Thursday, June 27, 2013

3-in-1 Kettlebell - Product Review

I received a 3-in-1 kettlebell from Empower Fitness. This has 5, 8 and 12 lb options, all adjustable and really easy to twist and click on to make the kettlebell heavier or lighter. This kettlebell is specifically made for women....which I noticed...honestly, I did. The grip was much easier on my hands, so I didn't feel like I was struggling the whole time and I was able to do moves I couldn't do with other kettlebells. It was comfortable to use and it didn't have me worrying it would slip out of my hands and put a hole in the wall LOL.

I liked that this also came with a DVD to follow along too and that it was also a women starring in it. Sometimes I find with any videos....if I see another women do the exercise I know I should be able to and I can watch their technique a bit better. Plus, it was really fun.... I think I may have gone a bit shoulders are killing me!!!!

I found that the guide helped me to understand some of the exercises before I even attempted to use the DVD as well.

Overall, I liked that this was comfortable to use, even with all the weights on it, and that it is a space saver. Everyone knows most houses with kids are full of toys and stuff, so I liked that it was a 3-in-1.

Thanks to Empower Fitness.... I think I may have found a new addiction, I had a ton of fun!

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Birthday Party for Canada!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello Kitty Cake Pop Kit - Review and Giveaway

I received a Hello Kitty Cake Pop Kit from Me Myself and Us Inc for review. This kit includes red velvet cake mix, vanilla frosting mix, white melting wafers, 2 icing pens, yellow confetti sprinkles as well as the cake pop sticks and tray. The batter once again was easy to make and bake.... we let it cool off then crumbled it and mixed it with the frosting. Once we mixed everything up we rolled them into "hello kitty" faces and stuck them in the freezer. Waited a bit....then we melted the wafers dipped the stick in and put one in each of the faces we had made earlier. At this point we stuck them back in the freezer to get the sticks to set.

Once they were set we brought the cake pops back out and started dipping them in the melted wafers. M put yellow confetti noses on them and we put them in the tray to dry. Once they were dry I used the black icing pen to make eyes and whiskers...and the red one to make Hello Kitty's hair bow.

M loved making these, and as cake pops get more popular we get more daring with how we are decorating them....or at least trying too!!! These were the most detailed ones we have made. The first few looked a bit rough but but the end, they didn't look half bad! Thanks Me Myself and Us Inc! Red velvet is our fave!!!!

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What's up for grabs??? 1 Kit! Winner's Choice! (Canada Only)


Entry #670Jeannie L.


Week of June 22....Winners!

Congratulations to this weeks winners! I have already sent you each an email, please respond within 48 hours with the information I have requested :)

PinkBlush Maternity
Tiffani Vasquez said...4

I just found Pink Blush and I am in love! I would put the GC toward the Pink White Navy Colorblock Maternity Maxi Dress.

MAY 22, 2013 AT 5:02 PM

Orb Factory
Pamela R said...101
follow the @orbfactory 1
JUNE 3, 2013 AT 1:56 PM

Me Myself and Us Inc
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hello Beach - Product Review

I received a small treasures pink tote from Hello Beach for review. The top half of the bag is made of 100% cotton and the bottom half is made of mesh to allow dirt and sand to escape without losing any of your belongings.

This bag is great for taking to the beach and allowing your LOs to collect rocks and shells...or carry all their beach toys.... you can rinse the bag in the water or shake it out to make sure all the sand is gone before throwing it into the trunk.

I liked the size of this, it's perfect for M to carry around and I liked that we could throw he wet suit and water shoes in it so we could keep everything together.

I also liked that they came in some cute pink, orange and lime green and that they can be personalized. Plus they are eco-friendly and hand sewn in the US!! Thanks Hello Beach for reaching out and sending us a bag to try out!

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Gold Label Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - Product Review

I received a jar of Gold Label Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for review. Firstly... I have never tried or used coconut oil so off to Pinterest I went to get some recipe ideas...LOL. This coconut oil is organic, made by hand in small batches by families in the Philippines. I tried lightly frying up some shrimp for myself for lunch one day... put a little in the pan and gave them a quick toss. They turned out great and less greasy than regular animal or vegetable based oils.

Coconut oil is said to be a healthier option to other oils and I can see why. I'm glad it didn't have a strong coconut taste, which I found weird because, well... it's coconut!

I also saw a face mask recipe and decided to try that too......well that didn't turn out fantastic but that's because it was a Pinterest fail on my end. LOL.

Thanks Tropical Traditions!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vistaprint Deals!

A while ago I ordered some items from Vistaprint for a side business I had started with a friend of mine. We knew that we weren't going to make a million dollars with our idea but it was us to have fun and share or craftiness with others LOL. I went onto Vistaprint to order some supplies for us to have on hand just in case we went to any home or craft shows. 

I ordered business cards (did so for BBL too), a banner, and some mugs for us too. All had our logo and were customized to the way I designed them. It was easy to use and we got a ton of free stuff with our order too! I remember us receiving some stationary...envelopes, a business card holder as well as a rubber stamp. 

There are a bunch of Vistaprint discounts, codes...a bunch of good deals to choose from. I wish I saw this site when we were ordering!!! I remember when I ordered my cards before the Baby Time Show I  got some additional business cards and I believe I ordered some other supplies when M was really a mouse pad and calendar etc. with pics of her all over them. I like their quality too or I wouldn't have ordered so many times! LOL 

Looking back....I have actually ordered from them quite a few times! I'm glad I've seen the deal site.... I'll be sure to use it in the future! Thanks Vistaprint Deals!

Disclosure: I received compensation to provide my own opinion of a previous service I purchased on my own accord. The opinions and views provided are my own and may differ from yours.


Friday, June 21, 2013

UMCheeky - Product Review and Giveaway

I received 3 pairs of panties from UMCheeky for review. They are a monthly subscription based company where for $8 they send you 3 different pairs of panties each month. 

I received a black lace pair, a pink with black trim lace pair and a blue cotton pair with lace trim in the same blue. They all washed well, I remembered to tumble dry so there were no snags or rips once I dried them... LOL... hey... sometimes things just get shoved in the wash with everything else, and you never remember to remove them before heading for the dryer. Everyone knows what I'm talking about...especially if you have kids!! 

Style wise....pretty but too low for me, especially after 2 c-sections, I typically don't wear low-rise...well....anything, but stitching was okay and the colors were a nice mix.

Overall cute idea for a monthly subscription box... and everyone likes a surprise! Thanks to UMCheeky for reaching out! 

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Entry #1098Missy M.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Upere - Product Review

I received a pair of Upere wedge sneakers for review. They are black wedge sneakers....suede accents with a rubber sole. It has a cushy black tongue and 3 velcro straps with a slight heel so the wedge helps this non-heel wearer gain some height!

I liked the incline of the wedge, they were comfy...considering I haven't worn any type of heels in years. I did have to wear a short sock with them because I was sent a size too big instead of what I requested... I'll end up having to give these to a friend...which makes me sad because I actually really like them. They're very boho-chic....which I really liked...and I could have totally sported with a pair of killer capri's....and a really funky necklace or scarf.

Quality wise...stitching was done well, velcro is heavy duty and the sole was attached well and non-slip.

Upere prides themselves on providing great shoes that in turn make you both look and feel good. They have a ton of wedge sneakers in different colors and they also carry some really cool sandals and studded bling'd up pumps too. Man... I'm jealous I can't walk in shoes like that..honestly... I do LOVE shoes... but have such bad ankles and knees from years of sports that it's pretty much impossible to get me in anything higher than a few inches....and when I do wear higher heels, they don't last very long because the back of my heels don't hang on to shoes very well, so they usually aren't tight enough for me.

Thanks to Upere for contacting me for a review, these shoes are awesome!

Looking for your own pair of wedge sneakers? Use discount code UPERE for 15% off!!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2 Red Hens - Product Review and Giveaway!!!

I received a Diaper Bag (in grey damask) and 1 Bibby Mat from 2 Red Hens for review. The diaper bag looks more like a purse than a diaper bag, which was great. I loved the grey damask print and the red and white polka-dot accents. Inside the bag there is a zippered pocket, which I used for a spare set f clothes, a bottle holder and a few other pockets for diapers and other accessories. I liked the key fob and the fact that it was on a long tether so I didn't feel like I was going to loose my keys. There is also a few pockets on the outside, one of which fits the extra long change pad (which folds up easily and doesn't take up a ton of space). My phone and sunglasses fit in the other exterior pockets, which was easy to reach and help stay organized. The top has a loop and button closure which made it easy to get anything you needed. I did bury my wallet, was paranoid it would fall out, but other than that it was a great size for a day out. My fave part was the detachable straps, a quick clip and I could hang it from the stroller with no problems.

The Bibby Mat is a disposable bib and place-mat combo that is placed on the table then secured behind your LOs neck like a regular bib. This is great as it creates a barrier between your child and the table as well as covering their lap to prevent lunchtime disasters. Once done... wrap it up and toss it out. I liked that it is waterproof and disposable  Bibby Mats come in packs of 12.
Thanks to 2 Ren Hens and Lori (the founder) for sending us out some stuff to try out. Love that the bag is waterproof and easy to clean! Its great for ball nights!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Make-up Bag Giveaway 


Entry #26Bailey D.


Monday, June 17, 2013

ZIPaboo - Product Review and Giveaway!! (US Only)

I received a ZIPaboo for review. The one I received is called the "Sam" it is grey with white sleeves and soles (there is grey polka-dots on all the white parts as well....cute!). The ZIPaboo has a zipper that runs from one leg up to the belly and down the other leg. No more worrying about snaps...awkward zippers or fighting with you're baby to get back in it.

A lot of people have troubles with overnight wakes up...gets cold or just isn't interested in cooperating....well this is for those parents
. T really isn't a fighter, he's a pretty laid back he didn't have a problem with these pjs at all. I liked that they are really soft (100% pima cotton), that it washed well and that it is unique and makes sense! Why hasn't someone thought of these before? Or...why haven't I???  LOL.

I liked this for ball nights... I find it hard to change T quickly when we're stuck at a ball diamond somewhere... this made it easier for me. Trying to snap a million snaps together and make sure they're actually aligned = big pain while out and about.

I really think that this is functional and nice a cozy. Its breathable so T didn't sweat buckets at night, but warm enough to be taken out in. Thanks ZIPaboo!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Winner's Choice of ZIPaboo!


Entry #448Kristen J.


Giveaway Winners Week of June 15!

Congratulations to the winners this week! I've already sent you an email, please respond within 48 hours with your mailing address and print you would like! Friendly reminder that this week both giveaways were for US ONLY. Thanks for entering everyone!

Nursing Pillow
Four Paw Savings said...52
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Seven Baby SlingAmy O said...16
I follow you on twitter @amyotrosinka
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baby Powder Scented Votive Candle - Product Review

I received 1 Baby Powder Scented Votive Candle for review. It is a small 2.5" frosted votive (mine had a
small chip in it...probably from shipping) that has a little baby (in silver) on it. The baby is actually really cute and I do like the baby powder scent. It is neatly packaged in a clear box with a white bow and small tag. These would be perfect for a baby shower favor. Plus you can also get personalized tags to add to the packaging.

For my shower with M I actually did candles as well, 2 small clear with pink candles, I wish I saw these, they would have been cute as favors, decorations or even prizes for some of the games.

Thanks to Beau-Coup for sending me out one to take a peek at.

For more information and ordering please visit

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kisspat™ Hair Chalk - Product Review

I received a 12 pack of Hair Chalk from Kisspat for review. These were super easy to use... wet the hair, rub on and let dry...or... use a straightener or curler so it stays a bit longer. M ran around the house with rainbow hair for a few days. She loved it... it was fun and they didn't stain anything. Me being me... I did my hair and teal ombre on my brown hair. M thought it was hilarious and I thought it was a lot cheaper and a lot less permanent than going to the salon. I haven't dyed my hair in years! Surprisingly the colors were as vibrant on the hair as they were in the box....I was actually really surprised, even on dark hair. The color came out in the bath easily with shampoo so that was great... I was tentative to try it on M because he hair is so light but there wasn't an issue. They're like pastels....even has the same texture.

Overall I think we can do a lot with these... fun for dress-up or girls days... I just wish we got one of the bigger packs (they have different sizes..with different colors) but this one has a good range! Thanks KissPat!

For more information and ordering please visit

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello Kitty Mini Cupcake Kit - Review and Giveaway!!

I received a Hello Kitty Mini Cupcake Kit from Me Myself and Us Inc for review. This kit includes the vanilla cake mix, strawberry frosting mix (and piping bag), rainbow sprinkles and 24 Hello Kitty picks and aprons. The batter was easy to make and bake.... the only thing I really didn't like is that the kit didn't come with the cupcake paper cups. I'm glad i had some extras in our baking collection....but really it wasn't that big of a deal. I do think they should switch out the aprons for paper cups... even if they aren't Hello Kitty branded. I think the toothpick figures were really cute and in conjunction with the rainbow sprinkles...they were great to make and eat... ugh... I ate like 4 of them... LOL. So much for me watching what I eat eh? In my defense, they are mini's... so...really they can't be THAT bad...right?

M and her Aunt A made these together at a BBQ we had at our house this past weekend. They had a blast together...there really wasn't that much of a mess to clean up... and really they are pretty fool proof. All you had to do was add the perishables and bake for about 15 min. . The aprons were a bit hard for her to put on and they didn't stay on very well... I think it may have been my fault though I put them together and then we tried to drop in the cupcakes... maybe I should have used more of a wrap technique. I still have them so I'm going to practice a bit more.

I piped some icing for them and M covered them in sprinkles then added the toothpicks. They turned out cute... we by no means will ever own a bakery and people will absolutely not pay for our baking skills... but they tasted great! Thanks Me Myself and Us Inc!

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What's up for grabs??? 1 Kit! Winner's Choice! (Canada Only)


Entry #573Karen C.


Winners... Week of June 8th!

Congratulations to this week's winners! I've already reached out via email, please respond within 48 hours!

Bazzle Baby

JP said...4
Follow you on FB 3
jp.2007 at hotmail dot ca
MAY 12, 2013 AT 8:37 AM

Lovable Labels

Jeannie Lam said...84
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Nikki Krutz said...2
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MAY 14, 2013 AT 1:03 AM


Sunday, June 9, 2013

BinkiBear - Product Review

I received a small version of the Original BinkiBear for review. It is a small stuffed bear that has a loop on the end of his hand to attach a soother to. It is 100% cotton and safe for babies of all ages. I liked that T could use it all by himself...and cuddle with it as well... but the best part... no more lost soothers. T likes the expensive ones so this probably has saved me quite a bit of money and heartache because the bear can't fit  in places we'd never find 
I also liked that we could add anything to the BinkiBear... he's teething so I added his wooden teethers and it worked perfect. The best part... you can throw it in the laundry.... bonus! Plus once T gets bigger he probably won't want to carry around a teddy with his I think it'll make it a bit easier to have the soother fairy come in about a year... LOL.

The bear is cute, and soft...I liked the size of this one... T could hang onto it well and it wasn't overpowering for him at all and I liked that he played with it too.

This is a really good idea it makes it easy to keep an eye on your little ones soothers and allows them to be more independent while feeling secure. Thanks BinkiBear!

For more information and ordering please visit


PackIt - Product Review

I received a bag cooler from PackIt for review. PackIt is a cooler that is freezable, folds up and keeps your food cool for up to 10 hours. It is reusable, BPA, PVC and lead free and also I know I can put all of M's snacks in there and not have to worry about anything leaking because the ice packs are actually built into the bag....and that I can leave it on the door of the freezer so it's ready for whenever we need it.
The thing I like about this is that it folds up nice and neat, and you actually freeze the whole bag. So there's no need for ice packs, which take up a ton of room in the cooler. I also like that it's easy to wash and durable. Ours has already taken a bit of a beating and it's been no problem. It's great for ball nights and being out and about!

There are some cute patterns and colors to there is something for everyone, even the kiddies. M loved the owl one and I could totally see T toting around the robot one.

Thanks to PackIt for sending us out one to try... I can see us using this all the time because I can fit both kids stuff all in one bag! It's awesome!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Milky - Product Review

I received a bottle of Milky (By Tia and Tamera), from their new product line called Need for review. It is a twice a day supplement to help increase the quantity and quality of breast milk in nursing moms. How does it work? It has fenugreek (increase supply), fennel (increase let-down timing), ginger (for tummy issues), chamomile (to make mom chill out), roobios (antioxidants) and some other things like organic herbs and flavorings.

It is a small bottle... almost like an energy drink, and that's kinda how I looked at it. Chug it...2 times a day and you should see results. All the ingredients are proven to help milk supply. I only received 1 bottle so I'm not sure how much it would have increased my supply, but I know my body takes well to fenugreek, so I assume I would get a few more ounces with this little boost. Taste wise, I found it sour (I'm not a sour kinda girl)'s not something I could sip for a long time, so I just downed it quickly, and it was all good.

I did like the organic ingredients and that it is something that mama can use to help with nursing. Nursing can be very stressful especially when your supply is dipping or just isn't there..... or if you have a little piggy like I do...and your trying just to keep up!

Thanks to Tia, Tamara and Need for reaching out and letting me try some!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Saturday, June 8, 2013

THERA°PEARL - Product Review

I received a bunch of stuff from Thera Pearl for review. We received 2 children's pal (a frog for T and a pig for M) a Sports pack (for all of us) and an eye therapy mask for Mom (Yay!). Growing up I played a ton of sports...and well... have a bad shoulder...ankle and knee (I'm like Humpty Dumpty that way...LOL).... so I kinda know the "how to ice" rules... 20 min on 20 off... and rotate. I had many a nights after ball with a bag of frozen peas on my ankle... so when I heard about these packs... I was really excited. Thera Pearl packs can be used for heat and cold therapy. To use it warm... the time in the microwave ranges from 30 second to 40 depending on how strong your microwave is. For cold therapy stick it in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. They are hypoallergenic not toxic and saves you from the dreaded ice puddles a regular ice pack provides.

The Sports Pack is awesome for after both hubby's and my ball games... I liked how it molded to all three of my boo-boo areas.... plus it is awesome to use as a  ice pack for quick trips in the cooler too. The Eye Therapy Mask is awesome!!! It is shaped well...and is comfortable to wear. Any Mom can use this... I use it before bed to take 10 minutes to myself! Also, I had a bit of a headache and I noticed this also helped with the pressure I had.

The Children's packs are really cute! M received Pearl the Pig and T got Ribbit the Frog. They both have the signature pearls but they were different colors. There are no BPAs which is awesome... there are no heavy metals and you don't have to worry about them leaking either.

I really like these, M thought that her's and T's were cute and they are functional... also...they're kinda fun to play with too...LOL. She likes to pop bubble wrap, so I'm not surprised that M was playing with it after taking it off the scrape on her knee.

Thanks to Thera Pearl for sending us out all the goodies... they will all be used...perfect timing with summer just around the corner too!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Gold Baby Doll Dress - Product Review

I received a Gold Baby Doll Dress by Clarisse for review from It has a sweetheart neckline (covered in sequins) a ruched sash and a ton of curled tulle as the skirt. Also, on the back of the dress it has a bow to conceal the zipper. 

It is a cocktail length dress, so it's a bit short for me...mind you... after baby number two I have a ways to go yet to get back to feeling comfortable in any dress! I liked how puffy the tulle is... just had to fluff it from shipping and it is really cute. I also liked that it sparkles but the actual sparkles don't end up all over your floor! Do you know what I mean?

Prom season is coming up and this is a great choice for your's in fashion... comes in a few colors and would I think it would be different than all the long dresses you see at prom. I know mine was long when I had my prom..oh so many years ago. 

This site has a ton of dresses..there were a few really cute ones too...look at this one called the Mori Lee... HERE... I could totally wear that to a party or wedding. I also like that they are cost conscious. Everyone knows how expensive formal events are...this place is a great alternative to those crazy expensive places.

Thanks to PromGirl for sending me out a dress to try out!

For more information and ordering please visit
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ma Mi Skin Care - Review and Giveaway!!

I received a tube of Ma Mi Skin Care's Sunny Days Mineral Sunscreen for review. It is an SPF 30 sun block that is chemical free and safe for both pregnant and breast feeding mothers. Some ingredients include
Titanium Dioxide and Green Tea from natural sources to aid in the protection from infrared, UV-A and UV-B rays.
I like that this is safe for all the babes and bumps out there and that it's even gentle enough for the most sensitive of areas on both you and the little ones. It is both fragrance and paraben free, is safe for all skin types and does not clog pores. It was easy to put's on the thicker side so you are able to make sure you cover all the areas you need to. It leaves your skin nice and soft and doesn't make it look oily. I also liked that I could put it on under any make-up I wanted to wear. After being out in the sun all day... didn't burn! Guess it works :)

It had a light and fluffy texture which I liked as well. I liked that I can throw the tube in the diaper bag as well.... it seems that this one won't leak like some of the aerosol sunscreens.

Thanks to Ma Mi and Tomoson for letting me do the review!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Mineral Sunscreen Giveaway!


Entry #382Ashleigh S.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


All About Me Family Counters - Product Review and Giveaway!!! (US Only)

<br><i>A family of manipulatives to help children learn about themselves!</i>I received an All About Me Family Counters set of 72 from Learning Resources for review. There are 6 different shapes and 6 different colors in the package (age 3-8). M liked sorting the figures by height... then color..then grouping them by family. She kept making our family, but we have a dog and a cat...and there is only cats in the set so she used a second cat. Actually, 1 of the cats was missing an ear, I guess when it was being molded it got missed... so we use that one as the dog...but she also calls it a unicorn, hahahahaha whatever, she likes playing with them and it gets her wheels turning! We also noticed when sorting that there is an extra orange boy and a little green girl is missing so we pretend that the orange family is friend's of ours that has 3 boys! Funny how it worked out. It was actually to our favor!

She really enjoyed playing with these, she's been finding different things to do with them and I can hear her even playing with them as if they were having conversations with each other. I liked the quality of these, the plastic is smooth and the colors are really bright. Overall... we really like these, I'm sure she'll continue to have a blast playing with them! She's already asked if they can go swimming in the bathtub! 

or more information please visit
You can also follow them on FACEBOOKTWITTER, PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM

What's up for grabs??? Your own All About Me Family Counters! (US Only)
Entry #178Jennifer

You can also enter their Family Counters photo contest HERE 


Xyla® - Product Review

I received a few products from Xyla® for review. We received a large tin of the sweetener, a box of packets and some candies in different flavors to try. Xyla® xylitol is a natural alternative to sugar that is said to not hurt your teeth while helping stabilizing insulin...and it is natural and derived from fruit and some species of trees. Some of the health benefits it is said to have include anti-aging, prevents osteoporosis and middle ear infections, plus helping with weight loss among others. Dental benefits include helping maintain a proper pH balance in the mouth, reduced infections and helps tooth enamel. Diabetic benefits include a low glycemic index and low carbohydrates (40% less cals and 75% less carbs). 

My father is diabetic, so I gave him the packets and some candies to try out. We baked with some of the large tin and tried the mint candies (I'm not a fruity candy type of person). We both liked the candies, they were full of flavor, low cal and had some great options. I sweetener itself we thought wasn't overly sweet like some of the powdered stuff you can get. I actually liked it because it took the bitterness out of our coffee without making it sweet.

We baked some cookies with it (it's a 1 to 1 ratio) and they turned out good... the texture was a bit different than when using sugar, but not any different than when I use other branded sweeteners for baking.

Overall.... Dad says he'll buy I'll have to find somewhere close for him to buy! Thanks for sending us out some to try out!

For more information and ordering please visit


líllébaby® COMPLETE Baby Carrier - Product Review

I received a  líllébaby® COMPLETE baby carrier in Blue Moonlight for review from QHouseKids. The carrier is like...the Mother of all's NUTS! far... is the most functional carrier I have used! I've never tried a carrier with a hip option... and I LOVED it. There's a ton of different positions you can carry your baby in... front..back and hip... face in and out. The seat can be changed to fit a smaller baby up to a toddler. With a few simple tucks and snaps, you turn the wide seat into a narrow one in just seconds to make sure baby in ergonomically correct and there is no need for an infant insert (which saves some $). 

This was also the first one that had a safety harness in it to keep baby in place, not sure why others don't have this... it totally makes sense. The waist buckle has an awesome (trust me I mean this...especially with a heavy baby) lower back support and comfy straps too. 

Another thing that I liked which was different from others I have tried is that it has an attachable hood to cover baby. A few snaps and loops and it's on! I even tried this with M on my back (holds up to 45 lbs...she's only 32) and it was great. She likes piggyback rides but can't hold on well enough yet so this was great for me to be able to do that with her. 

For me... the straps were comfy....everything is adjustable, so you just have to find the way that you like the best. Plus it's really soft (100% organic cotton) so you don't need to worry about the stiffness that some carriers happen to have.

Now because there are so many options.... I do carry the instructions with me....I like that there are illustrations in the directions (trust me...the first few times I NEEDED them). Now that I'm comfortable with a few positions I'm going to start practicing the others to see which one Mr. Momma's boy likes the best. He's a bit young for the hip position but he has a really straight back and he is a bigger baby, she he had no problem with it. 

Thanks to QHouseKids for sending one over for us! This will be great for our nature hikes!

For more information and ordering please visit
You can also follow them on FACEBOOK


Monday, June 3, 2013

Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Oat Crunch - Product Review and 25 Winner Giveaway!! #HNCHeartyOatCrunch

I received a box of Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Oat Crunch for review from General Mills as part of a Mom Central Campaign. In honor of General Mills making something "new" I thought I would share something old that we turned into new as well! With baby T arriving we needed to change M's old room into something new for him. With a few changes, some really cool accessories and some creativity we changed a moon and star themed room into a baseball themed room for our little slugger! 

A new lamp..."Eat, Sleep, Play Baseball" decal, "Keep Calm and Go Jays" print....a large print of a catcher's mitt and ball and a killer quilt made by his Aunt we got off to a great start! The best part.... Daddy made T a baseball shelve...I saw it from an online source and knew we could totally kill this DIY! Daddy bought some nice pieces of wood...stained them and put them together on a threaded rod. In between the shelves we put cored baseballs (5 on each end as well as 1 extra for the top and bottom on each side to hide the nuts and bolts). We LOVE how it turned out and it's perfect for T's room... plus it was a great way to get rid of the bucket of used baseballs we had in the garage!

Now that I shared my story... let me tell you about this cereal...and why I like it. First of fave cereal... has clusters like this one... my second fave... Honey Nut Cheerios. I've been actually mixing the 2 cereals for years... and they've now done it for me! LOVE IT! I now don't have to have 2 boxes of cereal take up space in our cupboard and I'm one happy Mommy. 

My first 25 readers that click this link... will get a free box!

If you miss being one of my first 25 readers..... visit the Life Made Delicious Facebook page HERE and share your story about turning something old into something new! You'll get a chance to get a box of this cereal for FREE!!  Keep your eyes open too... General Mills will be adding 7 news products to their line-up!!! There is 2 coupons up for grabs for fans between June 3rd-25th...while supplies last!
Thanks to General Mills and Mom Central for hooking me and my readers up!

“Disclosure – I am participating in the Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Oat Crunch Blogger Campaign by Mom Central Canada on behalf of General Mills, and received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.” 


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Winners..........Week of June 1st

Congratulations to all this weeks winners! I've already emailed each of you, please respond within 48 hours! Thanks for entering everyone! There is still a ton of prizes up for grabs! Visit the "Giveaways" tab and click "Current Giveaways" for all the live ones!!! :)

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Super, Incredible Big Sister book - Product Review and Discount Code!

I received a personalized copy of The Super, Incredible Big Sister book for review from I See Me. I have done a review for them in the past which was awesome, so when they reached out to me another time for their June book of the month I was more than happy to fit them in the schedule. The Super, Incredible Big Sister book is awesome!!! M LOVED it! Actually... she makes us read it almost every night!

Its all about showing the big sister (or brother) that they are a big help and are appreciated and loved. It also comes with a medal to award them for being a super star, which I think this is her fave part of the story. We always put it on her and tell her how much T loves her. Then she turns around ans gives him a kiss and thanks him. It's really cute.

Once again I really liked the quality of the book and how the personalized aspects fit well throughout the story. The illustrations are cute and vibrant too....we love this book! Thanks to I See Me for sending out such a great keepsake for M.

For more information and ordering please visit
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Discount Code: SUPER (to get 15% off The Super, Incredible Big Sister or Brother Books) - Expires June 30, 2013.