapewear...these are for comfort and to keep your chubbers from rubbing together and irritating I hate wearing skirts and dresses for literally this exact reason. I hate that feeling.....ugh! Well....this gets rid of it...they are moisture wicking...seamless, you really don't even know you're wearing them. Plus you can wear them anywhere and with anything.....pants...dresses... skirts...shorts..or even while exercising!

I loved the feeling of these...they were super comfy....soft and thigh rubbing...well rubbing...but it didn't hurt..LOL. Lets be real..I've had 2 kids! HAHAHA. I also liked the length of these (and that they come in 2 colors)...I don't really have long legs so I was glad that I was able to wear them and they fit me well. They also washed well, they didn't catch on other items they were washed with, which is great, because I don't want to ruin these!!

Thanks to Marnie at Thigh Society for sending me out a pair.... I think you've saved my summer...I may actually wear a skirt now and then!

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Karen C.H said...

Ohhhh these are exactly what I need! I love dresses but refuse to wear them because of the rubbing and soreness. Last week I actually sold every dress I own because I wouldn't wear them. Do you find the bottom hem stays flat or do they roll up at all?

Lisa B said...

They totally stayed put! :)

Tasha said...

These sound like something I need! LOL What a fun review! Ha! Love your sense of humour :)

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