Friday, November 13, 2015

Holiday picks from Oyaco!

Oyaco has a ton of items for this holiday season....and we tried out a few! The Pura Kiki is a stainless steel BPA-free bottle that is anti-bacterial and doesn't contain any plastic elements. There are a ton of

different nipples and spouts, so they can grow with your LO. T tried the straw version and loved it. It's perfect for throwing in his backpack. As a parent I loved that the bottle is easy to clean and come in different sizes.

The Gro-clock has a sun/moon or digital clock to show the time. M loved that it acted as a night-light as well. We also was able to set up the alarm for her to be woken up for school. When the Gro-clock is set to the sun/moon it allows your LO to determine if it's time to wake-up (when the sun comes up) or stay in bed (if the moon is still showing). The sun and moon count down is a great visual and there are 2 wake-up time settings so we can have a school one and a weekend one. This is awesome, we don't need to remember to shut off her alarm on Friday nights.

Finally, Pearhead makes a huge selection of ornaments in their 2015 collection.We made the round Babyprints ornament together. The clay is easy to use and it captures a hand or foot print in just a few simple steps. Once you press their hand or foot in the clay the ornament stays out to air dry for a few days. Ours took about 4 to dry, so keep that in mind if you are gifting these. I had all 4 of us made an imprint of our index fingers, then painted them later to look like snowmen :)

These 3 are great picks for this holiday season! Great choices Oyaco!

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