Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - Product Review

When I was approached by to try their service I was intrigued as I have never tried a
food delivery service before. What I liked about them? They are organic...and deliver in the GTA. They also ship nationwide...but the best part.... they donate 10% of each order to a charity of your choice!!! No, they don't mark-up their prices to some ridiculous amount to cover their costs... they are online only and work with bloggers like myself to help provide WOM marketing efforts.

What did we receive in our pack? The Small Weekly Staples Bin...obviously it would be delivered to you weekly... includes 1L glass bottle of Harmony Organic Milk.. I chose skim, it also has a $2 refundable deposit. 1 dozen large Green Valley Free Run Eggs and a loaf of whole wheat multi grain bread from Brick Street Bakery. Everything we received and obviously tasted was SO GOOD and fresh! Almost the whole loaf of bread was gone for dinner and M chugged 2 glasses of milk! They also sent T some organic baby cereals to try out...oatmeal, brown rice and mixed grain from Healthy Times Org. Like always Mr. Piggy had no problems tasting or eating a whole bowl of any of them...LOL.

I had such a great experience with this service, it really was simple to use....and you can order almost anything. They even have household and personal items that you can add to your weekly bins (they have a veggie one too btw!)....and gluten free for those that are looking for too! Thanks to for letting us try out your service! We'll be sure to check out all the yummy stuff like natural turkeys and baked goods too....maybe even the organic candy canes will make it into our stockings this year!

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Frogglez Goggles - Product Review

I received a pair of Frogglez Goggles for M to try out at her swimming lessons. These are swim goggles that
have a really cool strap to help them stay on. M hates goggles but didn't mind these, I got her to try them at swimming but I think she got embarrassed that she was the only ones wearing them, so they didn't last long, but she said she would totally wear them at the cottage and swimming at her Aunt's house. I think once she gets the hang of them she'll love them!

The band didn't tug at her hair and she could get them on herself. I liked that they fit well and they float! Which means, whenever she decided to ditch them, they're easy to fish out. I think that may just be the best part besides looking really cool. You don't need to adjust them at all, they do come in different sizes too so you'll find a pair for everyone in the family! Overall, totally a great idea thought up by a Dad who noticed a ton of issues with his kids current goggles....Thanks Frogglez!

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Hot Dots Let's Master Reading Set - Product Review and Giveaway

I received a Hot Dots Jr.- Let's Master Kindergarten Reading set for review from Educational Insights. It
comes with 2 books and a talking pen that tells you if you have the correct answers or not. I really liked that the pen lit up...talked and even it was shaped like a dog which M thought was cool too.

We have other products like these and she gravitated to "Ace" because he seemed more interesting than other versions. The 2 books include over 100 different lessons and are appropriate for her reading level etc. I found her even trying to read out the instructions which was great. I really, really liked that unlike others these books were nicely bound and the pen didn't mark up the pages when she answered the questions. You can also set the pen to answer with music or fun phrases from Ace.

Overall this is a great addition to my bag of tricks on teaching M how to read...and it's awesome for her to do in the car on the way to school! Thanks Education Insights!

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1 Set (winners may choose which grade level they want and whether they want a math or a reading set.)

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PINES Wheat Grass - Product Review

I received a jar of PINES Wheat Grass Powder for review. What is wheat grass powder you ask? Well... I
had no clue, so that was what intrigued me about trying it out. Some of the basics... the bottle I received was a one month supply...of powdered product. Basically it is a quick and easy way to make sure you get your daily intake of green leafy veggies, without...well... having to eat them. I used our blender to try this out... honestly, the color scared me. I threw in some bananas, blueberries and apples...some ice... a bit of yogurt (all stuff I had in the fridge) and some ice. I blended it up and put in some of the powder. My only thing is the color, seriously.... I usually have a thing with texture..but I was ok with that...the smoothie tasted awesome. The color threw me off completely, so really the next time, I just need to put it in a travel mug so I don't see it.

This is organic and totally easy to use... I can even throw some in our pasta sauce, and no one would know that we're eating all our greens for only 10 calories. I also tried this in a glass of juice... wasn't a sticking to hiding it in food and smoothies. They also have this particular one in pill form... I could always get some of those too...but this is pretty easy, and you only need a bit of powder...who really ever eats a properly balanced diet? With get that one step closer!

Thanks PINES! 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Kalencom Diaper Bag Sale!!!

A while ago I did a review post for Mothers Choice Products... well they reached out to let me know that
they are having a HUGE pre-black friday sale on their Kalencon Diaper Bags! Um...ya... 70% OFF!!!! Seriously???

Here's one I've got my eye on! Go check it out before they go back to regular price! One of these would make a great gift for the Mom 2 Be in your life this holidays!

Happy shopping!!!!

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Ripley's Aquarium

We had a chance to take M and T to Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto, so we decided to go as a family. This place is AWESOME!! M loved it! Between the dangerous lagoon and rainbow reef M was in awe..and really so were we. She was a bit freaked out with all the touch tanks, but hubby and I got in there and touched some sharks...horseshoe crabs and rays. My fave....omg...the jellyfish tank...planet jellies...sooo fun... bright and colorful and took some killer shots! (please remember that the pics in this post are property of The Baby Bottom Line...if you would like to use them, all you need to do is ask :) ).

Wondering what the Dangerous Lagoon is?? Say hello to a glass tunnel with a walkway right through it... and yes... this tunnel runs right through a 2.5 million liter fish tank that contains anything from sea turtles to sharks. There is also a moving sidewalk (think magic carpet on a ski hill) that brings you through the entire thing. We loved this so much that we went through it more than once. Out of the tunnel and in to kiddie land.... tons of fun stuff for the kids like a water table, horseshoe crab touch tank and playground. M could have stayed there forever!

Another fave was the was full of picture perfect little friends... like my new buddy the lion fish. I had a salt water tank growing up and I remember our lion fish being one of my favorite fishes, aside from our clown and parrot fish. Rainbow reef... AMAZING! All of us love the was unbelievable! We even got to see the diver go in for a presentation but the fire alarm went off so it was cut short and we didn't get to see much of it. We'll definitely go back and make sure we stay for the show!

Thanks to Ripley's for letting us come for a visit, we will definitely be back!

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

HBD Baby - Product Review and Coupon Code!

I received a black shuttle Okiedog baby bag from HBD Baby for review. There is a large center pouch and a few on the outside of the bag as well. I liked that it has 2 loops to attach soothers or other items in the big area of the bag. I also liked that the outer zippered pocket had 3 spots for bottles and that it is insulated. This I had to get use to as most of the bags I've tried had the bottle pockets on the inside of the biggest compartment or on the corners of the outside of the bag. It was a nice change to be honest, because it gave more room on the inside of the bag. I liked the area for my stuff... enough room for my phone, wallet and some chap-stick and other items.

I looooved the accessories that came with this bag. The accessory pouch fits a ton of stuff and it's really cute. The hooks with the clipix system are awesome. Once you've put on the holders you can snap on the hooks or even the bottle holder to your stroller. It also comes with a change mat that has an antibacterial treatment and is easy to fold up and throw in the bag. I found that it was a little thin for what we're use to, we like the ones that have memory foam.. I find they last the longest, but it is a good size!

Overall, I liked that this was a really light bag...cute colors/pattern and I really liked the over sized zipper pulls. It makes it easy to get where you need to be really quickly and close things up with one hand. Plus it is a good size to even use for an overnight bag! Great gift for the mom to be in your life these holidays!

Thanks HBD Baby!

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Coupon: HBDV24PROMO15 (15% off - expires Dec 31/13)


Friday, November 22, 2013

Peekaboo Poncho - Product Review

I received a Peekaboo Poncho for review. This is perfect timing for this review...the weather is starting to get colder and honestly... poor T looks like the stay puff marshmallow man with his jacket on running back and forth to and from the car. Plus, I take it off once he's in the car so he can be in his car seat properly.....what a pain! The worst part is running into the store but having to get them ready it a jacket that is totally uncomfortable and hard to carry them, grab the shopping cart cover, plus the diaper bag and everything else that you need. All the Mom's know what I'm talking The Peekaboo Poncho is the answer to this, and many other, awkward situations.

This is a jacket, shopping cart liner and car seat cover....yup, all 3! I actually picked up really quickly how to make the jacket work for me, hubby needed practice. I sat T in a seat that we keep by the do, put it over hit head and snapped and zipped him up. Got to the car, sat him in his seat... took the Peekaboo Poncho off... and buckled him in. I actually flipped it around and stuck his legs in the bottom to use as a blanket for the ride as well. Need to get out of the car again? Easy... unbuckled him, sat him up, slipped it over and picked him up...then pulled the rest down over his feet.

We went into the store and got a shopping cart.... I sat T in the back of the cart took off the Peekaboo Poncho placed the back of the poncho over the back part of the seat, put the hat through the leg hole in the cart and turned the rest of it inside out to fit over the handle bar. Wow...I made that sound really complicated, but it isn't. I loved that this covered the entire front of the cart... T couldn't touch any part of the shopping was great! Plus there's some velcro straps you can use to tether a toy to the cover.

Need a car seat cover? Easy... put up the bar of the carrier... and instead of putting it over their head as I explained before, place it over the carrier and pull the elastic edges over the front and the back of the seat. That's it! 

What I liked about this... it's warm.. the exterior is water and wind resistant.. inside.. sherpa! Which means it's super soft. It's HUGE! Literally M was wearing it around the house...she said she wants to bring it baseball for cold games! Finally... it washes awesome! It gets dirty... throw it in the washer and dryer. Done.

Thanks Peekaboo Poncho!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

25 Days of Christmas - Product Review

I received a 25 Days of Christmas kit from Simply Fun Families For review. What is it you ask?? It is a Christmas countdown of FUN items/ideas to share with your family. There is a total of 35 I was sure to go through and pick the ones I thought were the best for us (there is also 5 blank ones, so feel free to make your own ones)... and checked our calendar to make sure the more elaborate ones were scheduled for a good day. The kit also comes with 25 dated envelopes so you can set out your cards each day.

Once I figured out which ones I thought we could do as a family I sat down and made a shopping list of any items I would need to purchase to ensure that we had everything we needed! This is such a cute idea... it gets the entire family involved in activities we can all do together, and I think this will make for an awesome yearly tradition.

Here are a few of my MUST DO activities:
  • Picnic dinner under the Christmas tree - seriously? so cute!!!
  • Buy some groceries and deliver them to the food bank - um... yes!
  • Enjoy a mini candy cane with breakfast today! - OH YA!!!
  • Write and decorate a letter for Santa today - MUST do!!!!
  • Donate a loved toy to Goodwill! - Yup!
There are so many other really cute ones, it would take me forever to'll just have to purchase your own kit!!! I think we're going to have a blast with this... can't wait to start!

Thanks Simply Fun Families!!!

For more information and ordering please visit!christmas/clfs


Mattel - Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year again!!! This year will be super special because T's birthday is a week after Christmas...which means he gets double the presents and I'm already ready because of all the Holiday Gift Guides that are out! Once again, I'm sharing some information about Mattel's HGG...why?? Because it's awesome!!!

What's on it this year you ask??? Well... The Laugh and Learn™ Crawl Around™ Car, which T absolutely loves... we went to the launch of it and he had a blast! Check out my review of T's first set of wheels HERE! In that same link you'll see the Puppy’s and Friends Table as well as 3 other items on this years HGG.... the Little People® Disney Klip Klop Princess Stable, Barbie® Mariposa Cantania Doll and the Barbie® Mariposa Doll! We had a blast playing with everything and the kids thought it was really cool to get to try it all out!

There is also a TON of other really cool stuff that's in their HGG this year.... make sure that what you're buying is not on your fave LOs #Unwishlist (take a look at the video Mattel came up fave.. the little girl who sheds a tear because she didn't get what she's really funny).

Ready to rock?? Here we go.....for the boys...Imaginext® made the list with their New Batcave...which looks pretty gnarly... hubby would have 100% put that on his Christmas list if he was a kid again! Perfect for the little crime fighter in your fam! Thomas and Friends™ Trackmaster™ Quest for the Crown is a multi-level track train set that has it's ups and downs as you're LO lets his imagination go wild! This one... totally have my eye on... I'm thinking I want to get T a Thomas play table for his birthday...this would be a perfect travelling version! Max Steel Turbo Fighters are on the list for your 6+ yr old to have battles that can be customized to exactly how they want them! Hot Wheels® Triple Track Twister Set (another one hubby would have wanted) for the speed demon in your family. This one has a stand for your iPad so you can use the Action Capture App to take playing with this to the next level! Another Hot Wheels® made the list with the Wall Tracks™ Roto Motion Speedway, this looks crazy! It has a claw that can grab a car and move it to a different part of the track.... really... I think this was what all the men in our lives dreamed of when they were kids!

For the little ladies, other than the 3 products we got to try out, the Barbie® Dreamhouse™ made the list, and I'm pretty sure M may just give up her left arm for this one! This is huge and the attention to detail is crazy! Right down to brand name kitchen appliances and flush-able toilets! The 2013 Holiday Barbie® Doll
is dressed in silver and is winter themed....25th anniversary edition! Lastly, Monster High® made the list this year again, but this year... you'll notice their threads have a hint of Moroccan to them and they've went over the top with the fun details.

Personally... Mattel hit another home run this year! Everything is fun...colorful and I'm sure on every kid's list this year! Plus... don't forget to hit up the Mattel Digital Shop n' Play at the CN Tower!! It's an awesome virtual way to take care of that long holiday list!


Fisher Price - Product Review

M and T received a bunch of stuff to try out from Fisher Price. T got to try out the Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car and the Puppy's and Friends Table. The Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car is just awesome... T LOVES it! We actually had the chance to go to the launch of this toy in Toronto, which was a blast by the way... everyone was awesome and T had a ton of fun. This is definitely going to be the hottest toy for the LO's this holiday! It has a ton of songs and fun things, including a shape sorter in one door and a ball ramp in the other. The dashboard is a lights up and they can play with the gear shift...steering wheel, radio and more! Omg... T was hilarious... he kept honking the horn and laughing... I was was awesome! I liked that there were different settings so he could have fun and dance with the music...or learn his colors and letters. Even the door was interactive and the windshield wiper is interactive!! The door can open and close....and the windshield turns to day and night! I even caught M in it quite a bit!

The Puppy’s and Friends Table is a table that has a different activity for your LO on each corner.  We started with putting the table top on the floor so he can try it out without me having to watch him like a hawk. I wanted to see what he gravitated towards... and I wasn't surprised when he headed for the little laptop first! Maybe he'll stay away from mine now that he "has his own" lol. Once he checked that out he headed for the book corner of the table. The other corners have a piano and a phone (which actually comes off too, it's really cute). There are different modes on the table as well...learning, music, imagination and there's even a bilingual setting. T loves music so this was awesome... plus I know that he'll be able to grow with this table and learn from it too. The legs are easy to pop on and off, which makes it easy for me and even M to set up!

M just loved the Barbie® Mariposa Cantania and the Barbie® Mariposa Dolls . She hasn't seen the movie yet... but I'm sure uh-hem... Santa will remember to grab that one for her stocking... lol! Anyway, there's a button on the necklace of the Mariposa one that flips out her fairy wings and twists them open. It's nuts! I think M may have done that 50 times before actually getting down to really playing with her. To put her wings down, there is a crank on her back that you twist and it rolls them up and flips them into the skirt of her ball gown. 

Honestly, it's really, really cool! The Catania one has wings that flip up... you move them yourself, then you press the button (it's near where her belly button would be) and the skirt of her dress flips open. If you want to close the dress you just smooth it down. This one is a bit easier for M to flip back and forth from fairy to princess, but realistically...she's totally in awe of both of them! 

Lastly, the Little People Disney Klip Klop Princess Stable (Little People are my fave by the way... I love them!) is so much fun! There are 2 ramps that Rapunzel and Aurora can go down (on their horses of course) and even a turn table that plays music while they spin around. The little horses are really cute...they walk by
themselves...M loved watching them walk. I really liked the little things like how you send them through the door and it starts the music and makes horse sounds too. There's even a stable for the horses that they can walk out of. It's easy to activate the klip klop in the horses too, you just need to make sure they're on a area that's slanted and off they go! The attention to detail is really cute too... if you look at areas of the castle, you'll find little friends of the princesses! Plus you can buy extra princesses to add to the set.

We had a blast reviewing everything!! Thanks Fisher Price!!!

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Child to Cherish - Product Review and Holiday Gift Guide!

I received a Baseball Time Out Spot for review from Child to Cherish. Every parent says the words "Go to time out".... whether it be a corner, a stool....a mat or a bench... every LO has their "spot" when it comes to needing a breather and disciplining them. This... is such a cute idea!!! It is literally called the "Time Out Spot"... a small round carpet that you can place where ever is best for you (and rolls up so you can take it with you if you're going away) with a lined rubber bottom.  The one we received is baseball themed (totally "us") and it says "3're out!". I love that it has a ball diamond in the middle of it too! They have some really cute other themed ones like...princesses or pirates, plus for those that are looking for something a little more basic, they have some solid colored ones to choose from as well.

I took a look at some of their holiday items.... really cute! LOOOVE the idea of the Santa's message plate set, and they also have wool stocking kits! Other gift ideas include; crayon aprons (which is genius) and really, really fun and functional! Snowprint and globe hand print kits, which is perfect for your LO's 1st Christmas as well as cute themed piggy banks that can match any decor!

Thanks to Child to Cherish for sending us the new Time Out Spot!!! I have a feeling T will be seeing it a lot as he grows older!! LOL!!!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Skinnaturals - Product Review

I received some Skinnaturals products to try out for review from Skinn Cosmetics. They are free of parabens, sulfates, gluten as well as petrochemicals and dyes. This 3 step system helps with keeping your skin wrinkle-free while removing any redness you may get. I get some redness so I was really excited to try this out. The first thing I tried out was the Calming is a creamy cleanser (personally I like foaming ones the best...makes my skin squeaky clean) but I did have a good lather going and it washed off really well. I liked that it didn't dry out my skin and made my skin really soft.

Step 2 is the Soothing Serum literally you need a tiny bit and it gets rid of the tougher red spots. I did notice that this made my skin a bit shiny where I put it, but any red areas did appear to be less irritated. The last step is the Comforting Crème. It is packed with vitamins to help you stay looking young and glowing.

Each of the 3 products have cucumber extract in them, so they smell great. Texture wise I liked that they were lighter formulations so they didn't weigh down your skin. The only thing I didn't like was the pumps.. I found that I needed to pump them quite a few times to get some of the product to come out and when I did it was always much more than I needed, so I feel like I wasted a lot.

Thanks Skinn Cosmetics!

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My Nature Pals Stroll and the Pack 'n Go Mini Mobile - Product Review

I received a Nature Pals Stroll and a Pack 'n Go Mini Mobile for review from Tiny Love. The Nature Pal Stroll is for 0+ months and can be attached to any carrier, or stroller... it has a claw on each end that you open up and place around the arm or side of the item. Then you just twist the ring and it closes to secure the bar in place. There are different sections that are easily shifted by moving a section of the bar. They each click so you can change the angle which makes it easier for your little one to reach all the fun stuff. I actually attached this to T's car seat to give him something new to play with. There are 3 fun areas for him to play with. The beaver has a ball rattle in the middle which spins....T couldn't get enough of this one. The middle one is a frog that has a prism in the center of it and the last one is a spinning flower...pull the zip chord and watch it spin! Both the frog and the beaver have a crinkle sound when you play with them and they have a hanging friend that makes it even the more fun! This is great for younger babies that are developing at a rapid pace. A lot of bright colors, things to reach out and grab.

The Pack 'n Go Mini Mobile is great for on the go! It is a portable (and compact) mobile that you can use at anytime anywhere. I clipped it to the shade on the stroller and T loved to look at it while we strolled through the much so he ended up drifting off on numerous occasions. This is a big deal... he rarely falls asleep while we're just walking around... he's not one for cat naps, he likes a good 3 or 4 hours of
uninterrupted sleep. Yes...all he does is sleep and eat...literally. I liked that I could throw this in the diaper folds up easily and I like the soft chimes it makes when it moves. Almost like a wind chime.

Thanks to Tiny Love for letting us try these out... the mobile is a great stocking stuffer for the holidays...and the removable toy bar is great for any LO.

For more information and ordering please visit
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My Nature Pals Stroll and the Pack 'n Go Mini Mobile (US/CAN)


Entry #116Melissa M.


Boppy - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received a pillow and newborn lounger from Boppy for review. The pillow is awesome! You can use it for nursing, tummy time and even for added support when your LO starts to sit unassisted. Yes, we all use nursing pillows for these reasons, but there are a few particular reasons why I like this one so much. I noticed the shape and thickness of this right is the pillow that "fit" me the best...better than some of the others I've tried. The material is great...super soft and the patterns are modern without being overly "baby". I like the fun animals on some of the patterns version even has pockets to store items for the LO during tummy time! There is a bunch of  options that you can choose as well...including different styles and patterns. T loved touching this because it was so soft...and even M stole it for a while to hang out and watch TV laying with her head on it. I loved the large zippered opening on the back of the makes it easy to remove and wash the cover in the machine. Need a gift for someone expecting a holiday baby?? This is it! I'm going to order one for a friend's daughter....who is expecting their first child!

My fave product out of the 2, just because of the stage we are at with T is the lounger. It is to be used as a hangout spot for your new LO. Think of it as a papasan chair pillow...but little! It is nice and light so you can tote it around with you. T likes to lie down while watching his fave show and have a bottle so this is now his hangout spot. Its nice a cushy for him and he's big enough to sit on it and reach for toys around him to play with. It is primarily designed for when your LO is still little and not mobile. It holds them at the proper angle and doesn't make any noise! Best part...grab a wipe and voila...gone. You can also wash it in the washing machine which is great! Yes I realize that this is suppose to be for babies younger than him...but hey... you need to improvise once in a while so you get full use out of the products you buy right? I think it works and functions for many ages!

Thanks to Boppy for sending us out these to try!

For more information and ordering please visit
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1 Winner of a Boppy Pillow and 1 Winner of a Newborn Lounger (US only)


Entry #761Kimberly. - Pillow
Entry #207Gina B. - Newborn Lounger


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Will she be a slope bunny?


React Mobile

I had an opportunity to take a peek at a an app called React Mobile. It is a tracking app that allows users to keep in touch with friends and family and let them know if they have reached their destination safely or not. It's easy to use... if you're in trouble...hit the SOS option to send out a message (via text, email etc) to the contacts you have added into your list. You also have 6 seconds to cancel this before the message gets sent out, so if someone sent it in error, you have time to stop the message. If you send out an SOS message you also have the option of dialing 911 which is a great option if something is really wrong.

There is a "follow me" option which enables a contact(s) of your choosing to locate you via GPS (you can have a time limit to this which I thought was a cool idea) and... when you want to let them know you've made it to where you were the "I'm safe" button so they have peace of mind. There is also an option to post to Facebook and Twitter!

To let everyone know this is available for the iPhone and iPhone touch and some Android devices. This is a great idea to help keep track of your kids... not gonna lie... this would be awesome when M is older. She would be able to discreetly tell me she made it to the movies etc without getting embarrassed in front of her friends by having to call home. Plus...all your friends that are online dating.... great idea for making sure that everything is ok too! I'm sold.

Thanks React Mobile! 

Wanna check them out? Visit or download the app on iTunes or Google Play


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Toppy Toddler - Product Review

I received a Toppy Toddler's No-mess Baby and Toddler Bib from Toppy Toddler for review. So...there's 3 pieces to this system.... a waterproof bib, matching place-mat and suction bowl. The suction bowl I
received was a Nuby one...but this is compatible with any version by any I won't really discuss the bowl itself. First thing I did was put the place-mat down on T's highchair tray...put the bib on him and stuck the suction bowl down through the hole in the place-mat. There is a velcro strip so you can attach the bib to the place-mat as well. This feature is great because it creates a pocket so Mr Messy can't throw anything on his lap.

Well... this worked great... T couldn't take the bowl off his tray... and all I had to do was wrap it all up and stick it straight in the sink to rinse off. There was nothing on his lap...or smeared everywhere because it was covered with the bib and place-mat combo. I like this for when we go out for dinner.... I always feel bad because he makes SUCH a mess, and this is easy to use, fits in the bag and saves us from having to apologize up and down! I also liked that you can throw this in the washing machine....and even in the dryer! So when you need a good wash you know its easy to do.

Thanks Toppy Toddler!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Nutrience natural and grain free pet foods - Product Review

I received some sample packs and a coupon for a bag of Nutrience natural and grain free pet food to get one of our fur babies R to try out. Some of you may know...we have quite the zoo in this house which include 2 fur babies and a crustacean....LOL. This trial I decided to let our feline friend take part....because well...he's totally not a picky eater, which makes it easier. 
The one that we tried is grain free and is made for pets of any age and even those with food sensitives. R...well he eats just about anything... and ever since M could walk he's been a chewer (which means he tends to over-groom)... it has to do with him being a bit nervous at times. Anyways, he doesn't have any stomach issues...and he's a big boy (not over weight...just a BIG cat) so we figured he could take on trying something new.

What's great about this food... grain free... which means its full of protein, eggs, fruits and veggies as well as healthy fats and added supplements. I took a look at the ingredient list...first item...turkey. Keep going through the first 10+ items and they are all easy to understand, what does that mean? It means they are good for you and not packed with preservatives!

Overall, R took a few days to get use to the change, but that was it. I feel good knowing he's getting all the nutrience he needs and its a bonus that he enjoys it. Only down side....bit on the more expensive side and not available at places we frequent on a weekly basis.

Thanks to Nutrience for letting us try this out!

This food isn't available everywhere so check out for more information!


Friday, November 8, 2013 Box - Product Review

I received a box from for review. First thing I liked about this subscription box.... you can pick make-up, accessories or intimate products, and they're all full sized. I picked make-up... I have a thing for make-up even though I couldn't be bothered some days to even put it on....what mother can though right? I liked the process of setting up my was a little lengthy...but totally worth it. You go through and basically take a survey of products you would like to see in the box...and rate them on a scale of how much you like them, this is your Style Quiz. Once you pick the larger topics it goes more in depth so you can get down to color choices and even if you like shimmer or not. An example... I chose eye shadow as an interest...the liked neutral colors and shimmer and matte finishes. Its more of a dislike, like, love type of scale.

What did I receive? Girlacktik Beauty eye shadow is sable , a JAPONESQUE travel smudge brush, Manna Kadar lash primer, Whip Hand Cosmetics cheek flash in blush (these were all full sizes) and a sample of Skiin instant skin tightener &  fine line filler. First of all...awesome...all of it. Faves are definitely the shadow and travel smudge brush. The brush is perfect for a small travel bag and the shadow really blends well and I love the it retails for almost $20, so this subscription box it totally worth it. The lash primer... never have used one before so this was new for me...but it did make my lashes look thicker once I added my mascara on top vs. just having the mascara on. 

The blush is loose powders and the color was is quite shimmery so I found a little goes along way. The Skiin line filler...not sure if I'm using it properly, so need a bit more practice, but was great to try something out that I wouldn't have necessarily bought before.

This was a really fun one... thanks!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Duux baby projector - Product Review

I received a Duux baby projector for review from Svan. It projects moon and stars on the ceiling while
having the option to play music at the same time. There is 3 different color options for the, blue and green. T liked the blue one...I could hear him cooing and talking to them when I put him down for his nap. I like that the music and nightlight both have an auto shut off which is great and the nightlight is voice activated too! If the LO stirs in the middle of the night, it will reactivate itself and put them right back into dream land! 

I loved the look of this... really sleek and modern. Also liked the color options and the nightlight function. There are 3 lullaby music selections to choose from. We weren't a fan of the music...but it's because T likes nature sounds rather than music, but other than that...we love it for the projection and light options!

The Duux line also includes some really, really cool humidifiers and an air purifier. They use cool mist and 83% less look great! We're actually looking into get both M and T new humidifiers... hers has finally kicked the I'm going to find these for each of them! There are so many options from Duux... they make great gifts not only for the new baby but for the holidays!

Thanks to Duux and Svan for sending this out to us....M really likes it too... hopefully she doesn't steal it from his room!

For more information and ordering please visit
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bonus @kernelspopcorn Giveaway!!!! #CCClub won! Thanks @PTPA

I was super pumped when I heard that Creamy Caramel won the Kernels Contest!! What does this mean??? It means that I can give away another 4 GCS... $25 each! I really did have a good time with this Ambassadorship, so a huge thanks goes out to Kernels and PTPA!

For more information please visit
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Want the Kernels App that I love! Click HERE or visit Google Play Store on your Android device!

$25 GC for Kernels (4 winners)


Entry #761Rose H.
Entry #2435Amirah M.
Entry #2269Shawn M.
Entry #915Darlene S.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mighty Handles - Product Review and Giveaway!!

I received some Mighty Handles for review....1 word... genius. I gave a set to my Mom and to my Aunt and
they came back with the same reaction I had. Honestly... it's so simple yet works really, really well. It is a non-slip  handle that has an anchor shaped piece attached which you hang your grocery/shopping bags on. Simple right? Well it helps you balance the weight (up to 50lbs) so you can not only carry more...but make sure your comfortable while doing so.

The handles didn't pinch anywhere and they were really easy to slip the bags on and off. I even attached them right in the shopping cart, then when I put them in the car...gave the handle a few turns and the bags were A-OK when we made it home. I could carry T...the bags and the baby bag without any trouble. This was awesome because I didn't have to keep carrying T back and forth to the car to empty it out. Obviously I can't leave him by himself so the 1 trip it too to empty everything was a nice change. 

My Mom has issues with her hands (arthritis) so these were awesome for her because it made it easier for her to carry everything and they are ergonomically correct too! Bonus...totally green... 100% recyclable and they're dishwasher safe!

Hands down... awesome stocking-stuffer for the shopaholic in your life... well... and really anyone in your life that carries anything! Thanks Mighty Handle for saving me time and energy...which as a Mom of 2 is lacking!

For more information and ordering please visit
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2 Might Handles - 1 winner!


Entry #480SueSueper S.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hasbro - Product Review and Holiday Gift Guide!

I received a few items from Hasbro to review. M got to try out the new Showcam Digital Camera and Projector...the pretty girly version of course! OMG... this is awesome!!! Super easy for her to click pics of everything...the buttons are larger and easy for her to understand. Plus she can add cool effects by herself like adding accessories and funny objects to the pics she had just taken or even animations. Then...the best part...flip the lever on the front and it projects to the images onto the wall. Honestly, there is a ton of things you can do with this...we didn't get through them all just yet! It takes 4 AA no need to worry about having to charge batteries...I actually like this for kids products because it saves me from having to label yet another charger in this house...and not forget where we put it too! You can download the pics via USB....its not included but I used my camera one and it worked! I also liked that she could do all the editing herself right on the camera. I didn't have to fuss with it at all and it saves about 1000 pics! The size of it is on the larger size....great for little hands to get a good grip, and durable too! It comes with a hand strap...but M gave it quite a beating and it was fine.

M and T have been fighting over the next thing they got to try out. The Playskool Rock*tivity Piano toy is currently T's fave! There is 3 settings (english, french and music), the keys light up and the lever changes the song etc. There's also a button that changes what sound the keys make when they're pressed or rolled over. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this... one of the songs in the music setting is "Love Song" by Sara ya... totally sang that to both my kids...not sure why but I LOVE that song. Plus there is some classical and other music to give it a great range of choices. Bonus...2 volume settings... and it's not one of those toys where you want to rip out the batteries every time someone is playing with it.
Finally T got to try the Pop 'n Pick Up Elefun...put the balls in and it pops out the trunk of the elephant. We had M pushing in around and T going after the balls...also, we had him standing up hold it for a good 10 seconds too! (where has the time gone...he's getting so big now...waaahhhh...LOL). T would load the balls from the top of the elephant and M would pick them up by running them over...there's a channel in the bottom of the elephant to reload them by pushing the elephant over it. We did notice this worked better on carpet..the balls didn't scoot away like they did on the hardwood floor. I liked that you can store all the balls in the toy...2 in the shoot and 3 up the handle (5 comes with). The best part was hear T's laugh every time a ball popped out... OMG... we were all laughing so hard... I couldn't take it...we had a blast.
Thanks to Hasbro for sending us out some of their holiday items to try out! They were awesome!! A few friends have already added them to their lists for this year! Definitely Gift Guide worthy.
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Children Learning Reading - Product Review

I received a digital copy of the Children Learning Reading step-by-step learn to read program. I starting reading through the different ways children learn how to read and how to teach them to blend and sound out the words to give them the ability to do it on their own as well. At a very young age M was reading small board books however...she is the queen of memorizing, so I was hoping that this program will be able to take her to the next level so she can read larger books by herself.

I have started working more and more with M using this program and have noticed that she is getting better with sounding out words that she doesn't recognize and can blend smaller words without even thinking about it. Larger words we are working on but the good thing is that she already knows her letters and the sounds they make, so now it's all about practice. I'm hoping to have her reading fully by herself by the new year.

The only thing that I really didn't like was that it was strictly a digital version. You really need to read the beginning of the book to understand how children learn and how this program will work for you. I did find it a rather hard read for myself as it was somewhat lengthy, I understand why, but I like hard copies better...I like to highlight etc. So what did I do.... printed it out at Staples... $45...OUCH! I did print the lessons and other materials it was over 400 pages total.

The great thing is that this program has proven to work on kids as young as 2, so I can start T early and hopefully have him reading before her starts school. Overall, I've seen some great changes in M already, so we're going to stick with this program and get her to the top of her JK class in no time. Thanks for the opp to try this out!

For more information and ordering please visit

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


The Healthy Shopper Picks for Fall 2013 - Product Review

I got to try out The Healthy Shopper Picks for Fall 2013 (I previously reviewed Fall 2012 and Spring 2013) - I really like doing these as it opens our eyes to new, healthy products that are yummy and kid friendly!Lets get started..there was a ton in this one!

Pamela's - Gluten free baking products.... OMG... the chocolate cake was AWESOME... seriously. With a LO and a hubby with a sweet tooth... they LOVED IT. The cake, pancake mix and flour will now be a staple in this household. Really...really good.... and we've never tried gluten free anything, so we were in shock how good they were. What does that mean? We'll probably try out the cookie and brownie versions too with the coupon from the book!

Hyland's - Kids cough' n cold remedy (it is homeopathic) came at a good time...M had a killer cold and this totally helped her during the day. I have actually tried the night time version of this and swear by we KO'd that cold with the day and night remedies. Works great and she likes the taste.

Olympic Dairy- Krema, mmmmm Greek yogurt...and they're 100% natural! M really likes yogurt so this didn't last long in the fridge. She did notice a texture difference, but didn't care...ate it anyway! LOL.

Simply Natural- Certified organic ketchup and mustard.... ok... here's the thing... ketchup...sorry...its Heinz for me, so I gave this to my sister in law to try along with some of the mustard. The Dijon mustard will be restocked in this house for sure! I used it for a home made Caesar dressing and it worked awesome and tasted good without over powering the salad. They're fat free too!

Kiju - 100% organic juice boxes.... M LOVED the mango...the pomegranate/cherry she wasn't a fan of but still took them in her lunch box until we finished the packs....she really is a trooper while we test out stuff! They are sweetened naturally, which sugar!

North American Herb and Spice - Oregano oil soft gels....I'm not one for taking pills, but these are suppose to help your body fight off anything from colds to parasites (yikes!) and is to be taken daily. It is natures extra umph to keeping you cold free this winter!

Thanks to Healthy Shopper for letting us try out the Fall picks! We look forward to the next one!

For more information and to find out where you can grab all these great products and coupons, please visit

Want to find out more about these great products? Check out their websites!
Hyland’s Cold ‘n Cough 4 Kids:
Kiju Organic Juice Boxes
Pamela’s baking mixes
North American Herb and Spice
Olympic Dairy Krema Greek Style Yogurt
Simply Natural Organic Ketchup & Mustard