Friday, September 19, 2014

#CAARewards with @CAASCO - I'm Hooked!

So, the month of August I've been shopping and getting M ready for SK! Needless to say we've been bouncing around from mall to mall looking for everything she needs...and well..everything she WANTS too! LOL. I hit up the GAP and scored a few items for her and well...a new hoodie for me! Then we ran by Kernels and got a large bag of butter salt (her fave) for the price of a medium! T was happy about this one... he LOVES popcorn, and we would rarely get a large, so he was a happy boy! I did so some shopping at Sephora,...totally should have ordered online to earn my CAA dollars instead! Mommy brain to the rescue on that one, boooo. I just can't believe how many places you can use your CAA card to get discounts...honestly. Half the time I don't remember, so I actually have been using the CAA app to show me rewards in my area! Roots has been having a sale on sweats... yep...used my CAA Membership to get a discount on top of the sale prices! We had a blast shopping and now I'm almost addicted...ok... I am. LOL.

Thanks to CAA for making shopping easier for me! Not that I needed any excuses to get out there!

Don't forget that with CAA you can also use your Membership for insurance, so you never have to worry!

As a reminder...CAA dollars can get merchandise, upgrade your Membership and even gift a Membership to a friend or family member. Still haven't signed up to become a CAA Member? Click HERE to get started!

Here are all the links for everyone!!!

Check out the Rewards Portal HERE

Check out the CAA Partner Stores HERE more rewards info

Check out all the awesome Back to School deals HERE and Dell giveaway HERE



Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back to School, sales, backpacks and lunch bags...oh my!

Back to school time is usually a very stressful time for both kids and not so much! We love back to school shopping and the excitement the comes with it! This was the first time M picked out her backpack and lunch bag by herself.... she actually dragged a shopping basket around to collect all her goodies and made sure that she wasn't forgetting anything off her list! She picked out some awesome new stuff and I got some great deals on all her BTS essentials and had an opportunity to re-stock our art supplies too! It was awesome! Make sure you stock up before everything is swept up!

I also love this time of year, because well... there's a ton of sales, and I'm not shy about how much I love to shop. I picked out a new Lug backpack (as a great alternative to a diaper bag), Lug lunch bag (for work) and tablet (which M has already stolen) from one of my fave office supply+ more stores. They made it super easy to walk-in, look around, and I was able to get brand name items for amazing prices. Plus the staff I ran in to were really helpful.

We also did a full look through her closet for the first time in a long time to be honest! I'm so glad we did it.... I was able to get rid of a bunch of items that didn't fit her anymore, make a list of everything we needed, and was able to find replacements relatively quickly.

M had a great first week of school, she's now one of the oldest in her class and it's the first time she'll be put in a more of a leadership role in her room. I'm interested to see how much she is going to change over the course of this year. She also lost her first tooth, which is HUGE! She was so was awesome! She also has another wiggly one that should be out in the next week or so, so next week will be a blast too!

These last few weeks have been quite the adventure so far! I'm excited to see what's next! Hopefully more shopping...but that may just be wishful thinking!