Thursday, October 31, 2013

Banda Bib II - Product Review

Image 1I received 2 Banda Bib II's for review from Bazzle Baby. Earlier this year I reviewed their original version....and now they have reached out to see what we think of the new ones! Take a look HERE at the original post! We received the Bahama Blue and Sailor Striped Banda Bib II's...fabrics... super cute and soft. There are a few differences with the II's. I noticed they are a lot wider around the neck...they actually go around mine, so I know T will be able to use this for a long time! There is also 2 snaps (for size adjustment) instead of velcro and I'm thinking that because the way they are shaped that these stay closer to his neck so nothing gets behind it.

The front fabrics are 100% cotton and the backs are 100% polyester. I like that these look great on T....every time he wears one, someone asks me about it. Plus perfect for the drool monster because I'm already going through like 3 bibs a day! It feels like that's the only laundry I'm doing! LOL.

Thanks Bazzle Baby...they'll make great stocking stuffers for any drooly face!

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Beauty Box 5 - Product Review

I received a Beauty Box 5 box for review. This is a subscription-based, monthly sample box that gives you 5 beauty and cosmetic samples to try out. They have everything from well known brands to green and vegan labels that take part in these boxes, which I think is great. I love subscription boxes because you never know what you're going to get and it introduces you to products/items that you may have not seen before.

Ok...what was in my package? Here we go:
  • Mini Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion - everyone knows and loves Aveeno, so really...not going to go deep into this one. Love the little version because its the perfect size for the diaper bag...which means both T and I have it on hand at all times.
  • Model Co Illusion Lip Pencil - awesome lip pencil...that just happened to match my lip shade perfectly! It didn't dry out my lips and worked awesome with a bit of gloss to plump up! The best has a pencil sharpener build into the lid. I know that doesn't sound like rocket science...but seriously...genius.
  • Swissco Glitter Toe Separators - super cute and super sparkly...mine looked like Dorthy's ruby red slippers! 
  • La Fresh Travel Lite Facial Cleansing Wipes - Another great one for the baby bag...aloe, cucumber and chamomile are some of the ingredients used in these "baby wipes" for Mom. Worked great to remove my make-up too.
  • Nubar After Ego Nail Lacquer in "Blondie" - Over the top glitter top part... formaldehyde, phthalate and toluene free. What does that mean? It means M can get her piggies prettied up!
Overall.... good for the price! This box was a pretty good one, and it actually has products I'm going to use, so I'm happy! Thanks Beauty Box 5!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

** Update **
I was sent the following month's beauty box. It included:

  • Bella Pierre - Shimmer Powder - great for adding a little sparkle anywhere you need it.
  • Body Drench - Lip Drench - Great minty lip balm for this awful weather we are having!
  • Fine Featherheads - Fly Ties - Awesome hair ties that didn't get stuck in the crazy hair we have in this house!
  • Skiin Shop - Skin Smoothing and Soothing Eye Cream - Sample, to keep wrinkles away!
  • Every Beauty - Makeup Remover Pads e/ Argan Oil - These are awesome... add water to to remove your you don't have to wash it off!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Cool Wazoo - Product Review

I received a Cool Wazoo for review from Oyaco. First off..."Cool Wazoo"... totally clever and it. Secondly... this thing is multi-use and multi-awesome! It is a 4 in 1 change mat...high chair cover, swing cover AND shopping cart cover. With T being the chunky monkey that he is...he's out of the handheld carrier and in a big boy car seat so anything that makes my life a bit easier is more than welcome to join our adventures! I have tried a ton of highchair/shopping cart covers in the past... this one... the most portable for sure. I like that I can take out the change pad from the bag.. which means...1 less thing to carry and the fact that it isn't bulky. It folds up right into itself and pops right into the diaper bag. 

The first thing I notices was the shape of it. Huge circle with a lower part shaped for little legs to fit around and a flap to cover the front of the highchair. That sounded weird... think of a circle with an upside down mushroom I hope that gave you all a better visual. Anyway.. if you use it as a change mat... you can kneel on the flap so you can keep yourself clean....which is awesome.

This is easy to was off because the backing is water resistant so grabbing a wipe and wiping it down between washes is super easy. It fits easily on swings and high chairs... just lay it over and velcro between the legs, and put the belt through the slits to buckle your LO in (especially for the shopping cart).

This is not only great for keeping germs away from your LO but also to help keep them cool in the summer months. Ever sit on a hot swing? Ya... not fun... this helps with that too! Actually, that's why a mompreneur designed this! Makes sense! I also really liked that once it's folded up you can stick a diaper and some wipes in there because it works as a pouch as well. It's awesome.

Thanks to Cool Wazoo and Oyaco for saving room in my diaper bag!

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween...our family tradition


Monday, October 21, 2013

Camera Coats - Product Review

I received a black Camera Coat for review from Camera Coats. A Camera Coat is a padded camera sleeve
that goes over your camera so it is protected without having to carry around a huge camera bag. It has a nylon exterior that helps it repel water and the inside is cotton to keep it from scratching the camera and lens. There are different sizes available so it doesn't matter if you have a smaller camera...or a Pro version... there is a size that will fit it!!

I like that the is a strap and buckle on the Camera Coat so you can clip it to yourself to make sure you don't lose it while using the camera. I clipped it right to the camera strap so I had access to it quickly. There is also 3 pockets you can use for a few was my phone...the others I used for an extra memory card and an extra battery. The velcro is strong enough to keep the coat closed and my camera protected even if I throw it in the diaper bag.

I also received a camera strap to go with the Camera Coat I liked the funky chevron pattern and that the ends are reinforced with leather and is easy to clip on and off.

There are a ton of patterns and materials to choose from which is awesome! Thanks Camera Coats!

For more information and ordering please visit You can also check out their YouTube video HERE

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Fisher Price Bath & Body Products Giveaway!!!

Previously I had the chance to review some Fisher Price Bath and Body products.... well... Fisher Price has been nice enough to offer one of my Canadian readers ALL 12 of the Bath and Body Products! Yes, that's right... they will give 1 winner 1 of each product in the line-up! EEEEEEeeeee!!!! This is awesome guys!!!

As a friendly reminder... everyone LOVES Fisher Price... but here's why these products in particular are awesome!!!
  • There are different lines so your LO will always have products that are perfect for the stage they are in!
  • They are dermatologist and pediatrician tested plus they are non-irritating and tear-free. 
  • There's a ton of soothing ingredients like chamomile and shea butter. 
  • Pricing ranges from $3.99 to $8.99 
  • You can pick them up at Babys’R’Us...and even Rexall!
  • Stages include:
    • Newborn (0+ Months) – for delicate skin 
    • Infant (6+ Months) – for moisturizing and bedtime routines
    • Toddler (18+ Months) – for keeping them germ free 
Read my full review of the products HERE!!!

1 of each Bath and Body Product from Fisher Price (12 total - approximate value of $100) - CAN ONLY

Entry #1480Andrea A.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Triagle FunBites - Product Review and Discount Code

I received a Triangle FunBites for review from Fun Bites... previously I had tried the square and heart ones,
take a look at the review HERE. The new design allows you to create 10 triangles, all perfect size for little mouths with the same curved base and popper style like the other designs. This is BPA free and safe in the dishwasher. To try this out I decided to make M a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast and totally surprised her with the new shape. M decided to make little houses out of her sandwich....which I thought was cute, she had fun playing (and eating) the whole thing! I've also used this (and the others) to create fun shapes for M's lunches! An empty lunchbox comes home all the time, so I'm one happy Mama!

This is perfect timing for Halloween too... this one is orange! 

Thanks FunBites!

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Want a discount? Enter Babybottomline to received 20%OFF at check out! :)


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What people DON’T tell you about pregnancy and afterbirth!‏


Sunday, October 13, 2013

QiPillow - Product Review

I received a QiPillow in camel for review. The QiPillow is an orthopedic pillow to help with posture while
helping reduce lower back pain. Honestly... I have the worst posture ever so I was excited to try this out. I sometimes like to hit the sofa and grab a cup of coffee when I'm doing my reviews, but really... it's not the best for my back.

The first time I tried this they recommended that I only inflate it a little bit to determine whether there is too much or too little air for my comfort. Always check the comfort level when switching chairs...this is really important. I tried in the car, on the sofa and on a dinning room chair. There were minor adjustments I needed to make but it was really easy to do so. To inflate the internal balloon (they refer to it as a bladder) you  twist the valve and blow into it. Once you figure out how much air you want in it you twist the valve close. If its too much, then release the valve and let some out. The air pillow is in a zipped white pillow case then it has an external cover on it as well, to pretty it up a bit.

I liked that it had a micro-suede feel to it and that it was a neutral tone, that it was easy to use and that any way I moved when using the back stayed supported properly. Did you know that the leading cause of back pain is sitting without proper back support? I had a ton of lower back pain before having T... so much so that I saw a Chiro all the time. I'm hoping this helps me get rid of that pain and keep it away! I may have to pick up a few more so I don't have to carry the same one around with me everywhere!

Thanks QiPillow... I'm actually going to bring this to work when I go back... I'm not ready to start thinking about that.... but it's not that far away!!! LOL

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Caring Cross - Product Review and Discount Code!

I received an olive wood cross from My Caring Cross for review. It is made from real olive wood from
trees around Bethlehem. The wood is beautiful... I love the grain that comes through and the size is perfect for M to hold. I liked that these are made through fair trade, to help their families... and that they are crafted so nicely.

They really are pretty.... I've always loved natural wood products, but this one was extra special because M is starting to learn her prayers (are remember them too). Plus, she can take it anywhere. I'm going to run by the school's office to tell them about these, hopefully they can share some information with the other classes especially because this would make a really nice baptism or communion gift... even... something special for someone who is sick or having a hard time.

Pricing is awesome, and it's great that so much is given back to those who make them. They also come with a felt storage bag to keep it safe. Thanks to Caring Cross for sending M one out! She loves it!

For more information and ordering please visit They can also be purchased on Amazon and Ebay! You can also follow them on FACEBOOK 
Discount Code: OCTCROSS (10% off valid until Oct 31, 2013)

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Bobo Buddy - Product Review

I received a caterpillar Bobo Buddy for T for review. It is a mini stuffed animal that attaches with velcro to your LO's pacifier. I've tried a few different versions of similar products, this was the only velcro one. Others either had an attached pacifier or a loop attachment. I liked the size of the caterpillar... it was big enough for
T to find easily in the middle of the night but not heavy enough to pull his "choo-choo" out of his mouth.

I loved that it is machine washable, easy to use and super soft with no rough edges. The only thing I did notice was Mr. Smarty Pants has figured out how to open the velcro, which I actually couldn't believe because it is pretty strong. I also liked that it helped promote not only gross motor skills but self soothing as well. Which meant that Mommy didn't have to find his soother on the floor and give it back to him.

Bobo Buddy has some new versions coming out too! T would LOVE the lion...he has a thing for them for some go check them out!

Thanks Bobo Buddy!

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Boogie free this winter! Thanks to @boogiemom and @pamperskandoo :)

I wanted to give a shout out and a huge thank you to Boogie Wipes and Pampers Kandoo for sending M's school a ton of goodies to help keep all the Kindergarten classes boogie and germ free this winter!

They were awesome enough to send a big box full of Boogie Wipe single packs and a 4 pack of hand soap to help keep the grubbies out of their classrooms!

Want to check them out? Here are some links to find out the deets!




Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Zen180™ - Product Review

I received a the Zen180™ program (5 disc set, with 1 track on each disk) for review. Each disk had the
same track but different duration's...5. 15, 30 min so you could determine the length you would like to listen to at any give time. I went through the instruction booklet and determined that "my" way to meditate was to concentrate on my breathing and kind of let myself drift off.

Here is the background of each disk:
  • Awakened Mind – (Beta) is great to start off your day and give you the energy you need
  • Focused Mind – (Alpha) is for concentration so keep this one on while you're working to help get things done!
  • Creative Mind – (Theta) is for creativity and to give you some inspiration.
  • Relaxed Mind – (Delta) is for relaxation and stress relief.
  • Compassionate Mind – (Gamma) is one to make you feel good... from the inside out!
Each disk is set to a different frequency to help engage your mind and help it enter the proper meditation state quicker to allow you to fully reap the benefits of these techniques. I liked that the tracks sounded the same, I knew what to expect and I liked the schedule they provided as well. I'm half way through week 2 so it's so far so good! It's great for me to just take a few moments to myself and be able to kind of center myself before (and sometimes after) those crazy days Moms on the go can have.

Thanks Zen180™ I'm so glad I have an excuse to give myself a well deserved time-out!

For more information and ordering please visit

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Züpers Leggings - Product Review

I received a pair of long leggings for review from Züpers. There are some really cool things about these
leggings.... #1... they have removable knee pads, which I thought was pretty cool. Actually, so did M... she was crawling around playing with T on the floor and mentioned that she liked them...LOL. #2... they have a small pocket on the bottom of the right leg...M loved this because she had somewhere to hold her lip gloss when she wasn't using it. #3...tagless...which I love! There are a bunch of other things like them being rip-resistant and they help wick moisture away from the skin.... but I like that they're also super cute. We chose the lacy looking ones and that M said they were comfy! I should also mention that they are machine washable and hang to dry.

I wanted to also mention that there is a new campaign launching on Kickstarter ( as of November 1st, where you'll be able to purchase the new style of leggings! Click HERE to see some more information. Basically, they'll have the same function as the ones I received but new there will prints are being added to the collection and they'll be $5 less (to help support the new collection). Click that link and sign up to receive a reminder for the launch!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Stretchy Giveaway and Discount Code!!!

I received a tube of Stretchy to try out and offer a giveaway of 2 tubes from Need Brands. Previously I did a review of their Milky nursing enhancer....this time they wanted to offer my readers a chance to win 2 tubes of Stretchy and a discount code to use because, I'm sure...well...I'm sure you'll love it!

A little bit about Stretchy, it is all natural,vegan, helps keep moisture in and skin smooth all while using safe herbal extracts and not being tested on animals. It is cost effective in comparison to other creams that work this is really great for any new Mama!

Here's the all important ingredient list! Argan Oil, Cupuacu and Cocoa Butter for moisturizing and taming free radicals; Tamanu Oil to help produce collegen; Centella Asiatica to help comfort and heal any irritations; Horsetail to rebuild connective tissue; Lady's Mantle for any inflamed areas; Aloe Vera to help increase production of elastin; Vitamin K1 which increases circulation and finally Vitamin E to keep oxidative stress at bay.

I liked the scent of the has a citrus undertone, that I love and it was totally a bonus that it isn't greasy, so I can use it anywhere as a really good moisturizer. Another's recommended by dermatologists!

Thanks to Need for offering such a great giveaway to my readers! I can't wait to see what other products you have launching!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Discount Code: BABYBOTTOM (10% off; expires Dec 31/13)

2 Tubes of Stretchy Stretch Mark Cream (Open to 48 US continental states)


Entry #265Misty M.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bobee - Product Review

I received a Bobee diaper and wipe dispenser for review. It is a white pod that you wall mount to hold your diapers and wipes, which makes diaper changes easier and keeps the clutter off your change table. Hubby mounted it on T's bedroom wall for me, I thought it was a bit bigger than I think I pictured it being, but after I went to town on decorating it with some of the circle decals provided I think it blended in well with the flow of the rest of his room.

I used the blue and brown decals...others come with and there are also some additional colors you can purchase as well, so let the creative juices flow! If you're not feeling artistic, you can always buy one of the pre-decorated ones too, so no worries if you draw a blank on how to decorate it! I'm also going to see if I can find some baseball touches I can add to T's... I love how this starts as a blank slate and you make it what you want it to be... I can even paint it if I want! Hmmm... maybe I should remove the decals and paint red stitches on it to make it look like a baseball to match his room!!!

Once it was up... we stocked it full of diapers and wipes. The diapers stack inside and the wipes can be pulled out the bottom to make it easy to keep hold of your LO while you're changing them. I really liked that it was easy to refill and that it kept T's diapers out of a drawer and the wipes off the change table. T has officially got his PJ drawer back! LOL!

Thanks Bobee! Works great and saves space!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Baby Footprint Kit - Product Review

I received a Baby Footprint Kit for review from Cal Baby Prints (Little Keepsakes). I was really excited
about this because I really haven't done that many of T's prints, so I was looking forward to getting some good ones done. What this kit has in it is enough ink (6-10 stamps) and card stock for 4 prints as well as ink removal wipes.

I really liked the ink strips...they were easy to use, all you have to do is put your LO's hand or foot on it and your ready to go! I took T's hand prints really quickly actually... ink...stamp... use the wipe and a quick rinse... done. They turned out great, really detailed, dried quickly and the card stock is totally frame worthy.

This was really shipping was awesome and on Amazon was super easy. Plus its great that everything is non-toxic and latex free so you can even use it on your brand new LO!

Thanks for my new keepsakes!

For more information and ordering please visit

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


ToiletTree Products (Trimmer) - Product Review

I received a Steel Nose And Facial Hair Trimmer from ToiletTree Products for review. It is made from steel
which is great, because I know it will last and it even feels heavier and weighted really well. It also has and LED light to help make it easier to see when in use, and is water resistant so you can use it in the shower and even rinse it right away. I liked that you can use all sides of the trimmer, not just the very top... so I could use it to trim my eyebrows if I wanted to.

The one thing I did notice right away was that this trimmer did pull any of the hairs your were trying to use it.... so it is honestly the best one Hubby or I have tried. It uses a rotary cutting system, so it's always a clean cut on anything from brows to beards! I really liked that I didn't have to worry about charging it... 1 AA battery and that's I was glad that it didn't take up any of our precious counter-top space. Plus, it comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Thanks ToiletTree Products!

For more information and ordering please visit
You can also visit them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Captured Wishes - Product Review

I received a boy wish vessel for review from Captured Wishes. Wish vessels are little glass bottles that are
filled with different colored glitter, which is layered and represent different wishes the gift-giver would like your LO to have. Some examples are Green =  Growth, Blue = Integrity, Happiness = Yellow, Love = Red and Family = Brown. It also comes with a window cling so you are able to hang it in the nursery if you like...and the chain added had cute themed charms as well has T's initials integrated into it.

I liked that this is a unique gift....and it's packaged really nicely. Organza bag (with instruction card) inside a cute origami box. They also leave the bottom of the box open so you can take a peek at the final product before gifting. I liked this touch because then all you have to do is push the tab in the bottom and it's sealed and ready to deliver. I really liked the little touches like the handmade card and little well as the charms, they're cute and make this really special. There are a ton of occasions to choose from, so if you're looking for something different and more sentimental...this is the way to go!

Thanks, Captured Wishes!

For more information and ordering please visit

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Miou Kids - Product Review

I received a Mademoiselle Coat in brown for M from Miou Kids for review. This is a knitted sweater coat that is knee length, hand knit in Peru and is made from 100% baby alpaca wool. This is super I'm talking cashmere soft! The knit is beautifully done....putting anything that I've ever attempted to shame, and the attention to detail is just awesome! I loved M wearing this with a white long sleeve shirt and skinny jeans with a pair of boots... totally killer! We had a ton of people stop and ask us where we got her sweater, so I explained a bit about the company (how they are fair trade) and that they have a ton of stuff....right down to matching leg warmers and hats. Typically I don't usually get into too much when I get stopped about a product... it all depends on the situation, my experience and the product. This one, had too. LOVE.

Their stuff is just beautiful...omg...there's a boys cable cardigan I keep scoping out for T...or the teal blanket...I'm having to stop myself from going overboard!!! So pretty and you they feel like your own grandmother made them. M loved wearing it, and I loved that it washed well (hand wash, dry flat). Sometimes when you dry items flat they can get a bit stiff, not this....kept it's shape and stayed soft!

Thanks Miou Kids, perfect for the fall... hmmm... can you make one in my size?

For more information and ordering please visit
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Got to "hand" it to thanksgiving!


#HALOSleepSack Micro-Fleece - Review and Giveaway!

I received a HALO Micro-Fleece for review. While going through this review I was provided with a ton of information about proper sleep practices for your LO's so I decided to provide some of that information to my readers as well. October is SIDS Awareness month and during the entire month HALO will donate $1 for every new Facebook "like" they make sure you link up to help a great cause! Did you know that between 80% and 90% of SIDS related deaths are because of unsafe sleep practices? Here's the low down on what you need to know and do to keep your LO safe!
  1. Back is best... always.
  2. Make sure the mattress is firm, is covered with a tight sheet and that it fits rather tight in the crib.
  3. No toys and loose blankets in the crib.
  4. No bumpers or pillows.
  5. Keep baby comfortable, make sure not to over dress them for bed.
  6. Don't smoke in the house or around your LO's.
I love wearable blankets for T... he's so active that if I had any other blanket in there it wouldn't last 2 secs on him. I love this for the cold winter nights and great for late playoff games this ball season. I love that the fleece is super soft and washes really well. It doesn't pill at all and stays soft! There are a ton of patterns to choose from, I could barely decide but went with this cute dog and pinstriped one. T loves these types of blankets too. I notice that he doesn't fuss with them and it doesn't overheat him. That's why hospitals love these too!

Thanks HALO!

For more information and ordering please visit, and
You can also follow them on PINTERESTFACEBOOK and TWITTER

HALO SleepSack in Micro-Fleece (US/CAN)


Entry #561Jo-Anne P.


Kernels Ambassador and WEEKLY Giveaways!!! GO #CCClub #kernelscontest #thebabybottomline

I was stoked to find out that I was chosen as a Brand Ambassador for Kernels by Kernels and PTPA! First of all... I am a popcorn-a-holic. I honestly think it's becoming somewhat of a problem... but hey... it could be worse right? I guess some can call me a connoisseur of sorts. Now that I've confessed to my addiction, I'd like to tell you about some awesomeness and well.... also do a weekly giveaway every week this month! YES!!  WEEKLY!!! Before spoiling the fun and telling you right away what my FAVE flavor is...(I'll keep you in suspense for a while longer).. I'll tell you about some other cool stuff first!

#1.... they have an app for that! Yep...and I LOVE IT! I'll leave the link at the end of the post for you..but it's awesome. You can link up your loyalty card (yes I have get coupons, "check-in" at a location, get nutritional info and even win prizes by playing a game right at the store! Plus you can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter with one touch!

#2...loyalty cards... yes... the more you buy...the more you earn... and you can use it on future purchases! Plus you have the option to have it set up for auto re-load.

#3.... they have AWESOME popcorn seasonings, and other products.... I actually just stalked up on a bunch of new ones we haven't tried yet!

#4... a range of if you buy a tub, you can get a refill at a discounted price! Hey, I have no shame carrying around a Toopy and Binou or Dora tub! Told you..... I have issues.

#5... huge range of flavors!!! Anything from Canadian Blue to Double Hit and Ketchup....all yummy....but my fave... CREAMY CARAMEL!!! You guys would LOVE it! It's sweet...but not too sweet...with just enough crunch but it doesn't get stuck in your teeth! Even M likes it! Yummmmm!

I loved this opportunity, it was actually one of my faves so far... thanks goes out to Kernels and PTPA! Honestly I wasn't shocked to hear that Kernels was a winner of the PTPA Seal of Approval! Family friendly products, flavors, locations, app and great staff make us visit a store every time we're at a mall! Now go and vote for my and soon to be your's FAVE Creamy Caramel and win some gift cards! Good luck everyone! There are a ton to win!

For more information please visit
You can also follow them on FACEBOOKTWITTER and INSTAGRAM

Want the Kernels App that I love! Click HERE or visit Google Play Store on your Android device!
Weekly Giveaway of the following: (CAN ONLY)

1 x $25 Kernels Gift Card (1 winner)
1 x $10 Kernels Gift Card (2 winners)



Entry #338Angela M.  ($25 GC)
Entry #1906Emily F. ($10 GC)
Entry #1693luisa ($10 GC)



Entry #768Rebby ($25 GC)
Entry #1107Tanis S. ($10 GC)
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Entry #233Jeannie L. ($25)
Entry #280Ivy P. ($10)
Entry #195Monique N. ($10)



Entry #980Karine G. ($25)
Entry #333Ivy P. ($10)
Entry #535Belinda M. ($10)

Disclosure: I have been chosen to be a part of the #kernelscontest Ambassador through PTPA Media and Kernels Popcorn as part of the #CCClub. I received special perks through this relationship but all my opinions are honest and are my own.