Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Sense Of Connection, Commitment, And Protection Follows A New Birth

When a new baby is born, a new family is formed....and everyone's lives are changed forever. The baby is is passed around to mom and dad, as well as other siblings or extended family that have come from far and wide to welcome the new bundle of joy.

The whole birthing process, gives you an instant connection to the new child, and the everyone feeds off the the miracle of what has just happened. The baby is cleaned up; the umbilical cord is cut – usually by the father, which makes him feel like he's participating in the birthing process. Once the baby is wrapped tightly, it’s time to think about the future and who this LO will become.

Many families prepare for the birth of their baby months in advance. Some of this preparation includes painting a nursery, building a crib, baby proofing the house, researching the healthiest ways of making baby food, breast vs. bottle... and really... probably about a million other things!

Preparation can also mean protecting the baby’s health by thinking about the future, and what could happen. Many families choose to bank their baby’s cord blood following the birth, which begins when the father or a trained physician cuts the umbilical cord.

Umbilical cord blood is a valuable source of stem cells that have the potential to become blood forming cells.  When I read this, I was in awe. These cord blood stem cells can be a viable option for therapy to combat a variety of different blood diseases or disorders, and clinical trials are uncovering new uses for cord blood stem cells.

A baby’s cord blood is a genetic match to their DNA, and can be administered in a cord blood stem cell transplant years after the sample is initially collected. This makes cord blood a safe and easy option for therapy if ever the need should arise. The family needs to be ready to bank cord blood immediately after the birth, or else that sample is lost, so if you are thinking about doing so... enter it into your birth plan and make sure to tell the hospital staff once you arrive.

The birth of a newborn is a miracle for each new or existing family, with parents committed to protecting the health of their new baby no matter the cost. There are always new ways to uphold that commitment, and those ways could make all the difference one day down the road.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Minted - Product Review

I got to test out the Minted site and order a few items for them.  The site is super easy to use, and to personalize everything, and shipping... got everything within 3 days. Literally the fastest shipping I've seen in a very long time, especially coming out of the U.S. I personalized a 5 x 7 of their birth details for both M and T for a shadowbox that I'm trying to get started for them, but never seem to get too. There is a few things I really liked about Minted. 1.... the quality (you can choose if you'd like the standard printing/framing or museum quality). I also really liked that you could get the items framed with them as well. This particular piece comes in pink, green and blue. Loved that it is unique and comes in a ton of sizes too!!!

The next item was a Rhino print that I fell in love with! Totally abstract and perfect for the playroom! I got it in 24 x 24 size, which I ended up framing in a 18 x 24 black frame. The frames are available in a ton of stains through Minted (I loved the indigo stain) but I didn't want to change the type of shipping I was using, so I ordered without and bought separately.

Finally, I chose and personalized a journal for myself. It has 40 lined pages and you can personalize both the outer covers and the inner ones as well. Plus you can chose the type of paper used in it as well. I chose this so I can have both M and T draw me some pictures and I'll be able to keep them in 1 place... dated... and signed of course!

Overall, I loved my experience with Minted! Their customer service was great, shipping was amazingly fast and the quality of all the products is awesome! I would totally order from them again...there are some super cute prints available for M and T's rooms as well as Christmas cards I have my eye on! If you're looking for Birth Announcements... they have those too! Thanks Minted!

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Disney Live - Mickey's Rockin' Roadshow - After the show!

Last night we went to go see Mickey's Rockin' Roadshow at the Sony Centre and it was AWESOME! It was super interactive... the kids got up and bounced along with Tigger (who is hubby's fave btw).... danced with Woody and we all loved watching Mickey and Minnie's adventures trying to find the most talented friends to be a part of their talent show!

We followed them along their journey with Donald and Goofy as they hit the open road (and air at one point)...getting in trouble when they broke down and then again when they got a flat tire! Plus, Tink made a brief screen debut so that made M super happy! I really liked the Toy Story scenes...they were really well done and it made me want to go home and watch the movies again!

The talent show and finale was a ton of fun! I loved seeing such a mix of characters and it was packed with action! Both M and T made it through the entire show laughing, dancing and clapping!

Once again we had a total blast! AND the kids were well behaved... well to be completely honest, mine usually are...but man some other peoples may NOT have had as good of a time as we did, lets just put it that way! With a smaller venue than the Rogers Centre for the On Ice shows, we could hear a ton of melt-downs!!! LOL...but it is what it is right? All parents understand, and well, expect it! We had some pooped little ones after the show though... I don't even think we made it to the highway before both were passed out!

Don't forget ! Check out Disney Live FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages! If you go to the show make sure to tweet along with Hashtag #DisneyLive so we can see how much you enjoyed it! - Check out what we thought.... my live tweets HERE!

Would you like to take your little ones? Use codes: MUM44 - 4 tickets for $44.00 (weekday shows - Monday- Thursday), and MUM4 - $4.00 off (weekend shows - Friday - Sunday). Just a reminder these codes exclude Front Row and VIP tickets. Plus you can't double the discounts. Additional fees may apply. Limit of four (4) per purchase.


Pediped Spring/Summer 2014 Collection - Product Review

T received a pair of Pediped's Grip n Go Jake shoes in Navy to try out! The first thing I noticed was that these were super cute!!! Like really, really cute! They are a navy runner but have such a sleek look to them T can wear them with khakis, jeans... just about anything! The look isn't really the best part though, which I never thought I would say, but in this case it's totally true. Kids...especially the little ones like T who are just starting to walk... or should I say RUN in T's case. Man, he's getting quick!!! I liked that the laces on these shoes were fake, so mister I take every shoe and sock off, couldn't untie and takes these babies off! At the top of the shoe there is a velcro strap and even when T played with that and had it open he couldn't take off the shoe. 
In usual Pediped style, these are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Also, these have the Flex Fit System (which also came with a pair of boots M tried out). The shoes include a 2mm insole that you add underneath the built in one. It takes the shoe size down by 1/2 size, meaning T can wear them now and they'll still fit this summer! T walked really well in these, the soles are bendable and have a cushioned heal for extra comfort.
Pediped has a huge Spring/Summer collection that include "Memory Foam Technology™, water-safe Adventure Line and machine washable athletics" other words = comfy, easy to clean and perfect for summer! Plus, with over 70 new styles/colours.. I'm sure everyone will find something for each of their little ones.

These are perfect for my little runner! Super comfy, they look good and he loves them! Thanks Pediped! Looking for something for someone else? Check out the new Spring Summer styles from Brian James Footwear, the women’s footwear line from Angela Edgeworth, founder of pediped!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Disney on Ice - Let's Party! - After the show

Last night we went to go see Let's Party! Personally...I LOOOOVED it!!! There was so much action and I loved seeing all the different characters and holidays that we experienced over the course of the show. My fave part was the scene from Fantasia... and the finale. In the Fantasia scene they were cleaning up the very merry un-birthday party and Mickey had all the brooms helping clean up. Everything was done in black light and really, really cool! The finale got everyone back together.... included snow and some pyro.... AMAZING! 

M loved seeing all her fave princesses in the royal valentine's ball! T loved... well Mickey as usual, and he was in almost all of the show, so we had 1 squealllly little boy!! He loved this show!

We really did have a good time, and I think we would see this show again if it came back and we had the opportunity.

Don't forget to follow along! Check out Disney On Ice FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages! If you go to the show make sure to tweet along with Hashtag #DisneyOnIce so we can see how much you enjoyed it! I did! Check out my tweets HERE!

Friendly reminder if you want to take your little ones! Use codes: MUM44 - 4 tickets for $44.00 (weekday shows - Monday- Thursday), and MUM4 - $4.00 off (weekend shows - Friday - Sunday). Just a reminder these codes exclude Front Row, Rinkside and VIP tickets. Plus you can't double the discounts. Additional fees may apply.  Limit of four (4) per purchase.


Friday, March 14, 2014

March Break Hasbro Play-Cation!

We got to try out a bunch of games and toys from Hasbro over the course of March Break! This was M's first March Break so we tried to have something fun to do each day! Here's what we played with... My Little Pony Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash Pony Figure, Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Double Desserts Playset, Monopoly Junior Game, Disney Doc McStuffins Operation Game, Playskool Learnimals ABC Adventure Elefun Toy and the Playskool Sesame Street Elmo Bath Adventure Steamboat Toy.

The My Little Pony Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash Pony Figure M loves! She kept seeing commercials for this so when she got to try it out... amazed! You sit her down and she pops up and flips! She even lands back on her feet. T thought this was really cool too! Every time M made it flip he would laugh and giggle! M liked doing her hair and decorating her with the rub on designs. The Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Double Desserts Playset is really cool.. M loves Play-Doh and well.. she was all over this one really quickly. This set comes with a bunch of cool decorating while I was decorating her bday cupcakes, she was making her own Play-Doh ones! I thought this was cool.. it had a mini oven to bake the cupcakes and loved the molds in the lid to be able to make decorations for the cupcakes and other fun stuff!

The Monopoly Junior Game is awesome!!! It's a simplified version of the adult version of the game but made easy. You only use $1 bills so M didn't have any issue counting her money to buy her properties. It took a while for us to explain the game to her...she kept trying to buy the pet store and only wanted the pet store! LOL! It is the same idea as the original, but you buy the items, there isn't any houses or hotels, just a marker with your token on it and it costs $1 for each time you land on someone else's property etc. We're going to have to play this one a bit more... she'll get the hang of it I'm sure. I liked that even the tokens are the younger version of the classic game! M loved being the kitten by the way!
Growing up... one of my favorite games was Operation!!! Now, Hasbro has come out with a newer version that is Doc McStuffins themed. M loves the show so I was happy when she saw this game and was excited to try it out! Actually..she actually asked me if it came with the "big book of boo-boos" hahaha. I explained the game to her and how she needs to remove the little piece without touching the sides. What we both liked... that some items were themed... Chili had a snowflake...Lambie had a butterfly in her I liked that they did relate back to the actual show. Also, once you get the item get to put a band-aid on the boo-boo! She had fun with this one, and it is easier than I remember the original being....we loved this!

T got to try out 2 things as well! The ABC Adventure Elefun had over 75 different combinations of sounds, music and over 100 words, letters, colors etc to help your little one learn by interacting with it. Use the trunk to say what is in the picture..if you pull down the little mouse you get colors and shapes. I liked that T could flip the ear like opening and closing a door and slide the butterfly across the top to count. M loved playing "school" with him...showed him what each thing did and pretended she was teaching a class. It was really cute...he giggled and interacted with her, and she ate it up!  He loved this so much...we now take it everywhere! The only thing I wish is that it came with maybe a hook so you could hang it on the side of the play yard..or a strap maybe? M was ok with the size, but T had some problems handling it if it wasn't flat on the floor.

Finally the Sesame Street Elmo Bath Adventure Toy both M and T love bath time, so this one was a hit right away. T liked squirting water our of Elmo's mouth and M took it apart and liked playing with all the parts separately. Either way, they both had a blast and ended up being squeaky clean!

Overall this March Break Play-Cation was awesome!! We had a blast and everything we tried! Thanks Hasbro!

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bebe Bella Designs - Product Review

I received a red and blue Minky Chenille Blankee from Bebe Bella Designs for T to review. It is double sided, super soft and washes really well!!! It measures 15" x 15" and is a great size for a little snuggle without all the extra material of a full blanket. T loved feeling this blanket between his fingers and I even caught him rubbing it on his face too! LOL. I liked that he could grab it and take off with it without tripping because it was too big for him. The only thing I would add is a small strap or ring to ass a soother and it would be perfect for him! Bebe Bella Designs carries a ton of really cute stuff...there's accessories for the little ones aside from blankets etc and even some stuff for adults! I'd love a set of their pillow cases and a throw!! They have a ton of colors to choose from...and would make awesome gifts too!

Thanks to Bebe Bella Designs for sending him one to try out!

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Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.