Tuesday, July 29, 2014

CAA Distracted Driving Campaign #CAAfocus

Every year CAA launches their Distracted Driving campaign!  It is an awesome initiative where you go online and pledge that you will do your part to end distracted driving. I've seen a ton of people talking or texting on their phones while they are driving...including a bus driver (with a bus full of kids) and the driver was on their phone sending a message. This is not OK! And...yes... I did my part a called in the bus number, because... if my kids were on that bus and someone saw what I did, I would hope they would call so I know my children are kept safe. Honestly after seeing that...I decided to not even take my phone out of my purse in the car.

Did you know that distracted driving is one of the most common causes of collisions? Are you surprised? I'm not! The worst part.... this is totally avoidable, so why risk changing your life forever? Sometimes it's not even technology that distracts you... take the time to think about everything you do in the car besides drive. Make-up? Eat? Pick up something off the floor? Turn to talk to your kids? There's a ton of ways and each one of them is not a good enough reason to risk your life and the lives of others.

I realize, we've all sent a text message while driving, and we know it's not a good idea.... but here's your chance to promise to put that phone away! This is my pledge and promise to both myself and my kids.
Lets let everyone know why this is SO important and help save lives!

Now, it's your turn! From July 29th - Sept 12 "Make the Promise to end Distracted Driving" and don't forget to join the Twitter Party on Aug 5th at 12pm EST. Be sure to use #CAAfocus

CLICK HERE to take the pledge to keep your focus on the road!

Check out CAA at http://www.caasco.com
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament! #MTFan #CAArewards

We had a chance to go to Medieval Times this past weekend. M and T loved it! We started off by receiving our crowns and then got to take a picture with the King and Princess before going into the arena. Once we got in the arena we were thrilled to find out that we got to sit in the front row where we could waive our flags and cheer on our knight! We got to cheer on the red knight, Baron Ruiz de Roig, and he was awesome!

The tournament started off with us welcoming the horses and them giving an awesome performance. M loves horses, and T was just in awe of their size! We then got to see one of the birds of prey fly around the arena, and it landed right in front of us!

Dinner included tomato soup with garlic bread, both M and T loved it. The main course included chicken, a spare rib and herb-roasted potato. Dessert was coffee/tea and an apple turnover. M thought it was totally fun to eat with our hands all evening... T... well... there wasn't much of a change there but he ate a ton! LOL!!

The tournament included different events including jousting and hand to hand battle. Round after round our red knight kept winning and moving on to the next event. Each of the knights who were victorious in the event received flowers to hand out to their court. M was actually named the Queen of the tournament by our knight. He gave her a sash as a token as well....she was in heaven!! A little embarrassed, but she can't stop talking about it! To top it all off, the red knight actually won the whole tournament, so I think our cheering worked! 

We had an awesome evening together and it is a bonus that CAA Members save not only on the actual ticket price but earn CAA dollars at the same time! I use my CAA card everywhere for awesome rewards, for just being a member! I've used it anywhere from hotel discounts to discounts on travel insurance! Thanks CAA and Medieval Times!

To get your tickets check out http://www.medievaltimes.com/toronto.aspx
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Check out CAA at http://www.caasco.com/
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Reallite flameless candles - Product Review

I received a Reallite and a Rainlite candle for review. Both candles I received were medium in size and ivory in color. Reallite candles are real wax candles, but they use batteries (2 AA)...so there isn't an open flame. The flame itself is actually and LED and it moves around like a real flame would. I loved that it has a timer on it so I don't have to remember to shut it off....it even comes on by itself too, which I thought was awesome. I love candles, always have but have stayed away from them for a while because of the animals and the kids. With these...I don't have to worry..plus the quality is awesome! They also come in 3 sizes and in a ton of different colors. I LOVE the turquoise ones...totally my style.

The Rainlite candle.... is awesome for the backyard!!! This one can be used inside or out and comes with a remote so you can choose whether you want the candle to flicker and how bright you want it as well. There is an 8-hour timer on this candle, which is perfect for hanging outdoors....and there are drainage holes to clear out any water that can get in the candle when it is outside. No worries there, it is totally waterproof and the heat won't ruin it either! These come in 3 sizes as well. I really liked this, it was a nice touch to hanging out in the back yard. I would love if they were able to somehow incorporate a citronella scent or maybe a patch to add to the candle. That would be awesome!!! It would save us from having to worry about the citronella candle flames as well too!

Thanks Abbott for sending us out 2 to try out... you have some awesome accessories and options for all the candles too!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.abbottcollection.com/
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Transformers: Age of Extinction - Product Review

We received 2 Transformers Age of Extinction figures for review. The Deluxe class figure we received was Scorn.... and man is he mean looking. He turns from a robot to a spinosaurus.... this one was for ages 8 and up so M did find it a bit difficult to change, honestly though... so did I. I'm sure once T is old enough and into these he'll be all over it! 

He's starting to get into action figures and understanding how independent play can be fun, so he'll love this! M and Daddy have played with this one a few times together and they don't need the instructions anymore to change it back and forth. Plus they go head to head with the other figure we got to try out.

The other one we received is for ages 5 and up and is from the Flip and Change line. We received Grimlock, who goes from a robot to a T-Rex in seconds. This one was less complicated to change over to the dino so M had fun and played more with this one.

Both these figures we enjoyed playing with... it made everyone sit down and play with each other. Plus... it peaked some interest in M to go to the ROM and learn more about dinosaurs. She also tried to talk us in to letting her watch all the movies as well... that's still a work in progress! LOL.

Thanks Hasbro!

For more information and ordering please visit http://www.hasbro.com


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hold-On-Handles and Cool ’N Cargo Stroller Cooler - Review

I received a JL Childress Cool ’N Cargo Stroller Cooler and a Hold-On-Handles for review from Oyaco. The Hold-On Handles are great now that M doesn't go in a stroller but T does. It's also great if your kids are older and don't need a stroller but you want to keep them close. This rope can be attached to a stroller (it has a carabiner) or you can slip your hand through the loop to use it anywhere at anytime. This is awesome... T likes it, and I don't have to use a backpack with a leash or a harness. The handles are cute... we have a lady bug and bumble bee....they are colourful and both kids can use them comfortably. The straps are adjustable, and I really liked the quick release buckle...just in case someone gets wrapped up! Everything is non-toxic and they used lead-free paint as well. Now that T is all over the place I really liked these for quick trips to the mall or grocery shopping when I just wanted to grab the umbrella stroller and hit the road. It's great for travelling and perfect for keeping them within arms reach while giving them a bit of independence.

The JL Childress Cool ’N Cargo Stroller Cooler is great for ball games and outings. It is insulated to keep
everything cool and it can attach basically to any part of the stroller. The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and the buckles are perfect for attaching it to the basket area of the umbrella stroller. This keeps it out of the way and also helps the stroller from flipping when T isn't in it. I also likes that there were a ton of pockets to add other items like my phone and some sunscreen. It makes my life easier by not having to carry a huge diaper bag on top of the cooler bag too. I liked this for the car as well.... yep.. attached it to the back of my seat so it's easy to reach and then can transfer it to the stroller once we get out.

These are both totally awesome!! Perfect for all our summer adventures, thanks Oyaco!

For more information and ordering please visit www.oyaco.com
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